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Projec Type Potential Impact on Where the When the Magnitude of Mitigation Anticip Institutional
t of biodiversity impact is impact is Impacts measures ated responsibility
activit Impact likely to likely to cost
ies happen occur
Constr Tempor Wild life Cross- Impact is In part as As already As part of No. Railway : To
uction ary Movement: The likely to already stated the mitigation addition conduct
disturb revised alignment of occur and stated Shivpur-Tori measure al cost advance reci of
ance Shivpur-Tori now remain above Railway line following is the
till passes mostly on the during impact is now passes measures are expected construction
constru fringes of the forest constructio likely to be through the proposed to be as area and
ction therefore cross n in the minimum fringes of the adopted remedial consult the
work in movement of wild life affected and forests in 1. Enough measure forest
progres is expected to be very vegetated temporary most of its passes are s department for
s. during construction areas in only for the length. proposed to be propose identification
cross-movements are Forests on constructio Therefore the built for d to and make
likely to get affected the: (i) n period. impact on bio ensuring tackle efforts for
very insignificantly. South However diversity is hindrance free these peaceful
Further there are no approach after minimized. movement of tempora relocation of
established wild life of Shivpur constructio However in wild life across ry the creatures
movement corridor in Station in n work is the tracks. It shall disturba before
the entire project about 3.5 over and unavoidable be ensured that nces will construction
length. Km length there is vegetated till construction be in- activity in those
Wild life Habitat: in regrowth of area of of some of these built in patches in the
However small Protected vegetation approx. 4.5 passages the the impact prone
animals like forests in on Km length ground is not construc area.
lizard/Rabbit etc. three substantial there shall be disturbed in tion Railway shall
which live in villages viz chunk of temporary continuity in scheme/ ensure
tunnels/trees may Manatu, the disturbance long patches. sequenc continuous
face temporary Banalat disturbed movement/ha This shall e. availability of
disturbance due to and portions all bitat/vegetati ensure passage passages while
disturbance during Soparan the adverse on. Which of wild life construction
construction work. (ii) 1.0 Km effects are ultimately through these work is in
However after long North likely to get gets patches even progress in the
construction work is approach eliminated minimized during impact prone
over and there is of tori to a large after regrowth construction areas. Forest
regrowth of vegetation station in extent. of the period. Department will
on substantial chunk Kamta and vegetation on 2. Care shall be assist Railways
of the disturbed Bhusar the bank and taken to avoid in identifying
portions, the habitat protected cutting slope causalities of the habitats of
of the wild life shall Forests. surfaces, the the birds/ the small
get restored area of which small animals creatures so as
substantially. may be by advance to avoid
Vegetation approximately survey of the casualty while
Disturbance Due to equal to work location construction in
construction activity horizontal and making the impact
in the land corridor ground area attempt to prone areas.
being acquired the of slopes and divert these
trees/vegetation shall track corridor creatures away
be required to be cut where there from the
for making formation was construction
and track. This shall disturbance corridor.
lead to cutting slight during
deforestation of the construction.
area. However the
slopes of the banks
and cuttings which
form the substantial
chunk of the
disturbed area do not
carry tracks will start
bearing the vegetation
soon after finish of the
activities. In fact the
surface area of slopes
may be equal to the
disturbed horizontal
ground area involved
in slopes and track
corridor portion.
Therefore the long-
term vegetation
disturbance due to
construction is very
Train Perman Wild life cross- Impact is Impact on Most of the Even though Approx (i) Railway will
operati ent Movement: The likely to movement small animals there is no Rs. provide passes
on and disturb revised alignment of occur and of wild which have established/ha 16.37 as per the wild
mainte ance Shivpur Tori now remain animals is smaller bitual corridor Cr to be initiation plan
nance passes mostly on the during likely to reaction and for movement of spent by prepared herein
of fringes of the forests operations occur response time any wild life in state Railway shall
tracks therefore cross in the during will not get the entire Forest also ensure
movement of wild life affected service life affected while project area, In Deptt developing
is expected to be very vegetated of Railway x-ing the the Forest area, for suitable
insignificant. Further areas in line while track. The In the forest underta running system
there are no Forests on crossing of elephants area of 15.5 Km king etc. for
established/habitual the: animals while x-ing length Railway mitigativ providing wild
wild life movement (i) South particularly track may be has planned e life
corridor in the entire approach during hit by total 48 activitie management.
project length. of Shivpur initial years running openings/passe s (ii) Railway
Movement of wild life Station of trains due to s with size mention shall also plant
across Railway track about 3.5 operation. slow 4mX4.5m and ed in suitable
is therefore affected Km length reaction/resp out of this 33 mitigatio vegetation on
insignificantly due to in onse openings/passe n plan. slopes for the
train operations protected s are of size Cost of re-growth of the
All creatures except forests in 6mx6.0m. This passage vegetation on
elephants are quick in three results into /additio the disturbed
their reaction / villages viz 3.13 passes per nal area in impact
response time and no Manatu, Km. of length in passeng prone area.
causalities are Banalt and the forests. This er/modi Forest
expected of these Soparam is more than fied Department:
creatures while (ii) 1.0 Km desired while passage Shall execute
crossing the track. long North developing to suit the work as laid
Elephants which bear approach original wild life the wild down in the
most of the brunt of of Tori management life part of this
tracks are slow station in plan. moveme instigation plan
response animals and Kamta and nt: shall co-operate
are affected Bhusar Approx. with Railway in
sometimes while protected Rs. 30.0 identifying and
crossing the tracks forests. Cr will forecasting the
possibility due to very be spent wild life
heavy body and by movements
consequently slower Railway across tracks.
movement. during
(ii)) Vegetation: construc
Vegetation in tion of
construction corridor Bridges/
which was affected is overpass
expected to re-grow es/Unde
on slopes of the banks rpasses.
and cuttings and all Cost of
other places which do other
not from part of the structur
track corridor. As es like
such impact on Boulder
vegetation is likely to wall/RC
be minimum. C
etc. : Rs.
10 Cr to
be spent