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Introducing a Forex trading breakthrough...

Former Investment Banker Reveals How To Turn Every $2,000 Into

$75,410 Trading Forex

Learn How To Follow The Smart Money and Bank A

It's no secret what's happening to the US Dollar. It's creating a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity in the currency markets for those who know how to take advantage of it.

And the ‘pros’ of the investment world have found the perfect strategy to consistently
make piles of money trading currencies without taking on a lot of risk.

And the best part is, investors can use this proven system:
Without already being a millionaire

With strictly limited risk

Without any margin or borrowed money

Without waiting ‘years’ to make serious money

Without worrying what the stock market is doing

Without tracking the markets all day and night

Now, for the first time, this revolutionary system reveals how insiders are making
money hand over fist in today's currency markets -- and doing it easily without all of
the pitfalls that plague most individual currency investors.

You'll finally have a real strategy for the currency markets that can generate windfall
profits in a very short amount of time.

In the next few minutes, you'll discover the “professional” way to invest in
currencies...and have the opportunity to make $6,284... $8,453... even $12,681 each
and every month. And, you'll soon be able to use these markets as your own personal
ATM machine - pulling out cash whenever you please!

But before we get to the details of this amazing system, let’s answer the question on
everyone's mind...

Can You Really Make Money Trading The

Currency Markets?
The answer is "yes" if you know a few insider secrets.

Now, we all know it's easy to make money trading currencies if you have millions to
start with, a lot of market experience, and time to watch the markets all day. But what

if you don't?

What if you'd like to reap the substantial profits available in the currency markets
without a million dollar bank account to start with? What if you'd like to take
advantage of the mega trends occurring right now but don't have time to sit in front of
your computer 24 hours a day?

Before I answer let me tell you that as an investment banker, I got to see firsthand
how the real money is made trading currencies.

I spent years immersing myself in the world of currency trading. I spoke with the top
traders, studied their methods, and travelled the world learning about the
international economy.

And now, thanks to some recent innovations in the currency markets, I've found the
perfect strategy for today's currency markets. A system that doesn’t require a lot of
starting capital or time, and can be implemented by just about anyone, regardless of
market knowledge.

This explosive strategy, combined with what's going on right now in the currency
markets, has already produced these gains in 2008:

• A gigantic 412% gain on the Japanese Yen - That'll turn every $2,000 invested
into $10,240

• A quick 113% return on the British Pound in just 9 days - A $2,000 initial
investment would be worth $4,260

• An unbelievable 655% profit on the Swiss Franc - An initial $5,000 balloons

to $37,750

And keep in mind, all these gains were achieved with strictly limited risk. No margin,
complicated spreads, borrowed money or anything like that.

Just a straightforward method for producing huge returns in the currency markets,
month after month. And the best part is, you no longer need a million dollar bankroll
or years of practice to get started.

Before I show you what to buy...when to buy it...and how to grow rich with this
system, I want to clear something up.

Why Until Now, Only The Super Wealthy Had

Access To This Lucrative Market
As many of you know, the currency markets have long been the playground of the
rich. Hedge funds, institutional investors, and super wealthy individuals use these
markets to make vast sums of money.

In the past, these investors had all the advantages, making it nearly impossible for the
average investor to be successful trading currencies. Until recently, you had to have a

gigantic trading account and be subject to unlimited downside risk just to get in the

But not any longer.

The arrival of options on currencies has leveled the playing field. The barriers to entry
that have long kept individual investors on the outside looking in have been removed.

It's now possible to rake in amazing profits from small changes, up or down, in
currencies as diverse as the Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, and the British Pound.

With this revolutionary system, you can now...

Get started with as little as $100 per trade: Instead of being required to put
up huge minimums, you can access the power of the world’s largest market for as little
as $100 per trade!

Limit your risk: You'll know precisely how much risk you're taking before each
trade. And remember, with options, you can never lose more than the small
premium you invest.

Easily go long or short: You can go long or short any of the major currencies
without any special account approvals, margin or borrowed money.

Eliminate the guesswork: You'll know what to buy, when to buy and most
importantly, when to get out of each trade. Everything you need to profit both quickly
and easily.
Current conditions in the world's currency markets have created a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity. Professional traders have already begun to make fortunes from the
trends that are forming in these markets. Now it's your turn to start cashing in on the
biggest tidal wave of profits ever to hit the currency markets.

How To Grab Your Share Of This $3 Trillion

Everyday, $3.2 trillion dollars is traded in the world's currency markets.

While insiders and institutional investors are gobbling up profits hand over fist, most
everyday investors are missing out on the windfall – simply because they’re not aware
of how currency options work… how to trade them… or how to cash in on this
tremendous opportunity.

For some, that is all about to change. The revolutionary strategy I’ve been discussing
is called Currency Options Insider. And, before I tell you about this amazing
system, I want to discuss what Currency Options Insider is not.

This is not a system that has you making 25 trades a day, trying to scalp a few points
from tiny moves. This is not a system that racks up a few small winners and then
gives it all back (and then some) after one losing trade.

And, most importantly, this is not a system that has you exposed to unlimited risk.

In short, Currency Options Insider is an easy-to-use system that helps you make
money from clearly defined trends in the world's major currencies. And do so without
huge amounts of money to start with and without risking your house and other assets.

You'll be buying call and put options designed to take the natural fluctuations in
currencies and turn them into sizeable profits - over and over again.

This is truly one of the few strategies that gives ordinary investors the chance to make
extraordinary profits in a very short amount of time. In fact, it's how consistently
huge the returns can be, month after month, that attract most people to this system.

Especially when you consider what's going on

in the stock and bond markets. With currency Warren Buffett Uses
options, it really doesn't matter if stocks are Currencies and
sinking or soaring, nor does it matter how low
bond yields get. Options...Should
Put simply: Currencies are always moving one
way or the other; and with options we can That’s right. When famed
exploit these moves for serious profit with only investor Warren Buffett needed to
a few trades a month. make some extra cash when he
was just starting at Berkshire, he
Once you understand a few of the basics of chose options as his investment
how Currency Options Insider works, of choice.
including…how options work…which ones to
buy…and a few other closely guarded secrets
A Berkshire employee was
I’ll reveal in this letter…there’s really no limit
quoted as saying, “it was almost
to the amount of money you can potentially
frightening, how easy it was [for
Buffett to make money with
Let me give you a real-life example...
According to broker Art Rowsell,
Pocket $27,765 In 39 days “Warren Buffett made $3 million
dollars like bingo.”
Back on February 8th, the talk of a US
recession was growing louder and louder every And now Warren is investing in
day. The dollar had been deteriorating for currencies:
some time and I knew money would continue
flowing abroad. "Berkshire Hathaway said
currency bets generated $2.3
At about the same time, my technical billion in pre-tax profits over 5
indicators suggested that the Swiss Franc was years."
getting close to a break out. So, on February -Reuters, 2-29-
8th I suggested that my readers buy Swiss 08
Franc April $91 call options. At the time, the
Swiss Franc was trading at $90.70 and the
calls were trading at about $1.32 per contract.

Here's what happened next...

As you can see, the Swiss Franc began rallying a few days later and never looked back.
When it was all said and done a few weeks later, the Swiss Franc went up 12.3% - not
too bad.

But our call options soared to $9.97 a piece in just 39 days - good for a 655% gain.
Now that's more like it! In fact, that will turn every:

• $100 into $655

• $500 into $3,276
• $5,000 into $32,765

That's over 6 times your money with one simple play. Subscribers who took a $5,000
position made $27,765 in less than 2 months. I'm sure you can see how fast your
money could grow with these types of investments in your brokerage account.

But remember, this doesn't just "happen" to each and every currency trade. You must
find the perfect situation that meets a number of criteria to give yourself the best
chance of success.

And that is exactly what the Currency Options Insider does. You see, I've
developed a comprehensive strategy designed to consistently generate huge sums of
money from the currency markets every month.

This system uses a vast number of fundamental, technical, and sentiment indicators
to identify when a truly exceptional trade comes along. A trade that has the potential
to make hundreds of percent in return very quickly, with strictly limited risk.

Now, I won’t give you a long explanation of all the technical aspects of the system,
because frankly, at this point, you don’t need one.

Right now, you just need to know that there are really only 3 important secrets you
must follow if you're going to make a lot of money trading the currency markets like a

pro. I’m going to show you all 3 right now…

Secret #1: Identify A Major Trend And Make

Right off the bat, you should know that the #1 way to make a killing in the currency
markets is to identify a major trend. Now, I'm not talking about a short-term move
that means nothing.

I'm talking about very large, very pronounced moves backed up by both technical and
fundamental analysis. These are the types of trends that create mountains of money
for those who spot them early enough.

But what most people don't realize is the currency markets often trade in very
predictable patterns, whether it's a bull or a bear market. And these patterns tend to
develop very quickly and last for a finite amount of time.

If you can spot them early enough and know how to play them, you can make a great
deal of money - very quickly.

Take the Australian Dollar for instance...

As you can see, the Australian Dollar has been in a strong uptrend since April of 2006
(a very long time). It's not rocket science to see where the next likely move is with this
currency over a several month period.

And if you'd purchased March call options on the Australian Dollar like our
subscribers did on January 7th, you'd have made 544% in less than 2 months.

That's nearly 5 1/2 times your money simply by identifying a major trend and taking
advantage of it. Enough to turn every $500 you invest into $2,720.

By now you're probably wondering how to identify these super trends and how to

make the most money once a trend is identified?

Remember: The key is to milk these occurrences for all they're worth when they
present themselves.

Which brings me to my next point...

Secret #2: Use Currency Options To

Supercharge Your Returns and Limit Your Risk
Here's what makes this revolutionary system so exciting. You can now utilize options
to harness the massive profit potential of the currency markets - without the
unlimited risk.

With options, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that trip up so many futures traders
such as the unlimited loss potential and confusing trade lingo and contract sizes. Not
to mention the 24 hour a day round-the-clock trading!

You're about to see why options offer numerous benefits that are a perfect fit for
profitable currency trading. For starters...

Options Offer Unlimited Profit Potential But Limited Risk

You read that right. With options, your risk is limited to how much you invest upfront
—but your potential gain is unlimited. And by unlimited, I mean truly unlimited.

I've seen individual currency options move up thousands of percent. And you don't
have to wait years and years to get returns like that. I've seen it happen in just days
and weeks.

It's this single characteristic of options that allows ordinary investors to generate
tremendous returns on a regular basis in the currency markets - without the usual

And as great as that is, options also possess another feature that can turn a molehill of
money into a mountain of cash in no time flat.

The Power of Leverage

Now, when I talk about leverage, I’m not talking about margin accounts or borrowing
any money.

Options by their very nature allow you to control large amounts of currency with very
little upfront capital. Remember, you can get started with as little as $100 in each

To give you an idea of how leverage works with currency options, here is what you
could control with as little as $100...

• 10,000 Canadian Dollars worth around $9,815...

• 10,000 Swiss Francs worth around $10,038...
• 10,000 British Pounds worth around $20,027...
• 10,000 Australian Dollars worth around $9,176...
• 10,000 Euros worth around $15,751...
• 1,000,000 Japanese Yen worth around $10,064...

You see, each option contract represents 10,000 units of the underlying currency (or 1
million units in the case of Japanese Yen). So if the currency moves in your favor by
even a small amount your returns are amplified.

Here's an example from one of my recent trades:

On February 27th, 2008 I recommended that my readers buy the Eurozone Euro May
$152 call options, for $190 per option.

To make money on this trade, we needed the Euro to rally. And rally it did. At the
time of the recommendation, the Euro was
trading at $151.19. Just 3 weeks later, it was
“The leverage in options and
trading at $157.05. So the currency was up
ease of trading have attracted
3.8% - a nice move but nothing to write home
growing numbers of investors”
-Barron’s April 23, 2007
But the option we recommended was up
239%! A far cry from 3.8%...

The above example really illustrates the power of investing your money in securities
that give you leverage with unlimited profit potential.

And if you're new to options - don't worry. I am offering three FREE BONUS
REPORTS that will tell you everything you need to know about option trading. You’ll
get both of these gifts free just for trying out Currency Options Insider.

So now you can see why we use currency options as our exclusive trading vehicle. But
that's not the end of the story. Let's look at the 3rd secret that truly separates the men
from the boys when it comes to currency trading...

Secret #3: Develop A Trading Plan To Protect

Your Profits
To make the really big bucks with any investment strategy one of the most important
parts is having a trading plan. Institutional traders know this, hedge fund managers
know this, and Wall Street insiders know this. It’s time the currency investor gets
clued in to this amazing profit booster.

Developing a trading plan sounds complicated. Trust me, its not. In fact, the simpler
it is the better it works.

You can avoid 99% of the mistakes investors make by having just 3 things in your
trading plan:

First, make sure you have a trading method that actually works. Believe me, nothing
else matters if you don't have a system that produces winners on a regular basis.

Second, follow the money management principles of the pros. Most importantly, you
should have a sell discipline in place at all times.

By this I mean know when you’re going to get out of a trade before you even make it.
You can eliminate a lot of amateur psychological mistakes by doing this. The good
news is with my strategy, I give you guidelines on when to unload your positions for
maximum profit.

Third, you must have a way to deal with your “The trading plan gives the trader
emotions. Don't succumb to fear and greed. the ability to control his emotional
If you have the tools to keep your emotions in states rather than allowing them to
check - and stay as cool as a cucumber - you'll control him”
be richer (and happier) than you've ever -Bill Lipschutz

Applying these rules is important –crucial really – yet it amazes me how few currency
investors actually pay attention to them when investing their hard-earned money
(that's why all 3 are integrated into the Currency Options Insider strategy).

Once you've got all these things working, the results can be astounding. Here's what I

Put It All Together and Turn Every $2,000 Into

Let’s go over how this strategy could turn a few hundred or a few thousand dollars
into a very large pile of money.

Remember you can get started for a small amount – and as the profits roll in, you
increase your position size little by little.

When you have an opportunity to generate 200%, 300%, or more on each and every
trade, it’s not long before one day you wake up and realize your trading account has
mushroomed to SIX or SEVEN FIGURES!

Let's say you start with just $2,000 and add just $1,000 to each trade from the profits
you make. Here's what a string of just five plays could accomplish. And rest assured,
these are all real trades I recommended just this year...

Recommendation % Gain Dollars Profit

Australian Dollar March $90 Call 544% $2,000 $10,880
British Pound March $197 Put 113% $3,000 $3,390
Swiss Franc April $91 Call 655% $4,000 $26,200
Japanese Yen April $93 Call 412% $5,000 $20,600
Eurozone Euro May $152 Call 239% $6,000 $14,340


As you can see, currency options give you the explosive leverage and profit potential
that could turn a measly $2,000 into $75,410 or more very quickly.

And you'd be surprised how easy it is to enjoy returns like these with far less risk than
trading currencies in the futures markets. It’s not hard to imagine a comfortable (and
early) retirement based on this! And just think what your account could look like if
you start with more than $2,000.

Plus there's another benefit.

You’ll become highly knowledgeable and capable at trading one of the largest and
most lucrative markets in the world. Not to mention you’ll know more about options
than 95% of all the stockbrokers, financial planners, and portfolio advisors out there.

Tell your neighbour you just made $10,880 on Australian Dollar March call options
and he'll look at you like you have three heads!

But you'll know that you finally have an edge. A way to make tremendous amounts of
money from what's happening with the world's largest currencies.

Now, for all the reasons I’ve covered so far, subscribing to Currency Options
Insider immediately should be a very easy decision.

And although this is a serious, professional trading research service, you should know
that it is also extremely easy and simple to use...

Trading Instructions So Simple, Just About

Anyone Can Use Them
With each trade I recommend, you get the exact information you need to enter it
online yourself or call your broker. Even if you're not an expert at options or
currencies, you'll have no trouble using our easy-to-read, plain-English instructions.

I'll tell you precisely which options to buy and when you should buy them…give you
the strike price and expiration date… and a range of how much you should pay.

And remember, I'll also include technical levels of where you might look to sell. That
way you'll know exactly when to sell your positions before you even buy them.

Bottom line,
If you can use a computer or dial a telephone, you can harness the enormous profit
potential of this revolutionary strategy to finally trade currency options profitably!
Don’t waste any time wondering what options to buy or which currencies to follow…
I’ll find them for you. Then you decide how much to put into each one. And together,
we'll lock-up winner after winner, month after month!

It's Time To Pocket The Biggest Gains Of Your

The money is there for the taking in the currency market. Are you ready to grab your
fair share of the multi-trillion dollar market used everyday by hedge funds and
institutions? Isn't it time you joined the professionals who use recommendations like
those found in Currency Options Insider to grow your account on a consistent
basis...and make more money than you've ever made before?

Here's a few examples. Mr. Schmidt emailed us, "Those Canadian [Dollar] calls
made me $7,600. Thank you guys very much..."

And Mr. Brisbane is doing alright: "I'm up almost 175% on the May Euros [and] its
only been a few weeks. Keep up the good work..."

Now you have to ask yourself if you're truly ready for a currency system that could
alter the way you invest forever? Or are you satisfied investing the same way most
'amateurs' go about it? It's your decision, but...

I'm certain you're ready for the chance to start building a million dollar portfolio with
our next recommendations.

Here's how to get them...

Start Getting Paid Today

Since you’ve read this far, I believe you may have what it takes to make a great deal of
money with currency options. Remember, the most difficult part of successful options
trading is knowing which options to buy- and when to sell.

And with your subscription to Currency Options Insider, it will never be easier

I give you the exact options to buy and the strategy you need to potentially profit very
handsomely despite what's going on in the stock and bond markets. All you have to
do is enter the trades online or call your broker and read the simple instructions right
off the screen.

In just weeks or could be making more money than you ever imagined

Now compared to the returns this system is generating, a hedge fund manager would
charge a 2% fee plus 20% of the profits. On an "average" size account, this would
amount to many thousands of dollars. But you'll be happy to know you can get access
to the same high-powered research picks for a fraction of what those guys charge.

In fact, Currency Options Insider costs just $795 a year (or $247 every 3 months
if billed quarterly).

Not much of an expense when you consider what this strategy can do for you and your
family. Remember, I'm only looking for currency options with enormous upside
potential- the kind of upside that could help you put your kids through college... pay

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