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Msgr. Gutierrez 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: Tears of Conict and Reconciliation p.

Global Filipino Dr. Caesar Candari: Hurricane Harvey brings to mind YOLANDA p. 2
Lifestyle Zena Sultana Babao: Remembering 9/11, Never Will I Forget! p. 9
Advocacy Rudy Liporada: Change is not possible within the Government p. 13
September 8-14, 2017

Robredo calls on PNP to prove killing not a state policy

Triad tattoo? Rody son Vice President Leni Robredo
says people will continue ask-
invokes privacy ing questions if more and more
drug suspects are killed in
Paolo denies links to drug police operations
Mara Cepeda, RAPPLER.COM | MANILA, | MANILA, 9/6/2017 With the
9/7/2017 It would have set spate of drug-related deaths in
the record straight regarding his the country, Vice President Leni
alleged drug links, but baring Robredo said the burden is on the
a tattoo on his back to a Sen- Philippine National Police (PNP)
ate panel as suggested by Sen. to prove there are no state-sanc-
Antonio Trillanes IV would be a tioned extrajudicial killings.
violation of his privacy, Davao "Tingin ko, obligasyon ng kapu-
City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte lisan na ipakita sa tao na hindi

said yesterday. nila sanctioned 'yung ganitong
At the resumption of the Senate mga patayan. Kasi kahit ano'ng

Blue Ribbon committee hearing sabi, kung iba 'yung nakikita,
on smuggling at the Bureau of siyempre 'yung tanong nando'n
Paolo Duterte ( Continued on page 11 ) lagi," said Robredo in an in-
terview with reporters on the

Duterte: Marcoses won't return

sidelines of her Metro Laylayan
livelihood program visit in Ba-
Chapter 29 of Destiny a continuing Philippine story by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
wealth without immunity rangay 181 in Maricaban, Pasay.

(I think it's the obligation of the
ona was not yet aware his brother-in-law Rodney was stabbed in prison. She police to prove to people that
ABS CBN | MANILA - Presi- by alleged corruption and human had just talked to her son Freddie and her nephew Darren over the phone,
dent Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday rights abuses. they are not sanctioned to carry
explained that Congressional "Itong mga Marcos, hindi ito and was happy the two graduated together and were now in the good care out these killings. Because what-
approval is needed before his papayag na isauli tapos ikulong of Mimi and her family. For her, that was good enough although she missed a very ever you might say, if people see
government could enter into a sila," Duterte told reporters in a important moment in his young life. Graduating as valedictorian amidst the poverty something else, questions will
deal with the family of the late chance interview. he grew up in was not easy. To make it extra special, he found the relatives of his late remain.)
strongman Ferdinand Marcos "Isauli ko pero huwag mo ako father and was finally enjoying the love and affection he had missed while growing The Vice President made the
for the return of their ill-gotten kulungin." up. statement on Wednesday, Sep-
wealth as this could involve a He clarified that the Marcoses In the meantime, she had another important task to take care of: telling her suitor Romano she had tember 6, a day after a crying
possible grant of immunity. did not seek any form of immu- no interest in him. She knew he would be devastated. For over a year, he pursued her love; no mat- PNP chief Director General
Duterte said legislation may nity. ter what she thought about his good qualities, she just could not reciprocate those feelings. Ronald dela Rosa insisted there
be needed to grant the possible The President, nonetheless, said What else could you ask for? her close friend Anna asked her. He is handsome, has a good job is "no policy to kill."
immunity of the Marcoses from he is taking a "neutral stand" on and more importantly, possesses a green card that could solve your immigration problem. He could It was the PNP chief's response
prosecution should they agree to the possibility of granting immu- petition you, and you too can become a permanent resident! to opposition Senator Risa
bring back the wealth the family nity to the Marcoses. Why dont you marry him yourself? she asked Anna. Hontiveros when she said in a
took during Marcos' more than ( Continued on page 6 ) Senate hearing that there seemed
( Continued on page 13 ) to be a "pattern" of killings of
two-decade dictatorship, marked
drug suspects, citing the cases of

5,000 young TNTs face Why our nurses are leaving 17-year-old Kian delos Santos
and 19-year-old Carl Arnaiz,
deportation after Trump order Around 19,000 nurses leave
the Philippines to work abroad
lege, he didn't think twice about
going to nursing school. Nurs-
ing programs were popping up
everywhere and schools were
among others.
President Rodrigo Duterte | WASHINGTON, country by their parents who every year ing, after all, was all the rage in producing more nurses than ever backed Dela Rosa's claim, ac-
9/7/2017 About 5,000 young then overstayed their visas, to be Part 2 the early 2000 mostly because before. This brought in a massive cusing Hontiveros and Robredo's
Filipinos along with 800,000 protected from immigration and of the opportunity of working increase in demand for reviewers. Liberal Party of politicizing the
other undocumented immigrants get two-year work permits. Don Kevin Hapal, in countries where nurses are in But this success was short lived. death of Delos Santos.
face the prospect of deportation Trump gave Congress six MANILA, Philippines For demand. As the industry started to Thousands have died in le-
unless Congress legitimizes their months to reach a deal to address 32-year-old Jimmy Carpon, be- With a scholarship, Jimmy crumble due to the oversupply gitimate police operations and
stay in the United States follow- the status of dreamers as part of ing an overseas Filipino worker finally graduated and worked as a of nursing graduates in 2011, the apparent summary killings since
ing President Donald Trumps immigration reform before re- (OFW) is his destiny. nurse at St Luke's Medical Cen- Commission on Higher Educa- Duterte waged his bloody drug
decision to rescind the Deferred cipients begin losing their status Many of his relatives have ter. To further his career, Jimmy tion started phasing out sub- war.
Action for Childhood Arrivals starting March 5, 2018. already migrated abroad, mostly also got a masteral degree, which standard nursing programs. The According to Robredo, sev-
(DACA) program. DACA was created in 2012 to the United States, and his allowed him to be an instructor clampdown was felt by review eral questions surrounding the
Attorney General Jeff Sessions through executive authority by parents wanted the same for their for different schools and review centers like the one Jimmy government's anti-drug campaign
on Tuesday announced the end- former president Barack Obama children. "It was their dream," centers. worked for, as the number of remain unanswered.
ing of DACA, which allowed after Congress failed to agree Jimmy said. His stint as instructor when enrollees declined. "Unang-una, bakit libu-libo
nearly 800,000 so-called dream- on a major immigration reform. And so when the time came for nursing was at its peak al-
ers, children brought into the ( Continued on page 8 ) Jimmy to choose a course in col- lowed him to earn big. Nurs- ( Continued on page 4 ) ( Continued on page 6 )

Save the Date:

September 13, Wednesday
Monthly Fatima Devotion begins at 2:00 pm
with the Rosary; and concludes at 3:00 pm
with the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Way
of the Cross

Jesus I Trust In You!

Centennial Celebration
of 100th Year of Fatima (1917-2017)
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Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

Life and Other Matters

Hurricane Harvey brings to mind YOLANDA
Help those in Need damaged and cost $80-100 billion so far are the same thing. They are just called
and death toll of 44 as of this writing. different names in different parts of the

On writing about CESAR D. CANDARI, MD FCAP

EMERITUS | Henderson, Nevada, Sep-
This has reminded me of Yolanda.
The ravages of typhoon Yolanda were
the deadliest Philippine typhoon on
Victims of natural disasters must get
help. Its admirable that Americans first
oneself tember 4, 2017

The wrath of hurricane Harvey

confirmed record; killing at least 6,300
Filipinos while 1,061 were considered
instinct when disaster occurs is to open
their wallets and volunteer their time.
missing. To Filipino-Americans, your donations
is the strongest hurricane to hit The Joint Typhoon Warning Center of $10 or more by everyone can give
the US in a decade and the havoc (JTWC) estimated 1-minute sustained help to the victims of Harvey. Donating
Many of my life experiences with an unknown pen name, he could reading them today, I can compile those
and sufferings of the people of winds, Yolanda was the strongest this small amount through charities of
have gone on to become topics earn the credit and honor for the article articles into a book that they can read landfalling tropical cyclone with the your choice is an opportunity to change
and get away with it! This has forced me and appreciate long after I am gone. It Texas and Louisiana are still winds of 145 mph and six hours later, the life of someone in need.
in my columns and articles. At to put an asterisk in the very first article is called leaving my mark in this earth; going on as I write this article. the JTWC estimated Yolanda attained The Filipino United Network (FUN)
fty-seven years of age, I have listed in my portfolio: *Published under thus, in the future, people might say that Harvey approached the Texas one-minute sustained winds of 195 chaired by a friend and colleague Philip
more to write about compared a different name, but I swear, its mine! sometime in the history of the world, I
coast as a monster Category 4 mph and gusts up to 235 mph, much S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS from Las
A cousin of my friend, Donel Pacis, existed.
to when I was just twenty-four. once had a poem published in the Na- In a recent column in the Philippine hurricane. Texas coastal weather
more powerful than the winds of 125 Vegas, NV donated $1,000.00 to Harvey
mph Harvey. By those measurements, and four years ago to
San Diego, California
tion Magazine in the Philippines using Daily Inquirer which I am reprinting stations clocked gusts over 100 Yolanda would be comparable to a highlight the innate Filipino spirit and
a pseudonym, presumably to hide his after this article, Isagani Cruz wrote: It miles per hourMost of the strong Category 4 hurricane in the U.S., tradition of bayanihan and damayan. To
January 22, 2005
identity from a girl who was the subject is the pleasure of old people to recall the nearly in the top category, a category Fil-Am organizations, donate now let
of his poetry. When he tried to collect days when they were young, vigorous damage came after it calmed
Being a writer is in some ways 5. Comparing the number of death us rise together with charity in all of us.
his contributors fee, he had to convince and full of hope and ambition. The pres- down to a tropical storm. That tolls and the cost of property damages Yes, wed like to share and care. Just
like being a celebrity. You have the clerk he was its author by reciting ent has become a plateau, and the future damages was from the rain. between Harvey and Yolanda are quite to be reminded, it is about giving. When
to give up privacy to become the poem on the spot. The clerk, albeit is a time they can only await but no different. Understandably, many factors one is fortunate enough to have the
successful and free in the pursuit reluctantly, gave him the benefit of the longer anticipate. Memories, especially Harvey has produced 20 trillion gallons are to be considered which will not be knowledge, the love, the wealth and
doubt. the cherished ones, are like caresses of rain causing horrendous flooding in discussed here.
of your craft. This is because from the past that enable them to re-live the city and counties; 100,000 homes ( Continued on page 6 )
Hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons
some of the best literary material Disappointed the adventures of the vanished years.
emerges from life experience.

Seaside Buffet
When I got hired as a public relations Pleasant Surprise
I remember my journalism officer of a government corporation
in the Philippines immediately after To my pleasant surprise, I discovered
professor at the University of the graduating from college, I was disap- a lot of material whenever I went home
Philippines, the Filipino nation- pointed. The employees in the office to the Philippines. After many years of
alist and book author Hernando were all political appointees, hired to fill absence, I found that almost everything
J. Abaya. While encouraging up a plantilla and consume a budget as I saw would trigger memories that could 8998 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126
a payback by the politicians they sup- be fun and interesting subjects for my
us to read as many books as we ported. On my very first day, I was not articles. Tel. 858-566-1888 or 858-566-6188
could, he urged us to become like given anything to do. The whole day I One time I went home with my family 10%
sponges. sat behind my desk, looked at the ceiling for ten days, resulting in thirty articles. I 10%OFF
CITIZENS(65(65 +)+)
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
above and the walls around me, and wrote about the colorful former Manila
endured a whole day of boredom. Mayor Antonio Yeba Villegas because Banquet
Absorb as many life experiences as
you can, he said, by reading many The next day, to make the time go I was reminded of him when we passed
books, books, and books. by, I proactively wrote an article about by the Manila City hall. My visit to our
After forty years, I now realize the the business of doing nothing in a province reminded me of the summer
value of his advice. While I am not an government office. I submitted it to the vacations we spent there and even the
avid book reader, as I get bored reading Variety Magazine, a Sunday supplement circumcision I underwent, a rite of
up to six pages at a time (I can only of Manila Times, the leading Philippine passage young boys would undergo to
finish a book on a 24-hour plane ride, newspaper at that time. When it was pass the test of manhood. The scientist
back and forth), I have gone through a published, my co-workers grew mad at wife of a Filipino University professor Brazilian
BBQ Beef
number of experiences that have become me for my expose, afraid there might in San Diego commented that she heard
the topics of my columns and articles. raise public pressure to investigate our about circumcision before, but she did Teppanyaki
Teppanyaki Chicken
At 57 years of age, I have more to write department. Apparently, the lack of not know how it was performed until she Noodle
Soup Pork
about compared to when I was an inex- productivity in a government office was read my article.
perienced 24-year-old. so common that my article was hardly Seafood
Seafood Soft
an expose. My boss, who had appointed Not Without a Problem Cream & Yogurt
Privacy me to the position, merely smiled when Sushi
Sushi Cream & Yogurt
told about my misdeed. He owed so But writing about my personal experi- Chocolate
The issue of privacy sometimes war- much to my father that I was one of ences, as I have mentioned earlier,
rants discussion. In most cases, the life the untouchables, a sacred cow so to is not without its problems. My wife Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
experiences a writer narrates can be speak, in the office. sometimes gets annoyed--if not angry- Beer
personally embarrassing. Still, they are This experience prompted me to use a -because our personal and private lives Beer& &Wine
unique and interesting enough that one pen name in my next articles. Later on, have become an open book to the public.
can not help but share them with his however, I threw caution into the wind And she is right, for she too is entitled
readers at the expense of being subjected and started using my real name to de- to her own privacy. Because of this, I
to public shame. velop my portfolio. Even at the expense decided at one point to stop writing.
Other times, the experiences or ideals of my privacy, I needed the recognition After many years, however, I was
a writer might share will cause him to boost my writing career. cajoled into resuming my craft. I also
personal or professional harm. Remem- realized that time is running out. My life
ber the writers who used pseudonyms? In the U.S. on earth is finite. I must make most of
Filipino writers and nationalists like the time God has given me. I must make
Marcelo H. Del Pilar who used his pen When I started writing a regular use of the talent He has bestowed upon
name Plaridel in his writings, which column in Filipino newspapers after me - that of being a writer. I could not
exposed the abuses of the Spanish migrating to the United States, I used to forget a part of a quotation I once read:
authorities when they ruled over the comment about current events. I realized Life is short. Seize the day. Seize the
Philippines? Or Joe Klein, author of later, however, that my writings would moment
Primary Colors, who simply signed his get stale as new developments continued Dinner Buffet Items:
work Anonymous, because it alleg- to unfold. Travel Experiences
edly partly depicted the Clinton White Then I realized that my children, who Hot and Cold Crab Legs,
House? I remember the great playwright were born and raised in the United Writing about my travel experiences Raw and Cooked Oysters,
Neil Simon, who wrote about his life States, had no inkling about my back- poses a different problem. I love to
experiences while growing up Jewish in ground as a Filipino. I remember my travel, especially with my family. While Sea Snails, Sea Cucumber, Crab,
New York. He earned the ire of many of parents at dinner telling us about their we may travel more than some people I Frog Legs, Clams, Crawfish,
his friends and relatives who felt they experiences in their younger days. As know, it does not mean I can afford to do
were depicted as characters in his plays. an adult, I fondly recall those memories, so more than others; it just simply means Sashimi, Shrimp, Beijing Duck, Roast Beef
these nuggets of gold that guided and we have different priorities. While Ribs, Fish Maw Soup, Shark Fin Soup,
First Time inspired me to become a responsible other people may prefer living in big,
adult and parent. Though I often shared luxurious houses or mansions, driving and much more.
I remember the very first time I began their experiences, as well as my own, a Mercedes Benz or other luxury cars,
writing articles for our school organ as with my children, it was not enough. In- spending a fortune for debutante parties $1.00 OFF LUNCH BUFFET $2.00 OFF DINNER BUFFET
a senior in high school. I was shy and stead of commenting on current events, for their daughters or their wedding an-
timid with an extreme inferiority com- I could better spend my time and energy niversaries, or wearing designer clothes, Dine In Buffet Only Dine In Buffet Only
plex, and I submitted my articles using writing about my experiences both here I would rather spend some of my sav- Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other
and in the Philippines. My readers, both ings traveling with my family. offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
different pen names. To my excitement, offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
May not be used for split checks or tables. May not be used for split checks or tables.
my very first article was published, giv- first and later generations of Filipino The experience not only solidifies our Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
Americans, and even non-Filipinos, family bonds, but also educates us about Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
ing me the privilege of calling myself Sales Tax Not Included. Sales Tax Not Included.
a published author! Unfortunately, could appreciate my stories, for they are other cultures and people. This gives Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 9/30/2017 Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 9/30/2017
someone in the newspaper staff inserted unique or perhaps strike close to home. us a better understanding of our fellow
his name as its byline - thinking that While my children may not appreciate ( Continued on page 8 )
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588
| Page 3


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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

Health & Wellness

Exercising during pregnancy is Virus potentially could be used to treat deadly disease
good for mother, baby, research -- ScienceDaily known as glioblastoma stem cells, often
survives the onslaught and continues

confirms While Zika virus causes dev- to divide, producing new tumor cells
astating damage to the brains of to replace the ones killed by the cancer
developing fetuses, it one day In their neurological origins and
may be an effective treatment for near-limitless ability to create new
glioblastoma, a deadly form of cells, glioblastoma stem cells reminded
brain cancer. New research from postdoctoral researcher Zhe Zhu, PhD,
of neuroprogenitor cells, which generate
Washington University School cells for the growing brain. Zika virus
of Medicine in St. Louis and specifically targets and kills neuropro-
the University of California San genitor cells.
Diego School of Medicine shows In collaboration with co-senior authors
Diamond and Milan G. Chheda, MD,
that the virus kills brain cancer of Washington University School of
stem cells, the kind of cells most Medicine, and Jeremy N. Rich, MD, of
resistant to standard treatments. UC San Diego, Zhu tested whether the
virus could kill stem cells in glioblasto-
The findings suggest that the lethal mas removed from patients at diagnosis.
power of the virus -- known for infecting They infected tumors with one of two Brain cancer stem cells (left) are killed by Zika virus infection (image at right
-- ScienceDaily obstetric contraindication for physical and killing cells in the brains of fetuses, strains of Zika virus. Both strains spread shows cells after Zika treatment). A new study shows that the virus, known for killing
exercise causing babies to be born with tiny, through the tumors, infecting and kill- cells in the brains of developing fetuses, could be redirected to destroy the kind of
"The exercises recommended in our misshapen heads -- could be directed ing the cancer stem cells while largely brain cancer cells that are most likely to be resistant to treatment.
Excessive weight gain, pre- at malignant cells in the brain. Doing avoiding other tumor cells. have to be injected into the brain, most weakened the virus's ability to combat
eclampsia, gestational diabetes, study should be performed not only
by healthy pregnant women, but also so potentially could improve people's The findings suggest that Zika infection likely during surgery to remove the the cell's defenses against infection, rea-
caesarean section, lower back by sedentary females prior to preg- chances against a brain cancer -- glio- and chemotherapy-radiation treat- primary tumor. If introduced through soning that the mutated virus still would
pain and urinary incontinence are nancy since this is a good time to adopt blastoma -- that is most often fatal ment have complementary effects. The another part of the body, the person's be able to grow in tumor cells -- which
within a year of diagnosis. standard treatment kills the bulk of the immune system would sweep it away have a poor antiviral defense system
some of the risks of leading an a physically active lifestyle," adds
"We showed that Zika virus can kill the tumor cells but often leaves the stem
Perales. "This also goes for women at before it could reach the brain. -- but would be eliminated quickly in
unhealthy lifestyle during preg- kind of glioblastoma cells that tend to be cells intact to regenerate the tumor. Zika The idea of injecting a virus notorious healthy cells with a robust antiviral
risk of being overweight or obese or at
nancy. risk of gestational diabetes and chronic resistant to current treatments and lead virus attacks the stem cells but bypasses for causing brain damage into people's response.
hypertension." to death," said Michael S. Diamond, the greater part of the tumor. brains seems alarming, but Zika may When they tested the mutant viral
A study carried out by experts from What physical exercise is recom- MD, PhD, the Herbert S. Gasser Profes- "We see Zika one day being used in be safer for use in adults because its strain and the original parental strain in
Camilo Jos Cela University (UCJC), mended? sor of Medicine at Washington Univer- combination with current therapies to primary targets -- neuroprogenitor cells glioblastoma stem cells, they found that
published in the Journal of American In accordance with the recommenda- sity School of Medicine and the study's eradicate the whole tumor," said Chheda, -- are rare in the adult brain. The fetal the original strain was more potent, but
Medicine Association (JAMA), defines tions by the American College of Ob- co-senior author. an assistant professor of medicine and of brain, on the other hand, is loaded with that the mutant strain also succeeded in
the physical exercise patterns during stetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), The findings are published Sept. 5 in neurology. such cells, which is part of the reason killing the cancerous cells.
pregnancy which have shown major the new study highlights the physical The Journal of Experimental Medicine. To find out whether the virus could why Zika infection before birth produces "We're going to introduce additional
physiological benefits for both mother activity patterns which have proven to Each year in the United States, about help treat cancer in a living animal, the widespread and severe brain damage, mutations to sensitize the virus even
and baby. be most beneficial during this period, 12,000 people are diagnosed with researchers injected either Zika virus or while natural infection in adulthood more to the innate immune response and
"The percentage of women who meet as well as the exercises which these glioblastoma, the most common form saltwater (a placebo) directly into the causes mild symptoms. prevent the infection from spreading,"
the recommendations for exercise during women should avoid as they might pose of brain cancer. Among them is U.S. brain tumors of 18 and 15 mice, respec- The researchers conducted additional said Diamond, who also is a professor of
pregnancy is very low," says Mara Pe- a risk to the fetus. Sen. John McCain, who announced his tively. Tumors were significantly smaller studies of the virus using brain tissue molecular microbiology, and of pathol-
rales, the lead author of the study and a With regards to the type of exercise, diagnosis in July. in the Zika-treated mice two weeks from epilepsy patients and showed that ogy and immunology. "Once we add a
researcher from the department of Physi- duration and weekly frequency, the The standard treatment is aggressive -- after injection, and those mice survived the virus does not infect noncancerous few more changes, I think it's going to
cal Activity and Sports Science. "This experts stress the importance of combin- surgery, followed by chemotherapy and significantly longer than the ones given brain cells. be impossible for the virus to overcome
is due in part to uncertainty about what ing aerobic and strength training in radiation -- yet most tumors recur within saltwater. As an additional safety feature, the re- them and cause disease."
type of exercise should be recommended each session, which should last 45 to 65 six months. A small population of cells, If Zika were used in people, it would searchers introduced two mutations that ( Continued on page 13 )
and which should be avoided." minutes, over three or four days a week.
However, the new study confirms that The intensity should always be moder-
Why our
there is strong scientific evidence main- ate, although it should be analysed for ako sa iba-ibang agencies. Kahit saan than the starting wage for nurses in the
taining that moderate exercise during each woman and controlled throughout basta makaaalis. Gusto ko sana pumunta Marvin does not deny it: he took up Philippines.
pregnancy is safe and beneficial for both the session. Physical activity can be ( Continued from page 1 ) ng Saudi, Qatar, o kahit saan. I was des- nursing mainly because of the opportu-
mother and baby. started between week 9 and 12 of preg- perate that time kasi ako na lang din ang nity to work abroad. At the time when he That's more than enough for him to be
Among the confirmed benefits are: Struggling with his finances, naiwan halos sa mga kakilala ko." went to college, the collapse of the local able to save and give back to his family.
nancy (after the first prenatal visit) until
the prevention of excessive weight gain week 38-39. Jimmy rekindled with his nursing industry was already apparent.
(a key factor in the intergenerational Techniques such as pilates and yoga, parents dream of sending him (In 2012, I applied to different agen- Diaspora of nurses
transmission of obesity) and a lower risk often recommended during this period, abroad. cies. Anywhere, as long as I get to But Marvin said he wasn't scared,
of fetal macrosomia (babies who are are not linked to the physiological ben- leave. I wanted to go to Saudi, Qatar, partly because of his parents. "I grew Jimmy, meanwhile, said that nurses
born weighing more than 4 kilograms), efits described, but to improvements in anywhere. I was desperate because I up with OFW parents so I know the in Germany can take home as much as
pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, cae- Jimmy said: 2012, nag-apply na po was the only in my circle of friends who struggle of those families looking for 1,500 euros or P90,857 (minus expens-
mental health and pain reduction.
sarean section, lower back pain, pelvic In terms of exercise which should be hasn't left.) better oppurtunities abroad, he said. es) every month for their starting salary.
pain and urinary incontinence. avoided, "all that which is strenuous Also a lot more than what he could've
Moreover, there is no risk of premature (90% of maximum heart rate), since An opportunity came in 2013, when While getting there was easy, however, earned in the Philippines.
birth, low birth weight or fetal distress; it may increase the risk of hypother- the German government announced getting a job wasnt.
provided that the mother has no medical mia, dehydration or reduced uterine intense weight and isometric contraction that they will be hiring foreign nurses According to's 2016
or obstetric contraindication for physical blood flow with the associated risk of training, jumps, impact exercises and through the Triple Win program. Even though Marvin is a registered Overseas Salary Report, healthcare
exercise. compromising the fetus' health," Perales exercises with risk of falling or in an nurse in the Philippines, his license remains to be the paying specializa-
There is no risk of premature birth, stresses. outstretched supine position (lying on Jimmy immediately applied and passed is but a piece of paper in the US. To tion for overseas Filipino workers, with
low birth weight or fetal distress; pro- Similarly, long-distance running, your back) must be suspended. the first requirement of the program be able to work there, he still had to OFWs in the industry getting an average
vided that the mother has no medical or as he could already speak German. By pass the US own licensure exam, the of P111,620 per month. Its also the top
early 2014, he was finally sent to Tbin- NCLEX. paying specialization for the high-paying
gen, Germany for the familiarization countries of deployment like Canada and
phase of the program where they were There were tons of other requirements, New Zealand.
trained for months. which were not really easy to comply
with, Marvin said. This high salary attracts Filipino nurses
He was one of the first 12 Filipinos to go abroad.
sent to Germany for the Triple Win "I was visiting one office to another,
program, which has already sent more following up the status of my applica- According to data from the Philippine
than 600 nurses to Germany by 2016. tion, doing phone calls to one point per- Overseas Employment Agency (POEA),
The last government program of its kind son and then ended up being transferred 92,277 nurses have left the country to
was back in the 1970s. to another. My papers are going back work abroad since 2012. That's almost
and forth from the Philippines. Never- 19,000 nurses leaving every year.
The first year was exciting, he said, ending exams here and there," he shared.
facing new weather and culture. By No- "Not to mention the amount I have to Filipino Nurses United convenor
vember 2014, Jimmy was already a full pay for all these transactions." Eleanor Nolasco said that the promise of
fledged nurse for the University Hospital high salary abroad, in contrast with the
Tbingen. It took Marvin two years to finally get low wages in the Philippines, is a major
his license, a feat that he wouldnt have push factor for our nurses to leave.
"Naging maganda ang treatment sa been able to pull off if not for the privi-
amin ng German. Naisip po namin be- lege of having a family there. "Hangga't hindi nabibigay ang dis-
fore na baka ma-discriminate kami pero enteng sahod, talagang mapupuwersa
wala po kaming experiences na ganu'n." Marvin was finally able to work na lumabas ng bansa ang ating mga
(Germans treated us well. We thought as a nurse, starting with a long-term nurses," Nolasco said. (Until decent
we going to be discriminated, but we rehabilitation and nursing home. It was salaries are given, our nurses will be
never had those experiences.) stressful, he said, because the facility forced to leave.)
was understaffed. For years, Nolasco and their group
The only difference with Philippine have been calling for the government
patients, Jimmy said, is that German "I usually have 20 patients or more. to raise the minimum wage for starting
patients are much more dependent on Sometimes all their call bells are on and nurses to at least P25,000 a month, an
nurses. "Very family-oriented kasi tayo, you don't know which room to go first, amount that she says is not even that big
kaya laging may bantay. Pero dito, since he shared. "There are times that I fill the nowadays considering current costs of
nasa work ang mga kapamilya nila, sa role of nurse and nurse's aidI clean living.
VA nurses [nakadepende] para sa lahat." butts, (vomit), and wounds and I am Two weeks before stepping down in
Vendo already used to it." 2016, then president Benigno Aquino III
r (We're very family-oriented, so some- rejected the bill seeking to increase the
one is always there to watch over [the TWO JOBS. Marvin works at a hos- pay of nurses because of "dire financial
patient]. But here, since their relatives pital for 3 nights a week, and for two consequences" both for the govern-
are working, they all depend on nurses.) nights at a rehabilitation center. ment and private and non-governmental
health institutions.
Now, Jimmy is already the assis- But what's harder is seeing patients Now the group is calling for President
tant head nurse for their ward and the come and go. Rodrigo Duterte to make his promise of
president of the Association of Filipino change happen for nurses, too.
Nurses in Germany. His eyes are set on "In a nursing home you'll always devel- "You said change is coming, that life
another promotion, and he is work- op a special bond with your patients. I should be better for Filipinos. Bet-
ing toward his dream of becoming a grew up with my grandparents so some- ter status for nurses mean decent job
supervisor. times it's hard for me to witness elderly and wages. It means better healthcare
patients abandoned by their families. delivery system for our people. No more
FILIPINO NURSE. Jimmy Carpon Some patients become close to us, only contractualization. 'Yun naman ang
has finally become a full-fledged nurse to pass away the next day. No matter kanyang mga prinomise (That's what he
at the University Hospital Tubingen in how hard we tried to not let it affect us, promised). We're just reminding him,"
Germany. it does." Nolasco said.
Contractualization is also a major
The American dream He was eventually hired by a hospi- problem in the industry, Nolasco shared.
tal, but he continued working for the Even with a law that puts government
Unlike Jimmy, 23-year-old Marvin rehabilitation center. Every week, he nurses at Salary Grade 11, many nurses
Bermillo had an easier time making it works for 3 nights at the hospital, then are hired on a contractual basis which
abroad. two nights at the center. It's hard, but it lets employers skirt around the ruling,
pays well. paying them below the minimum wage.
Marvins parents are both United States The problem lies with local govern-
citizens already, and they were able to A starting salary for a nurse in the ment units (LGUs), whose priorities
Emergency Visits Welcome bring him to New Jersey with them as
soon as he graduated in 2015.
US, Marvin said, is around $5,000
(P255,370). That's a dozen times more ( Continued on page 6 )
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 5

California Communities
Attorney General Becerra issues consumer alert on Immigrant Call for Nominations for County Wins 56
sham charities following Hurricane Harvey Tenant Protection 2017 Human Relations National Awards
General Xavier Becerra today
Donation Tips Be Cautious Of "Look-Alike" Web-
sites: These fraudulent websites may Act passes Senate Commission Awards for Programs,
Check Registration Status: Charities have a slightly different web address
issued a consumer alert to warn operating in California and telemarket- (URL). Similar looking URLs are some- Trump Administration repeal DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS
Californians about sham charities ers soliciting donations in California are times purchased to lure in would-be SEPT. 30, 2017; AWARDS CEREMO-
of DACA highlights needs for NY WILL BE HELD IN NOVEMBER
soliciting donations in the after- required to register with the Attorney donors. These sites may ask for personal greater immigrant protections. The Military and Veterans
math of Hurricane Harvey. Hurri- Generals Registry of Charitable Trusts. information or install harmful material
They are also required to file annual onto your device. AB 291 strengthens laws to be SAN DIEGO The City of San Resource Centers, Regional
cane Harvey has set a record for financial reports. Confirm that the char- Watch Out For Similar-Sounding sure that immigrant tenants Diegos Human Relations Com- Fire Prevention Program,
rainfall in the continental United ity is registered and up-to-date with their Names And Other Deceptive Tac- do not face intimidation and mission has announced a call Vector Control Response to
States and has devastated parts of financial reporting by searching the At- tics: Some organizations use names retaliation in their homes for nominations for its annual Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes
Texas and Louisiana. torney Generals Registry of Charitable that closely resemble those of well-
Trusts at established charitable organizations to Recognition Awards in several and Zika Virus and the Honey
Give to Organizations You Trust: Do mislead donors. Be skeptical if someone San Francisco, CAThe Immi- categories. The awards honor the Bee Protection Program were
Right now, Californians are donating
their hard-earned money to help victims your research before giving. Review thanks you for a pledge you never made. grant Tenant Protection Act, a bill accomplishments of community among 56 programs awarded
of Hurricane Harvey, said Attorney the charitys purpose and its financial Check your records. Remember: current by Assemblymember David Chiu members and organizations that by NACo.
General Becerra. Unfortunately, some records, available on the Attorney Gen- registration status with the Attorney (D-San Francisco) that strength-
erals Registry of Charitable Trusts, and Generals Office does not mean the At- promote diversity, equality and
are trying to take advantage of this ens state law to protect immi- By Yvette Urrea Moe, County of San
generosity, starting fake charities to line find out how it spends donations. How torney General endorses or has approved inclusion in San Diego. Any
grant tenants from intimidation Diego Communications Office
their own pockets. I urge all Califor- much is spent directly on the charitable the activities of the organization. member of the public may submit
cause? How much goes to overhead Be Wary Of Social Network Fund- and retaliation in their homes, San Diego County received 56
nians to follow the tips below to avoid a nomination.
becoming victims of these disgraceful and employee compensation? Research raising: If you are planning to donate today passed the State Senate. Achievement Awards from the
scam artists. Hurricane Harvey has charities in your community and sup- through a social network solicitation, The Recognition Awards ceremony National Association of Counties,
wreaked havoc in Texas and Louisiana, port those charities that make a positive find out what percentage is going to the Tenants should not have to live in fear is a great opportunity for the public and which recognizes innovative, ef-
and we need to do our best to ensure impact. charity, whether you will be charged a simply because they are immigrants or the Commission to spotlight worthy
Dont Be Pressured By Telemarketers fee, or if a percentage of your donation ficient programs.
that every dollar we donate goes directly refugees. Trumps escalating war on individuals and organizations that help
to those in need. I encourage anyone And Ask Questions Before Donating: If will be paid to the platform website. immigrants is ripping apart families and improve our community through respect
you receive a call from a telemarketer, Protect Your Identity: Never give your Its great to see the County earn
who has been a victim of a charitable mass deportations could be our new and understanding, said Joel Day, Ex- national recognition on so many criti-
giving scam to file a complaint through ask for the name of the fundraising social security number or other personal reality, said Assemblymember Chiu. ecutive Director of the Human Relations
organization, whether it is registered information in response to a charitable cal fronts, from veterans affairs to fire
my Offices website or call (800) 952- This bill will deter the small minority Commission. I urge everyone to take protection, said Supervisor Dianne
5225. with the Attorney Generals Office, the solicitation. Never give out credit card of landlords who unscrupulously take the time to consider nominations for
name of the charity benefitting from the information to an organization unfamil- Jacob, chairwoman of the Board of the
The California Department of Justice advantage of the real or perceived immi- these awards. Supervisors. The awards validate our
has the primary responsibility for su- solicitation, how much of your donation iar to you. Some organizations sell or gration status of their tenants to engage The deadline for submitting nomina-
will go to charity and how much to the rent their donor lists to other organi- efforts to better serve the public and
pervising charities and the professional in abusive acts. I appreciate the support tions is Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2017. A speak to the hard work and cutting-edge
fundraisers who solicit on their behalf. telemarketer, and the direct telephone zations, including organizations that of the Senate. submission form and other information
number of the charity. Dont fall for are not charities. Look at the charitys approach among our employees.
Under Government Code, 12580, the is available on the Human Relations San Diegos 56 awards were the most
Attorney General may investigate and pressure tactics or threats. Remember privacy policy and learn who the char- We need this law to protect families Commission web site at www.sandiego.
you have the right to reject the dona- ity might share your information with given to any county in the country. The
bring legal actions against charities that with undocumented members from this gov/human-relations/awards. Award recognition spanned numerous catego-
misuse charitable assets or engage in tion appeal and if you feel pressured or before you provide it. type of abuse, said Maria, a grandmoth- categories include:
threatened, just hang up. ries, including Health, Financial Man-
fraudulent fundraising practices. er from Oakland who testified earlier Keith M. Turnham Humanitarian agement, Human Services, Community/
this year in committee about her experi- Award, which honors a former Human
NCTD bus service changes coming in North County
Economic Development, Information
ence with a landlord who threatened to Relations Commissioner and dedicated Technology, and Emergency Manage-
report her family members to ICE if they community activist, Keith M. Turnham. ment and Response.
did not stop asking for much-needed It recognizes and honors an individual
Oceanside, CAThe North County better alignment of certain routes, and serve the VA Oceanside Clinic allow-
repairs. No one should have to experi- who is a veteran and is involved in pub- A few highlights among the award-
Transit Districts (NCTD) Board of transition of specified BREEZE routes ing patients and medical staff to use the
ence the fear, pain, or harassment my lic and community service. winners:
Directors approved service changes on to FLEX deviated fixed route service. A system more easily. Route 323 has also
family has suffered just because they are Business Diversity Award, which An outreach program to provide active
May 18, 2017 for specified BREEZE sampling of these changes include the been extended to serve the VA Clinic.
undocumented. recognizes a business or corporation for duty military, veterans and their families
and FLEX routes that will become effec- following: On Camp Pendleton, Routes 392 &
"AB 291 makes clear that immigration its focus on diversity and inclusion in with federal, state and local benefits
tive October 8, 2017. The BREEZE and Along the coast, BREEZE Route 101 395 have been modified and will operate
status should not be used as leverage its organizational philosophy demon- counseling and assistance with complet-
FLEX route changes were the result of service has been improved by extending as FLEX routes. This modification will
against tenants by landlords who want to strated through its corporate leadership, ing forms. Since the program began,
a performance review of BREEZE and all trips to Westfield UTC Mall. allow for greater coverage for riders
profit off of slum conditions or unlaw- employment policies, corporate giving outreach increased to over 1,070 new
FLEX routes combined with outreach Service to Mira Costa College has in the more heavily traveled parts of
fully evict families to take advantage of and/or community initiatives. veterans and helped submit over 360
from the public. The service changes are been improved through an extension of the current routes. The FLEX 392 &
rising rents. In a year that has brought Commission Partner Award, disability claims.
designed to improve the efficiency and Route 315. 395 service will operate as deviated
unimaginable levels of fear into immi- which acknowledges that partnerships A regional fire prevention program to
sustainability of NCTD. Southwest Carlsbad FLEX 373 and fixed routes meaning that a vehicle can
grants lives, we hope that this bill will are key to accomplishing positive provide consistent fire safety stan-
The changes affect 20 different routes Encinitas-Solana Beach FLEX 374 will pick up and drop off riders at locations
offer them some measure of security in change in the community. The awardees dards across jurisdictional boundaries.
and zones, and range from discontinua- be discontinued. (within of a mile from the route)
their own homes, said Jith Meganathan, are people or organizations that have The program improved coordination,
tion of service for under-utilized routes, In Oceanside, Route 318 has been ( Continued on page 13 ) Policy Advocate for Western Center worked closely with the Human Rela- increased firefighter safety, eliminated
to more frequent service in other areas, improved by modifying the route to
on Law & Poverty, a co-sponsor of the tions Commission through the year on duplicative costs, and improved the
legislation. priority issues. Insurance Services Office ratings, which
Human Relations Commenda- could result in lower fire insurance costs
AB 291 bars landlords from disclosing tions, which acknowledge people who for nearly 75 percent of residents in the
information related to tenants immigra- have had not only a profound impact on Countys primary service area.
tion status for the purpose of retaliation, the community but on the Commission The Countys quickly developed plans
harassment, or to influence a tenant to as well. and rapid response to invasive Aedes
vacate the home. The bill would also Ashley L. Walker Social Justice mosquitoes and increased travel-related
prohibit landlords from threatening to Award, which honors former Com- Zika cases. Following the Countys
report tenants to immigration authorities, mission Executive Director Ashley treatment of affected areas, there were
whether in retaliation for engaging in L. Walker. The person or organiza- no locally acquired cases of Zika in
legally-protected activities or to influ- tion selected for this award will have 2016.
ence them to vacate. demonstrated outstanding and sustained The electric vehicle program. Since the
Landlords are in possession of sensi- contributions in promoting inclusion first charging stations were installed, the
tive information about tenants such and equality in our community. Ad- County has been able to avoid the emis-
as their social security numbers, the ditional criteria include: 1) Individuals sion of 23 metric tons of greenhouse
number of people in their household, and organizations that believe in and gases. The charging stations are avail-
the language(s) they speak, what they have taken action toward the equality able to both staff and the public. Since
do for a living, and when they are home. and humane treatment of every member December 2014, the stations have been
This measure will make sure that this of the community, 2) Individuals and used for over 7,100 charging sessions,
information is not misused by landlords organizations whose good works have with 3,500 charging sessions at the
and will take away one avenue that had a significant impact in the growth County Operations Center alone.
the Trump Administration could use to of respect, inclusion and civic engage- A youth internship program for at-risk
deport our immigrant neighbors . ment of all groups in the community, 3) youth in partnership with the local
As Chair of the Assembly Housing and Individuals and organizations that have Workforce Development Board. The
Community Development Committee, demonstrated long-term commitment to goal for the program is to prepare youth
Assemblymember Chiu received com- the community by living, working, or for high school graduation, post-second-
plaints from around the state describing volunteering in San Diego. ary education and, ultimately, a career.
incidents where landlords threatened to An awards ceremony is scheduled for
( Continued on page 8 ) ( Continued on page 6 )
( Continued on page 6 )

For more information and eligibility, call Horizon

1035 S Harbison Ave, National City, CA 91950

Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

County Hurricane
Diego the people victimized are strong to face
Healthy Cooking Demonstrations the reality in life. In times like this,
Risk Assessment Collaboration all that we can say is pray and help.
( Continued from page 5 ) ( Continued from page 2 )
Youth Internship Program Connect 2 Calamities are part of this world. And
At the completion, the interns said that Careers everything else that you get in your life
the knowledge, skills, and abilities ob- make sure you dont just get, you give its just us humans who cant accept that
401a Enrollment Communications sad truth.
tained during this experience will assist San Diego County Continuity of Op- too to those in need here in America. In
them in getting future jobs. so doing you are opening the floodgates We must continue help our unfortunate
erations Plan co-Americans and as well as our coun-
The complete list of winning programs Leveraging Tablet Technology for to happiness.
were: trymen in times of natures tragedies.
Process Automation That is bayanihan in action. Building
San Diego County Fire Authority Online Grant Cost-Effectiveness Reminiscing Super-Typhoon Yolanda:
Regional Fire Prevention Program To reminisce, typhoon Yolanda made mutual goodwill all the time and as Fili-
Calculator pino Americans, we must help; we must
County Security Initiative Automating Inspection Reports landfall in Guiuan, Eastern Samar at
Spanish Public Information to Bridge a peak intensity on November 7, 2013. continue to rebuild our home country
Honey Bee Protection Program

Destiny: Parting
Crisis Communication Gap It remained an exceptionally powerful the Philippines and our adopted country
Maintenance Gardner Outreach Pilot America recover from these calamities -
Advanced Recovery Initiative Speed- Program storm when it struck Tolosa, Leyte and
ing Recovery from Disasters made four additional landfalls as it tra- the specter of climate change.
Certified Farmers Market Roadmap: Calamities like these come and go and
( Continued from page 1 ) In fact, Romano was looking forward Child Support Services Job Court versed the Visayas, including this writ-
Navigating the Journey do not affect a relationship one has with
to it. He planned to treat Mona to a nice Leads to Employment for Customers ers province of Antique. Monster winds
I will in an instant! But he has Compliance TEAM approach: Maxi- God unless one starts to blame God. Our
and fancy dinner in one of the citys District Attorneys Office Conviction tore roofs off buildings and giant waves
mizing Our Collective Impact bayanihan spirit as Filipino-Americans
no affection for me. It is you expensive restaurants. But now, his plan Review Unit Vector Control Response to Invasive washed away homes, terrifying millions
whom he loves. would seem to be aborted. He was like Trauma Responsive Unit in Juvenile of Filipinos as one of the worlds most will endure.
Aedes Mosquitoes and Zika Virus
a child looking forward to have fun in Hall powerful typhoons in the past century
She was right, Mona realized. a birthday party only to be told it was
Ranger Academy
County Probation Officers Co-located New Parks and Recreation Website battered the islands in two days. There
She wondered why such an cancelled. with the City of Escondido Police was widespread devastation from the
Nature Explorer Program
important opportunity would be Why, whats the problem? Department Pedestrian Gap Analysis storm surge in Tacloban City especially ( Continued from page 1 )
offered to her and not Anna, who Lets sit down over there, she pointed Supporting Electric Vehicle Use by the in San Jose, with many buildings being
Watershed Protection Mobile Applica- na 'yung namatay sa kamay ng
to an empty bench in a park. Public, Employees and County Fleet destroyed, trees knocked over or broken,
could not only use a green card Once settled, she looked at Romano in
kapulisan?" asked the Vice Presi-
Owner Controlled Insurance Program Multi-Year Road Resurfacing Program and cars piled up. The low-lying areas
but also marry the man of her the eye and took a deep breath. Encouraging Support and Inclusiveness on the eastern side of Tacloban city were dent. (First, how come thousands
Expedited Hiring Event
dreams. She was also prettier and Romano, I dont know how I am with the LGBTQIA Community Online Document Library hardest hit, with some areas completely have died at the hands of police?)
younger, and had no responsibil- going to tell this to you. Youre a good Digital Literacy at San Diego County washed away. Flooding also extended
LUEG Enterprise Asset Management She said the PNP must also directly
guy and would be the object of affection Library for 1 km (0.62 mi) inland on the east
ity to a child as she was single. for so many girls. But I suggest you
System (LEAMS) address allegations that cops are killing
Mail Ballot Drop-Off Partnership First 5 San Diego Offsite Oral Health coast of the province. drug suspects to meet a quota and that
I guess it was fate, she turn your attention to somebody else as Employee Resource Group Council The cyclone caused catastrophic
Services they are supposedly given incentives to
thought to herself. Maybe each I cannot return the affection you have Beating Zika to the Punch: Open Com- Social Worker Initial Training Simula- destruction in the Visayas, particularly do so.
one has a predestined partner in offered me. munications to Defuse a Health Scare on Samar and Leyte. According to UN
tion Day "At pangatlo, napakarami na ring mga
Why? Is it something I did? Tell me Active Shooter Drill officials, about 11 million people have
life and I hadnt found mine. and I will make it up to you.
Veteran Service Representative (VSR) kaso na until now, unsolved pa. Hangga't
Aging Backwards: Essentrics Fitness Outreach Program been affected many have been left hindi pa nasosolusyunan ito, hindi
No, she replied. I have given this Class homeless. The National Disaster Risk
But Mona was already 34 years old, Military & Veterans Resource Centers maaalis sa taong bayan ang tanong kung
serious thought. It would not be fair to Custom Medical Waiver Form in Reduction and Management Council
not young for a woman who had not (MVRC) polisiya ba ito o hindi," added Robredo.
you if you spend your time and efforts PeopleSoft reported 89.6 billion pesos ($184 mil-
found love. She had Freddie when she Child Welfare Services Continuous (Third, there are many cases now
on me. I want you as a friend but noth- Diversity Dashboards lion) in damage to houses, bridges, roads
was eighteen and had spent the past Quality Improvement Implementation that remain unsolved. As long as these
ing more. Diversity & Inclusion Marketing and and other infrastructure in the areas
years contending with the challenges Polinsky Childrens Center 10-Day remain unsolved, you cannot stop the
Romano was devastated. He stared on Branding it crossed. It was a national calamity
faced by a single mother raising a child. Temporary Shelter Care Facility Model public from asking whether or not kill-
the ground and didnt know what to say. Dynamic Out of Pocket Calculator in in the Philippines. The photos were
Time is running out. It was time to seri- Using Social Media to Promote SNAP/ ing is a policy.)
Mona held his arm and pressed her hand PeopleSoft unbearable, heart-breaking to look at
ously attend to the prospect of marriage CalFresh Participation
on it. Employee Bike Program Tour de San dead people on the streets, sidewalks,
now that her son was being taken care of Utilizing YouTube for Public Assis-
It is not your fault Romano. You can everywhere. Tacloban, the capital city of
by his paternal relatives. tance Training
have your pick among many girls who Leyte province, 360 miles southeast of
Homelessness: Lets Talk About It
would swoon over you. They sat together for many minutes, Manila with a population 220,000, was
WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Commercially Sexually Exploited Chil-
But not you. not uttering a single word. Then Ro- the worst hit city.
Romano jolted from her deep thoughts. dren Services in Detention Facilities
She smiled. She thought of some diplo- mano stood up and Mona followed suit. Tsunami-like waves with water came
They agreed to meet by the subway Probation Behavioral Health Running
matic things to say. Romano gave Mona a hug. It was a bear in so fast that there was not time to flee,
station in Midtown Manhattan at four Program
I have many things on my mind, hug. It was tight and lasted for about a and the surge swelled well beyond what
oclock that Sunday afternoon. It was Vet-Connect Program
responsibilities back home. minute, like he was savoring the warmth any city could survive, destroyed all
their day off, their only chance in the
I can wait. from her body. infrastructures along the wide path of the
week to walk around together in the

Call for
No, you should not. You will miss a Ill see you around, he said. typhoon, and with thousands of people
beautiful New York City and savor its
lot of opportunities coming your way. Yes, we will continue to have fun drowned.
grandeur and absorb all its energy.
They were quiet for a while. together with our friends. In spite of calamities like Harvey and
Nothing, she replied.
Are you sure? With those words, Mona turned ( Continued from page 5 ) Yolanda, life must go on. We pray that
Why here? he asked, meaning, why
Yes, I am, Mona told the man who around and walked away. She could feel Thursday, Nov. 16, 2017, at the Central
they had to meet in a busy intersection
had expressed genuine affection for her Romano looking at her, the heat of his Librarys Shiley Special Events Suite.
and not in a quiet and nice cafe where

Why our
in a long time. stares on her back. And she wondered The Ashley L. Walker Social Justice they never really had trouble fitting
they could enjoy each others company.
After a while, he asked: Shall we have if she made the right decision in turning Award will be presented independently in their respective host countries. But
I wont be staying long, she replied.
dinner? down the only sincere and romantic love at Alliance San Diegos annual All being separated from the people they
She noticed his puzzled look. Every ( Continued from page 4 )
She shook her head. she had been offered so far. Peoples Celebration in January 2018. know and love in the Philippines can be
time they went out, they spent the rest of
Coffee? don't always include healthcare, Nolasco frustrating at times, too.
the afternoon and early evening together.
No. (To be continued) said. "Despite the perks of working abroad,
Many LGUs refuse to fill up plantilla there are times that you would really feel
positions, often only hiring job order lonely and at some point, depressed. You
someone will invariably say Global Future Radar: Two hours of nurses to save costs. But aside from low are already stressed with your work and
something to the effect that If animated past radar and six hours of salary, these nurses are deprived of em- you also have to deal with homesick-
cutting-edge, forecasted future radar ployment benefits and security of tenure. ness," Marvin shared. "You miss your
the world is heating up why is across land and sea Now we have health care workers life back in the Philippines despite your
there so much rain and snow?? Storm Tracks: Detailed analysis of im- who can't even afford health services hardships in the country."
Those individuals seem to have pending severe weather, including storm themselves and are at risk of losing their "Mahirap kasi (It's hard because) we
forgotten (if they ever really arrival time, strength rating, detailed jobs anytime. can only communicate with them online.
components of the storm (such as wind, "There's even a case when a nurse Hindi naman po namin mayakap family
knew) that weather and climate hail, lightning, and tornadoes), the speed was fired just because she liked a post namin, kahit Pasko at New Year (We
change are two distinct things. and direction of the storm, the precipita- by a doctor complaining about lack of can't hug our family, even on Christmas
Climate change (regardless of tion rate, storm tracker data, and more hospital equipment, Nolasco shared. and New Year)," Jimmy said.
what climate change deniers Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: His- "Ang daling mapatalsik." (It's easy to But when asked if they ever thought of
torical and forecasted paths, complete have people fired.) working in the Philippines again, both
think) is long term NOT short- with wind speed, strength, arrival times, Nolasco refuse to believe that there is Marvin and Jimmy were reluctant.
term weather patterns. and the cone of uncertainty an oversupply of nurses, which has been "Napapa-isip ka pa rin 'pag minsan

The Weather Channel Launches

Lightning: 100 miles of lightning data a common narrative by the government kasi iba pa rin 'yung pakiramdam na
NASA says it quite distinctly, The for the Continental U.S. for years. "Underutilization" is a better nagtatrabaho ka sa sarili mong bansa.
difference between weather and climate

Advanced Global Radar App

Local Storm Reports and Severe term, she said. Pero maiisip mo rin na wala rin talaga
is a measure of time. Weather is what Weather Alerts: Local radar and global "Hindi naman nag-o-open ng jobs kahit mangyayari with the current situation of
conditions of the atmosphere are over a severe weather warnings and alerts from may pangangailangan (They're not open- nurses in our country," Marvin shared.
short period of time, and climate is how anywhere in the U.S. and around the ing job positions even if there's a need)," (Sometimes you think about it because
New Storm Radar App Pro- Whenever it snows too much, the atmosphere "behaves" over relatively globe from NOAA, National Weather Nolas said. According to her, the current it feels different to work for your own
long periods of time. So you Service (NWS), Environment Canada, nurse to patient ratio here is one nurse
vides High-Resolution Past- rains too much, fogs too much, can be drowning in frigid rain but the and MeteoAlarm
country. But you will also think that
per 40 patients. nothing will happen with the current
to-Future Radar with Superior storms too much, or shines too world can still be warming. Customizable Data Layers: Severe Career growth and government bureau- situation of nurses in our country)
Storm Tracking Information much we generally tend to ignore I like weather information. Its good weather alerts, local storm reports, wind, cracies are also push factors for nurses Jimmy, meanwhile, said he'd consider
for iPhone and Android Users the weather unless were plan- for planning and to geek-out with. To temperature and precipitation overlays, to leave. if the country can finally offer nurses
help with that, The Weather Company, earthquake info, and more According to Nolasco, the recently
ning on a vacation or need to an IBM Business announced that its
like him decent wage and security of
The weather is one of those As part of our mission to help people passed Continuing Professional Devel- tenure.
know how to dress a child for the consumer brand, The Weather Channel, make more informed decisions, weve opment Act of 2016, which requires pro- "Malaking bagay po talaga 'yung sal-
many things that we dont think day. In speaking about weather, has launched a new, highly advanced created a robust suite of products to en- fessionals to earn a specific number of ary. Kapag okay po siya, why not po?
about until it gets in the way. global radar app for iPhone and An- sure we provide the highest quality, and units before their licenses are renewed, Kung talagang masisigurado na may
droid devices. The Storm Radar App most advanced weather and storm track- has a huge impact on nurses. work na pangmatagalan na may career
places the most accurate, detailed, and ing information possible for our users, Nurses, she said, not only have to use pathways," he shared.
advanced weather and storm tracking said Domenic Venuto, head of consumer the little spare time they have to join (Salary is a really big factor. If it's
data directly in the hands of individuals division, The Weather Company. The these trainings but also spend so much okay, why not? If you're ensured of a
across the globe providing them with Storm Radar App offers superior visual to comply with the requirements. There long-term job with career pathways.)
the necessary information to help them and storm tracking information in a is no explicit ruling that would require So the two just press on despite the
prepare for safety when severe weather variety of customizable formats to meet hospitals to pay for the training of their loneliness. And when homesickness
strikes. Utilizing sophisticated forecast- the needs of everyone ranging from the employees, which Nolasco said should kicks in, they remind themselves of the
ing models and leveraging over 800 outdoor enthusiast to the advanced storm be "their obligation to ensure that their good they can do now with the extra
data sources, as well as the expertise of tracker. health workers can give quality care." money.
over 160 meteorologists the largest Who Studies Climate Change? But even with all these trainings and Marvin has finally started giving back
in the private sector The Weather Modern climate prediction started back seminars, Nolasco said the working to his parents, helping pay their bills at
Company is able to generate hyperlocal in the late 1700s with Thomas Jefferson conditions in hospitals here won't allow home, especially now that his younger
forecasts for over 2.2 billion locations and continues to be studied around the nurses to practice with competence. sister is going to college.
across the globe every 15 minutes. In world today. At the national Lacking equipment and with low wages, "I am really blessed with all the oppor-
addition to long-term climate change, level, the U.S. Global Change Research nurses continue to be demoralized and tunities that I received but with all these
there are shorter term climate variations. Program coordinates the world's most look at other countries to grow their opportunities come with great sacrifices.
This so-called climate variability can be extensive research effort on climate career. There are many times that I really wanna
represented by periodic or intermittent change. In addition, NASA, NOAA, the Unless these problems are addressed, give up but then I realize the main rea-
changes related to El Nio, La Nia, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Nolasco believes our nurses will con- son why I'm doing this in the first place
volcanic eruptions, or other changes in (EPA) and other federal agencies are tinue to leave. myself and my family," he said.
the Earth system. actively engaging the private sector, Jimmy, on the other hand, has finally
Taking weather information to the next states, and localities in partnerships Coming home bought a house for his parents in the
level, the Storm Radar App provides based on a win-win philosophy and Philippines. With his remittances, his
eight hours of high-resolution past-to- aimed at addressing the challenge of While there are perks to working parents also don't need to work anymore,
future radar data, over 20 map layers, global warming while, at the same time, abroad, it comes with various social and he's able to help send their youngest
as well as hyperlocal current condition strengthening the economy. Many uni- costs. sibling to school. Now his eyes are set
and forecast information based on data versity and private scientists also study Data from the Philippine Statistics to get another promotion and is work-
collected from the companys network climate change. To help users prepare Authority as of 2015 show that there are ing towards his dream of becoming a
of over 250,000 personal weather sta- for the Atlantic hurricane season, sum- now at least 2.4 million OFWs. Migra- supervisor.
tions across the globe. The Storm Radar mer thunderstorms and other seasonal tion breaks families apart and 4 to 6 "Do it for Germany, for youself, and
App helps prepare users for impending severe weather around the world, The million children of OFWs are left behind for your family," Jimmy said. Rappler.
weather via customizable storm tracking and at risk of losing parental care. com
and real-time weather data layers. ( Continued on page 13 ) Both Marvin and Jimmy shared that
Features of the app include:
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 7

DACA is lawful and making America stronger

by California Attorney General DACA grantees, their communities, and laws twice over the last 60 years, but it
Xavier Becerra, Hufngton Post our states, but it is also a fully lawful ex- has not restricted the presidents ability
ercise of executive discretion. Presidents to use discretion in enforcement deci-
Over the last five years, Dream- of both parties, from Eisenhower and sions.
ers immigrants brought to the Kennedy to Reagan and Obama, have
exercised discretion in their enforcement Due to either a misunderstanding of
United States as young children of immigration laws in a constitutional our laws and traditions or a cynical
by their parents without docu- manner, safeguarding groups of individ- decision to overlook them, some want
ments have paid fees, passed uals who are not priorities for deporta- to end the highly successful DACA
background checks and applied tion and thereby reserving enforcement initiative. Theyre threatening to sue the
resources for higher priorities. Trump administration if the president
for work permits so they could does not rescind DACA. But their ef-
step out of the shadows. Theyve In the late 1950s, with the advent of forts are out of step with the views of
earned a chance to fulfill their the Fidel Castro government, hundreds most Americans, or even of most of
potential, contribute to our of thousands of Cubans fled to America. President Trumps supporters. Nearly 8
President Dwight Eisenhower, a Repub- in 10 voters support allowing Dream-
economy and enrich our com- lican, and later Presidents John Kennedy ers to remain permanently in the United
munities. and Lyndon Johnson, both Democrats, States, including almost three-quarters
exercised their power to permit Cubans of President Trumps voters. At a time
The dreams of a brighter future that to stay in the United States, before Con- when immigration stokes passions on
fuel these young people are made gress passed legislation that allowed this both sides, most agree that young people
possible by the Deferred Action for group of immigrants to remain here. should be off-limits.
Childhood Arrivals initiative, or DACA,
which began accepting applications five In the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan Donald Trump and I dont agree
years ago this month. Since then, nearly allowed approximately 200,000 Nica- on much. But we can all agree that
800,000 young people nationwide have raguans who fled to the United States Dreamers who benefit from the DACA
been granted the peace of mind to grow, to stay without a law in place authoriz- initiative are incredible kids and that
work and study without fear. ing their presence. Similarly, President we should treat them with heart, as the
George H.W. Bush used his discretion President has said. Instead of frighten-
These young people pursue careers that to permit nearly 200,000 Salvadorans to ing young people, we should help them
range from serving our country in the remain in the country after they escaped succeed. After all, our children are this
military to joining the ranks of police civil war at home. nations most precious natural resource.
officers to teaching the next generation Why would we expel budding innova-
of leaders in the classroom. William Me- Even one of the most conservative, tors and entrepreneurs to another country
deiros, who was brought to the United originalist voices on the Supreme Court and let them boost that economy instead
States from Brazil when he was six the late Justice Antonin Scalia of our own? Why would we deprive our
years old, proudly serves in the Army. recognized in an opinion he wrote for military of committed servicemembers
Hes not alone. Harbinger Saini, a native the court on an immigration case in who would help keep us safe?
of India who has also lived here since 1999 that presidents have a long history
he was six, has been ready to fight for of engaging in a regular practice... Any policy that harms Dreamers harms
the only country he knows, wherever the of exercising [deferred action] for hu- all of us. Its time for President Trump
U.S. military wants to send him. manitarian reasons or simply for its own to follow through on his promise to
convenience. Dreamers and protect this lawful initia-
Yet, these are uncertain times for tive thats consistent with Americas
Dreamers across the nation. Many hard- Congress has re-written immigration dearest values.
working, patriotic people like William
and Harbinger dread what could come
next. The Trump administration has sent
mixed messages about DACA. Some
have taken this as a license to disparage
Dreamers and scorned other hardwork-
ing immigrants who are simply labeled
dangerous criminals. As the son of im-
migrants, I find such fearmongering re-

Ten things you must give up

pulsive. As the father of three daughters,
I am heartbroken when I meet young
people living in fear that their hopes and
dreams will be dashed.

Last month, I led a group of 20 state

to move forward
attorneys general in sending a letter to 1. Letting the opinions of others con- 9. Overlooking the positive points in
President Trump urging him to keep trol your life your life
DACA in place and defend it against 2. The shame of past failures 10. Not appreciating the present mo-
those who are calling for its termination. 3. Being indecisive about what you ment
As the chief law officers of our respec- want
tive states, we communicated a clear 4. Procrastinating on the goals that Like Share Comment Tag
message to the President: DACA is not matter to you
only an overwhelming success story for 5. Choosing to do nothing Join us at
6. Your need to be right ToStephenCovey for learning something
7. Running from problems that should new everyday
be fixed To our profitable growth in happiness,
8. Making excuses rather than deci- health & success,
sions Catherina Chia

May Tatlong Bisaya

May tatlong Bisaya namatay at pu- SAN PEDRO: Bisaya ka ba?
munta sa langit. BISAYA 2: Hindi po
Nakita nila si San Pedro sa pintuan SAN PEDRO: San ka nakatira?
SAN PEDRO: Sorry pero bawal ang BISAYA 2: Sa Antipulu
Bisaya dito sa langit. Patunayan niyo *hindi nakapasok
muna na di kayo Bisaya. *kinausap ang ikatlong Bisaya
*kinausap ang unang Bisaya* SAN PEDRO: Bisaya ka ba?
SAN PEDRO: Bisaya ka ba? BISAYA 3: Hindi po
BISAYA 1: Hindi pu SAN PEDRO: San ka nakatira?
*hindi nakapasok ( Continued on page 13 )
*kinausap ang ikalawang Bisaya

IIACT on Alzheimers, Dementia
( Continued from page 9 ) Friendly Businesses
Articles about Alzheimers can be found ACT-SectorGuide-Business.pdf
at http://www.helpforalzheimersfami- About Alzheimers Learning Day Alzheimers LearningSM Day, September
guide/. 21, 2017, is a day established by Home
3. Watch and share the I Will Instead Senior Care to encourage com-
Remember You video at http:// munities to learn more about Alzheimers and other dementia disorders, educate others,
alzheimers-dementia-dealing/capturing- and share what they have learned. Through
memories/video/. this program people are encouraged to take
a pledge to participate in the day, which fea-
4. Take an E-Learning Class. Visit tures webinar trainings for family caregivers,
http://www.helpforalzheimersfamilies. senior care professionals and businesses. The
com/alzheimers-dementia-education/ to program also provides resources in the form
find an online Alzheimers and dementia of a monthly newsletter that provides tips for
class that interests you. caring for those with Alzheimers. For more
5. Spread the word. Take the Home information, visit
Instead Alzheimers Learning Day About Home Instead Senior Care
pledge and share on your social media Founded in 1994 in Omaha, Nebraska,
channels why you are participating. by Lori and Paul Hogan, the Home Instead
"Many people caring for someone Senior Care network provides personalized
with dementia feel alone and isolated care, support and education to help enhance
from their communities," said C. Grace the lives of aging adults and their families.
Today, this network is the world's leading
Whiting, Chief Operating Officer of provider of in-home care services for seniors,
the National Alliance for Caregiving. with more than 1,000 independently owned
"Caregivers need allies who understand and operated franchises that are estimated to
the disease and who have knowledge annually provide more than 50 million hours
and resources to help those living with of care throughout the United States and
Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. in over 10 countries. Local Home Instead
By educating the community, we are Senior Care ofces employ approximately
fostering a global movement to build 65,000 CAREGiversSM worldwide who
dementia friendly neighborhoods that provide basic support services that enable
seniors to live safely and comfortably in
will reduce the stigma and isolation of their own homes for as long as possible. The
caregiving and bring caregivers back Home Instead Senior Care network strives to
into the fold." partner with each client and his or her family
For more information about Home members to help meet that individuals needs.
Instead Senior Cares Alzheimers Services span the care continuum from
Learning Day and tips for respectfully providing companionship and personal care
interacting with someone with Alzheim- to specialized Alzheimers care and hospice
ers or dementia, please visit AlzLearn. support. Also available are family caregiver
com. education and support resources. At Home
1Alzheimers Association, 2017 AL- Instead Senior Care, its relationship before
task, while striving to provide superior qual-
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

Housing & Real Estate

West Coast home sellers cashing in the most on record home values Ginnie Mae extends assistance
Oakland sellers averaged Nationally, it's financially advanta-
geous to buy a home rather than rent if 5 Los Angeles
Among Zillow's top 10 list, three cities
have home values growing in the double-
to Harvey-impacted issuers
$235,000 in prot on the sale you plan on living in it for at least two digits. In Seattle, home values rose 15.5 WASHINGTON, D.C. To- To ensure problems are identified
of their home last year, 78 years and one month, but staying much 9 years 8 months percent year-over year, the fastest grow- day Ginnie Mae is highlighting as quickly as possible, Ginnie Mae is
percent more than what they longer than that has really paid off. U.S. ing among the list, followed by Boston proactively communicating with its
its assistance program to help Issuers to identify any Issuer in need
initially paid homeowners who lived in their home for $ 200,000 or $ 23,200/yr and Sacramento, Calif.
its Mortgage Backed Security of assistance. As the storm passes and
about 7 years gained almost $40,000
on the sale of their home -- 24 percent 53.7% Zillow (MBS) Issuers impacted by Hur- recovery begins, Ginnie Mae will be
- Home sellers in the West more than what they initially paid. ricane Harvey. ready to help any Issuer impacted by the
Coast's hottest cities saw the 6 Sacramento, Calif. Zillow is the leading real estate and rental storm, thereby continuing to ensure the
marketplace dedicated to empowering con- Well work with our partners safety and soundness of the Ginnie Mae
greatest return on their invest- The housing market recovery has sent
sumers with data, inspiration and knowledge to ensure we get through this MBS Program.
home values roaring higher in the past 6 years 11 months
ment when they sold in 2016, several years, especially in West Coast
around the place they call home, and con- together, said Michael Bright, Additional details on Ginnie Mae Spe-
necting them with the best local professionals
especially in Oakland, Calif. cities that are attracting people with well- $ 82,500 or $ 12,000/yr who can help. In addition, Zillow operates Ginnie Mae Executive Vice cial Assistance Programs can be found
and Portland, Ore. in Chapter 34 of the Ginnie Mae MBS
paying jobs. Despite the opportunity an industry-leading economics and analyt- President, Chief Operating Guide.
to cash in on record-high home values, 53.6% ics bureau led by Zillow's Chief Economist Officer and Acting President.
some homeowners choose not to sell be- Dr. Svenja Gudell. Dr. Gudell and her team
- In Oakland, the typical seller cause they don't want to become buyers 7 Seattle of economists and data analysts produce Any Ginnie Mae Issuer in need About Ginnie Mae
in 2016 sold their home for in a competitive market. extensive housing data and research covering of assistance should contact us
an average of $590,000 after 9 years 2 months more than 450 markets at Zillow Real Estate
as soon as possible so we can Ginnie Mae is a wholly-owned govern-
Research. Zillow also sponsors the quarterly ment corporation that attracts global
living in it for just over seven Low inventory and strong demand are
Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey, which guide them through this difficult capital into the housing finance system
driving up home values in these popular $ 185,000 or $ 20,840/yr
years, which is 78 percent markets, making it difficult for aspiring
asks more than 100 leading economists, real period. to support homeownership for veterans
estate experts and investment and market
more than what they initially buyers to find a home, but providing a 53.1% strategists to predict the path of the Zillow
and millions of homeowners through-
Assistance is available for any Ginnie out the country. Ginnie Mae mortgage
paid. good opportunity for homeowners look- Home Value Index over the next ve years.
Mae Issuer with more than five percent backed securities MBS programs di-
ing to sell. 8 Philadelphia Launched in 2006, Zillow is owned and oper-
ated by Zillow Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:Z and of its loan portfolio in the disaster rectly support housing finance programs
- Nationally, home sellers in Top 10 Cities Where Home Sellers 7 years 11 months ZG), and headquartered in Seattle. area. Upon approval, the assistance administered by the Federal Housing
2016 sold for 24 percent more Cashed Out on Record Home Values Zillow is a registered trademark of Zillow, takes three forms: (i) aiding Issuers Administration, the Department of Vet-
Inc. in covering their advance obligations erans Affairs, the HUD Office of Public
than what they initially paid, $ 40,225 or $ 4,194/yr
while forbearing from declaring them
On writing
Rank | City | Median Years Owned | and Indian Housing, and the Department
after living it for about 7 in default, (ii) deleting affected loans of Agriculture Rural Housing Service.
Dollar Gain on Sale | Annual Dollar 51.7%
years. That's about a $40,000 Gain on Sale | Percent Gain on Sale from calculations of delinquency ratios, Ginnie Mae is the only MBS to carry
gain. 9 New Orleans ( Continued from page 2 ) and (iii) authorizing Issuers to purchase the explicit full faith and credit of the
1 Oakland, Calif. men, hopefully enabling us to maintain a affected loans from the related pools. United States Government.
Sep 6, 2017 8 years 7 months good relationship with them. Moreover, it
7 years 3 months gives us (especially my children) the nec-
SEATTLE, Sept. 6, 2017 / $ 81,000 or $ 10,475/r essary confidence in relating with other often told, enables us to travel and see world to know the places he has visited.
PRNewswire/ -- Holding onto $ 235,000 or $ 33,913/yr people both personally and professionally. the world through the eyes of the writer A sign of a secure person, I recently
51.5% In addition, I would like to travel while who experienced visiting the places read, is the ability to keep quiet about
your home for a long period of 78.0% I can still physically do so, not when I am first hand. his travels.
time over the last decade meant 10 Boston too old or incapacitated. Traveling in a But then again, I am compelled to write
a serious return on investment, 2 Portland, Ore. wheel chair wouldnt be any fun. I believe Mayabang about my travels, not only to share them
especially in some of the nation's 7 years 10 months we cannot take our material possessions While many readers appreciated my with my readers, but also to preserve
9 years 1 month with us once we die, so we might as well efforts, however, it occurred to me my memories of them for myself, my
hottest housing markets. Accord- $ 182,500 or $ 25,036/yr use some of them while we can--but not that I might be perceived as an egotist. children and coming generations. This is
ing to a new Zillow analysisi, $ 145,026 or $ 16,714/yr at the expense of our retirement savings. People might think of me as mayabang more important than what people might
Oakland, Calif. and Portland, 49.6% My travels have given me experiences (show off), one who wants the whole think about me at this time.
Ore. top the list of cities where 64.7% and insight I can use in my columns
"The housing market can change a lot and articles and share with my readers.
home sellers saw the greatest 3 San Jose, Calif. in 10 years, and you see that reflected At first I thought I should also write my
return. in this top 10 list," said Zillow Chief travel articles to support my income tax
In Oakland, the typical seller in 9 years 8 months Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell. "Buying deductions for travel expenses. I incurred
2016 sold their home for an aver- a home is one of the biggest financial the expenses in the process of researching
$ 271,150 or $ 30,562/yr decisions people will make in their for materials for my columns, which is
age of $590,000 after living in it lifetime, and it really paid off for sellers part of my job and therefore a legitimate
for just over seven years, which 56.5% in these cities. Every city on this list has expense for my business. But when my

Asian Journal
is 78 percent more than what been growing extremely fast over the accountant advised me this matter rested
they initially paid. In Portland, 4 Denver past decade, with the majority passing in a gray area, I abandoned the idea and
peak home value hit during the housing wrote the articles mainly for the purpose
the typical 2016 seller sold for of sharing my experiences with my read-
7 years 7 months bubble. It's extremely difficult to time
about $145,000 more than what the market, but if you're a longtime ers. First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diegos Most Widely Circulated Asian-
they paid nine years earlier, a 65 $ 119,500 or $ 18,162/yr homeowner in one of these cities, you I thought people who could not afford 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588 Fax (619)
percent gain. could potentially see a great return on to visit the places we went to could
56.0% your investment." experience what I felt and saw by simply
reading my articles. Reading, as we are


Act and comprehensive immigration to assist immigration-related cases such
reform that unites families, rather than as those arising from the decision of NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN-
( Continued from page 1 ) divides them, the group said in a state- President Trump to revoke the DACA, ( Continued from page 5 ) that the City of San Diego (City) that the City of San Diego (City)
Critics said the Obama move ment. said Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan report tenants to immigration authorities is seeking to receive Electronic is seeking to receive Electronic
Democratic US Sen. Ben Cardin, Peter Cayetano. unless they vacated immediately. In many Bids for the below named Public Bids for the below named Public
was a presidential overreach and ranking member of the Senate foreign re- While we hope for the best in the cases, these threats are made to retaliate Works project. Works project.
unconstitutional. lations committee, said the Trump order form of a legislative solution, those against tenants for reporting habitability The solicitation, including The solicitation, including
The National Federation of Filipino will rip apart the lives of dreamers affected should likewise prepare for the issues, such as exposed electrical wiring plans and specifications, may plans and specifications, may be
American Associations (NaFFAA) said who for the most part have known no worst, Cayetano said. and vermin, which landlords are legally be obtained from the Citys obtained from the Citys web-
eliminating DACA protections unjustly other home but the United States. He said other possible legal options site at: https://www.sandiego.
for the affected Filipinos should be
required to fix. Threats are even made in website at:
rips away the ladder of opportunity for Clearly written with little thought connection with gentrification, when, in gov/cip/bidopps
hardworking people, divides families of the human consequences, this latest explored.
In any event, we are ready to
order to raise rents, long-time tenants are cip/bidopps Contractors intending to sub-
and pushes immigrant communities back action by the Trump administration suddenly targeted for eviction based on Contractors intending to sub- mit a Bid must be prequalified.
into the shadows. will harm our economic and national welcome and assist our kababayans
in whatever way we can if they are
their suspected immigration status. mit a Bid must be prequalified. Please refer to the solicitation
The announcement to end DACA trig- security. It will break families and drive
many underground, out of work and into returned to the Philippines, he added. Please refer to the solicitation for instructions.
gered demonstrations nationwide. Some
demonstrators carried placards saying poverty, he said in a statement. Charg daffaires Patrick Chuasoto of
The bill now returns to the Assembly for for instructions. Project Name: West Mission
no human is illegal. In Manila, the Department of Foreign the Philippine embassy in Washington
a concurrence vote. Project Name: Memorial Com- Bay Drive Bridge
DACA recipients are American in Affairs (DFA) said it would assist Fili- said that while DACA does not lead to
Assemblymember David Chiu (D San munity Park Playground ADA Project Number: K-18-1472-
every sense of the way, except for their pinos who may end up getting deported US citizenship, it is renewable every
Francisco) is the Chair of the Housing & Upgrades DBB-3 Estimated Value: $
paperwork, and we should allow them to as a result of Washingtons decision to two years.
Community Development Committee of Project Number: K-18-1584- 99,400,000.00
the California State Assembly. He repre- DBB-3 Estimated Value: $ Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting:
thrive and build lives here in the United revoke DACA. Of the 3.4 million Filipinos in the US, sents the 17th Assembly District, which
States. Now is the time to take our fight We will authorize with certain limita- the embassy said around 310,000 are 1,420,000.00 9/14/2017, at 10:00 A.M.
encompasses eastern San Francisco. Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Bid Open Date: 11/02/2017,
to Capitol Hill, and NaFFAA renews its tions the use of the Assistance to Nation- undocumented. With Pia Lee-Brago
call for Congress to pass the DREAM als Fund and the Legal Assistance Fund Date: 9/19/2017, at 10:00 at 2:00 P.M.
A.M. License Requirement: A or
Bid Open Date: 10/24/2017, C27
at 2:00 P.M. It is the policy of the City of
License Requirement: A San Diego to encourage equal
It is the policy of the City of opportunity in its Construc-
San Diego to encourage equal tion and Consultant contracts.
opportunity in its Construc- Bids or proposals from local
tion and Consultant contracts. firms, small, minority-owned,
Bids or proposals from local disabled, veteran-owned, and
firms, small, minority-owned, women-owned businesses are
disabled, veteran-owned, and strongly encouraged. Contrac-
women-owned businesses are tors are encouraged to subcon-
strongly encouraged. Contrac- tract with and/or participate
tors are encouraged to subcon- in joint ventures with these
tract with and/or participate firms. The City is committed
in joint ventures with these to equal opportunity and will
firms. The City is committed not discriminate with regard to
to equal opportunity and will race, religion, color, ancestry,
not discriminate with regard to age, gender, disability, medi-
race, religion, color, ancestry, cal condition or place of birth;
age, gender, disability, medi- and will not do business with
cal condition or place of birth; any firm that discriminates on
and will not do business with any basis.
any firm that discriminates on Bids shall be received no later
any basis. than the date and time noted
Bids shall be received no later above at:
than the date and time noted City of San Diegos Electronic
above at: Biding Site PlanetBids at:
City of San Diegos Electronic https://www.planet-
Biding Site PlanetBids at:
https://www.planet- cfm?CompanyID=17950 James Nagelvoort, Director
House for Rent in National City cfm?CompanyID=17950
James Nagelvoort, Director
Department of Public Works
August 31, 2017
4 Bedroom, 2 Bath with foyer / living room and kitchen on 1st oor. 2nd oor opens to oversized room with deck. Corner Department of Public Works
September 7, 2017 CNS-3046891#
lot with enclosed front yard and backyard. Newly renovated. Ideal for Home Care. House is across street from Horizon 9/8/17 ASIAN JOURNAL
Day Care on Harbison St. Look for 3034 E 10th St, National City (corner of Harbison & 10th) between Plaza Blvd. and CNS-3045488#
8th Street. Close to all. $2,500 a month, utilities not included. Call (619) 746-3416 ASIAN JOURNAL
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 9

New malware Most millennials Safe from Harvey, U.S. Pinoys help
spreading via FB willing to work ood victims
Messenger abroad for career MANILA,
Don Kevin Hapal,
Philippines As
"[Harvey] is slow and it has brought a
lot of rain water in the area of Houston
antivirus firms growth survey monster storm Harvey hit south- and
east Texas, particularly the city of
its vicinity. Most of the houses are
flooded, people are trapped, some do
not have electricity [and] are scared and
Kaspersky, Avira, and CSIS The United States remain the Houston, Filipinos in the United hungry, Osorio added.
say it spreads via a certain bit. top destination of choice for States set out to help the victims.
Houston, the US's fourth largest According to Osorio, Filipino nurses
ly or link sent by contacts millennials who are willing to
Remembering 9/11: Never Will
in Houston, including his wife, have
work outside of their country city, was inundated with record also been stuck inside hospitals for days
by Gelo Gonzales of residence, according to a high rainfall, swamping the me- because of the deluge of patients.

I Forget! MANILA, Philippines A new

World Economic Forum survey tropolis with deadly floods.
Now HPGC is also trying to rev up
their campaign by seeking donations and
malware is spreading via Face- Don Kevin Hapal , Rappler. "It is bad and growing worse," Texas
Prior to the 9/11 terrorists attack, with our eyes, and in our century!
book's messaging app, Messen- Governor Greg Abbott told Agence mobilizing other groups to help. Osorio
the World Trade Center was a But with a difference for this day com | MANILA, Philippines France-Presse on Sunday, August 27. He said that other Filipino groups and many
in infamy not only claimed the lives of ger, according to antivirus and Most young people are willing added that the storm had inflicted bil- of their own members in Houston were
towering New York landmark. It thousands but disrupted our economy, cybersecurity firms Kaspersky, unable to volunteer because most of
was the center of Americas power to live outside their country of lions of dollars in damage. Reports say
grounded our transportation system, Avira, and CSIS. that the death toll has reached 22. have also been affected.
and industry, and a symbol of our halted the sports and entertainment residence to find a job or advance
economic might and preeminence industry, and leveled to the ground the The malware spreads via a message
their career, the World Economic The Department of Foreign Affairs The floods, however, isn't stopping
in this world. very symbols of Americas freedom sent by a contact containing a or Forums survey on millennials reported no Filipino casualties in the Filipinos in other areas from sending
and prosperity. This time, the targets link and the name of the user plus found. affected areas, home to at least 80,000 support.
But it became a target to the were civilians and not soldiers; the the word "Video." The malware wants Filipinos.
enemies of freedom! buildings that crumbled were not potential victims to believe that it is a Released on Monday, August 28, the Several Filipino-American organiza-
When it was first attacked in battleships of war; and the enemys legitimate video link. But when clicked, Global Shapers Annual Survey 2017 Safe from Harvey's wrath, many tions in other states have started raising
planes were our own jetliners turned the user is redirected to external sites results showed that 81% of respondents Filipinos in the United States organized funds and collecting donations for the
1993, the Twin Towers symbol- into weapons of mass murder and victims of the hurricane.
that eventually attempt to lure the poten- from over 180 countries are willing to efforts to help rescue and collect dona-
ized Americas endurance. In destruction. tial victim into installing the malware. work abroad. tions for the victims.
Sept. 11, 2001, when the World Denmark's CSIS, in a Facebook post The Austin Filipino American Orga-
Trade Center was completely Two days later, I delivered a speech urgently warned users not to click: For the 3rd year in a row, the United One of which is the Houston Pinoy nization, Philippine American New
destroyed, the horrifying image entitled Attack on America at the "Look out! Don't click! Another ag- States is still the top destination of Gun Club (HPGC), a shooting club with Jersey Jaycees (in coordination with JCI
weekly meeting of one of the Toast- gressive worm is spreading through choice for those who are willing to at least 900 members in Texas. USA), Filipino American Association
of the towers collapsing became masters clubs here in San Diego that I of Southern Ohio - FASO, the Filipino
Facebook's messenger system. It arrives advance their career abroad at 18.2%,
a call to arms, as powerful as the belonged to. A portion of my speech with a link to the URL-service bitly." followed by Canada at 12.4%, and the With most of Houston submerged in Young Professionals of Houston (FYP),
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in follows: The malware in this case is a type of United Kingdom at 9.6%. flood, a local dialysis center was having and many other Filipino groups have
1941. Even the startlingly sym- adware illicitly installed software trouble getting patients in need of urgent launched their own donation drives.
Tuesday, 9-11-2001, will always that pushes ads to victims, and earns ad The Global Shapers Annual Survey treatment. With rubber boats and tall
metrical collapse of the twin tow- remain in our memory. The collapse pick-up trucks, the HPGC is helping Those who want to help are asked to
money for the cybercriminals and one 2017 received over 31,000 responses
ers added to the mythical stature of the Twin Towers of the World Trade that may also be collecting credentials from people aged between 18 and 35. transport patients and deliver supplies. send either money or supplies. Check
of the place. Center will forever change Manhattans from Facebook accounts. Kaspersky The survey was open from March 31 to out their posts here.
skyline. This unspeakable tragedy will senior security researcher David Jacoby June 30, 2017. "When one of my Filipino friend
Staggered by the devastating attacks, change America forever. But America says in a blog post that while he sees no who happens to be the manager of the Consul General Adelio Angelito Cruz
America vowed to fight back and rebuild is strong! Americans are resilient! Our Trojans or other exploits being down- dialysis clinic asked for our help, we said Filipino nationals in the affected ar-
the World Trade Center. Now, 17 years nation will heal and it will be mightier loaded, the people behind the cyber responded to his call. I am also a nurse eas who may require assistance can call
later, the One World Trade Center has than before. New Yorks twin towers scam are "most likely making a lot of suspicious of any online link that seems here in Houston and I know how impor- the Consulate General in Los Angeles
risen from the ashes symbolizing our will, like the mythical bird phoenix, money in ads and getting access to a lot to be out of the ordinary. tance this is, said Paul Vizcarra Osorio, (which has jurisdiction over Texas) at +1
countrys fighting spirit. The One World rise again from the ashes. of Facebook accounts." who founded the group in 2010. (213) 587-0758.
Trade Center is one of the most important There is a note of comfort, though. Jacoby, however, also said that they are While this new malware has spread
buildings of the 21st century significant Tragedy always brings the best in not yet sure how the malware is spread- fast enough to attract the attention of big "We decided to show that HPGC is full
in stature, symbolism and design. people! This tragedy which brought ing via Facebook Messenger but are cybersecurity firms, this type of cyber- of bayanihan spirit most especially dur-
The momentous construction effort us all to tears is bringing the American suspecting "stolen credentials, hijacked scam isn't entirely new. Its form changes ing times like this, Osorio said.
of the One World Trade Center demon- people closer together. It is uniting browsers or clickjacking." and evolves, but infection methods will Call the Asian Journal at
strated not only how America climbed opposing political parties into one. It is still mostly rely on taking advantage of Asked to describe the situation there,
back, but reached even greater heights. re-awakening our sense of patriotism. Varied infection mechanisms people's routine, behavior, and habits Osorio said that its getting worse 619.474.0588 for your
Looking at the rebuilding of the One And it is bringing us much closer to when interacting with online content and everyday." advertising needs.
World Trade Center in the prism of 17 God! After clicking the link on Messenger, computers.
years ago takes us back in time I will We were united as one, in sorrow the user is redirected to a dynamic land-
always remember where I was and what I and in anger, and in a love so strong, a ing page on Google Docs, which shows
was doing on that unforgettable day. love born of tragedy. For tragedy has what appears to be a playable movie, as
a way of uniting and bringing the best shown below. When the user clicks on
Looking Back in people! America was dealt a terrible the fake playable movie, the user is then
blow. But Americans are resilient. redirected to another site that tricks the
When I woke up Tuesday morning (Sep- America is strong. And America will user into downloading the infecting file.
tember 11, 2001) I got an urgent phone endure. The infecting site, to which users are
call informing me to immediately turn redirected, varies according to certain
on the TV because America is under at- The Aftermath parameters including a person's operat-
tack! I did, and was horrified at the sight ing system and browser, says Jacoby.
of a plane plunging right through one of In the aftermath of the tragedy, Ameri- "For example, when using Firefox I
the twin towers. A moment later, another can witnessed and stood as one in sup- was redirected to a website displaying
plane hit the other tower. I could hardly port of our Armed Services. The brave a fake Flash Update notice, and then
believe my eyes when the Twin Towers men and women in uniform faced offered a Windows executable. The
crumbled to the ground. death, risked life and limbs, to bring executable is flagged as adware."
I was shocked, trembling, and in tears! freedom to those who were not free.
Is this really happening right here in This Monday, September 11, 2017, When using the Google Chrome
America the worlds number one super- the flood of emotion will again come browser, Jacoby says he was redirected
power? My God, how could they even do back as we remember 911 flash- to a website which "mimics the layout of
that? Isnt America safe anymore? These ing back shock and horror, anger and YouTube, even including the YouTube
and other perplexing questions came to patriotism. But what will be foremost logo." The fake website then displays a
my mind that day. in our minds is how our country came fake error message that tricks the user
My youngest son, Kris (a professional together during that tragic time. Para- into downloading a malicious Google
dancer/choreographer), who went to my phrasing Charles Dickens in A Tale of Chrome extension from the Google Web
room to watch the news with me, was Two Cities, the worst of times can also Store.
profoundly affected. Kris said, This is be the best of times. "Please make sure that you dont click
weird! I was just there at the World Trade As the flood of memories comes roll- on these links," advises Jacoby.
Center two months ago! I performed ing in, let us keep in mind the timeless
between those twin towers in front of words of our great 40th President, One other firm, Avira, posted about
thousands of people! Ronald Reagan, who said: Freedom the said malware on their social media
Grief overcame America. It was shock is never more than one generation account:
and awe, as more tragedy struck: the away from extinction. We didnt pass Suspicious messages with a video
bombing of the Pentagon and the down- it to our children in the bloodstream. link (" /") are shared within
ing of United Airlines Flight 93. Most It must be fought for, protected, and #Facebook messenger. Avira #Antivirus
compared the attacks to that of Pearl handed on for them to do the same, or customers are protected! Avira (@
Harbor in 1941, which President Roos- one day we will spend our sunset years Avira) 6:35 AM - Aug 24, 2017
evelt called a date in infamy. This was telling our children and our childrens
certainly another day of infamy, too real children what it was once was like in With the variety of infecting sites and
and too painful for us who witnessed it the United States where men are free. download prompts, it's smart to be extra

Alzheimers Learning Day: A New Day for

Local Awareness
San Diego Area Senior Care with those who live with it. and the surrounding counties. Its
Experts Encourage Community On Alzheimers LearningSM Day, critical that we learn how to interact
September 21, 2017, Home Instead Se- effectively and considerately with those
to Join in Learning nior Care invites people from the San living with Alzheimers or other demen-
Diego area to participate in two free tias in order to create an environment
SAN DIEGO, Calif. Sept. 7, live training webinars featuring leading that is as supportive as possible.
2017 The number of Americans experts in Alzheimers and dementia Home Insteads Alzheimers Learning
living with Alzheimers disease is care to better respond to the needs of Day hopes to help improve the quality of
individuals living with the condition. life for those living with the disease and
expected to more than triple in the Visit to register. their caregivers. Currently, more than
next few decades from five mil- In addition, two local Home In- 15 million Americans provide unpaid
lion today to more than 16 million stead locations will be hosting free care for those living with the disease and
by 2050, unless a cure is found.I workshops for family caregivers and nearly 60 percent of individuals with
area residents. The first will be held dementia-related diseases live at home
As the number of individuals with Tuesday, Sept. 19 from 11:30 a.m. with support from family, friends and
Alzheimers and other forms of 2:30 p.m. at Home Instead Senior Care other members of the community.II
dementia grows, so, too, will the Murrieta, 41880 Kalmia St., Suite 140, The commitment to learn more about
need for communities to adapt Murrieta, CA 92562. The second work- Alzheimers and other dementias is one
shop will take place on Wednesday, that we all should make. To do so, here
and become more accessible to Sept. 20 at Home Instead Senior Care are five steps you can take:
those living with dementia-related Vista, 901 Hacienda Dr., Suite B, Vista, 1. Learn the symptoms. Visit http://
diseases. CA 92081.
This September, as part of World With our increasing aging popula- alzheimers-dementia-dealing/symptoms-
Alzheimers Month, the Home Instead tion, it is likely that every American and-stages/ to learn more about the
Senior Care network is on a mission will be touched by Alzheimers at some symptoms and signs of Alzheimers and
to educate Americans about Alzheimers point, whether its through a family other dementias.
by encouraging individuals to pledge to member, neighbor, friend or customer, 2. Read an article about Alzheimers.
learn more about the disease and how to said Jason Baker of the Home Instead ( Continued on page 7 )
respectfully and compassionately interact Senior Care office serving San Diego
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

Spiritual Life
Mother Teresas Humility List
By Gretchen Filz Saint Mother Teresas 7. Accept censures even if unmerited.
Catholic Company Humility List 8. Give in to the will of others.

Humility is the mother of all 1. Speak as little as possible about 9. Accept insults and injuries.
virtues; purity, charity and obedi- yourself.
10. Accept contempt, being forgotten
ence. It is in being humble that and disregarded.
2. Keep busy with your own affairs and
our love becomes real, devoted not those of others.
and ardent. If you are humble 11. Be courteous and delicate even
nothing will touch you, neither 3. Avoid curiosity. when provoked by someone.
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time praise nor disgrace, because you 12. Do not seek to be admired and

Tears of Conict and

know what you are. If you are 4. Do not interfere in the affairs of
others. loved.
blamed you will not be discour-

Reconciliation aged. If they call you a saint you 5. Accept small irritations with good 13. Do not protect yourself behind your
own dignity.
will not put yourself on a pedes- humor.
tal. Mother Teresa of Calcutta 14. Give in, in discussions, even when
6. Do not dwell on the faults of others.
Joke of the week: The farmer decided victimizer-child is generally the sibling you are right.
to give special attention to the develop- who has the greater power or status for
ment of his poultry yard, and he under- example, being older, bigger or stronger. 15. Choose always the more difficult
took the work carefully and system- The sibling rivalry between Esau The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and task.
atically. His hired man, who had been and Jacob started at the womb of their especially at the hour of their death (754). -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina
with him for a number of years, was mother, Rebekah. This passage narrates, Mother Teresa's Humility List: 15 ways
instructed, among other things, to write And after that came forth his brother, CHAPLET OF THE DIVINE MERCY to practice a life of deeper humility.This
on each egg the date laid and the breed and his hand had hold on Esau's Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
article has been updated and was origi-
of the hen. After a month, the hired heel; and his name was called Jacob, Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God. nally published in September 2015.
man resigned. I can't understand, the (Genesis 25:26) Holding on to ones
farmer declared, surprised and pained, heel came to mean that Jacob was seem- On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which Photo: Mother Teresa at prayer
why you should want to leave. I'm ingly trying to pull Esau back into the was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).

Cardinal Tagle at exorcism

through, the hired man asserted. I've womb so that he could be the firstborn.
done the nastiest jobs, and never kicked. The rivalry is further exacerbated with Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul

confab: Gods love trumps evil

But I draw the line on being a secretary Rebekahs favoring Jacob more than and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord
Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of
to a bunch of hens. Esau. However, further research is the whole world.
needed to verify the contention that the
Scriptures: First Reading: Ezekiel worlds intractable conflict, such as On the Hail Mary beads say:
33:7-9. The prophet Ezekiel warned the sovereignty over the Gaza Strip and the Minnie Agdeppa, CBCPNews. beautiful because God responds to it,
Hebrews to turn away from their sins: West Bank, is traceable to the sibling For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy org | MANILA Manila Arch- he said in both English and Filipino, ad-
idolatrous practices, injustice, economic rivalries between Isaac (Israel) and Ish- on us and on the whole world. dressing participants of the 2nd National
irresponsibility, otherwise they would mael (Arab world), on the one hand, and
bishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Conference on the Ministry of Spiritual
be punished. History shows that the Esau (Edomites, Palestine) and Jacob In conclusion say three times: Tagle celebrated on Aug. 21, the Liberation and Exorcism gathered in the
destruction of Jerusalem occurred in 587 (Israel) on the other.
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,
feast of St. Piux X, reminded the Beato Buenaventura Garcia Paredes,
B.C. In spite of their sinfulness, Yahweh The rivalry reached its apex when faithful that the world, specially O.P. Building of University of Sto.
have mercy on us and on the whole world.
promises his people a new future. Esau had exchanged his birthright for Tomas.
the Philippines, remains beauti-
Second Reading: Romans 13:8-10. In a bowl of lentil stew. In the Mediterra-
Leviticus, the word neighbor meant nean world, birthright consists not only ful despite evil because of Gods God is stronger than evil. Thats
compatriot or kin. But for Jesus neigh-
bor has a deeper scope and meaning.
of family assets, such as unimaginable
wealth (flocks and herds, silver and Take Graces for Others love.
Human logic would say, Once a sin-
the secret of the beauty of the world,
emphasized the prelate. No evil, no evil
is strong enough to defeat the love and
The one thing that we owe one another gold, male and female servants, and
is love, because it was Gods motive camels and donkeys (Genesis 24:35)
Meditation: My Prayer Response: ner, always a sinner. There is no more mercy of God.
for redeeming us. This kind of love, not and position of power (political, civil hope for this person so the person must
limited by the old requirement of the and military). In after times the right of And I will tell you one more Yes, Lord, I take Your graces be eliminated to make the world beauti- ( Continued on page 12 )
Torah, is the norm for Christian conduct. primogeniture consisted in a double por- thingtake these graces not not only for myself but for souls ful. My God! The world is actually
Gospel: Matthew 18:15-20. Ordinarily tion of the father's goods (Deut 21:17), only for yourself, but also for I meet that they may trust in
punishment is meted out to the offend- and a certain rank as the patriarch and
ers. In serious matters, an offender is priest of the house on the death of the others; that is, encourage the you even more. May they grow
excommunicated or considered expelled father. Most importantly, birthright souls with whom you come in to have complete confidence in
from the community. But the teach- promises a spiritual inheritance (see contact to trust in My innite You!
ings of Jesus acquire a new meaning. Genesis 27:1-29), since from the root of mercy. Oh, how I love those
The power to forgive is by far a greater Jesse will come up the Messiah. (Isaiah *Diary passages with bolded words are
quality of the Christian community than 11:1) souls who have complete con- Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
the authority to excommunicate. Though For his deceiving attitude, Jacob reaped dence in MeI will do every- Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul 1987
there should be no compromise with the fruits of his misdeed. In Genesis 29, thing for them (Diary, 294). Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
the offender, yet justice should be tinted Jacob did not know what to do. He was tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
with compassion. a troubled young man fearful for his life, Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
Jesus Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
because Esau promised that he will kill by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB 2010
Reection: But Esau ran to meet Jacob him. In Genesis 28, God through a lad-
and embraced him; he threw his arms der stretching between heaven and earth
around his neck and kissed him. And promised Jacob numerous descendants, and mundane, whereas Jacob belongs to coming with his 400 men. So he divided
they wept. (Gen. 33: 4) a Promised Land and protection. Yet, what is sacred and heavenly. the children among Leah, Rachel, and
The twin brothers made up, kissed each there he was - a fugitive, uprooted from This explains the differences between his two servant wives. He put the servant
other and wept. The crux of the matter home and away from his family and the twins. Esau wanted instant and wives and their children at the front,
is that those actions were preceded by nowhere to go. Probably, he was think- sensual gratification of his desire. He did Leah and her children next, and Rachel
internecine rivalry. Their personal ambi- ing if it was just a dream, he wanted not reason with his head, but decided and Joseph last. Then Jacob went on
tions and attitudes stood in the way of to wake up. with his stomach. He had no concern ahead. As he approached his brother, he
harmonious brotherhood. It made the It was a tremendous amount of relief, for the future, but with the immedi- bowed to the ground seven times before
twins united. Recent statistics reveal that when Jacob met and fell in love with Ra- ate, the here and now. He was a man him. Then Esau ran to meet him and
53 children out of 100 abuse a brother or chel, his uncles youngest daughter and of the wild or an outdoorsman. (Gen. embraced him, threw his arms around
sister; that there were 96.3 % of sibling Rebekahs niece by her brother, Laban. 25:27) Jacob was a mild man, dwelling his neck, and kissed him. And they both
rivalry offenders and that 81.3 % of This encounter was the first recorded ac- in tents. (Genesis 25:27) He planned wept. (Gen, 33: 1-4)
victims were male and between the age count of Jacob weeping. Teresa Pirola in his moves and had eyes on the future. Esau and Jacobs story of intrigue,
of 12 and 44. Light of Torah remarks that Jacob wept Above all, unlike his twin brother he had deceit, betrayal, favoritism, murder-
Sibling rivalry is heightened when because Rachel reminded him of his a deeper faith in God, like his father and ous intent, love, peace, forgiveness and
children are very close in age and of mother, Rebekah, and above all, Gods grandfather. humility is one that is retold a thousand
the same gender and/or where one or promise will be fulfilled soon. Precisely, the differences between Esau times, because our world, families,
both children are intellectually gifted. Dreams have to go through trials and and Jacob are the reasons why they were communities and political and religious
Competition is fiercely evident in the cleansing process to make them conform united. Their diversity is their unity and groups that are torn apart by hatred,
case of identical twins. Comparison to reality. Jacob had to wake up to the their unity is their diversity. True, their religious fanaticism and vengeance need
and contrast with each others traits and real world. Besides, he had to restitute differences are like heaven and earth, but to bring out the presence of God, Allah,
abilities further exacerbate competition for his mistakes. On the night after the they both make up one united creation. Yahweh, gods or goddesses. If this
and rivalry. Low self-esteem, depres- party celebrating his marriage, instead Esau and Jacob, having been in- becomes a reality, like Esau and Jacob,
sion and jealousy are likely to ensue if of Rachel, Laban switched Leah and fluenced by God-fearing and loving all of us can also weep together.
one child is out-done by their brother or brought her to Jacob. What goes around, Abraham and Isaac were aware of the The important thing is not to give in
sister in some way. Studies have shown comes around. imago Deis presence in each of them. to the temptation of conflict, but to reject
that a twin who is out-performed is more According to Genesis 25: 34, So Esau Esau, even if he knew he was deceived all violence. It is possible to dialogue, to
likely to give up an activity altogether despised his birthright. To despise by his twin brother, was reconciliatory listen, to plan together, and in this man-
to avoid direct competition, even if they means to undervalue or scorn. He- and forgiving. On the other hand, Jacob ner to overcome suspicion and prejudice
show great potential themselves. brews 12:16 judges Esau as a fornicator was humble enough to pay respect to and to build an ever more secure, peace-
But not all sibling rivalries have a or profane person who has no regards his sibling, recognize his superiority ful and inclusive co-existence. (Pope
happy similar to that of Esau and Jacob. for what is sacred. The word, profane and bow to his master. This scene is Francis)
The conflict between Abel and Cain came from pro (before or outside) + reminiscent of the elderly father who Quotation of the Week: If we want
ended with the latter guilty of fratricide. fano (temple). Its someone who is went out running to meet his prodigal our sins forgiven, the first step is to
Sibling rivalry can result in violence, not admitted into or out in front of the son whom the former embraced tenderly acknowledge that we have committed
with one childs physical behavior harm- temple. Some commentators believe that and kissed the latter. them and need to seek reconciliation.
ing and hurting the other regularly. The Esau represents what is carnal, sensual Then Jacob looked up and saw Esau

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at or check for updates on, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 11

Arts & Culture

The Christianization of Lumads in Mindanao
Lumads, Moros, and Rafus. The Lumads
were the indigenous people, the Moros
were the native inhabitants, and the rafus
were the migrant settlers.
The Lumads had met a lot of Westerns
because of the Spanish colonization in
the country. During the Spanish colonial
era, Spaniards called the indigenous
people or the Lumads as naturales.
The main goal of the Spaniards in the

Kailangang Harapin
Philippines at that time was to convert
the Filipinos to Christianity and gain
their trust as a colony. Some of the Lu-
mads were also part of their goal.
Because most of the people in Luzon Malalapot na pawis ang siyang gumising sa akin
and Visayas were already converted Spain ordered to resume the evangelical sa aking mahimbing na pagtulog sa gabing malalim
Christians, the Spaniards gave some of mission of the Jesuits at Mindanao and
them the authority to go and reside in Sulu in 1852. agad akong tumayo't kumuha tubig na inumin
the Moro forts of Mindanao to teach There was also a story that St. Francis at para mahimasmasan sa masamang pangitain.
the new religion. On the other hand, the of Xavier landed in Mindanao and did a
Lumads were already mingling with mission. Hence, he was called the first Davao is the essence of being a Lumad the missionaries from the west during apostle of Mindanao. At ang nag-uunahang pumasok sa aking isipan
changing because of moderniza- the early centuries. At that time, the The history of how Christianity came ano na nga ba ang mga nagawa kong kasalanan
LUMAD. One word, one tion such as shifting their beliefs Spaniards were already colonizing the to Mindanao was also like how it went at mayroon ba akong mga nagawang kabutihan
meaning, and one character. The Philippines. through the other parts of Asia. Those
to Christianity? During the 1500s,the Augustinians, are one of the reasons why early lumads tiyak na mayroon naman, marahil lamang ay kulang.
word Lumad is the Cebuano Franciscans, and Jesuits already came to were Christianized.
or Bisaya dialect for native. It Today, in the modern era, there are Lu- the Philippines to share their teachings Janice Donato-Montalvo, a Born-
was used as a collective term for mads all over the Philippines but the big Christian with a Mandaya tribe heritage
Mayroon mga bagay noon 'di pinahalagahan
to the native people of the country. They
indigenous people in the Philip- island of Mindanao is the place where reached all over the islands to spread from Caraga, believes that the influ- ipinag-kibit-balikat ko lamang ang iba naman
various and most Lumads reside. Look- their mission. ence of the Spaniards is undeniable. at mayroon din naman ako na pinanghinayangan
pines during the post-martial ing back in history, a writer named Kaka The Spaniards introduced Christianity
However, during the 1700s the King kaya ngayon heto na ako at nag-aalinlangan.
law era at the Lumad Mindanaw Ali wrote on a blog saying, Mindanao of Spain stopped the evangelizers on and many believed in its teachings and
Peoples Federation. However, was divided into three groups before: their mission but Queen Isabela II of ( Continued on page 12 )
Ano nga ba ako kahapon, ano ba ako ngayon
nagbago na raw ako, wika ng mga kaibigan
Trillanes admitted he personally is not mayor and that he would never tolerate nothing to address the entry of illegal
aware if Duterte really has a triad tattoo the use of and trading in drugs. drugs into Davao City. kung ano ang dumating hindi ko dapat talikuran
( Continued from page 1 ) on his back and that he derived such This was belied by Trillanes. In De- Ive shown the links and its very wala akong kailangan, wala akong aasahan.
unverified information from a foreign cember 2009, the senator noted that 16 clear. There is a track record. Paolo
Customs (BOC), Trillanes dared source. kilograms of cocaine were seized at the Duterte was involved in smuggling
Duterte to prove to the panel that It (intelligence report) says that Vice Davao City wharf. before. So now with his links to the At kung anuman ang para sa akin ay naghihintay
he does not have a Chinese triad Mayor Paolo Duterte is a member of the Five years later, on March 24, Trillanes triad, thats the final piece of the puzzle. walang katanungan at walang pag-aalinlangan
triad and the proof of his membership is said that P126 million worth of high- Thats why the Philippines is being used
tattoo. the tattoo on his back, Trillanes said. grade cocaine bars were discovered as a transshipment port of illegal drugs may takot man ako ay haharapin ng buong tapang
While admitting he has a tattoo on That (tattoo) will explain everything inside a container van at a shipyard in because Paolo Duterte is a member of ang lahat ng ito bago man lamang ako mamatay.
his back, a visibly exasperated Duterte and theres competition among drug syn- Davao. the triad, he said.
did not take Trillanes challenge that dicates, he said. A few days after the discovery, Trillanes also said that he was able
he show it to the panel not even in an That is the membership (requirement). Trillanes said more bundles of cocaine to show at yesterdays hearing that the
executive session. If you are a triad member, you have a were recovered from the same shipyard. younger Duterte is connected to all of legations here without any basis because The young Duterte and presidential
I invoke my right to privacy, the tattoo on your back. And if you are a The following month, he said an- the players in the BOC who facilitated triad is a very serious allegation and we son-in-law Manases Carpio attended
vice mayor said, stressing he would not member of the triad, you are involved in other P4.2 million worth of cocaine was the release of more than P6 billion worth should not abuse any of the witnesses the hearing after Trillanes had them
answer allegations based on hearsay. all criminal activities, the senator said. seized from alleged drug pushers in of shabu shipment from China. here, Gordon said. summoned over his allegations that they
Despite Dutertes general unrespon- Reacting to these allegations, Duterte Davao City. Sen. Panfilo Lacson, for his part, were leaders of the so-called Davao
siveness during the hearing, Trillanes was seen sighing and shaking his head. Duterte has been bragging that he Basis sought asked Trillanes to disclose details of group that facilitates smuggling at the
expressed belief he was able to prove According to Trillanes, he was able is the king of Davao and that nothing his information as well as his source, to BOC.
the vice mayors links to the notorious to show that illegal drugs, includ- happens in Davao without him knowing Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the which the latter said he would do so in a Carpio is the husband of Davao City
Chinese triad as well as his familys ing cocaine, were able to enter Davao about it. So if you are a drug lord, would committee, asked Trillanes to make sure closed-door session with senators. Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.
involvement in drugs and smuggling City over the years despite claims by you even use Davao City as your trans- his allegations have basis. When later asked by reporters if he had Broker Mark Taguba earlier testi-
activities in the country. Triad members President Duterte that he knew all the shipment point? Trillanes said. The chair would like to request any picture of the tattoo, Trillanes said it fied before the panel that he had his
are known for their color coded tattoo of goings-on in the city when he was still Trillanes said the truth is Duterte did respectfully that we should not make al- could be looked up in Google. ( Continued on page 14 )
a dragon on their back.



Clinic Hours (National City) : Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat - 9am to 6pm
(Poway): Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm
Page 12 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

Classified Ads
Cardinal Tagle
are also captured by the mystery of evil sinevil, is not rational, he stressed. This mystery of love that conquers evil.
in the same way Israel abandons the He pointed to the fact that people fol- And theres no other way to conquer evil
( Continued from page 10 ) True Godthe God that has saved and low gods who have not done anything but by the love of God.
Mystery of evil done marvelous deeds in order to give
them new life. It is best seen when
spouses separate, brother and sister sue
for them. The prelate highlighted that
human logic, human rationality would
fail in the face of sin.
Spearheaded by the Archdiocese of
Manila Office of Exorcism (AMOE),
the Philippine Association of Catholic
Reflecting on Scripture passages that
narrated the Israelites abandonment of each other in court over a parcel of land, According to Tagle, a person fails to Exorcists (PACE), the University of
God and Jesus encounter with the rich people abandon friendships in order to understand his own choices. This, ac- Santo Tomas, and the Instituto Sacerdos
young man, Tagle traced the mystery of gain political positions, among others, cording to him, is actually the mystery San Miguel Arcangel, the 2nd National

Marketing Assistant
evil in the world from the Fall of Adam said Tagle. of evil. Conference on the Ministry of Spiritual
and Eve to the present. Citing the story of the rich, young man, Nevertheless, the greater mystery of Liberation and Exorcism is an annual
Quoting a verse from St. Pauls Letter Tagle noted how free will makes evil Gods love, he stressed, is present in the event.

Call (619) 474-0588

to the Romans, he said, The good that possible. Imagine the goodness of this darkness of mans sinful history. Tagle Nearly 200 exorcists and case officers
I know is good that should be done, I person(But) when given a choice, outlined the pattern of mans relation- from various dioceses, archdioceses, and
do not do. The Serpent (Satan) was he chose to abandon eternal lifeHow ship with God: people will turn to Him religious congregations in the country
able to read the human psyche from the could this be?! Someone who have in despair, God will respond, the people and from the U.S. attended this years
very beginning of time such that man observed all the Commandments?! will abandon Him again, God will be five-day event that ended on Aug. 25.

Soriano Driving Lessons

mysteriously participates in it even to hurt yet will remain with His people The event was launched in 2016 due to
the present. Growing number of cases whom He cannot forsake. the growing number of cases of demonic
The prelate cited instances how we This is the mystery also of the never- oppression, obsession, and possession in
This is illogical. This is irrational. But ending mercy and compassion of God. the country. CBCPNews
Myla Soriano
The Christianization Licensed Filipina Driving Instructor
Experienced with good track record
( Continued from page 11 )
After the Spaniards stopped colonizing
the Philippines, some Lumads already Will help you pass driving tests and get
converted to Christianity but there were
still more Lumads who stayed loyal on your license, guaranteed
their culture and beliefs. Now, its very
surprising to meet Lumads who are Free pick up; Free sample test;
converted Christians or have grown with
Christian teachings even in the smallest Behind the wheel training
barangays of the farthest places, though
they still believe and practice their old
beliefs from ancestors.
Would this endanger the culture and
beliefs of the Lumads especially in the (Limited time only)
Call: Cell (619) 829-4272; (619) 900-7537
Montalvo said, at some point, it will
endanger the culture and beliefs because
along with the conversion, there are
changes, alternatives, and even pros and
cons for embracing such. Their culture
may be affected with Christian beliefs
and practices which are far different HOUSE FOR SALE
Clairemont Mesa
from their traditions.
Other people think maybe the Lumad
tradition will start to extinct in the future
especially that a lot of newborns from
each tribe are already being modernized 5 bedroom, 3 bath. 2000 square
feet house, 2 car garage. 10.000
in the new world.
As of now, the Lumad culture is still
alive. But, what will happen to the future

square feet lot. with canyon view

if the Lumads will start to embrace
another culture?
There are two possible effects on this
case. She said it could extinct as far as
religion and faith is concerned because and in a cul de sac street. The
house can be split into duplex
the lifestyle of the Lumads somehow
changed. However, it could also not
happen because there are still Lumad
cultures that are preserved up to now
because of its ancestral significance such for rental income. $689,000. Call
(619) 581-9582.
as artifacts, costumes, houses, and the
The effect of this in the future is still
unclear but she said the conversion
to Christianity may bring changes to
Lumads lifestyle. Other cultural compo-
nents such as education, occupation, and
their ability for decision-making will
also be affected.
Work for the San Diegos
In such case, their future plans and
goals are in considerations with their
Top Home Care Agency!
religious beliefs and practices. She also
said such conversion is all about influ-
ence of choice, faith, and beliefs.
Christianity had been brought to the
Philippines like a wave. It influenced a
Now Hiring
lot of people, even the Lumads. Exerienced Caregivers
But the culture and beliefs of the Lu-

Asian Journal
mads is still alive until now.
Even if these changes will bring a lot
of difference in the future, the culture
for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
Top Pay Flexible Hours Great Benefits
First Asian Weekly the Philippines
in had once grown
Southern California & San Diegos Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino Newspaper
with would never be forgotten even if
8th Street, Suitea 6,
influence lotNational Requirements
of people.City CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588 Fax (619) 474-0373
(Juztine Malou M. Calizo)
3 professional references
Proof of eligibility to work in the US
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Call for an appointment
that the City of San Diego will
receive proposals for commodi- Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
ties and services. Bid packages
can be downloaded from the
City of San Diegos Bid & La Jolla Apply Online!
Contract Opportunities, third
party website, found at http:// 858-842-1346
If you are unable to utilize the
online option, bid packages can
be requested by calling Pur-
chasing & Contracting Depart-
ment at (619) 236-6000. ONE AD
Furnish the City of San Diego IN ASIAN JOURNAL
with RFP 10066949-17-V,
Advanced Metering Infrastruc- AUG 4, 2017 EDITION
ture (AMI) Services for City-
Wide Deployment, as may be
required for a period of five (5)
years from effective Date, as
defined in Article I, Section 1.2
if the Citys General Contract
Terms and Provisions, revised
November 8, 2016.
RFP No. 10066949-17-V
RFP Closing Date: September
19, 2017 @ 2:00 p.m. To:Elwyn Johnson
A Pre-Proposal Conference DAILY JOURNAL
will be held at the Purchasing From:
& Contracting Department lo- GEN SILVERIO
cated at 1200 Third Ave. Suite
200, San Diego, CA 92101, Herewith is proof of
Conference Room 1. your classified ad for
Kristina Peralta
Director of Purchasing & Con- publication in the Asian
tracting Journal. Please proofread
8/4/17 it an d f a x b a c k t h e
CNS-3037003# correction if any or call
ASIAN JOURNAL us for your approval. The
ad is tentatively scheduled
to be published in the
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 13

As the USCCB President, Vice President and Committee Chairmen

denounce Administrations decision to end DACA and strongly
Bamboos urge Congress to find legislative solution
by Rudy Liporada
September 5, 2017 Committee on Migration, and Bishop
Joseph J. Tyson of Yakima, chairman of
minors and often know America as their
only home. The Catholic Church has
respond. It is a step back from the prog-
ress that we need to make as a country.
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada WASHINGTON The Presi- the Subcommittee on Pastoral Care of long watched with pride and admiration Today's actions represent a heartbreak-
at dent and Vice President along Migrants, Refugees, and Travelers says as DACA youth live out their daily lives ing moment in our history that shows
the "cancellation of the DACA program with hope and a determination to flour- the absence of mercy and good will,
with Chairmen of the U.S. is reprehensible." ish and contribute to society: continuing and a short-sighted vision for the future.

Change is not possible within

Conference of Catholic Bishops Over 780,000 youth received protec- to work and provide for their families, DACA youth are woven into the fabric
(USCCB) have issued a state- tion from the DACA program since its continuing to serve in the military, and of our country and of our Church, and

the Government
ment denouncing the Administra- inception by the Department of Home- continuing to receive an education. Now, are, by every social and human measure,
land Security (DHS) in 2012. DACA after months of anxiety and fear about American youth.
tion's termination of the Deferred provided no legal status or government their futures, these brave young people We strongly urge Congress to act and
If there is anything posi- airplane crush early in his presidency. A Action for Childhood Arriv- benefits but did provide recipients with face deportation. This decision is unac- immediately resume work toward a leg-
tive about President Rodrigo populist who was loved by the masses als (DACA) program after six temporary employment authorization to ceptable and does not reflect who we are islative solution. We pledge our support
for he appeared to identify with them months. work in the United States and reprieve as Americans. to work on finding an expeditious means
Dutertes regime, it is that it and believed he would actualize those from deportation. The Church has recognized and of protection for DACA youth.
is the most glaring proof that who have less in life should have more The following statement from USCCB proclaimed the need to welcome young As people of faith, we say to DACA
change emanating from the with- in law. President Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo Full statement follows: people: 'Whoever welcomes one of youth regardless of your immigra-
I take it that the masses in the Philip- of Galveston-Houston, along with these children in my name welcomes tion status, you are children of God and
in the government is not possible. "The cancellation of the DACA pro- me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome in the Catholic Church. The
pines are the peasants who constitute USCCB Vice President, Archbishop
It should now be more apparent 75% and the workers who are 15% of Jos H. Gomez of Los Angeles, Bishop gram is reprehensible. It causes unneces- welcome me but the one who sent me' Catholic Church supports you and will
that those who advocate for the the population respectively. I take it that Joe S. Vsquez of Austin, chairman, sary fear for DACA youth and their (Mark 9:37). Today, our nation has done advocate for you."
complete overhaul of the system the sons and daughters of the peasants families. These youth entered the U.S. as the opposite of how Scripture calls us to
had been correct all through the and workers who constitute the students

Duterte The Weather

and other lower classes of society, is the main problem of the Philippines. believe, could they change the system
past years of their struggle. including the urban poor are also of He did not kick out foreign interests. and redeem themselves from the death
the masses. If the masses would He even added more foreign interven- pit of poverty. ( Continued from page 1 )
Sometime in the middle 1990s, when ( Continued from page 6 )
have more in law, the peasants should tionists. He scuttled the peace talks Will Honasan be again involved? I
I was deputy director of the Filipino
be granted genuine land reform. If the which was designed to identify and give think not.
"It is not my take. I cannot grant Storm Radar App is available for global
American Council of Ventura County it. It is Congress," said Duterte, audiences and is free to download on
masses would have more in law, the solutions to the problems of the masses.
in California, I was among officers of mobile devices within the App Store or
different FilAm organizations invited at
workers should have higher wages, have Land reform and industrialization is no whose father Vicente had served
more employment opportunities. From longer in his radar. He had left his leftist in the Marcos cabinet. Google Play.
the Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles The Weather Company, an IBM Busi-
Magsaysay, however, down to Be- appointees at the mercy of the Commis- ( Continued from page 5 ) "Bigyan mo ng immunity, fine. Huwag
to meet with Gringo Honasan. He was rather than just designated bus stops. ness
nigno Aquino, no genuine land reform sion of Appointments which is highly mo bigyan ng immunity, fine, pero
then fresh from attaining a seat in the For specific information on the The company delivers tens of billions
has been implemented. Peasants who landlord peopled or influenced. walang perang isasauli iyan."
Philippine senate in 1995. He is of service changes, affected routes, and of forecasts daily. Its products include
clamored for them or the fulfillment of We could not over emphasize the fact The President earlier revealed that
course known more for his key role in a top weather app on all major mobile
reforms with loopholes had been mowed that the leftist appointees were willing to FLEX options, please visit: GoNCTD. Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos had
toppling the regime of dictator Ferdi- com/ServiceChanges. Updated route platforms globally, a network of 250,000
down. No industrialization for better work within the government to institute told him that the late dictator took public
nand E. Marcos whereupon Corazon personal weather stations, a top-20 U.S.
Aquino became president of the Philip-
wages and opportunities ensued in the change. Add here that oppositionists like schedules will also be made available in money to protect the economy. He
country. As a result, millions of Filipinos Leila Delima, Senator Antonio Trillanes, the Riders Guide at NCTD Customer said he accepted this explanation. website, one of the worlds largest IoT
pines. Being a rabid anti-communist Service centers on September 18. data platforms, and industry-leading
had to seek for greener pastures out of and Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, The Presidential Commission on Good
after battling them and being wounded
Government (PCGG), formed during the business solutions.
May 3 Bisaya
the country, causing family breakups, could be imprisoned and impeached
in skirmishes as a baron graduate of the Source: NASA, NOAA and Google
children emotional imbalances, not to if they do not tow the Duterte line. presidency of the late Corazon Aquino,
Philippine Military Academy, he became Images
mention causing loneliness for those These draw the line. Change cannot be
frustrated with Corazon Aquino for is tasked to go after the estimated $10
who go abroad to work at the mercy of executed within the system. ( Continued from page 7 )
releasing from prison Communist Party billion ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses
their employers who pay them relatively Duterte has finally proven this - big BISAYA 3: Sa Manila po and his cronies.
of the Philippines (CPP) founding chair-
meager incomes if they are paid at all. time. SAN PEDRO: Sige pwede ka pumasok It has already recovered P170 billion ( Continued from page 4 )
man Jose Maria Sison and other leading
Why? Because the government is run I would, however, understand why dito sa langit pesos or about $3.4 billion in ill-gotten
cadres of the CPP. He then led a series Story Source:
by landlords whose land interests are Honasan would not want to play rebel *habang papasok na ang pangatlong wealth as well as jewelry, art and other
of violent but unsuccessful coups against
diametrically opposed to the interests of against the system now. He is now a Bisaya, napasigaw siya sa saya assets from the Marcoses.
Aquino. Imprisoned, Fidel Ramos, when Materials provided by Washington
the peasants. Why? Because the govern- senator, blessed by the system. With BISAYA 3: YISSSSS! The Duterte administration is planning
he became president, granted Honasan University School of Medicine. Original
ment is run by rich entrepreneurs whose his acumen, he should now be thinking -- From (Pareng to abolish the PCGG and is eyeing the
amnesty. To date, Honasan is still an written by Tamara Bhandari. Note: Con-
profit interests are diametrically opposed like a landlord or a huge entrepreneur or Kevin of Antipolo City) creation of a new anti-graft agency in
incumbent senator after losing to Leni tent may be edited for style and length.
to the wage interests of the workers. plainly enriching himself with whatever its place.
Robledo in the bid for the vice-presiden-
Then Rodrigo Duterte came, appearing he could get from the corrupt laden gov-
cy in the latest elections in 2016.
as a savior. He promised land reform. He ernment. Surely, he is still thinking that
In Honasans talk at the Consulate, he
promised industrialization. He prom- democracy in the Philippines will still
bared his sentiments against dictator
ised to eradicate corruption in govern- work in his favor. It will just take time. ATTENTION SENIORS
Marcos and justified why he rebelled
ment. He promised to kick out foreign There are others, however, who can no
against Aquino whom he has supported HOUSING OPPORTUNITY
interests. He reopened peace talks with longer wait. Their waiting stopped over
in putting up her revolutionary govern-
the National Democratic Front of the 50 years ago. The NPA, composed large- Low-income senior apts in San Diego. Applicants must be 62+ or 18+ & need features of access
ment. He, however, insisted that the
Philippines (NDFP) which banners ly of peasants, are being led by the pro-
democratic system in the Philippines units. Must meet HUD low income limits. Contact Trinity Manor, 3940 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA,
the ideology of the CPP and the New letarian ideology Workers, unite. You
works and change can happen even if it 921003, 619-297-1512. Waitlist opens Sept. 5. Placement is based on date & time fully-completed

Asian Journal
Peoples Army (NPA). He appointed so have nothing to lose but your chains for
takes a long time.

Asian Journal
called leftists in his cabinet, who were if the government cannot do it for them, app is rcvd. Waitlist will close when 200 qualified apps are rcvd.
I dont really recall now if he defined
for protecting the environment, really they have to do it themselves.
for whom change should be then and
giving help to the poor, and executing Whether we like it or not, they are do- EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY
how it will be attained.
First Asian Weekly Newspaper genuine land reform.
in Southern California & San Diegosing Most
it. Widely
There is lot Circulated
of killing you Asian-Filipino
say? If Newspaper
To this I believed in the words of the First Asian Weekly Newspaper in Southern California & San Diegos Most Widely Circulated Asian-Filipino New
Duterte, however, just immersed
City CAhim-
91950 they not rise, the masses are dying
late Ramon Magsaysay, third 550 East 8th Street,
president Suite 6, National (619) 474-0588 Fax (619) 474-0373
self in killing the poor in his Operation in squalor everyday. Only in rising, they 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588 Fax (619) 474-0373
of the Republic who perished in an
Tokhang saying that the war on drugs

Advertisement for Bids

Notice is hereby given that the San Diego Unified School District, acting by and through its governing board, will receive sealed bids for the
Advertisement for Bids furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, equipment, and services to:

Notice is hereby given that the San Diego Unified School District, acting by and through its governing board, will receive sealed bids for the FURNISH AND INSTALL NEW PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS AT
furnishing of all labor, materials, transportation, equipment, and services for: REMOVAL OR DEMOLITION OF PORTABLE BUILDINGS CUBBERLEY, JONES AND WEGEFORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS
A mandatory site visit is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 in front of the main office of Wegeforth Elementary School, 3443
A mandatory site visit is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 in front of the main office of Madison High School, 4833 Doliva Ediwhar Avenue, San Diego, CA 92123 and upon completion will proceed to Cubberley Elementary School, 3201 Marathon Drive, San Diego,
Drive, San Diego, CA 92117. PLEASE SEE BID FOR DETAILS (No. CZ-18-0351-23). CA 92123 and upon completion will proceed to Jones Elementary School, 2751 Greyling Drive, San Diego, CA 92123. Contractors must be
present and sign-in at all three sites to be able to bid this project. PLEASE SEE BID FOR DETAILS (No. CZ-18-0350-23).
All bids must be received at or before 1:00 p.m. on SEPTEMBER 29, 2017, at the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal
Lane, Bldg. M, San Diego, CA 92123, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. GENERAL CONTRACTORS ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO INVITE SUBCONTRACTORS TO SITE VISITS.

The project estimate is not-to-exceed $995,000 annually. This is not a PSA project and does not require prequalification. The District requires All bids must be received at or before 1:00 p.m. on SEPTEMBER 28, 2017, at the Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Department, 2351 Cardinal
that Bidders possess any of the following classification(s) of California State Contractors License(s), valid and in good standing, at the time of Lane, Bldg. M, San Diego, CA 92123, at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.
bid opening and contract award: B.
All late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications and The project estimate is between $350,000 and $380,000. This is not a PSA project and does not require prequalification. The District requires
any other documents that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three formats, hard copy, CD, or online that Bidders possess any of the following classification(s) of California State Contractors License(s), valid and in good standing, at the time of
from PlanWell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 4920 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121, phone number bid opening and contract award: C-10.
858-535-0607, for a refundable payment of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per set; CDs are available for a non-refundable charge of $50. Payments All late bids shall be deemed non-responsive and not opened. Each bid shall be in accordance with all terms, conditions, plans, specifications and
shall be made by check payable to SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the payment for Bid and Contract Documents is refundable, any other documents that comprise the bid package. The Bid and Contract Documents are available in three formats, hard copy, CD, or online
refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, including all addendums, are returned intact and in good order from PlanWell. Hard copy bid documents are available at Crisp Imaging, 4920 Carroll Canyon Rd., San Diego, CA 92121, phone number
to Crisp Imaging within ten (10) days of the issuance of the Final Bid Tabulation. Online documents are available for download on PlanWell 858-535-0607, for a refundable payment of Two Hundred Dollars ($200) per set; CDs are available for a non-refundable charge of $50. Payments
through Crisp Imaging. Go to, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171). All shall be made by check payable to SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. If the payment for Bid and Contract Documents is refundable,
bids shall be submitted on bid forms furnished by the District in the bid package beginning September 5, 2017. Bid packages will not be faxed. refunds will be processed by the District only if the Bid and Contract Documents, including all addendums, are returned intact and in good order
SENATE BILL (SB) 854 REQUIREMENTS: Effective July 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded to C2 within ten (10) days of the issuance of the Final Bid Tabulation. Online documents are available for download on PlanWell through
a contract for a public works project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Crisp Imaging. Go to, click on PlanWell, Public Planroom, search SDUSD (Questions? 949-285-3171). All bids shall be
pursuant to Labor Code 1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code 1771.1(a)]. This project submitted on bid forms furnished by the District in the bid package beginning September 5, 2017. Bid packages will not be faxed.
is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. SENATE BILL (SB) 854 REQUIREMENTS: Effective July 1, 2014, no contractor or subcontractor may be listed on a bid proposal, or awarded
Prime contractors must add the DIR Registration Number for each of their listed subcontractors to the Subcontractors List AND submit a certificate
of registration for their own firm and those of their listed subcontractors upon request by the District. Failure of the bidding prime contractor to
contract for a public works project (awarded on or after April 1, 2015) unless registered with the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR)
Judi Stark
to Labor Code 1725.5 [with limited exceptions from this requirement for bid purposes only under Labor Code 1771.1(a)]. This project
list their subcontractors DIR Registration Number on the Subcontractors List at time of bid may result in rejection of their bid as non-responsive. is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR. To:
Refer to the following DIR Website for further information: PREVAILING WAGES: Prevailing From: must add the DIR Registration Number for each of their listed subcontractors to the Subcontractors List AND submit a certificate
Prime contractors
wage requirements apply to all public works projects and must be followed per Article 17 of the General Conditions of this bid. of registration for their own firm and those of their listed subcontractors upon request by the District. Failure of the bidding prime contractor to
list their subcontractors DIR Registration Number on the Subcontractors List at time of bid may result in rejection of their bid as non-responsive.
Veterans Owned Businesses (SDVOB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) approved on May 10, 2011 by the Board of Education, Refer to the following DIR Website for further information: GE
the Bidder is required to satisfy a minimum DVBE participation percentage of at least three percent (3%) for this project. In compliance with Herewith
WAGES:of Prevailing wage requirements apply to all public works projects and must be followed per Article 17 of the General
this Program, the Bidder shall satisfy all requirements enumerated in the bid package. Here
Each bid must be submitted on the Bid Form provided in the bid package and shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid security in the form of
classifiedof this bid.
ad for
either a bid bond executed by the bidder and Surety Company, or a certified or cashiers check in favor of the San Diego Unified School District, publication in the
Veterans Owned Asian(SDVOB) and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE) approved on May 10, 2011 by the Board of Education,
Businesses your c
in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of their bid value. Said bid security shall be given to guarantee that the Bidder will execute the contract Journal. Please
the Bidder proofread
is required to satisfy a minimum DVBE participation percentage of at least three percent (3%) for this project. In compliance with publica
as specified, within five (5) working days of notification by the District. this Program, the Bidder shall satisfy all requirements enumerated in the bid package. Journal
The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. No
it an d f a x b a c k the
Each bid must be submitted on the Bid Form provided in the bid package and shall be accompanied by a satisfactory bid security in the form of
bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of 120 days after the date set for the opening of bids. For information regarding bidding, please call correction
either a bidifbond
or callby the bidder and Surety Company, or a certified or cashiers check in favor of the San Diego Unified School District, it an d
858-522-5822. us for your
in an approval.
amount The
equal to ten percent (10%) of their bid value. Said bid security shall be given to guarantee that the Bidder will execute the contract correct
PRE-QUALIFICATION OF BIDDERS: Pursuant to Public Contract Code (PCC) 20111.6, each contractor wishing to bid as a prime to the us for y
District for projects estimated at $1,000,000 or over, or any subcontractor performing the license classifications of A, B [if performing the work
ad isas specified, within five (5) working days of notification by the District.
tentatively scheduled
The District reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any bids or in the bidding process. No
of] C-4, C-7, C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43 and/or C-46 wishing to submit a bid to a bidding prime contractor must be prequali- to bebidder
published in thehis bid for a period of 120 days after the date set for the opening of bids. For information regarding bidding, please call
may withdraw ad is ten
fied in order to bid. Projects estimated at 10 million or greater require audited financials. Contact Glenda Burbery at to 858-522-5822. to be pu
request a pre-qualification questionnaire. Completed questionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than 10 business days before PRE-QUALIFICATION OF BIDDERS: Pursuant to Public Contract Code (PCC) 20111.6, each contractor wishing to bid as a prime to the
the bid opening due date. Any questionnaires submitted later than this deadline will not be processed for this Invitation for Bids. The District
District for projects estimated at $1,000,000 or over, or any subcontractor performing the license classifications of A, B [if performing the work
of the AJ-C
encourages all general contractors bidding as a prime contractor, and all MEP subcontractors to request a questionnaire, complete it and submit of] Asian
C-4, C-7,Journal if we
C-10, C-16, C-20, C-34, C-36, C-38, C-42, C-43 and/or C-46 wishing to submit a bid to a bidding prime contractor must be prequali-
it as soon as possible. receive
fied inyour
orderapproval on estimated at 10 million or greater require audited financials. Contact Glenda Burbery at to
to bid. Projects of the A
a pre-qualification questionnaire. Completed questionnaires must be submitted to the District no later than 10 business days before receive
At $4 per line
the bid opening due date. Any questionnaires submitted later than this deadline will not be processed for this Invitation for Bids. The District
Andrea OHara, Strategic Sourcing and Contracts, Manager, Interim Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Dept. NO. CZ-18-0351-23 2 x 10lines,
8 xencourages it costs
all general contractors bidding as a prime contractor, and all MEP subcontractors to request a questionnaire, complete it and submit time. A
it as soon as possible. 8 x2x
$______.00 to be paid
the DISTRICT $_____
Andrea and tear
OHara, sheet.
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts, Manager, Interim upon y
Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Dept.
Thank you. NO. CZ-18-0350-23 invoice
Thank y
Fax #
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

Rep. Chu Defends DACA Program
YOUR Pasok po kayo! May
Over the past five years, the DACA FREE GIFT! LIBRENG regalo, palinis at
program has enabled nearly 800,000
young people who were brought to the Just for coming in! inspeksyon ng alahas!
United States as children to come out
of the shadows. This includes many
Asians and Pacific Islanders who have
been able to go to school, attain work
permits, and pursue their dreams. All of
our DACA recipients have passed rigor-
ous background checks to participate in
the program. And they are American in
every sense of the word except on paper.
Unfortunately, President Trump has
threatened to end the DACA program SKU
as we know it. But we will fight back. I 543-02807
want our DREAMers to know that there
WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, Asian Congressional Asian Pacific American are members of Congress who support
American and Pacific Islander com- Caucus (CAPAC), Rep. Chu released the you and who will continue to fight to
munity leaders held a press conference following statement to support DACA: protect DACA and to fix our broken im- FREE
outside of the White House to defend the As Chair of the Congressional Asian
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Pacific American Caucus, I want to
migration system.
We will not allow our immigrant
Ring Cleaning
(DACA) program that President Trump
has threatened to eliminate. Since its
thank the coalition of DREAMers, faith
leaders, and community leaders who
communities to be trampled upon. I and Inspection
want our DACA recipients and our TPS
creation in 2012, the DACA program have been standing outside of the White
has granted nearly 800,000 young House day and night, night and day
recipients to know that we support you.
Together, we will fight to protect our
Full Trade-In Value
people with the ability to pursue jobs
and achieve higher education without
to defend DACA. I am here to support
you and to join you in telling President
immigrant communities and ensure that on your Old
America continues to remain the land of
fear of deportation. As Chair of the Trump that our DREAMers are here to opportunity for all! Diamond Jewelry

Building a digital defense for school kids INSTANT CREDIT

and cell phone safety You Will Be Approved!
Apply online or instore.

Summer is over, and its time to
pack up the backpacks and lunch
bags for another school year.
And, if your kids are headed back
to class with a cell phone tucked
in their pockets, they are not
alone. More and more kids are
getting phones by the time they
enter middle schooland some
Daniels Jewelers is not an authorized dealer nor
are toting their phones through affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Rolex
elementary school hallways. Watch USA Inc. and none of the watches are
sold, distributed, offered and/or certified by
Its a great way for you to keep in
touch with your student through the Rolex Watch USA Inc.
day...and, should you so desire, there are
plenty of apps to help you keep track Learn about how photos are geo- If you or your child has been victim-
of your kids movements minute by tagged. Even if you are discreet about ized by an online crime, make a report Pwede kayong mag
minute. But, parents and kids alike need
to recognize the risks that come bundled
what you post, your photos could be
tagged in the meta-data with your
to the FBI. You can file an online report
at the FBIs Internet Crime Complaint
TRADE-IN ng inyong mga
with that device, too. childs exact location. Do you want just Center at or call your FBI lumang alahas para sa bago nyong bibilhin.
anybody to know what school your child local office. -- FBI Tech Tuesday
Here are some basic phone tips to keep
your child safe:
goes to or what field his team uses for Sa Daniel's nagbibigay kami ng madaling kredito
Light your
soccer practice? You should be able to
turn this feature off in settings. at siguradong maaaprubahan kayo!
The phone should default to a locked
setting. The only people who should Teach your kids to never respond to ( Continued from page 16 )
have that access code are the child and calls, texts, or e-mails from unknown
the parent. parties, the saved and the savers.
numbers or people. Scam artists and I pick myself up again. I must work to
Beyond that, parents should know predators are more than happy to victim-
every password to every device and deliver more hope, one day at a time,
ize them, regardless of age. every day if I can. Because hope is what
every password to every app on that If your child is old enough to have and
device. Sure you want your kids to have makes me dream of the tomorrow of my
carry a phone, then its also time to have children and grandchildren, the same
some privacy as they grow up, but they a conversation with him about potential
are still kids. You pay the bill, and as hope that keeps millions of other Filipi-
long as that child is a child, she is your Next week, we'll take this discussion
nos strong against crisis after crisis. If
you feel like cursing the darkness, light 90 locations in California! 15 in San Diego!
responsibility. a step further and talk about building a
digital defense against cyber bullying.
your candle instead. (800) 819-8000 or visit
Check the privacy and security settings
on the phone and the apps. Check regu-
larly to make sure they are up-to-date.

Dental Implant Centers

( Continued from page 11 )

shipments facilitated through the BOC
with the help of some individuals who DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
identified themselves as representing the
Davao group.
The broker last week, however, denied
tagging Duterte and Carpio in smuggling
The National Bureau of Investigation
earlier tagged Taguba and several other
individuals in drug trafficking. Also
charged were Chinese businessmen
Richard Chen, Kenneth Dong, Manny Li
and other local brokers.
The drugs were recovered from two
warehouses in Valenzuela City by

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

members of the Customs Intelligence
and Investigation Service last May 26
following a tip from authorities in Xia-
men, China where the shabu shipment
had originated.
During the hearing, Trillanes presented Advanced Dental Implant Education: All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
photos taken from social media of Dong
and the younger Duterte together to Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
point out their links.
The senator also showed the panel pho- 25 years hands-on dental implant experience 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
tos of the vice mayor with businessman
Charlie Tan. He also presented a picture Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology Tagalog speaker
of Tan with the President at Malacaang.
Tan, the senator pointed out, was
Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at
among those mentioned by Lacson as
being engaged in smuggling. Trillanes
also cited reports on Tans involvement
in drug trafficking.
To further press his point, Trillanes
presented bank records in 2015 showing
that Duterte and Carpio had hundreds of
Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
millions of pesos in their accounts.
Rainier Madrid, Dutertes legal coun-
sel, said his client was close to giving in
to Trillanes demand to show his tattoo
Fluent in Tagalog
but he advised him against it.
I thought it would be explosive show
of witnesses Where are they? He only
presented the body he wanted to see. Is Two convenient locations
he gay? Madrid told reporters.

727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103
Trillanes only wanted to make a spec-
tacle, Madrid said, adding he did not
want his client to be humiliated.
Madrid said Duterte has no regrets and
has no plans at the moment to get back
legally at Trillanes.
September 8-14, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | Page 15
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | September 8-14, 2017

GLIMPSEs by Jose Ma. Montelibano,
Light your candle
effect change. All the time, I thought I
was driven by righteous anger. After all,
Jesus took to the whip to drive away the
30 %
Means having
more for your
I had a serious debate with money changers from the temple. And,
myself a little earlier. A great de- after all, I sincerely wanted change and
invested so much of myself, my family
pression had come over me after
I learned of the third teenager
to be violently killed in a matter
and my resources to do my share. In
those struggles, life and death situations
arose. Yet, I persisted, buoyed by the
little ones.
of two weeks. All three deaths same determination from others with
whom I walked the path of change. An-
were terrible, reprehensible. I ger, too, made me forget my fears, made
felt like retching as if to throw me blind to the risks.
out a deadly virus threatening to Today, I can still find the cesspool of
poison my body system. Yet, it ugliness, the million reasons for change,
the same million reasons for anger and
was time for me to begin writ- hate. Driven as I was, I did not allow the
ing my weekly article. All kinds exhaustion and frustration to paralyze
of thoughts were crisscrossing me into inaction. That is what anger was what we thought was change was all
my mind but I knew there was and hate can do, in the name of change. about. Of course, together with the new
And that is what anger and hate can do names and faces, personalities were dif-
nothing there but inexpressible never achieve the noble change we fight ferent, governance styles were different,
anguish. I decided then that there for in the first place. even some personal values were differ-
would be no article from me this Of course, I did not know it then. There ent. The system, though, stayed basically
Friday with only death and emp- was change; I could see it, I could feel it. the same. And the system and its institu-
After all, the dictatorship collapsed, was tions represent the real value system
tiness swallowing me. driven out. After all, another plunderer of those in power in the major fields
was removed. And one more survived of society the State, the Church, Big
the efforts to remove her but has not Business, the Academe, civil society.
removed the bitter taste of a suspected I could see one path of change actu-
yet unresolved plunder. Are we not sup- ally doing something good by the day,
posed to fight thieves and murderers? and it never stopped. It is still there,
Are we not supposed to fight evil? So, I bigger than it was, of course, and more
fought. pro-active and imaginative. Many oth-
It must have been some kind of divine ers, too, are into that kind of change,
intervention that brought me to a second radically positive, as unmindful of
and simultaneous path for change called politics and religion as possible, and
Gawad Kalinga. After one plunderer was just quietly persistent. Yes, doing good,
removed, there was relative peace in the and especially if one does not give up,
land, a kind of political honeymoon to will always produce more good. And
give the political successor an opportu- when we eliminate anger and hate from
There were years when anger would nity to make meaningful change happen. the equation of change, we sidestep the
save me from depression or frustration. That pause gave me the time to see pendulum of constant back-and-forth
Anger is such a powerful emotion that it change happening in a quiet and simple with little to show after so long.
can counter whatever is there. But I had way. It looked small and insignificant at When poverty, corruption, and violence
gone through enough anger for a life- that time because the tens of millions of seem to overwhelm societal life when
time, anger that turns to rage, rage that poor Filipinos and a whole nation asking we feel like choking, it is beyond just
turns to hate. It had eaten me up before to be rid of corruption needed more than the ugliness of the specific causes it
but I was able to sustain it. I told myself the noble work of a few without resourc- is hopelessness itself that is the greatest
that I simply wanted change and I could es at that. But the nobility of the work killer. It is this hopelessness that good
enumerate the conditions out there that was nevertheless attractive enough even people doing good works chips at until
deserved to be obliterated. Life is beauti- if the scale was not. I poured myself a silver lining can be seen through the
ful, we are told, and we know it can be into the new advocacy without pressing dark clouds. It is hope that good people
true. But life is ugly, too, even if no one distractions from political crises. and good works deliver, every time, all
tells us. From the cesspool of ugliness, Funny, but that small, seemingly in- the time. Because goodness has a power
there are a million reasons for change, significant alternative path of change is in itself, too, and maybe greater than de-
the same million reasons for anger and achieving much more than the tradition- spair. Ask the Christians who were saved
hate. al, power and resourced manner we call by kind-hearted Muslims in Marawi.
Decades later, which is now, I recall good governance. Maybe, because good They know the power of goodness, both
all those dreams for change. Even more, governance never came, just flashes of
I remember the struggles I joined to ( Continued on page 14 )
it. Names and faces changed, and that

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