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Norwood Freshman Academy

Norwood High School

Integrated Science A/AA

Mrs. Urbaitis

Room: 406 Office Hours: 7th Bell

Email: Phone: 924-2895
Class Blog:

Welcome to my class! I am very excited to begin the school year with all of you. I
have listed a few things below that I feel are important for you to have success while
in my class…

You are responsible for bringing the following items to class every day:
3-Pronged Binder with loose-leaf Student Planner
Pen/Pencil (blue or black ink ONLY) Textbook

This year we will be covering a lot of interesting and exciting topics such as:
Chemistr Physic
y s
The Nature of Science Motion and Forces
Properties of Matter Energy
Atoms and the Period Table Heat and Temperature
Compounds and Bonding Waves
Chemical Reactions Sound and Light
Solutions and Mixtures Electricity
Acids, Bases, and Salts
Nuclear Changes

I enjoy making lessons that are exciting, fun, and interactive. This means we will often be
up and moving around doing hands-on activities and labs in groups. However, how much
freedom and how much “fun” you will have in my class is determined by the actions of you
and your classmates. Be responsible, be mature, and do what is expected of you, and I
promise this classroom experience will turn into one of your favorite classes at Norwood
High School!

GRADES!! Grade Scale:

A 100-90
You are responsible for your own grade in my class. If you get an B 89-80
A, it is because you put in the effort and are being rewarded for all
you have done. If you get an F, it is a reflection of your effort, not C 79-70
your intelligence. D 69-65
F 64 ↓
Class Rules:
• As a member of this class, you are expected to be a self-advocate for your own
learning. You are also expected to be respectful of all peers and adults that will be
present in our classroom at all times.
• You are expected to follow the NHS Pride Plan rules and procedures for Classrooms as
described in the student handbook.
• These will be used every single day to keep track of handouts and notes. We will
refer back to old assignments that should be safely kept in your binder. The binders
may sometimes be used on tests.
• Your organizational skills will be assessed at the end of each quarter as a summative
assessment grade. If you want to get the most out of your binder, pay attention and
stay organized! (Hint: Keep your table of contents up to date and number each
assignment correctly.)

Homework and In-Class Assignments:

• Every assignment given in class must be completed and turned in for a grade by the
end of that class period unless otherwise noted or discussed with the teacher. If it is
not turned in, it will be considered a missing assignment and will be considered late
when turned in.
• Homework assignments will be posted on the board. All assignments will be due at the
beginning of the next time we meet as a class. Remember, I am treating you as adults
and I assume that you will be able to write down each assignment and turn it in when
• A reasonable amount of time will be given to complete all assignments requiring the
use of computers or the internet. If unable to access a computer or the internet at
home, please see your teacher immediately so that accommodations can be made
(such as scheduling time after school to stay and work on a school computer).
• Late Work: Points will be deducted for turning in a late assignment. The highest
percent you will receive for a late assignment is a 75%C. Do all of your work on time!!

Tests and Quizzes:

• You will have at least one quiz per unit and one test at the end of each unit. These will
be summative assessment grades. Be sure to STUDY the material so that you are
prepared and score well on these assignments.

• Everything we do in class is organized in your binder.
• It is YOUR first responsibility to check with a peer to see what you missed while you
were absent. At that time you can tell me what copies you need and I will give them
to you.
• Your makeup work is expected to be completed and turned into me the next time we
meet as a class. NOTE: If your absence is excused, your assignment will not be
considered late.

Lab Safety:
• The safety of you and of your classmates is our number one priority. You are required
to follow all safety rules.
• You be given 2 student safety contracts. One copy is to be read and signed with a
parent/guardian and returned to me by __________ for a grade. The second copy is to
be kept in your binder as a constant reminder of what is to be expected of you during a
• Any inappropriate behavior during a lab will result in a consequential grade on that
assignment and/or being removed from class.

School Emergency:
• Use the appropriate lanyard AND sign in and out every time you leave and enter the
• Follow all Fire and Tornado drill instructions that are posted in the classroom.
• During a school lock-down, you must follow all instructions given to you by your

I have read the course syllabus for Mrs. Urbaitis’s Integrated Science class. I am
aware of the rules and expectations I am to follow while part of her class. I am aware
that all of my actions and choices, whether positive or negative, will have
consequences for which I will be responsible.

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Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature Date