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Sno ProjCode Project Title

1 NM001 opposite piston engine (model)

2 NM002 Extraction of fuel from waste plastics using catalyst cracking & pyrolysis

3 NM003 Fabrication of Treadmill electric vehicle

4 NM004 Manual powered car

5 NM005 Experimental analysis of vapour chamber heat spreader

6 NM006 4-wheel 3 mode

7 NM007 Pulse jet engine performance normal petrol gas

8 NM008 Design & development of standing wheel chair

9 NM009 Effortless bicycle

10 NM010 Two engine synchronization for four wheeler

11 NM011 Fabrication of Air brake system using Engine exhaust gas

12 NM012 Automatic car window opening by using sound & oxygen sensors

13 NM013 Viability of used sunflower oil as a substitute for diesel engine

14 NM014 Fabrication of Quad bike

15 NM015 Air-conditioning of automobile using engine exhaust gas

16 NM016 Experimental study and Application in Nano fluids in refrigeration

17 NM017 Magnetically Levitated Train / Flight

18 NM018 Exhaust gas (silencer) heat recovery (TEG) power generation system

19 NM019 Fabrication of Magneto rheological clutch with load test

20 NM020 Magneto Rheological fluid (MRF) breaking system

21 NM021 Fabrication of Turbo charged two wheeler with zero turbo lag

22 NM022 Eye blink sensor based automatic breaking & bumper system

23 NM023 Cold start performance enhancement of motor cycle catalytic convertor by latent heat storage system

24 NM024 Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) cycle

25 NM025 Fabrication of Electromagnetic engine

26 NM026 Triangular air-compressor with common compression chamber

27 NM027 Shock absorber test rig using cam & sensors

28 NM028 Fuel efficiency improvement in petrol engine by using water injection

29 NM029 Generation of Electricity using flow or velocity of vehicle exhaust gas

30 NM030 Multi tasked smart wheel chair for physically challenged people

31 NM031 Dual power generation system for automobile (thermoelectric + exhaust gas power generation)

32 NM032 Emission control in two stroke petrol by using multiple spark

33 NM033 Automobile suspension made of hydraulic magneto rheological damper

34 NM034 Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) for two wheeler

35 NM035 A Study conversion of diesel engine to fully bio gas engine

36 NM036 Active brake torque vectoring in differential unit for quick turning

37 NM037 Electric scooter powered by wind & piezoelectric power

38 NM038 Fabrication of smart trike-tilting 3 wheeler

39 NM039 Four wheeler steering (ZERO DEGREE) system

40 NM040 Theo Jansen 4 leg walking mechanism

41 NM041 Joy stick control car drive mechanism for physically challenged people

42 NM042 Air pre-heating system using condenser waste heat in automobile

43 NM043 Design of a drone for seed dropping (QUAD COPTER)

44 NM044 Aqua Maxfine (without battery)

45 NM045 Design & fabrication of Exo-skeleton

46 NM046 Exo support for legs

47 NM047 Stroke therapy chair

48 NM048 Unpowered Exo-skeleton boot

49 NM049 Water waste separator using belt conveyor

50 NM050 Coconut dehusking machine

51 NM051 Automatic quick tool retrieval system for industry

52 NM052 Semi-automatic weed remover in sugarcane farm

53 NM053 Low cost harvesting machine for agriculture

54 NM054 Fabrication of water soaked sole cleaning system

55 NM055 Automatic open well cleaning machine

56 NM056 Semi-automated wall plastering machine

57 NM057 Fabrication of motorized multi-engine compressor

58 NM058 Fabrication of banana fiber extraction machine

59 NM059 Mini rice harvesting and threshing machine

60 NM060 Automatic paper cutting using Geneva mechanism

61 NM061 Fabrication quad processing machine

62 NM062 Book reading aid for handicapped people

63 NM063 Three axis hydraulic modern trailer

64 NM064 Fabrication of coconut tree sprayer

65 NM065 Square holes drilling machine

66 NM066 Activated carbon manufacturing plant

67 NM067 Automatic paint spraying pick and place equipment

68 NM068 Coconuttree climbing and cutting machine

69 NM069 Fabrication of beans Sheller machine

70 NM070 Fully automated potato chip slice making machine

71 NM071 Furnace using infrared lamp

72 NM072 Dual ram shaper to reducing lead time increasing material removal rate

73 NM073 Fabrication of friction welding machine

74 NM074 Punching machine using whit worth mechanism

75 NM075 Mechanically operated wheel chair convertible stretcher

76 NM076 Self-powered pesto- sprayer

77 NM077 Fabrication wall climbing robot (by using magnet)

78 NM078 Potato peeling & slicing machine (automatic)

79 NM079 Automatic idly batter filling mechanism

80 NM080 Automation of violent elephant controlling mechanism

81 NM081 Restaurant monitoring system

82 NM082 Eye blink sensor based automatic bumper & braking system

83 NM083 Fabrication of unaided guided vehicle (UGV)

84 NM084 Fabrication of anti-drownvehicle

85 NM085 Automatic stair climbing wheel chair

86 NM086 Automatic railway track crack detecting vehicle

87 NM087 Step climber planetary gear mechanism

88 NM088 90 degree turning steering mechanism

89 NM089 Sensor operated firefighting AGV (automatic)

90 NM090 Fabrication of quantity based sorting machine

91 NM091 Automatic board cleaner with vacuum dust cleaner

92 NM092 Design & fabrication of green gym

93 NM093 Fabrication of V-trough solar water heater

94 NM094 Design & fabrication of dual rotor wind turbine

95 NM095 Generation of electric city from cycling exercise (250w generator)

96 NM096 Solar powered tea leaf cutting machine

97 NM097 Solar still coupled with air-conditioner

98 NM098 Solar electric go bed drive

99 NM099 VIVACE (vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy) a new concept in generation of clean & renewable energy from fluid flow

100 NM100 Fabrication of buggy with solar hybrid vehicle

101 NM101 Fabrication of solar automatic stair climbing wheel chair

102 NM102 Horizontal turbine type domestic wind mill

103 NM103 Indirect type solar dryerintegrated with solar air heater

104 NM104 Solar powered thermo-electric refrigerator

105 NM105 Pyro electric energy harvesting from solar and wind energy

106 NM106 Zedlite desiccant dehumidifier with variable frequency drive with moisture sensor

107 NM107 thermo-electric solar air conditioner

108 NM108 Design & fabrication of combo refrigerator

109 NM109 Experimental study of refrigeration setup with 2 difference diffusers

110 NM110 Waste chill recovery heat exchange

111 NM111 Experimental study of refrigeration system using CO2 refrigerant

112 NM112 Experimental setup &application of Nano fluid in solar water heater

113 NM113 Fabrication of LPG refrigeration

114 NM114 Sea water converted to RO drinking water by using solar power

115 NM115 Automatic scrap collecting robot

116 NM116 Intelligent oil skimmer robot

117 NM117 Rescue robot for military purpose

118 NM118 Fabrication of firefighting AGV

119 NM119 The autonomous navigation of intelligent robot for rescue interventions

120 NM120 Design & fabrication solar hover bike (model)

121 NM121 Fabrication of suction dredger for ship

122 NM122 Gear cutting attachment in lathe

123 NM123 Mini firefighting robot

124 NM124 Fabrication of pneumatic multipurpose machine

125 NM125 Line following robot

126 NM126 Pneumatic scissor lifter

127 NM127 Slotting attachment in drilling machine

128 NM128 Automatic spring rolling machine

129 NM129 Hydraulic cylinder liner puller