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When MOMIN (Muslims) will enter into Jannat, it will be announced

1) You will remain healthy forever, disease will never come.

2) You will remain alive for ever, death will never come.
3) You will remain in bounties which will never be finished.

Jannat is made with:

Bricks of Gold and Silver

Its cement is of perfumed Musk
Its chips are pearls and Yaqoot
Its sand is Zafraan

There are eight doors of Jannat. These are eight grades of Jannat:

1. Jannatul Mava
2. Darul Maqaam
3. Darul Salaam
4. Darul Khuld
5. Jannat-ul-Adan
6. Jannat-ul-Naeem
7. Jannat-ul-Kasif
8. Jannat-ul-Firdous

Jannatul Mava is in the lowest,

Jannat-ul-Adan is the middle &
Jannat-ul- Firdous is on the highest.

Food of Jannat:

They will eat foods and fruits continuously up to 40 years

Every bowl will have a new taste
They will take eructation which will digest the food and there will be perfumed sweating
for the digestion of water
There will be no urine and stool

Place Name:

There will be gardens in Jannat.

Every garden will have the length of about 100 year ' s journey.
The shadow of these gardens will be very dense.
Their plants will be free of thorns.
The size of their leaves will be equal to ears of elephants.
Their fruits will be hanging in rows.
Those who love each other for the sake of Allah will get a pillar of Yaqoot, on which
there will be seventy thousand (70,000) rooms. These will shine for the residents of
Jannat as the sun shines for the residents of Duniya
There will be rooms in Jannat in such a way that every room will have seventy thousand
(70,000) dinning sheets. On every dinning sheet 70,000 types of foods will be served.
For their service 80,000 young boys will be moving around looking like beautiful
scattered pearls.
One bunch of dates will be equal to the length of 12 arms. The size of a date will be
equal to the big pitcher. These will be whiter than milk, sweeter than honey and softer
than butter and free of seeds. The stem of these plants will be made up of gold and
There will also be gardens of grapes. The bunches of grapes will be very big. The size
of a single grape will be equal to a big pitcher.
Someone asked, ya Rasulullah (Sallalahu alaihi wasallam): will it be sufficient for me
and my family. It was answered, it will be sufficient for you and your whole tribe.

The Dresses of Jannat:

The dress of Jannat will be very beautiful.

One will wear 70 dresses at a time.
These will be very fine, delicate, weightless, having different colors.
These dresses will be so fine that the body even the heart will be visible.
And the waves of love in the hearts will also be visible.
These dresses will never become old, never be dirty and will never tear.

There will be four canals in every Jannat:

1. Water.
2. Milk.
3. Honey.
4. Sharabun Tahoora.

There will also be three fountains in Jannat:

1. Kafoor.
2. Zanjabeel.
3. Tasneem.

Qualities of People of Jannat:

In Jannat,
Height of every MOMIN, will be equal to the height of Hazrat Adam (Alaihissalaam) 60
arms (90 feet).
Beauty will be like that of Hazrat Yousuf (Alaihissalaam) .
Age of youth will be like that of Hazrat Esa (Alaihissalaam) 30-33 years).
Sweetness of voice will be like that of Hazrat Dawud (Alaihissalaam) .
Tolerance will be like that of Hazrat Yaqoob (Alaihissalaam) .
Patience will be like that of Hazrat Ayyub (Alaihissalaam) .
Habits will be like that of Sayyaduna Muhammad (Sallalahu alaihi wasallam).
The Doors of Heaven
Hadith implies that the heaven has eight doors: Whoever performed a perfect ablution
and recited shahadah then all the eight doors of the heaven are thrust open for himhe
may enter from whichever door he likes. (Sahih Muslim).
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) has also told us:
When Ramadhan comes round, the doors of the skies are opened. Another tradition
has it that the doors of the Heaven are opened and those of the Fire are closed (Sahih
Width of the Doors of Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
By Him in whose hands my soul is, the distance between the two gate posts of paradise
is like the distance between Makkah and Himyar or between Makkah and Basra
Keys of Heaven
Indeed swords are the keys of heaven. (Ibn Abi Sheeba, Kitabul Jihad)
The Width of Heaven
Be you foremost (in seeking) forgiveness from your Lord, and a garden of Bliss the
width of whereof is as the width of heaven and earth. (Al-Hadid: 21)
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) has described the width of heaven thus: Hariths (RA)
mother came to the Prophet (SAW), Harith had been martyred during the battle of Badr.
She said: "O Prophet of Allah! You know how much I loved him. If his reward is heaven,
than I will not cry but if not than you see what I will do before you." The Prophet of Allah
(SAW) said: "Is that just one heaven? There are very many heavens and your son is in
the best of them, Al-Firdous Al-Aala." (Sahih Bukhari)
The Width of Hundred Grades of Heaven and Sublimity of Firdaus
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
Indeed, there are hundred grades of the Heaven and the distance between the two
grades is as great as between the heaven and earth. Allah has prepared these grades
for those who perform Jihad in the way of Allah. (Bukhari)
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said of Firdous:
When you pray ask for Firdous, for it is in the middle of heaven and is higher in grade
than the heaven and above Firdous is Allahs throne, moreover the canals of heaven
flow from Firdous. (Bukhari)
Land and Weather of Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
"And then I was showed in the heaven, I saw there were camps made of pearls and the
soil was of musk." (Bukhari)
The Quran says of the dwellers of the heaven: They will see there neither the suns
(excessive heat) nor the moons excessive cold.
Trees in Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
Indeed, there is a tree in heaven so big that if a person keeps riding on a brisk
Madhamar (a specially bred horse) for a hundred years even then he would not reach
the end of that tree. (Bukhari)
Each Tree is of Gold
Abu Huraira (RA) reported that the Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
There is no tree in the heaven that does not have a trunk of gold. (Muslim)
A Tree That Will Manufacture Robes
There is a tree in the heaven, which will manufacture robes for the dwellers of the
heaven. That tree is called Tuba.
A hadith has these words about this tree.
Tuba is a tree in the heaven, which spreads out as much as a distance that can be
covered in a hundred years. Robes for the dwellers of the heaven will sprout from its
How to Plant Trees in Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
In the night of Isra when I met Ibrahim (AS) he said: O Muhammad (SAW) tell your
people that the heaven has pure soil and sweet water but the land is bare. If they want
to plant trees in the heaven, they should say Subhan Allah Al-Hamdulillah and Allah
Quranic Names of Heaven
JannatThis name has been used most commonly in the Quran and Hadith. (Al-
Baqarah: 35, Al-e-Imran: 133, 142, Al-Maidah: 72)
Dar-us-SalamThis means the Home of Peace (Yunus: 25)
Jannat-ul-KhuldThe Eternal Gardens. (Al-Furqan: 15)
Darul-MaqamahThe Home (Fatir: 35)
Jannat-e-AdanGardens of Everlasting Bliss (Tauba: 72, Ar-Rad: 23)
Darul-HywanBut verily the Home in the Hereafterthat is life indeed, if they but knew.
(Al-Ankabut: 64)
Jannat-un-NaeemThe Gardens of Delight. (Al-Maida: 65 Yunus: 9 Al-Haj: 56)
Al-Maqam-al-AmeenThe House of Security (Ad-Dukhan: 51)
Jannat-ul-MawaGarden of Abode (An-Najm: 15)
Maqad-as-SidqAssembly of Truth (Al-Qawr: 55)
Qadam-as-Sidq-Assembly ofTruth (Al-Qawr:55).
FirdousThe Highest Gardens of the Heaven (Al-Kahaf: 107, Al-Muminoon: 11)
Scent of Heaven
According to Ahadith, the scent of the Heaven can be smelled from a distance of 70
years. (Sahih Al-Jame As-sagheer)
Mansions in Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
Indeed, there will be a mansion made of pearls for a believer. It will be spread over an
area of 60 miles, and in it will be the household of a believer who will visit them but they
will not be able to see each other. (Bukhari)
No Sleep in Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
Sleep is the sisiter of death and the dwellers of the heaven will not sleep (Silsalatul
The Bazaar of Heaven
It is reported on the authority of Anas bin Malik (RA): The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
Indeed, there is a bazaar in the heaven where the dwellers of the Heaven will come on
every Friday. The northerly wind will spray scent on them and this will enhance their
beauty. And when they will return to their homes, their households will say "By Allah,
your beauty has enhanced." "So has yours," they will return the compliment. (Muslim)
In short, they will be overwhelmed by Allahs favours.
And when you look, it is there you will see a bliss and a realm magnificent. (Ad-Dahr:
Gibraeels (AS) Impression of Heaven
The Prophet of Allah (SAW) said:
When Allah Almighty created the heaven and the hell, He asked Jibraeel to go and take
a look at what He has prepared for believers in the Heaven. Jibraeel went and had a
look at what was there in the Heaven, and then he came back and expressed himself
thus: By your dignity! Whoever will hear of this Heaven will certainly strive for it. Then it
was said that the road to the heaven is littered with hardships, and Jibraeel was asked
to take another look at the Heaven. He came back and said, "By your dignity I am afraid
that nobody will be able to enter it. (Tirmizee)
This means that the heaven is such a magnificent place that whoever knew of it would
certainly strive for it, but when Allah Almighty ordained that the Heaven lies in facing
trials and tribulations, Gibraeel (AS) thought that nobody might be able to enter it.

If a person makes Du ' a for Jannat three times, Jannat requests Allah that O, Allah;
make his entry into Jannat.
And if a person makes Du ' a for safety from Jahannum three times, The Jahannnum
requests Allah that, O, Allah; save him from Jahannum.