True Identity of the Remnant in Rev 12.17 Revelation 12.

17 says: “And the dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ”. The dragon’s wrath is against the woman, but he wares with the remnant. The dragon, the woman, the seed. Who is the dragon? Satan. Rev 12.8,9. In a secondary sense, the dragon represents persecuting powers of the earth. See Dan 7.7,8. Rev 12.4. Ez 29.3 Who is the woman? Zion, Isaiah 52.1; 66.8. Micah 4.7-13. This is Jerusalem. The Israel of God. To Israel pertaineth the “adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, and the service and the promises.” Rom 9.4. Eph 2.12. Israel is the professed church of God. During the time when the church was in the wilderness (Rev 12. 6), the body of believers were not all organized into one central administrative structure like the church of Rome. The believers were scattered into multitudes of separate movements and sects all over Europe that opposed the supremacy of the papacy. Yet scripture portrays these scattered and widely separate groups as one woman. They were united into one body by the Spirit of Christ. So it may also be today - the Israel of God is not one particular earthly organization. Who is her seed? Christ. Rev 12.5. Gen 3.15, Gal 4.4. All who are in Christ are in the seed. In the closing days of earth’s history a remnant is left.

What are the commandments of God? His law - which includes the statutes and judgements. Mal. 4.4. The statutes and judgements were moral instructions that God gave Israel to illustrate, exemplify and safe guard the principles of the Decalogue. These included health and dietary laws, laws on tithe and offering, laws on marriage and sexuality, laws on holy convocations. etc. These laws were not shadowy types that passed at the cross, but are as eternal as the moral law itself. The Testimony of Jesus What is the testimony of Jesus Christ? The spirit of prophecy. Rev 19.10. The gift of prophecy is one of the gifts of the spirit. The earliest record of this gift was manifest in Enoch Jude 14 – 15. The latest historical manifestation was through Ellen White. The last manifestation would be seen among the remnant of Rev 17.10. But this manifestation would be much more abundant than in all other past generations. See Joel 2.28. Rev 18.20.24. 16.6, Rev 11.3. The Remnant The remnant always come from Zion, Israel, the woman, Jerusalem, the professed church of God. Rom 9.6, 27. Is 4.2,3; 4.4. 37.31,32. Mic 2.12. The term “remnant church” is an extrapolation and is not textural. It seems to be a reference to the visible church that profess to possess the qualities of the remnant. The General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists claims to be this “remnant church”. Yet there are many within the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists as well as outside it, (within the home churches, independent fellowships and ministries and small companies) who are faithful to the law of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. These meet the biblical criteria of being among the remnant.

There is only one remnant: simply all those who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus. Not those who profess to keep. In other words, anyone on earth who meets the criteria of keeping the law of God (including the 4th commandment) and the testimony that Jesus sent through the prophetic gift is part of the remnant. Circumscribing this remnant exclusively to any current visible organization or denomination is not biblical. There are yet others who have not yet seen the light (especially of the 4th commandment) who are scattered in Babylon – these are yet to be called out by the voice of the 4th angel (Rev 18. 14), to complete the gathering of the remnant. John 10.16, Mic 4.1,2; 2.12; Is 66.19,21;11.11-16. All who profess to be the remnant but are not sanctified by the law of God and the testimony of Jesus will be shaken from the ranks of Zion, Israel and join the enemy. At this time, the remnant’s real identities are only known to God. But as the dragon shall marshal his forces against Zion, the woman - the visible church – it shall be clearly seen who the remnant are.

5.08.2010. Elder B. Tsikada.