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Telemedia Servies

Your Airtel Bill
Ritesh Jain Telephone Number: Multiple
84, Account No : 15757625
KAILASH HILLS, Bill No : 686097281
DELHI - 110065
Bill Date : 09/Aug/2010
Billing Period : 08/Jul/2010 to 07/Aug/2010
DUE DATE Xo` {V{W : Immediate

Your email id as per our record is : Tariff Plan: Multiple Your alternate contact number in our records : Please call 121 to update

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Your Account Summary
Previous Balance Payments Adjustments This Month Charges Amount Payable Amount Payable
Immediate After 28/Aug/2010
1,689.00 - 0.00 - 0.00 + 1,610.01 = 3,299.00 3,463.95
{nN>bm ~H$m`m ^wJVmZ g_m`moOZ Bg _hrZo H$s Xo` am{e am{e Xo`, {V{W am{e Xo`, {V{W Cnam›V

This Month's Charges ( Bg _hrZo H$s Xo` am{e )

Monthly Charges _m{gH$ ewÎH$ 1,299.00

Call and VAS Charges H$m∞b Edß dr E Eg ewÎH$ 38.46
DSL Usage Charges S>r Eg Eb BÒVo_mb ewÎH$ 369.00
Other Charges A›` ewÎH$ 0.00
Late Fee {dbÂ~ ewÎH$ 100.00
Gross charges ewÎH$ 1,806.46
Less Total Discounts -337.46 l Anytime access to your Fixedline and Broadband bill on your
Hw$b Ny>Q>
email account.
Net Charges Hw$b ewÎH$ 1,469.00
l Access last three months of archive bills.
Taxes H$a 141.01 l Instant SMS alert on your registered mobile number on
receiving your eBill.
l Analyze your calls in MS Excel.
l Easy and safe to use, no delay or loss in transit.
Total Current Charges Bg _hrZo H$s Hw$b Xo` am{e 1,610.01

E. & O.E. For monthly bills on email only SMS START<space>

EBILLFL<space>(your email id)" to 121 (toll free).

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at our Airtel website and click on My Account To enjoy service of monthly bills on your email and no hassle
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Service Tax Registration No. AAACB2894GST036 /Telecommunication Services PAN No: AAACB2894G

Telephone Number: Multiple Bill Date : 09/Aug/2010 PAY FROM HOME

Account No : 15757625 Amount Payable : 3,299.00 1. Pay using mCheck on Airtel Mobile, Call
DUE DATE : Immediate 543219 (toll free)
Bill No : 686097281
157576256860972810908201000000329900 2. Log on to & click on
Payment Mode
Payment Mode Amount
Amount Date
Date Cheque Number
Cheque Number Bank
Bank // Branch
Branch "Easy pay" option or go to
"My Account" Section.
Cheque/DD/Pay Order
1. Give an ECS for your bank account
Credit Card
Master Amex Diners Visa 2. Give a standing instruction for changing
Please charge Rs._________ Against Card No.
your credit card
Signature _____________ Card Holder's Name Card Expiry Date / WALK-IN AND PAY AT
Please make crossed Cheque/DD/Pay Order in favour of Airtel (A/c 15757625) 1. Any Airtel Relationship Center (Cash /
Bharti Airtel Limited Credit Card / Cheque)
Circle Office: 224, Okhla Industrial Area Phase III, New Delhi - 110020, Fax: 011-41613579 2. Any Easy Bill Outlet (Cash)
Local City Office: 224, Okhla Industrial Area Phase III, New Delhi - 110020
3. Any Airtel Drop Box (Cheque)
For Further inquiries: Pl dial 121 from your Airtel telephone no. or dial 44444121 from a non-Airtel
telephone no. or e-mail at 4. ATM Payments - For PNB debit card holders
At Airtel we are commited to your complete satisfaction. You can highlight any matter related to our services to SMS CHEQUE <pincode> to 121 from
our Nodal Officer: Gurmeet S Sandhu,, Tel no. 011 41614777, Fax no. 011 41613579
Your Airtel Mobile to know your nearest
In case you do not get any satisfactory response you can highlight the matter to our Appellate Authority: Vikas
Singh,, Telno. 011 41614690, Fax no. 011 41613579 payment locations

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Your Bill in Detail
Telephone Number: 01146838356
Call & VAS Charges
Call Charges Usage Units AMOUNT(Rs)
Call to Mobile (Within Circle) 3204 Pulse 38.46
Total Call & VAS Charges (A) 38.46
Free Call Value -38.46
Total Benefits(B) -38.46

User ID: 01146838356_dsl

DSL Subscription Charges for the Bill Period
Monthly Rentals Usage Charges Other Charges Discount Total Service Tax Total Charges Payable
1,299.00 369.00 0.00 -299.00 1,369.00 141.01 1,510.01
DSL Usage Charges
Description Total Units Usage Charges
Airtel PC Secure 0 0 0.00 170.00
Gaming 1 0 0.00 199.00
Total 0.00 369.00
DSL Monthly Rentals
Type Period AMOUNT(Rs)
From To
Scheme Charges - DSL 08/07/2010 07/08/2010 1,299.00
Rental (Total Rs.) 1,299.00
DSL Benefits
PC Secure Discount Rs. 100/- -100.00
GoD Discount Rs. 199/- -199.00
Benefits (Total Rs.) -299.00
DSL Taxes
Service Tax @10% 136.90
Education cess on service tax 2.74
Sec & Higher Edu Cess on S.Tax 1.37
Total 141.01


S.No Date Time Duration(sec) Amount S.No Date Time Duration(sec) Amount
1 12/07/2010 15:13:19 0 85.00 TOTAL Gaming CALLS 199.00
2 04/08/2010 06:38:07 0 85.00
TOTAL Airtel PC Secure CALLS 170.00


S.No Date Time Duration(sec) Amount
1 09/07/2010 00:31:56 1 199.00

Consumer Information
1. No migration fee is chargeable for migration to any bill plan and no charge will be levied for any service without explicit consent of customer. Local Itemized bill charges are
Rs. 50 per month per demand.
2. No increase permissible in any item of the tariff for a period of 6 months from the date of enrollment under a tariff plan.
3. For details on Tariff Plan, Payment Centre and Drop Box Location please visit You may also call at '121' for nearest Drop Box location.
4. In case of termination of your telephone connection the security deposit (If applicable) will be refunded within 60 days of the disconnection, failing which you shall be paid
an interest of 10% per annum.
5. If the fractional amount in your total bill is more or less than 50 paisa it will be rounded off to the nearest Rupee. Pulses will also be rounded off to the nearest pulse e.g. If the
billing plan is on a 60 sec/pulse, then 63 secs call duration, shall be billed in 2 pulses.
6. To avoid any unwanted telemarketing calls, register your telephone number in NDNC Registry - Call 1909
7. In the event of any disagreement with the charges indicated in this Statement, the same should be informed to the customer care within 60 days of the receipt of the statement,
failing which it shall be construed that all charges indicated in the statement are in order.
8. Change of Address: To change your address in our records, please visit your nearest Airtel relationship center.
9. Outstation Cheque(s): Outstation cheque(s) will not be accepted by Bharti Airtel Limited. If an outstation cheque(s) is received, it shall be returned.
10. Returned Cheque(s): Bharti Airtel Limited shall levy a charge of Rs. 100/- for each cheque returned unpaid by the bank and may also disconnect the service without prior notice.
11. Late Payment: You are requested to make the payment by the Due Date to ensure that you are not levied any late fee charges. Late payment charges are applicable on
non-payment of bill on or before due date - For outstanding between Rs.0 - Rs.99.99 - NIL: For outstanding between Rs100 to Rs499.99 - Rs50; For outstanding
between Rs.500 to Rs.1499.99 - 75; For outstanding exceeding Rs. 1500 - Rs 100 or 5% whichever is higher, maximum Rs. 750.
12. DSL Usage: Formula: Example:

1 Mbps 1024 Kbps Units Consumed (A) 197650 197650 197650

Convert Units into MB Y MB= (Total units x 10)/ 1024 DSL Charge per MB Rs 0.80 / MB Rs 0.60 / MB Rs 0.50 / MB
Usage Charges Y * DSL Charge as per plan Units in MB (A x 10) / 1024 1930.18 1930.18 1930.18
Usage Charges 1544.14 1158.11 965.09
For details, please call our 24hrs customer care at 121 from your Airtel landline.
Registered Office Address: Aravali Crescent, 1, Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant Kunj, Phase II,New Delhi - 110 070, India Page 3 of 4
Account Level Details
Telephone Number: Multiple
Details Period Amount (Rs.)

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