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Rotisserie MODEL SCR-16 16-spit

Stacked electric
General Information
Henny Penny rotisseries are cabinet, you also have the ability to
known for turning out full loads of cook a wide range of food—up to 18
consistently delicious rotisserie different menu itmes at the touch of a
items day after day, all day long. button. What’s more, the
What makes Henny Penny sophisticated yet easy-to-use controls
different? You’ll get more of those let you choose the level of browning
delicious whole birds, ribs, pork you want! Now you can give
roasts and other center-of-the plate seasoned and marinated meats, fish
items every day because the Henny and poultry just the right color and
Penny rotisserie simply cooks faster. crispness that brings customers back
Patented THERMA-VEC® Even Heat for more.
Process combines cross-flow Henny Penny offers a host of
convection cooking with radiant rotisserie accessories including spits,
heat. The result is thorough, even cooking baskets, mobile loading
cooking with uniform browning in a stands and more. Spits, rotor disks,
lot less time than other rotisseries. drive tube and drip trays are easily
The stacked SCR-16 is comprised removed for cleaning and are
of two SCR-8 six-spit units that available with coated surface.
operate independently and can cook Stacked rotisseries ship as
a whopping 80 whole birds in a separate units and include a stacking
single load! With nine individual kit for easy assembly.
Stacked 16-spit rotisserie, model SCR-16 cooking programs available for each

Standard Features Choose standard configuration

• High quality stainless steel • Tempered clear glass doors with … (16) angled spits OR
construction, exterior and interior. black matrix shaded borders. … (16) piercing spits OR
• THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process • Auto-stop rotation when doors … (16) solid bottom baskets OR
cooks full loads quickly and evenly: open. … (16) wire baskets
ƒ Gentle, cross-flow convection for • Interchangeable spits, racks and Cabinet: … Solid back … Pass-through
even cooking throughout cabinet. baskets. (If pass-through)
ƒ Radiant heat for uniform • Simple three-piece drive tube and Customer-side door handle
browning and crisp texture. rotor assembly. … with … without
• Digital electronic controls with 9 • Drive assembly, drip trays and Customer-side rotation switch
programmable cook cycles for each drain pans are easily disassembled … with … without
cabinet, 18 total. for quick clean up. Control side door glass
• Programmable browning and texture • Easy-to-clean coated parts … Clear with black matrix shading
control. available for additional charge. … Mirrored with black matrix shading
• Large LED display for simultaneous Mobility
Options … (4) 4-inch (102 mm) casters
time and temperature.
… Curved tempered glass outer … Low profile caster mounting
• Food temperature probe.
door, customer side … Adjustable leveling legs
• Spit rotation switch for easy … Lamp guards
loading. … Coated spits Each cabinet must configured identically.
Stacking Kit #02665 provided.


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Rotisserie MODEL SCR-16 16-spit

Stacked electric

(2) electrical connections required,

one for each cabinet. Located at
side near bottom of each cabinet.

80 ¼ in.
(2039 mm)
Height includes
standard 4 in.
(102 mm) PLAN


Lower overall height:

77 in. (1956 mm) SCR-16 Low profile caster mounting

40 5/8 in. (1032 mm) 29 7/8 in. (759 mm) 50 7/8 in. (1293 mm) 33 7/8 in. (857 mm)

Dimensions Heating: Electric convection and radiant heat Laboratory certifications

Height: 80 ¼ in. (2039 mm)
Width: 40 5/8 in. (1032 mm) Lighting: (8) 150W tungsten halogen lamps
Depth: 29 7/8 in. (759 mm)
Capacity: 2 ½ lbs. (1.1 kg) whole birds
Required clearances: Angled spits 64 whole birds, 4 per spit
Left: 2 in. (50 mm) air flow Piercing spits 80 whole birds, 5 per spit
Right: 20 in. (500 mm) service access, Basket 64 whole birds, 4 per spit
power cord
Back: 32 in. (813 mm) door open
Each cabinet wired separately. Specifications below are per cabinet.
Front: 32 in. (813 mm) door open
Volts Phase Cycle/Hz Watts Amps Wire Plug
Crated dimensions: (2) crates
Length: 48 in. (1219 mm) 208 1 50/60 11100 50.5 2+G
Depth: 37 in. (940 mm) 240 1 50/60 11100 46.0 2+G
Height: 48 in. (1219 mm) 208 3 50/60 11100 33.6 3+G G
Volume: 49.3 cu. ft. (1.40 m ) NEMA 15-50P X
240 3 50/60 11100 29.1 3+G Y

Net weight N/A

400 3 50 11100 19.3 3NG N/A
Crated weight: 942 lbs. (428 kg)
Water connections: N/A

Bidding Specifications fast, even cooking and browning. and rotation switch for customer side and
• Provide Henny Penny model SCR-16 • Units are programmable and feature large control side.
twelve-spit stacked electric rotisserie. LED displays for time and temperature. • Choice of (16) angled or piercing spits, or
Stacked units are comprised of (2) SCR-8 • 2 food probes and probe cooking capability baskets is standard.
rotisseries joined with stacking kit. is standard. • Spits, rotor disks, drive tube and drip trays
• Units shall be constructed of high-quality • Units shal provide customer-controlled are removable and are available coated.
stainless steel interior and exterior, with browning levels that can be entered as part • Choice of (4) 4 in. (102 mm) casters, low
tempered door glass. of a cooking program. profile casters, or leveling legs, standard.
• Units shall feature patented Therma-Vec • Choice of solid back or pass-through (2 • Power cord and plug are shipped with 3-
Even Heat Process that combines cross- doors) design. phase units, USA and Canada destinations.
flow convection heat with radiant heat for • Choice of handle, curved outer door glass

Continuing product improvement may subject specifications to change without notice.

© 2006 Henny Penny Corporation, Eaton, OH 45320 USA Revised 11/27/07

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