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Soursop Trading

Name of Commodity: Soursop

Origin: Jakarta-Indonesia Destination: JB- Malaysia
Total Weight 5 Ton's
Number of Delivery 1 Trip's

Description Quantity Amount-Charged Sub Total Remarks

Fixed Cost
a Port handling
Container Carry out 1 RM 472.00 RM 472.00 20" Container
Liner Charge 1 RM 500.00 RM 500.00 JB to Senai
b Agent Fee
Importer Agent 1 RM 500.00 RM 500.00 Partner
Total Fixed Cost RM 1,472.00
Variable cost
a Fruit Supply 5 RM 1,200.00 RM 6,000.00 Alam Fresh - Java
b Packaging 5 RM 357.14 RM 1,785.71 Pallet Wood Pack @35kg
c Imported Fruit Charge 5 RM 827.00 RM 4,135.00 JB Tax Office
d Custom -Import Tax 5% RM 5,335.00 RM 266.75 JB Custom
e Sales tax 5% RM 12,187.46 RM 609.37 JB Trading Dept
f Shipping Cost 5 RM 2,500.00 RM 12,500.00 Jakarta Forwarder
g Contingency cost 10% RM 25,296.84 RM 2,529.68 Risk-Discrepancy Cost
Total Variable Cost RM 27,826.52
Total Cost RM 29,298.52
Cost per kg RM 5.86 Margin Per Kg
Selling Price RM 6.30 RM 0.44
Gross profit (Total) RM 2,201.48

Note: 1 Just change the green cells to modify and see with another weight (in Tons)
2 The yellow cell, is just my estimation to anticipate the weight depreciation during delivery
3 The purple cells is reffering to the government law (JB)
4 Gross Profit Total is Total Profit base on tonage delivered
5 The Blue cells is the result in kg
6 Brown cell shows the value to pack in each 35kg (made by wood), each wood pallet has weight of 5kg
(add to total shipping weight)