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The official publication of Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol February 2006

St. Paul organizes a hot time in Hudson for wing members

Capt. Paul Pieper, an information source while
St. Paul Squadron standing next to the barri-
More than 30 Minnesota cades, explaining to
Wing cadets participated in onlookers why the balloons
the 2006 Hudson Hot Air weren’t flying.
Affair in Hudson, Wis. During the day, the cadets
This is the 17th year of the were joined by senior mem-
event, which is usually held bers from various
the first full weekend in squadrons, including
February. The Minnesota Anoka, North Hennepin,
Hot Air Balloon Viking, Valley and 130th,
Association and local busi- as well as St. Paul. This
nesses sponsor the event. allowed a rotation of three
teams to take turns at an
St. Paul Squadron has been all-you-can-eat breakfast
involved for quite some provided by the Masonic
time, with the origins a dis- Temple.
tant memory. Last year,
other Minnesota squadrons Other events also took
were invited. This year, that place on site throughout the
number grew. event. Various vendors dis-
played arts and crafts.
The weekend started Friday Members of the Minnesota
night with a parade led by Kite Society exhibited their
the Minnesota Wing CAP skills in maneuvering over-
Color Guard. Other CAP St. Paul Squadron organized Minnesota Wing’s partic-
ipation in the annual Hudson Hot Air Affair, held size kites with minimum
members also participated size people. Have you ever
in the parade by walking a Feb. 3-5, in Hudson, Wis. Photo by Capt. Paul Piper
seen a giant frog fly? This
safety line along the parade and a breakfast roll, the With a brisk 5 degrees might be something to think
route, preventing children CAP members were off to below zero wind-chill, the about for Black Cap.
from running into the street. the launch field at E.P. cadets completed their task
The afternoon also included
When the parades of bal- Rock School. After a for- swiftly. At the 6:30 a.m.
Smooshboard Races.
loon gondolas pass by, they mation, the cadets quickly pilot meeting, it was decid-
Smooshboard racing is
pull on their burners to light set-up barricades in antici- ed to cancel the morning
where teams must race
up the night and warm up pation of the coming launch due to high winds.
against each other in a dou-
the spectators. launch. The entrances to the (The maximum wind speed
ble elimination event by
field were restricted to the can only be 10 miles per
Saturday morning began moving forward and turning
balloon pilots, their crew hour. )
with a 5 a.m. wake-up call. in a coordinated fashion on
and the vendors for the The cadets then turned into
After a quick cup of juice Balloons / Page 3
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Commander’s Column: Air Force budget cuts affect CAP

by Col. Steve Miller, of Defense recently issued m National Headquarter’s
wing commander a budget decision that cut support and conduct of
The new Gippsland deeply into many existing cadet special activities
(N607CP) has arrived. Air Force programs and will be significantly
This plane is a single- made sweeping manpower curtailed
engine, eight-seat plane. cuts to Air Force officer,
m Since first year cadet
The Gippsland will be enlisted and civilian end
attrition is 50 percent,
equipped with the strength.
expect the uniform pro-
ARCHER hyper-spectral As a result, CAP's funding gram to be appropriate-
imaging system. for fiscal year 2007 is pro- ly resized
We have two check pilots posed for a nearly 15 per-
m The orientation-flight
who have completed the cent cut, a reduction of
program will be
Cessna training. They are $3.667 million to our oper-
Col. Steve Miller reduced, but not elimi-
Capts. Mike Hartell and ations and maintenance line
Cliff Tamplin. in various searches. If you item. We hope our efforts
would like to take a look at to work with senior Air m Other non-core pro-
The ARCHER system Force and Congressional grams and support by
should arrive in late April the new Gippsland, contact
leaders will reduce this National Headquarters
or May. By the end of our wing administrator,
funding cut, but we know employees will be cur-
February, we will have two Kirsty McCracken at 651-
CAP will most likely take tailed or eliminated out-
members trained on the 291-0462.
some level of funding cut, right
ARCHER system, Lt. Col You may or may not have and it will be significant!
Doug Killian and Capt. heard the rumors regarding m We will not be able to
Working within the system, sustain the current level
Doug Ployhar. CAP's funding. The follow-
we will fight to restore as of support received
This new technology is cut- ing summary was sent from
much funding as possible, from National
ting edge and should posi- Maj. Gen. Antonio Pineda
but CAP will come out of Headquarters. Many
tion CAP to more effective- to members of the CAP
this "transformed." Our functions will truly
ly conduct ground searches National Board.
focus will be on core mis- have to become volun-
and to assist other agencies The Office of the Secretary sions, to eliminate any teer lead
function or program that You could expect our air-
does not directly support craft fleet to be resized to
WingTips is a publication of them, but, at the same time, actual requirement, but,
Minnesota Wing Civil Air Patrol, realizing our core missions surprisingly, we may con-
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary will require a new focus. tinue to see Congressional
6275 Crossman Lane
As for programmatic cuts: plus-ups in procurement,
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076
allowing us to replace m Outreach programs of older, more maintenance aerospace education
intensive C-172s, 182s with
The views expressed, either written or implied, are not neces- special programs that
the modern, glass cockpit
sarily those of the U.S. Air Force, the Civil Air Patrol or affect a small audience
Minnesota Wing. Submissions should be sent to the above
email address. m International Air Cadet Overall, our 15 percent
Exchange, or IACE,
Wing Commander: Col. Steve Miller reduction is right in line
will be severely
Wing Public Affairs Officer: Capt. Al Pabon
Wingtips Editor: Maj. Shannon Bauer reduced
Editorial / Page 4
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Balloons / from Page 1

a large set of skis upon
which four sets of bindings
are placed.
There were three CAP
teams this year, including
the “GI Janes,” “Team
Awesome” and
“Blitzkrieg.” Of the three
teams, Blitzkrieg was able
to stomp the competition
and make their way to the
final race. However, expe-
rience and a home team
advantage left them finish-
ing second in the event.
After a late afternoon lunch
with monster hamburgers
and french-fry mountains,
an opportunity to go Geo- Three Minnesota Wing teams competed in smooshboard racing during the 2006 Hot
caching became available. Air Affair. Smooshboard racing is where teams must race against each other in a
1st Lt. Scott Johnson and double elimination event by moving forward and turning in a coordinated fashion
Capt. Tyra Cerny, both St. on a large set of skis upon which four sets of bindings are placed. Photo by Capt.
Paul Squadron, led a dozen Paul Pieper
cadets to a nearby park to
practice high-tech hide- evening included a mix. was then given a guided this event: including, from
and-seek. The evening ended with tour, while they watched as St. Paul Squadron, project
In Geo-caching, individuals pizza. another balloon was pre- officer Capt. Michael
place containers in public Sunday began like pared then inflated. Rehbein, cadet project and
locations around the world. Saturday. The decision was McMahon said he command officers C/Lt.
They post the coordinates not made at the 6:30 a.m. impressed the crew when Kaitlin Bogen, and C/Sgt.
of latitude and longitude on pilots’ meeting. Everyone he identified the tail num- Tim Quayle, day-time assis-
the Internet, and others go gathered at the field. By ber for the balloon. tance Lt. Col. Charles Graf,
and find them using clues 7:30 a.m., the winds were Taking turns, the cadets Capt. Cliff Tamplin, Lt.
given online and with the marginal; hence, the deci- were instructed to go in Gary Schaedler, Johnson
Global Positioning System, sion to fly was left to the groups on safety patrol (a and Cerny; from Viking
or GPS. pilots discretion. An offer fancy excuse to go meander Squadron, Capt. Ronn
of a ride was made. With a among the balloons). After Winkler; and from Anoka,
Saturday evening included Maj. Don Sorenson and 1st
the Moon Glow and Ring random pick, Cadet Mike most of the balloons lifted
McMahon, St. Paul off, a call was given to take Lt. Andy Bosshart. And, a
Of Fire. Balloon pilots cir- very special thank you to
cled their vehicles and had Squadron, would be stand- down the barricades. This
ing by. included the end of our 1st Lt. Karen Anderson,
the choice of inflating the 130th, who assisted with
balloon envelope or just As decision time came, the work.
the overnight location.
firing the burner. In very pilot for the balloon Many thanks go out to the
windy conditions, pilots McMahon was to ride in cadets and seniors who Thank you to the many
only fire their burners. This chose safety. McMahon planned and participated in cadets who participated.
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Editorial / from Page 2

with other cuts across Air difference. These upcom-
University. We were not ing months will require all
unfairly singled out. We of us to rededicate our-
continue to work within selves to the mission and
established procedures to goals of CAP. Success will
mitigate our cut. require the collective
We promise to explore and efforts of the entire wing.
implement greater effi- As I tell our cadets and am
ciencies, both at National now telling you, when
Headquarters and across something unexpected
CAP to better utilize the occurs, “We will adapt,
funding we do receive, but adjust and overcome this
the direction of CAP will situation.”
change, that's inevitable. Tuesday, the 28th, I head
All options are being to Washington, D.C., for
explored. Please share the Winter National Board Capt. Mark McCormick, Worthington Squadron, pres-
your thoughts, but I ask meeting. These budget ents Maj. Barney Harstad (center) and Lt. Col.
for a spirit of cooperation. cuts and personnel/pro- Warren Rohwer (right), both Worthington Squadron,
Now is not the time to gram changes will be dis- with recognition for achievement and their CAP retire-
hunker down and strike cussed in length at this ment certificates. He also wished them well in their
out at the Air Force just to meeting. When I return, I retirement from CAP. Photo by Capt. Joe Bradfield
achieve our ends! With a will send to the unit com-
consolidated, joint posi-
tion, we will weather this
manders' mail list a sum-
mary of the important
Worthington recognizes
budget storm the best we points/decisions. All mem- two-new wing retirees
can. bers will have access to
As the commander of changes as they are placed by Capt. Joe Bradfield, Worthington Squadron
Minnesota Wing, there on the National Two long time CAP members familiar to many throughout
will be no "knee jerk" Headquarters home page. Minnesota Wing received special recognition for their
reaction to this situation. A positive attitude can retirement from CAP during the Worthington Composite
We can and will weather carry us through this situa- Squadron's annual Christmas party, Dec. 19.
this fiscal storm. As tion. A positive attitude is Maj. Barney Harstad and Lt. Col. Warren Rowher, both
Pineda mentioned, things contagious and especially Worthington Squadron, received retirement certificates.
will change. We have great needed in tough times.
members in Minnesota, These are tough times. Rowher was praised for longevity of service. Having
who joined CAP to make a joined the Worthington Squadron more than 50 years ago,
-Semper Vigilans a short break in the squadron's history, unfortunately,
keeps him from the distinction awards members who serve
Where are they now? without interruption for 50 years.
Air Force Capt Matt Swanson, formerly a Mankato What both of these men contributed to CAP is beyond
Squadron cadet, was selected as the 494th Fighter description. They are in large part the reason for the exis-
Squadron’s Company Grade Officer of the Year. The tence of the squadron today, having seen it through some
494 FS, 'Mighty Black Panthers,' is one of two lean years, membership-wise. They continue to be highly
squadrons of F-15Es assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing, valued resources to the squadron.
'Liberty Wing,' at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom.
Page 5 WingTips February 2006

Grand Rapids Squadron receives Resusci Anne as donation

by Capt. James Miller, vital local volunteer organi- 192 CPR mannequins to Miller said the Resusci
Grand Rapids Squadron zations the basic tools they volunteer rescue units Anne will be a big asset in
The National Auto Dealers need to conduct CPR train- across Minnesota. Resusci the squadron. He has
and the National Auto ing classes,” said Glen Anne retails for more than applied for training aids in
Dealers Charitable Handson of the Minnesota $1,000. the past for Sheriffs County
Foundation presented both Auto dealers Association. Dive Team and for the Deer
The Minnesota Auto
the Grand Rapids Squadron “The National Auto Dealers Dealers Association repre- River Fire Department.
and the Hill City Fire Charitable Foundation sents all the franchised new MADA has been a big help
Department with a Resusci devotes a great deal of its car and truck dealers in in the past with donations
Anne CPR Training resources to this emergency Minnesota, the association for both and would like to
Mannequin recently. CPR training program. It is was founded in 1919. thank them for all their
Receiving the Annes were a terrific use of resources,” support.
Capt. James Miller, Grand he added.
Rapids Squadron com- Since 1987 MADA has, in
mander, and Bill Nelson, conjunction with the
Hill City fire chief. National Auto Dealers
“We are pleased to be a part Charitable Foundation and
of this program which gives local dealerships, presented

Senior member &

cadet officer promotions
Ruth Connie, State Legislative
Rod Thompson, Grand Rapids
Glen Handson, Minnesota Auto dealers Association
Captain representative, presents Bill Nelson, Hill City fire chief
Heather McNevin, Crow Wing and Capt. James Miller, Grand Rapids Squadron com-
Sherrin Vanstrom, Worthington mander, with a Resusci Anne. Photo courtesy Grand
1st Lieutenant Rapids Squadron
Fred Hoshal, Grand Rapids
Mark Johnson, Duluth Momentous occasions ...
Jeffrey Weitemier, Crow Wing
C/Capt. Benjamin Banwart, 130th, graduated with a
2nd Lieutenant Bachelor of Science in Business: magna cum laude from
Barbara Bischoff, Duluth the Carlson School of Management, University of
Carolyn Carlson, Crow Wing Minnesota – Twin Cities, in December 2005. His major
Kenneth Schauf, 130th was finance with a minor in accounting.
Nichulis Zak, 130th C/Chief Master Sgt. Kevin Sperling, Saint Paul
C/Colonel Squadron and former cadet commander, attending the
Mark Pomerleau, North Hennepin Aeronautics program at University of North Dakota –
Grand Forks, acquired his instrument rating.
C/Captain The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds will appear at the
Cory Titus, Viking Duluth, Minn., Air Show July 8-9.