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e-Commerce in educational organizations.( special focus on vocational


Internet has touched upon the lives of almost all sectors of businesses today and
its growing.One of the most important sector where the Internet has taken up a
revolution is the educational has played a very positive role in
helping the teachers to reach out to their students in a easy, faster and direct
manner thereby bringing down the gaps that earlier existed between teachers and

There was a time when learning was specific to classrooms and books, not
anymore though.Students today have the option to access information at the
click of a button.This has changed the way education was delivered and
attained.major players have entered the field of online education thereby
creating altogether a new sector of business.This has also resulted in generation
of new business, new employments, new technologies and new markets thereby
giving a positive push to the economy.With the advent of mobiles, e-education
has literally been personalised and made available to larget possible student

There is a whole lot of opportunities in the future of E-education segment. But

there are some challenges and hurdles as well along this path like operational,
infrastructure and most importantly consumer acceptance of this concept.

Keywords: e-commerce, SMES, Indian economy, business, customer satisfaction.