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1 SECTION 6-PAGE 9-1963

Specifications subject to change w thout notrce


SER| ES 1420 AND 1421
Thcse Revere transformer mounting adapters neatly
solve the problem of transfotmer mounting and lu-
minaire mounting in a wide variety of applications.
There are styles that permit mounting the trans-
former on pole top, pole side, or wall separately from
the luminaire. There are pole top mounting styles
that combine transformer and lloodlight bracket for
mounting virtually any mercury luminaires or flood-
Series 1420 for pole top mount
lights singly or in pairs, on any pole with 2-inch tenon. ing is offered in seven sty es,
These brackets mount any transformers having a permitting a variety of Lrmin-
threaded 1-inch nipple 1 31 16 inches long, regardless aire mounting arrangements.
of case size. Determining which adapter to select is
easy: (1) choose the mercury luminaire or floodlight Series 1421, availab e in lwo
for the job; (2) refer to Transformet Bulletin TB for styles for mounting oi sides of
the proper ballast for the lamp and line electrical poles, or on walls, with lumin-
requirements, and (3) select the suitable mounting aires rno!nted remote y.
bracket for the application as shown.

ADAPTERS FON WALL OF No. 1420-A2 has two siraight

SIOE-OF-POLE MOUNTING pipe studs for mounting two mer'
No. 1421 is for mounting on sides of poles. No. 1421-A c!ry !mina res with 2-nch hori-
for mounting on walls is similar, except with tapped zonta fitters. No 1420-Al is

holes on both sides for 3l-inch conduit entrance. Both identical except w th single pip
stub for mo!nt ng one luminaiTe.
types feature rugged cast aluminum construction,
have easily removed wiring cover on the bottom, and
are quickly and easilv installed.


No. 1420 may be used to mount transformets on 2-
inch pipe stub where luminaires are mounted on pole
top brackets. It is also available as a combination No 1420-82 has two 90" formed
pole top luminaire bracket and transformer mounting p pe stubsfor mounting two gen-
bracket in a choice of six arrangements for one or two eral purpose floodlights with 2.
luminaires. These adapters feature cast aluminum lnch vertical s p fitters. No.
constluction, and slip 2-inch plpe. 1420-81 is dentica except for
mo! nt ng one floodlight.

0escription ShidE. Wt.

Adapter tor pole srde rnounting. nc udes

1421 4
two %" x 6" mo!ntrng bolts.
Adapter for wall moufting. Has two 3/"
1421.4 4
tapped holes for cond!lt.
1420 Pole top adapter for 2-inch p p.
Pole top adapter with 0ne 2-inch hori-
1420.Al Tontrl stllh 6 No. 1420-C2 mounts two yoke.

Pole top adapter with two 2-inch hori'

mounting floodlights or 96"
1420.A2 7 mountlng bolts and has two cord
zonta st!bs.
entry bushings. No. 1420'C1 is
Pole top adapter !!ith one 2 inch 90'
1420.81 8 identical except for mounting one
rnounting stub.
Pole top adapter wlih two 2-inch 90' 10
rnounting stubs
Pole top adapter with one
%" rnounting
1420.C1 bolt and cord entry bushing, f0r y0ke 5
Pole top adapter with two 7s" mounting
1420.C2 bo ts and cord entry bushings, for yoke 5
rnou nting.
O Luminaires and transformers are not included.
,F4Y' I *,ii,*=*,i:*i: m:r;lNc ADAPTEFS SEpIES 142(' d 1421



6 3'16" d ir.
T F-t ,
81./ '
-i( ,1


3);" dia.

3/s" dia. x 6" moLinting bolts

I%" dia. \'tie enlty hole

7./ 16" mountlng slots

SEFtES 1421 sERlES a420
N0TE, No. 1421, for pole side mountlng ls rllustrated. No. 1421'A has N0TE, No. 1420 po e top rno!ntig adapter s w thout provision for
identical features and dimensions except with 3/o" tapped holes lumina[e or flood ight mounting All adapters in the series have
through both sides for sudace mounted conduit. ideftica features except for the Lminaire or flood ight mounting
.it Adapter is ruggedly built of cast alirrninum. It ac-
commodates all universal mounting transformers 'l Adapter is ruggedly built of cast aluminurn. It ac'
having a one'inch threaded pipe nipple 1-3116" long, commodates all universal mounting transformers
up to 9 inches in diameter. having a one'inch threaded pipe nipple 1,",," long,
regardless of case size-
? Installation is quick and easy, requiring only two
holes to be drilled for mounting, in addition to the 2 All adapteB in the series slip 2" (23/s" O.D.) pipe,
wiring entrance. The wiring cover is easily removed and are locked in position with two %" cup-pointed
by loosening two screws- Units {or pole side mounting set screws provided.
include mounting bolts.
!l Installation is simple. All units have a removable
pl Unit for wall mounting has la" lapped holes through rviring access opening and a removable top plate,
both sides lor surface mounted conduit, in position each secured by two screws.
indicatecl. Center of holes is 1ys" fror:rl wall surface.
'! No. r+zo-Br (illustrated) has one 90'formed 2" pipe
stub arm for mounting a general purpose floodlight
with 2-inch vertical slip fitter. No. 1420-82 (not il-
lustrated) has two such arms-
I No. r+ZO-At (illustrated) has one straight 2" pipe
stub arm for mounting a mercurv luminaire with 2-
inch horizontal fitter. No. 1420 42 (not illustrated)
has two such arms,
6 No. t,t2o-Ct and No. 1420,C2 (not illustrated) have
single or double %" mounting bolts and cord entry
bushings to accommodate yoke-mounting floodlights.

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