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Vienna MIR PRO Version History

October 16, 2014

Vienna MIR PRO 5.3.13407

Added OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility

September 10, 2014

Vienna MIR PRO 5.3.13333

Increased loading speed for MIR Roompack files
Fixed: 'Auto-group selected channels' could not be changed via Preferences Menu
Fixed: Crashes when closing a host project
Fixed: Storage of MIR metadata (grid, hotspots, etc) in a host project was not working
Fixed: Wrong MIR instrument profile mapping for Appassionata Strings (ALL strings patches)
Fixed: MIR Stage position and size not saved with projects
Fixed: Broken RoomEQ bank assignment in MIR Pro

May 30, 2014

Vienna MIR PRO 5.3.13234

Added: Missing output matrix when loading old output formats
Fixed: Broken RoomEQ bank assignment in MIR Pro
Fixed: Minor fix for impulse response envelope processing

March 5, 2014

Vienna MIR PRO 5.3.13122

Added: Instrument Profiles for Dimension Basses
Added: Instrument Profiles for Trumpet Bb muted
Added: Auto-guessing when adding MIR Pro plug-in to existing VE PRO channel
Removed: Automatic numbering in MIR titles / VE Pro channel names
MIRx Mode: If a VI is changed but Instrument Type cannot be set automatically (Percussion, etc),
Instrument Profile 'MIRx General Purpose' is set, ignoring the default instrument type
Fixed: Room Equalizer index mismatch in automation mapping
Fixed: Grouping logic for room equalizer assignment was improved

January 28, 2014

Vienna MIR PRO 5.3.13043

Fixed: CPU performance issue with MIR plugins in previous version

January 27, 2014

Vienna MIR PRO 5.3.13036

New Feature: added MIRx mode (including all sound settings of MIRx) => see seperate MIRx for MIR
PRO Manual
New Feature: added RoomEQ busses (to allow for individual wet signal settings for different signal

2007 Vienna Symphonic Library Seite 1/3

New Feature: automatic auto-guessing of Instrument Profiles for Vienna Instruments (VE Pro version
Added Instrument Profiles for new Dimension Violas
Fixed: incorrect selection behavior of instrument icons
Fixed: broken Instrument Profiles for two instruments and several auto-guessing entries
Fixed: issues with MIR/VEPro selection synchronization
Fixed: several potential crashes
Fixed: (Mac) Rare "installation not allowed, minimum OS version required" problem

October 18, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.2.12808

Fixed: Some Konzerthaus Organ Patches were not matched to the correct instrument profile

September 2, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.12684, Windows & OS X

New Feature: Microphone Flowers can now be rotated by dragging the Microphone Flower Pointer or
by setting a rotation offset in the Output Panel
Improved bouncing when used as VST plug-in in Digital Performer 8
Fixed: Problem in Output Format Editor which occurred when a previously changed Output Format
was saved
Fixed: Problem with stereo imaging, which occurred in setups with lateral instrument positions
Fixed: Error dialog from automatic update check
Fixed: Using MIRacle in surround configurations with Nuendo/Cubase could lead to crash
Fixed WIN: dll showing version number
WIN: Installer now has better detection of redistributable, allowing for quicker installation

June 26, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.12337, Windows & OS X

Added RTAS-AAX migration

June 22, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.12331, Windows & OS X

Added full support for Pro Tools 11 (please note: AAX version now requires ProTools v10.3.5 or
AAX known issues: RTAS plugins will not automatically be converted to AAX-64 plugins.
Added support for Dimension Violas, Cellos & Basses
Added new MIRacle presets
Improved loading performance of client plugin in some cases
Increased brightness of equalizer graph for extra clarity
Fixed: hangs and unwanted loading related to incorrect default instrument profile handling
Fixed: Room Tone not always loading properly
Possibly fixed: erratic behavior causing incorrect parameter linking

May 23, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.12219, Windows & OS X

Show message about RoomPack 2 Studios & Sound Stages update only once, even if several server
instances are started (only relevant when used in connection with VE PRO 5).

2007 Vienna Symphonic Library Seite 2/3

Fixed: Crash which occured when loading a Metaframe with RoomTone channels activated in several
VE PRO 5 instances (only relevant when used in connection with VE PRO 5)

May 7, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.12195, Windows & OS X

MIRacle: Fixed crash with buffer sizes larger than 2048 samples
MIRacle: Fixed noise problem when switching between certain presets
MIRacle: Changed dry/wet meters to post-fader
MIRacle: Fixed graphical bug in meters
New Preferences option: force plugin output configuration (to fix problems with certain hosts like
Only load RoomPack 1 data if license "Vienna MIR Roompack 1" is available

April 1, 2013

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.12159, Windows & OS X

Added Save/Load feature for MIR PRO Room EQ settings
Added multithreaded loading of MIR PRO Impulses for improved loading speed after changing
instrument positions or microphone settings
Added controls to set a MIR PRO Impulse Cache size in MIR options
Added licenses for Roompack 1 and Roompack 4
Improved handling of long venue names (tooltip)
Fixed: reset Natural Volume button when instrument type is changed and Natural Volume option is
not activated
WIN: Added crash dump writing in the event of an unhandled exception

December 17, 2012

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.11925, Windows & OS X

Added "Select All" command
Fixed (Pro Tools): Pressing the yellow "load data" arrow was required after project loads
Fixed (Logic): Changing track selections could cause reverberation to be deactivated
Fixed (Logic, Digital Performer): Mono-Stereo plug-ins could sometimes be silent on load
Fixed: Rare crash in OpenGL View

November 22, 2012

Vienna MIR PRO 5.1.11849, Windows & OS X

Added: Progress indicator for impulse loading in status bar
Fixed: Rare crash on engine startup
Fixed: MIR Pro 24 only allowing 23 inputs
Fixed: Crashes due to conflict with old VE Pro Default.vmi
Fixed: MIR Pro plugin shows the name "Audio Plugin" in Reaper
Fixed: MIRacle graph not updating when processing is disabled
Fixed: Minor graphical bug in secondary volume offset slider

2007 Vienna Symphonic Library Seite 3/3