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Ambikapuram (Po)
Palakkad, Kerala India.
Phone # +91 4912578304
Mobile # +91 9497628098



Im an Aramco qualified Mechanical QC Inspection person with Valid CSWIP3.2.2, and ASNT
Level II certification. I have more than 18 years experience in QA/QC Inspection activities in Oil
and Gas EPC sector. I have thorough experience in inspection of pressure vessels, reactors, heat
exchangers and piping. I have thorough experience incoming material inspection, review of
Material test certificates in accordance with relevant product specification and client standards.
Ive experience in preparation of ITPs, PQRS,WPS and Welder qualification certificates,
Preparation of QC procedures in accordance with relevant codes and specifications, Review of
vendor documents like subcontractor QC procedures, review of subcontractor ITP,
PQR/WPS..etc, Interpretation of radiographs, review of other NDT and inspection reports. Im
familiar with all international codes like ASME, API, AWS and other client specifications. I
worked as a QC Engineer for various EPC projects for various clients like Aramco, GASCO,
ADCO, ADMA, ONGC..etc. I have experience in Plant equipment shutdown inspection at Saudi
aramco Rastanura refinery, SADAF Plant at Jubail and ADMA-OPCO Zakum center
demothballing shutdown project at Abudhabi offshore field, Turn around shutdown project in
ORYX GTL on behalf of RBG Qatar.

Educational Qualification:

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Technical Qualification:

TWI UK CSWIP 3.2.2 Senior Welding Inspector. (Certificate # 34055)

RT Interpretation
Aramco certified QC inspector. (SAP# 70008122).

Experience in consolidation:

Total no of years of experience : 18 Years .

Quality Inspection of all project related items such as materials, consumables,

equipments...Etc as per relevant codes and specifications and preservation of materials in
the proper manner.
Receiving inspection of materials as per purchase order, packing list, review of mill test
certificates, NDT reports, other test reports, Inspection release notes and Inspection
Visual Inspection of materials for visible damages, deformation, contamination,
identification marking, dimensional accuracy, color coding, quantity and storage.

Maintain documentation and traceability of received and quarantined material.

Thorough knowledge and experience in interpretation of weld radiographs.

Familiar with various Standards and Cods such as ASME, API, ASTM, MSS-SP, NACE, BS
Familiar with all type of materials like Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel and non-
ferrous materials.
Have profound hand on experience in various Mechanical Testing like Tensile testing,
Impact Testing, Hardness testing, Bend test and Positive Material Identification using
Texas Nuclear Instrument model 9266, X MET.
Having Experience in preparation of PQR, WPS and Welder Qualification documents.
Having experience in Preparation of ITP and other QC procedures.
Familiar with various international codes like ASME, PD 5500, API and ASTM etc.,
Having experience in Inspection of Pressure vessels, reactors and heat exchangers.
Familiar with various specifications like ARAMCO, MITS, GASCO, ADMA OPCO etc..
Having hands on experience in UT.
Having hands on experience on UT of tubular TKY joints.
Having profuse knowledge in computer applications like MS Word, MS Excels.
Having experience in fertilizer plant and refinery equipments Shutdown repair work.

Details of Employment

Present Employment
Position: QC Engineer (Client Inspection)
Period: October 2016 Till date
Company: Petrofac Engineering and Construction- OMAN

Previous employment
Position: QC Engineer (Inspection and expediting)
Period: December 2015 March 2016
Company: Aker Solutions(MH Wirth FZE) - Dubai

Previous employment
Position: Inspection Engineer (Worked as Expeditor and client Inspector)
Period: October 2014 July 2015
Company: Saipem India Projects Limited, Chennai, India.
Principal duties

Visual and dimension inspection of pressure vessels, Reactors, Heat exchangers and pipings and
structurals as per the drawings and codes.

Interpretation of weld radiographs of pressure vessels, Reactors, Heat exchangers and pipings as
per the codes and specification.

Review of material test certificates as per the code and specification.

Witness TOFD and PAUT of pressure vessels and reactor weld seams.

Witness UT,MT,PT of pressure vessels,reactors and heat exchangers.

Attend Pre-inspection meeting.

Prepare weekly inspection reports.

Expediting of project status and preparation of reports.

Witness PMI and ferrite test of alloy welds and materials.

Review PWHT and ISR charts.

Witness Mechanical test of materials and PTC.

Witness Hydro test of pipings,vessels and exchangers.

Witness Painting inspection.

Review of NDT reports and review of final dossiers.

Project handled

Fabrication of HDS Reactor and Dewaxing reactor for Aegian refinery project

Fabrication of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipings and structurals for

Dangote fertilizer project - Nigeria

Previous Employment

Position: Senior QC Engineer

Period: November 2013- March 2014
Company: Reliance Industries limited, Jamnagar, India.

Principal duties

Worked as Client QC Engineer in Jamnagar refinery expansion project in inspection activities

of pressure vessels, pipings, structurals , Review of WPS,PQR,WQT, Review of ITP, Review of
material test certificates, witnessing hydrotest of vessels and pipings, witnessing PT,MT,UT and
review of NDT reports, Review of radiographs, Review final dossiers..etc.
Position: Senior Inspector (Client Inspector)
Period: January 2013- April 2013
Company: RBG Qatar (ORYX GTL Shut down project)

Principal duties

Worked as Client Inspector in plant shutdown inspection activities of pressure vessels,heat

exchangers. Internal and external visual inspection, review of WPS,PQR,WQT for the repair
works, Review of ITP, Review of material test certificates, Monitoring repair welding activities of
pressure vessels, witnessing hydrotest of vessels and pipings, witnessing PT,MT,UT and review of
NDT reports, Review of radiographs, Review final dossiers..etc

Position: QA/QC Enginner.

Period: December 2011- November 2012
Company: Specialty Process Equipment Corporation (SPEC), Dubai.

Principal duties

Preparation of ITP,PQR& WPS,QC Procedures, Welder Qualification certificates, Review of

Subcontractor inspection documents, Inspection of incoming materials and review of Material
test certificates, Leading a group of inspection personnels in QA/QC Activities, Co-ordination
with client, TPI, and ASME AI in inspection related activities.

Inspection of pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, pipings, skid structures and preparation of
inspection documents.

Review of Radiographs, Review of other NDT and Inspection reports.

Review of vendor inspection procedures, ITP, WPS, PQR, and all inspection documents.

Painting / Coating inspection of pressure vessels, pipings, structures...Etc.

Project handled

Mehar Gas Development Project

Petronas Carigally gas project
Replacement of refrigeration system for GASCO
GEO Energy Gas Development Project Kazakhstan

Position: QC Engineer.
Period: August 2006 April 2011
Company: National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC), Abudhabi.

Principal duties

Dimensional and visual check of pressure vessels, reactors and heat exchangers according
to the codes and specifications
Dimensional and visual check of offshore platform decks and pipings according to the
codes and specifications
Physically check the work in progress to ensure that it is performed in accordance with
contract specification and approved procedures.
Ensure that inspection stages are carried out in line with approved inspection plans and
Maintain records for inspection and test status and for stage and final inspections and
tests. Identify and report nonconformities to specified requirements. Monitor and verify
agreed corrective actions.
Prepare periodic reports covering the relevant inspection activities and the resultant
observations. Liaise with the client QC representatives, TPIS and ASME authorized
inspectors on matters related to the inspection.
Review of weld radiographs of pressure vessels and piping joints.
Prepare material traceability records.
Inspection of Incoming materials and review of Material Test Certificates.
Preparation of ITP and QC Procedures.
Prepare MDR for coded pressure vessels as per the ASME code.
Leading a group of inspectors in QC inspection activities.
In service inspection of Production separator pressure vessels, closed drain vessels, open
drain vessels at ADMA OPCO offshore demothballing project. Which includes internal
and external thorough visual inspection of equipments, Dimensional verification to check
any distortion during service, Identifying Internal surface deteriorations, thickness
checking, hardness checking at all welded joints, flange face roughness checking, and
leading a group of NDT technicians in carrying out NDT activities, evaluation of all NDT
reports and monitoring the NDT activities, co-ordinate with client and TPI, preparation
and submission of reports.
Project handled

Fabrication of separators and closed drain vessels for ADCO OGD III project.
Fabrication of separators for Qatargas QGII project.
Reactors, process columns, Slug catchers and cladded vessels for GASCO. - Buhasa
Habshan gas complex project
Closed drain and open drain vessels for ADMA- OPCO.
Vessels and tanks for ONGC India.
Slop tanks for Saudi aramco.
Vessels and columns for Maersk Oil Qatar.-- Al Shaheen Field development
Offshore platforms for Maersk Oil Qatar --- Al Shaheen Field development project.
Demothballing project at Zakum Centre Super Complex of ADMA OPCO at
Position: Operations Supervisor.
Period: Dec 2004 to Feb 2006.
Company: Exotherm Inspection services, Dubai UAE.

Principal duties

NDT& Heat treatment co-ordination, Welding Inspection,

Co-ordinate with the client and third party inspectors,
Interpretation of radiographs, supervising all NDT &Heat treatment technicians.
Position: QA / QC Inspector
Period: May 2004 to Sep 2004
Company: Arabian Industries LLC. Muscat.

Nature of job: NDT co-ordination, Welding Inspection, Visual and Dimensional inspection,
Monitoring of procedure Qualifications, Welder and welding operator Qualifications for
Barik Central Gathering Station. (PDO)

Position: Senior QC Inspector

Period: November 2002 to May 2004
Company: Belleli Energy srl, Dubai, UAE.

Principal duties

Carrying out Welding Surveillance, Visual Inspection on Pressure Vessels, Piping and

Carrying out Welding surveillance, Visual Inspection and NDT and PWHT coordination
on the erection of 1500 MW HRSG in the Combined Cycle Power Plant Pipings and
Desalination plant.

Interpretation of Radiographs and review of PWHT charts and preparation of reports.

Preparation of Welding Inspection Summary Sheet using MS Excel for hydro test pack.

Leading the group of Welding Inspectors in welding surveillance activities.

Projects handled

Raslafan Desalination Project

Shuweihat Independent Power and Desalination Project S1 Project.
Pressure vessels for Bellastra spa Italy.
Ignition Storage Tanks for Enel Power Plant.
Desalination plant equipments for DEWA Station-L

Position: Senior QC Inspector

Period: June 1998 to September 2002
Company: Belleli Saudi Heavy Industries Ltd., Al Jubail, K.S.A.

Principal duties

Attending various Welding problems of pressure vessels, Heat Exchanger, Piping and

Carryout Welding Surveillance, Visual inspection, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiographic

testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Penetrant Testing.

Carryout Destructive Testing like Tensile testing, Bend testing, Impact testing, Hardness
testing and PMI on base metal and weld overlay using Texas Nuclear Instrument model
9266 and to carryout Ferrite testing using Ferritoscope.

NDT co-ordination, weldig surveillance, visual and dimensional inspection of plant piping
and Cross country pipe lines in Saudi Aramco GOSPII Haradh plant.
Preparation of welding visual and NDT reports

Preparation of final dossiers document.

Supervision of the group of NDT Inspectors.

Performing Dimensional inspection, welding surveillance, visual inspection, MT, Wet

fluorescent MT, PT, Thickness checking and UT of weld joints in Pressure vessels repair
works in SADAF plant Jubail and shutdown inspection activities in Saudi Aramco
Rastanura refinery. Co-ordination with client and TPI.

Projects handled

Reliance petroleum Jamnagar Project

S.Aramco Rastanura Refinery Project
S.Aramco - Berry Gas Plant Project
Kuwait oil company Project
Petrokemya - Olefins Furnace expansion - III Project
S.Aramco Haradh GOSP II Project
Repair work of Pressure vessels in Sadaf plant Jubail and SaudiAramco
Rasthanura refinery Saudi Arabia.

Position: Inspection Engineer

Period: March 1993 - May 1998
Company: M/S Surindra Engineering Co, Bombay, India

Principal duties

Interpretation of radiographs
Dimensional and visual inspection of pipes and vessels
Destructive testing of materials, Preparation of inspection reports

Preparation of documents for API audits.

Project handled

IOCL, India - Madhura refinery project

Reliance petroleum, India - Jamnagar project
IOCL, India - Haldia refinery project
Cochin refinery project, India.

Personal Detail

Date of Birth: 05 May 1974

Permanent Address: Kousthubham,
Palghat, Kerala, INDIA.
Nationality : Indian
Passport No: N1004153