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Service Quality Application

Weil Hotel
From the above analysis, the researcher proposed that there are five determinants for
measuring service quality which are tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance
and empathy which can be contributed to measure the service quality of hotel
industry. So, we utilize the suitable example of hotel industry which is Weil Hotel.
Weil Hotel is located in the heart of Ipoh, this hotel is within 1 mi (2 km) of Ipoh
Parade and D. R. Seenivasagam Park. Mari Amman Temple and Perak Stadium are
also within 3 mi (5 km). It offers 313 rooms comprising deluxe, suites and a dedicated
concept floor that are contemporary and stylish in design.

First aspect could be tangible, as known as the physical evidence of hotel employees
is including a reputation and image of personnel, utilities, and tools made use to offer
the service. For instance, some hotel stores deliberately make certain that their
features are conformed to international measures of facilities regardless of where they
are actually positioned. Yet, the researcher, also stated that nowadays customer is
concentrating on how well dressed the hotel staff are. People nowadays is more
focusing on extra credit of the product that a service provider offers. They always put
attention with the tangibles dimension in assessing the service quality delivery of the
hotel. Besides that, the opportunity of revisiting the corporation and making business
again with the service provider is really high, when the visitors are made felt that they
received quality consideration and handled one by one there. Thus, the appearance of
the physical equipment, hotel employees and service equipment of First World Hotel
does affect their satisfaction levels and thus lead to their customer retention towards
the hotel.

Empathy is defined as the provision of caring as well as personalized attention to

customer such as communication and knowledge of the customers. While special
attention should be paid to the most important trigger of hotel guest satisfaction, hotel
management should also place an emphasis other significant predictors such as
empathy for example, giving special attention to the customer, provide extensive of
availability of room service, and also having the understanding of the customers
requirement, and the hotel employees may also listen carefully to complaints of hotel
guests and also resolve the issue in a timely manner. In order to enhance their
customer satisfaction, the hotel employees should keeping their customers to be
informed in those language they can understand and keep customer to be well
informed with the necessary information when they stay in the hotel, for instance, the
staff should acknowledge the customers presence while they reach the reception with
a verbal greeting.

Responsiveness is defined as the willingness to assist potential consumers as well as

to offer timely service. This concept is to deal with the customers requests, issues as
well as complaints promptly and attentively. A firm is known to be responsive when it
communicates to its customers how long it would take to get answers or have their
problems dealt with. So, in order to be successful, organization have to look at
responsiveness from the view point of the customer instead of. the companys
perspective. For instance, the hotel management should willing to deliver promptly
services to their hotel consumers and availability of staff to provide service perfectly.

Reliability is referred to the ability to perform the assured service flawlessly and
perfectly according to its promises. In order to increase the customer satisfaction of
Weil Hotel, it is advised to perform the hotel services in a timely manner and time
promised, for instance, deliver timely housekeeping services to their customer and
also food services in timely manner. Weil Hotel management may provide training to
their employees regarding to how to handle complaint and impromptu issue happened.
Once the experienced staff may resolve the issue well and management to handle their
customer well, it will surely results to customer satisfaction.

Assurance can be refer to the staff knowledge as well as the service providers
competency to inspire confidence as well as trust. For instance, Weil Hotel
management may encourage their hotel employees to show their friendliness to
customers, so that may install confidence and trust of consumers towards the brand
image of Weil Hotel. The hotel guests expect to feel convenient during their stay at
the hotel. So the hotel employees must be skillful and knowledgeable to handle every
task and thus create a trustworthiness towards their customers.
Building block
Nowadays, company more emphasize on possess competitive advantage as compared
to other companies in the market. The essential elements that contribute to this value-
added advantages rooted from marketing approaches, technology innovation, superior
customer service and others. Yet, the researcher states that people is still the most
important asset within the organization that connects back as well as remain as a core
to those components the researcher mentioned earlier. The success or failure of a
company is mainly rely on the capability of the people working in the company.
Skillful and experienced workers are needed if a company would like to achieve for
higher achievement. Due to the reason that they are knowledgeable and more
understanding towards the task as compared to newbies, it will take lesser hours to
train them and lesser hours to complete their work which lead to time-efficiency and
reduce workload as well.

Service quality continues to be created and act as an overall evaluation of service by

the visitors. It is a core selection criterion in service analysis by the customers.
Perceived service quality is considered to be as a result of assessment between
customers prior satisfaction about the service and their impressions subsequent to real
experience. Apart from service outcomes, service quality perceptions additionally
contain exploration of the service delivery procedure. Therefore, conceptualization of
service quality need to comprise both the procedure together with the service
outcomes. Weil Hotel Managements capability to assist the customer preferences
along with to sustain its competitive advantage also influences the customer view of
service quality. In order to achieve success and go beyond other hotel competitors,
Weil Hotel must be identify what customer really want when they step into their hotel.
The hotel management must create closeness to their customer, so their customer may
feel ease and comfortable when they stay in their hotel. The hotel management may
collect their customer feedback via survey or questionnaire, so the management may
get first hand and real-time customer opinion towards their hotel services from
facilities to hotel brand. For instance, customer is always right, so Weil Hotel should
always listen to customer based on their suggestion which may really improve their
hotel services and also reputation as well.
Ways in which knowledge sharing may be linked with organizational learning and
competitive advantage is of essential significance to organizations. When an
organization can share its knowledge as well as improve its learning, it has to become
more valuable as well as customer-oriented. Sustainable organizations are learning
enterprises. Valuable employee training acts as a vital function in executing
sustainability endeavors and strategies present in organizations. Considering that hotel
industry entails intricate and multi-faceted sustainability problems that will need
much expertise and management know-how, worker assistance and involvement
needs much more planned educational approach, that may assist effective
implementation of sustainability-driven targets. The application of the learning
organization principles is a guaranteeing strategy to stimulate effective as well as
prolonged hotel diversity in the direction of sustainability targets. Weil Hotel that are
able to get involved into the strategy of growing a learning organization enhance their
remarkable potential and organizational capability to promote combined learning,
enhance new competitive inspirations as well as stimulate both individual and
organizational inventiveness and resourcefulness for effective responsiveness to
developing business requirements.