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If someone has their moon, or South or North Node conjunct transiting Saturn at 14
degrees of Sagittarius, would they be feeling this transit more than others?"
" Does the current transit of Saturn/Venus to a personal planet, in any way, imply an
individuals involvement in, or capacity to contribute to a skipped step in the
collective awareness of transiting Saturn square the Pisces/Virgo axis?"
In their own way..

"Does an individual with a personal planet conjunct transiting Saturn have

something to reflect on or review regarding their personal relationship to unresolved
trauma affecting the collective?"
In their own way...

"Because 15 degrees of Sagittarius is the South Node of Aquarius, could individuals

with moon, or nodes, or personal planets, conjunct this point become potent
catalysts for collective growth and vision if they choose to meditate and work on
their pre-conditioned belief patterns vs. Natural Law?"
In their own way...

"Would individuals with a personal planet conjunct 15 degrees of Sagittarius have

an opportunity to bring forth a stimulus of free-thinking and diversity (Uranus
North Node in Gemini) that promotes freedom from Natural Guilt (Virgo current
North Node of discovery)?"
In their own way...

Siblings each with Individual Skipped Steps, Skipped Steps through Synastry, as well as Skipped Steps Through Composite

Shaw is a 12 year old boy and Chloe is his younger sister who is 7. An anger in him has grown exponentially in the past two years but it
has really peaked in the past year and he has expressed feeling of hate and disdain toward his sister, although he admits that she has
always felt like an intruder. He said, "He feels invaded and robbed by her coming into this family."

The mother has become desperate in her attempt to understand where this is coming from and why. It has created an incredible
amount of stress within the family unit, the younger sister adores her brother and can't seem to leave him alone, she can't get close
enough, while he wants nothing to do with her, in fact, is quite cruel toward her with his words and his energy.

Of course he is entering puberty so the emotions surrounding this connection are intensified. He is currently in therapy.

Chloe natal chart Shaw natal chart

Shaw inner wheel Chloe outer wheel Chloe inner wheel Shaw outer wheel

Shaw & Chloe Composite

what we will be doing is:

1. To determine what the skipped steps are, and why, for each of them as individuals.
2. To determine how those individual skipped step signatures have affected their relationship to one another.
3. And then to determine what the skipped steps are with one another.

Kristin has posted the brief existing reality right now between them. So what I would like you to do is to at first just look at each of their
individual charts, and determine what the skipped steps are for each as individuals. After that we will then move on to the next steps.

So, at first, let's focus on the boy's chart. Then we will focus on the girl's chart, and go from there.
In other lives there have been sexual traumas in the context of the families his Soul has chosen to be born into. The nature of
those traumas were then 'judged' within the context of the religions that the families were defined by in those lifetimes. Those
judgements then added to the nature of the traumas. However, this was not the root of what the skipped steps are for Shaw.

As Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th... Shaw does not see others clearly and possibly projects onto others a purer picture then the reality of
who they actually are? This could lead to some sort of trauma when the reality of others doesn't live up to his projected images or
"potentials" that he thinks feels or sees about others? Or conversely because he doesn't see people clearly he could project or inflict
judgement/trauma on others as well?

Is it possible that Shaw came into this life with massive trauma related to sexual violations of a religious nature? I'm looking at this
through South node Scorpio in the 4th square to skipped step Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th ruler of the skipped step is Uranus in the
8th in Pisces oppose Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd... Ceres in Cancer in the 12 oppose Chiron in Capricorn in the 6th...

Does the root of his skipped step have to do with feeling powerless? South node in Scorpio in the fourth ruler of the south node Pluto in
the 5th, south node in Scorpio square to Neptune in the 7th... I'm struggling with the assimilating the Archetypes so please bare with
me... It is however a big step for me to even try to learn here &
Is evolutionary stage irrelevant here because they are children? If so, even though I realize each case is different, at what age do we
generally start taking into consideration the evolutionary development of the soul?
While the stage of evolution may at times not be clearly observed in a child, JWG, however, has said it is possible to know the EA state
of kids, but it takes some careful observation.

I remember JWG sharing a personal feeling of total alienation from the get go, even in kindergarten. The first day removing himself
from the other kids, standing face first against a wall in the corner of the room with his back to them.

He also shared that when he was in hi school he found out how many days he needed to attend in order to graduate, so he could go
surfing instead. Clearly an observed individuated Soul at that time. But obviously in his teens, he was not showing signs of what might
be observed as advanced stages of evolution in terms of dedicating his life to helping other Souls evolve. He was still maturing and
making his way into the world. While he spent time in Nepal as well as other monasteries in his 20's, it wasn't until the day of his
Saturn return, twenty-nine years old, that he knocked on the door of the astrology bookstore that gave him his first gig. Astrology
proved to be the vehicle in which God used his Soul to help others who were searching and suffering and it was his role in this way
that clearly reflected his stage of evolution, 3rd stage spiritual.
However, what matters is that the core dynamics that exist with the boy and his sister and the nature of the skipped steps between
them that exist, no matter what EA state they are in. As you know, EA is a powerful tool to help anyone at any age, or a parent who is
struggling to understand their child.

While there are surely themes of feeling dis-empowered in Shaw's chart, we need to address his Skipped Step, Neptune in Aquarius
Square the Nodes, and the reasons WHY things have played out as they have, or what those feelings led to, ie his Skipped Step.
The root of the skipped steps can be seen by the S.Node of the Moon being in Scorpio in the 4th, ruled by his Pluto in Sagittarius in the
5th, conjunct the Moon in the 6th, both trine Mercury in Aries in the 10th, which is ruled by his Mars balsamic conjunction to his Saturn
in Cancer in the 12th. In essence, desiring and needing to be the center of attention/ center of the universe syndrome.
The projections that you are referring too relative to the Neptune square the Nodes comes from this root issue: not see clearly others
because of. Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th, there is a duality in how those energies can be expressed...

Exploring Shaw's chart

There's a clear link between many of the past ego symbols. South Node (4th, Sco), ruled by Pluto (5th, Sag). This is the focus for the
skipped step, Neptune (7th, Aquarius), squaring the Nodes, and Shaw's chart ruler, the Sun (11th, Taurus). Interestingly, the Leonine
energy in itself is a connection to childhood, and a feeling of being grounded in his power amongst other.

Identifying the archetypes to a story, I experience Shaw's past as a sort of concubine, maintaining and taking care of themself in
order to satisfy the emotional (and sexual needs) of a myriad of others. I take it that there was a clear lack of boundaries in where
Shaw's character's own issues began and end (heavy 12th house, and a strong energetic, emotional awareness opposite Pluto).
Jupiter in Virgo (and opposite Uranus in Pisces, 8th), is a place where I get the feeling of Shaw's important concubine position, being
able to travel and receive gifts in exchange for their character's physical service.

Neptune as the skipped step, leading into the South Node, a solution lies in the confrontation of creative energies. Perhaps
recognizing the necessity of standing as equals with his sister. It's clear to me that the learning opportunity should be confronted at
this particular time in childhood, with the Leonine personality and the emphasis on a powerful 5th house. Neptune in 7th describes
our emotional connection to Source through others, and our ease of getting lost through the dissolution of personal boundaries. I
imagine that there is a feeling of superiority carried over from the past in Shaw's life, as their character had an immense talent for
using creative, sexual energies, and their identity was even sculpted by these skill-sets. However, they became used to their own
power, where Shaw's voice today, is still stuck in the self-importance which he allotted himself in the past. Now, however, it is being
expressed through the guise of a 12-year old boy. I think that it would be healing for Shaw to recognize that imbalance between his
internal experience, and how's it's being expressed outwardly.
This confrontation with his sister seems like a solution for him to see that his attitude of power and disdain does not necessarily
come from him, and are carried over from experiences in the past.
That which is carried over from his past does in fact come from him: no one else. With his N.Node in the 10th one of the ongoing
skipped steps for him is to accept the responsibility in his own actions instead of the existing temptation to feel victimized by
circumstances that he himself, his Soul, are responsible for creating.

It will be interesting to look at his sister's chart, to see what her role has been in Shaw's past lives

Uranus, in the 8th, is also trining the South Node(4th) and forming grand trine with Saturn in 12th. I think these are all houses that
can point to escapist tendencies in a psyche.
Uranus is in mutual reception with skipped step Neptune in the 7th. This further reinforces the importance of Uranus in influencing
the South Node which shows root of SStep.
Maybe the previous life had incidents where this Soul escaped reality by justifying its own emotional(Cancer) objectives(Saturn)..
and these were caused by deep desires(8th) or delusions(Pieces) regarding its own sense of individuality (Uranus) within
relationships(ruler of 7th) or rebelling against relational compromises. And all this would have been played out in the home
environment or with motherly figures (SouthNode in 4th)
.. perhaps obsessing(Scorpio) to be the "certain of attention" (mentioned by Rad)in the homefront
Shaws skipped step seems to be revolving around his unrealistic expectations he has regarding others and how those others treat
him. This is his Neptune in Aquarius in the Seventh House relative to his bottom line Pluto in the Fifth House in Sagittarius. One
main potential limiting factor in his Soul can be the subconscious desire to be treated as the center of the Universe, as Rad stated.

His evolutionary intention is to progress towards the Eleventh House in Gemini in order to learn objectivity about his limiting
subconscious desires of wanting to be treated as special and possibly even superior to others, even within the family. By becoming
objectively aware of the limitations in his desire to be the center of the Universe, he can progressively learn to interact and
communicate with others in new ways which are based on equality, which leads to a natural friendship with others, based on the
respect for each others individuality and uniqueness.

With the South Node in the Fourth House in Scorpio he may of had a few past lives or experiences within those past lives in which
the rug of emotional security was pulled out from under him within his own family context. As Heather said, the potential for
abuse within the family, including sexual abuse is also a potential reality within these symbols.

With Neptune in the Seventh House in Aquarius square the Nodal axis in the Fourth and Tenth Houses, relative to his natal Pluto in
the Fifth House in Sagittarius, he may have very unreal and high expectations that others will serve his every whim and treat him
as he subconsciously desires to be treated. With Neptune square the Nodal axis it indicates past life disillusionments with others
who have not treated him as special and who may of even abandoned him, or worse. Because of his unrealistic expectations he
could become extremely demanding and overbearing which would only push others further away. Another potential is him using
others indiscriminately or being dishonest in relationships because of a lack of boundaries relative to his desire for self gratification
and/or attention.

Another potential with Neptune in the Seventh House would be to project ultimate meaning onto the people he loves and values.
The projecting of ultimate meaning onto others also creates unrealistic expectations and ultimately leads to disillusionment as
others at some point in time show that they are only human. This dynamic of projecting ultimate meaning can be projected upon
anyone of importance, including family members in past lives which led to the current life. There can also be an unrealistic or
unbalanced expectation that others would be able to make him feel secure.

The inability to see others clearly because of projected expectatoins may of led to situations of abuse and powerlessness in his
recent past lives, even within his family of origin and within his partnerships and friendships as Neptune is in Aquarius. This equals
trauma and a difficulty in trusting others.

The resolution Node is the South Node, which in the Fourth House, relative to his Neptune skipped step and Pluto bottom line,
indicates the need to develop his inner sense of security by penetrating to the core of his emotional body and empowering himself
by eliminating out-moded emotional security needs and consequent behavior. He needs to learn to be able to recover his ability to
trust others by being fundamentally self secure from within first. With Pluto in the Fifth House in Sagittarius which rules the South
Node, this can be accomplished by desiring to view himself as he is, honestly, and by having the courage to re-create himself and
develop a healthy self image which is empowered and ultimately, by creatively actualizing himself instead of over expecting from

He also has the Moon conjunct Pluto with the Moon located in the Sixth House, which potentially indicates a lifelong process of
constant renewal of his self image as he continually dies and is reborn symbolically, and as he evolves thru his emotional body and
progressively improves his self image. The Moon conjunct Pluto is another indication of the need to metamorphose any pre-
existing limiting dynamics within his emotional make up, his self image and his security needs. This restates his Fourth House
South Node security needs which need to be developed from within himself by eliminating any outmoded emotional dynamics
rooted in unreal expectations and a potentially dramatic way of responding emotionally, which leads to emotional and
psychological crisis.
What I came up with was some sort of abuse of power due to survival needs, south node in Scorpio in the 4th seeing himself as
superior or more important than others or that his survival was more important, not seeing others clearly due to that reality and
his expectations of others, Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th...
I was also looking at that mercury in Aries in the 10th as supporting my thoughts as well as the abuse of power over children
possibly with south node of Mars in Scorpio in the 5th in aspect to that Mercury in Aries in the 10th...
I also thought a lot about that Saturn Mars conjunction in cancer in the 12th, I feel like that has so much to do with the why of it all
but I don't know exactly what that stands for... Saturn conjunct Mars in the 12th a restriction of some sort, imprisionment or
hospitalization or imprisionment in ones own mind and then it being in cancer I couldn't help but think it has something to do
with the Mother, a loss of the Mother in some way... Possibly illness in the family?
The Mars/Saturn in Cancer in the 12th directly correlates with the root/ essence of the skipped steps relative to the N.Node in the
10th that also has that Mercury in Aries within it: ruled by that Mars/Saturn conjunction. This is all about accepting the
responsibility in his own actions versus feeling victimized by that which is Soul has created. And that feeling victimized of course
then extends into the projections upon just about anyone including his family members. There is a great deal in all of these
symbols that directly correlate to the specifics of any given life, the circumstances of what he has created in the past coming into
the current life. Yet, right now, it is important to try to understand the core evolutionary and karmic dynamics, the roots of it all,
more than what those specific circumstances may or may not have been.
Regarding Shaw's chart, I keep seeing gender identity confusion. Can you confirm this, or otherwise, so I do not head off down the
wrong track?
I understand that you are relating gender identity confusion with Neptune in the 7th squaring Nodes in Cancer and
Capricorn houses. It is a valid question. His Soul has been flipping back and forth between the male and female body in order to
integrate both sides of gender. While those houses do connect to gender, and his Soul flipping back and forth is reflected here, there is
not really any confusion around this. He highly sensitive and extremely talented musically which is an expression of his inner feminine.
He is a dancer, all genres, and a wonderful pianist.

In terms of the dynamics related to his skipped steps, it really goes back to him learning how to nurture and cultivate his own inner
feminine, his emotional body in order to develop more security within himself, versus looking to a mother or a partner to fulfill those
needs, where he expects them to validate him at every turn.

An example of this is that the family he is in loves this ALL GIRL rock band and they are regulars at their concerts, often invited to
private parties and always welcomed back stage. He used to get oodles of attention, but as his sister grew a bit older, or as the mother
said, became 'cute', her Mars in Leo shining bright, she started getting more attention from the girls in the band than her brother did,
she eclipsed Shaw. This created great anger as well, intense jealousy, SN in Scorpio in the 4th. Remember they BOTH have Pluto in the

So for now, stay focused on his need to find security within, South Node in the 4th, developing the strength of the feminine within
himself, as he has been way out of balance in this respect. When the expectations cease, Neptune in the 7th in Aquarius square the
Nodes, the anger will subside as well. He is learning how to objectify his own emotions, the projections within this, in the context of his
relationships and how this also impacts others. How this makes them feel because of his compulsive need for attention and emotional
demands if things don't go his way. So by also taking responsibility, North Node in the 10th, for how his actions effect others.
"So what is the core root of this intention? Is this to become totally emotionally secure with in himself as you say to take responsibility
for his circumstances and stop projecting his emotional needs/realities/traumas on others Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th?"

This is one of the intentions, yes.

"Saturn conjunct Mars in cancer in the 12th to be his own nurturer to take control of his own circumstances and actions? Through the
North node in the 10th in Taurus learning total security from with in Taurus, and taking complete responsibility for his life North Node in
the 10th...

To accept the responsibility of his own actions, instead of feeling victimized by the circumstances he has created. Within this a major
intention, and the core of resolving his skipped steps, IS LEARNING OVER AND OVER THAT OTHER PEOPLES REALITIES, NEEDS, ARE
EQUAL TO HIS OWN. In this way he will then learn to see others for who they actually are versus his subjective projections upon them
that server to trigger all of his old and existing psychological reactions to them. In this way, he will then learn how to LISTEN TO
OTHERS in such a way as to actually understand them for who they are, and, in this way, give to others what they actually need versus
what he thinks they need from within the prism of his own subjective reality. In these way he will then utterly metamorphose his
inner relationship to himself, relate to himself in these new ways. And, in these ways, he will evolve into new ways to feel secure
within himself.

"Also Rad isn't this really the core intention of every human individually and collectively? This is really being emphasized with the current
planetary line up?"

Sure in an ultimate sense.

"Is it also the reality that in life there are no victims really? That is something I struggle with because I feel the innocence in many people
and when things like genocide happens to whole cultures it's hard for me to understand that there is no Victim there in that

Most people struggle with this Heather because most do not have the capacity to see the whole picture of anything. If I am a women
who is suddenly raped then from the point of view of that moment I certainly am a victim. Yet if I could see the 'whole picture' of my
Soul, beyond the immediate moment, I would then be able to see the inner causes, determinants, that have created that rape. I am
no longer a victim.

Take the holocaust of the Jews/ Hitler for example. The Jewish religion starts with the 'belief' that they are the 'chosen' people who,
because of that, DESERVE punishment and pain. So a whole group of Jews then gets caught up in the Evil that was Hitler. Even as this
was taking place the vast majority of the Jews in Germany refused to accept what Hitler was actually doing. This state of denial that
became it's own cause leading to the mass killings of them.

By looking at Shawn's chart, taking all that you've already pointed out and focusing on the root of where all might be coming from, i
notice a pattern on the chart with neptune in aquarius in the 7th, uranus in pisces 8th, pluto 5th saggitarius. Uranus rules 7th and 8th,
pisces rules 9th, scorpio rules 5th.
With neptune being the skipped step, pisces in the 9th, venus, mars, saturn in ceres in the 12th, makes me think of guilt behind trauma,
masochistic or sadistic behaviour, possibly involving death of a child? Pluto in the 5th, all 8th house trauma and south node in the 4th in
scorpio makes me think actual death of children has occurred with denial of actual reality/truth, projection of responsibility on others of
what might have occurred? And consequently remaining a "child" not to face it?
That's what comes to mind so far by looking at the chart, would that be a possibility?
Furthermore it is really impressive the similar emotional pattern on both charts.
thanks for explaining what is going on behind the symbols. Yes, those were the symbols I was looking at when I thought I saw a gender-
confused child, along with Mars in Cancer in the 12th house sesquiquadrate Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th house creating a crisis of
some kind relative to how to interact with others. But thanks for helping me get back on track. I have not looked at the other two charts
yet because I wanted to focus on Shaw's.

Maybe one of the ways Shaw can start to resolve the skipped step, emotionally mature, self-nurture and find that relative stability within
himself, is through communicating with himself and others in an objective way - not just reacting, but thinking beforehand. His feelings
and emotional needs are obviously very intense and difficult to control (new phase conjunction between Pluto and the moon). If
communication is coming through emotional manipulation, tantrums, bad atmosphere and the like is the way he is communicating now,
confrontations will continue. There has to be a stabilizing outlet for the kinds of raw emotions Shaw is experiencing. If he could initiate
communication with himself (north node in taurus, ruler venus in gemini in the 12th, mercury in aries in the tenth house trine pluto
conjunct the moon, pluto being the ruler of the south node in scorpio in the fourth), maybe that would be a good start. If he could do his
best to keep a daily journal of his emotions and feelings, even writing in the third person to objectify his feelings if necessary.

Shaw feels very special and has special gifts. But those gifts (the music and dance, as an example), must be connected to a social need,
not just for the self-gratification of being loved and admired.

We are focusing on the cause of his skipped steps, and the resolution of them. What has been written about that reflects this: read what
Skywalker wrote for example. The root issue again is his existing desire to be the center of attention, and feeling jealous o threatened
when others take that away from him: from his point of view. He is secure within himself when he is the center of attention, and not
when others receive that attention. This is why the core resolution of his skipped step is to realize that others realities, needs, etc are are
equal to his own. As he learns this, because it has been put in his face, so to speak, over many recent lifetimes he will then learn how to
be secure within himself in these new ways as his inner relationship to himself changes as a result of this. It's not a matter of guilt/shame
that prevents his inner relationship to change: it is a matter of jealousy of others.

These dynamics within his Soul are more recent that going all the way back to the time of the transition from the matriarchy to the
patriarchy. That Neptune/South Node of Neptune refers to Uranus in Pisces in opposition to Jupiter in Virgo: thus from around 1200 A.D
till now.
"As for the reference dates, would that mean that the skipped step actually started around that time you point out and lasted until now?
If that is so, when skipped step planet makes a conjunction to other planetary nodes, generally can we assume it has started in
correlation to that time, or close reference planet, meaning a long time taking resolution? And that be noticed all the way in the chart
until now or it is demanding resolution in some lives and not always?"


It really does not matter about identifying exactly when the skipped steps began in a birth chart. When we see the skipped step
signature in a birth chart that means in all cases that the Soul has come to a place in it's ongoing evolutionary journey in which those
skipped steps have come to a head: and for the Soul to proceed in it's evolution it must now recover to skipped steps to do so.
I have been thinking about how Shaw could be helped, from a practical point of view, to interact with others as equals, their needs being
just as important as his own. Surely there must be a way other than continual confrontations with family members and friends. When I
see Pluto and the Moon in a first phase conjunction, I can only try to imagine the deep emotional waves consuming this soul. I don't
mean to underestimate children (I have known children who seemed more mature than their own parents), but surely he needs
guidance. Pluto conjunct the moon in Saggitarius could perhaps mean a strong female teacher to help (his mother? his sister?). Kristin
mentioned his dancing and music abilities. Perhaps he could learn to listen to others through that dance, partnering with others where
he can actually experience the equal give and take. Self-examination and reflection might naturally happen as a result of dissipating such
strong emotions through the movement and joy of dancing with another. It sounds healthier than doing a slow burn in private when
others get a bit of attention.
some powerful female forces will be present in his life to impact his evolution, seen with the Pluto in the 5th conjunct the Moon in the
6th. This signature also reflects strong female forces where there is intense karma ie the sister, and the mother has traveled with him for
some time, also the mom has undoubtedly found herself in between this power play before with the sibs in other lives. So obviously his
mom is a strong force in the equation, getting him into seeing a female therapist, and seeking out guidance from a female Evolutionary
Astrologer, to help him work through and understand the WHY to his intense emotions, all seen here with Pluto conjunct the Moon,
Pluto being the ruler of his SN in the 4th in Scorpio, his RESOLUTION NODE. Shaw is also very interested in alternative ways of
understanding the world, like his mom he is very progressive in his thinking and interests already at the age of 12, so he is very open to
therapy and astrology. It becomes a safe outlet for him to channel his pent up emotions. I can also feel him embracing his Pluto Polarity.

In dance, he also has a very strong female teacher who used to perform with some big names on the big stage. Shaw SHARES the stage
too with others, inevitably there are always other people who become the center of attention in different pieces, so he does need to take
his turn.

As the sister grows up and it continues to be just the two of them at home, then his need to be the center of attention will always be
staring him straight in the face and become an ongoing trigger. His sister's Mars in Leo square Shaw's Nodes, she is very competitive with
him, as well she is a true extrovert. Off stage, Shaw is an absolute introvert and highly sensitive to his surroundings with his Mars, Venus
an Saturn in the 12th. However the work is not all about him. There is of course work with the sister that also needs to occur. Her
needing to respect his space and be mindful of how her actions trigger and effect him. It is a two way street in terms of being aware of
other people' realities and making them equal to their own.

SO yes DDD, it feels as if Shaw is getting the help that he needs, but it will be up to him to make new choices in the face of old dynamics.


Pluto in the 5th is all about self-actualisation. Basically this involves bringing what is essential to oneself, from the inside into expression
in the outside world.

First things first though what is the self, this self that is going to be actualised? We all have a sense of our self, based firstly on the
ever-present, emotionally-based, subconsciously-felt inner image we have of ourselves (4th/Moon/Cancer).

However this self-image is automatically modified whenever we experience change in our situation. Change is generally brought about
whenever we enact conscious desires (1st/Mars/Aries) that bring about some change, or when we experience events in our life that
impact us in a significant way, also causing change. Then how we feel, think and see ourselves (our self-image), and now want for
ourselves all of which comprises our inner felt I at any point in time - also adjusts in line with these changes.

Pluto being in the 5th house shows that this sense of our self has over past lifetimes grown ever deeper, until it has now reached to a
soul level, where it is expanding within the very Soul itself. Remembering that in its pure essence the Soul is consciousness itself when
Pluto (our Soul) is in the 5th house (creativity/self-actualisation) what this means is that this complex sense of our self, our I, is
expanding from very deep within - from directly within consciousness itself.

And since consciousness(/unconsciousness) permeates our whole being, this then creates a feeling within us of being all filled up with
our self. The glow created in our interior (to whatever extent we are conscious of our interior) by such a feeling, is like an inner flame
(fire house) that cannot be put out. On the one hand this can be an immensely fortifying feeling, but on the other it can induce a sense
of imbalance - as in relation to our inner sense of such fullness, everything outside us can seem (relatively) flat and possibly at times,
somewhat empty. This is not necessarily a comfortable feeling - as an experience of imbalance is not usually a stable, restful
psychological state.

Thus, also sensed on a deep level, is a need for the inner and outer to be in less imbalance. Arising directly from this is an urge to fill the
perceived lack in the outer with some of the surplus from within with some of our bountiful self - via expression of that self to
others and to our environment, thus reducing the sense of inner pressure. This re-establishes some or all of the balance we felt was
missing. This can be done compulsively - as when the fullness inside forcefully bursts forth into the environment; or the fullness inside
can be expressed into the environment consciously - as in art, music, play, and all other kinds of constructive creative expression.

So, as what inside is sensed as oneself is expressed into different visible forms in the outer world, what one is, is made actual, objectively
real both for the Pluto in the 5th person, and for everyone else. This whole process then is the process of self-actualisation.

In whole, such inner phenomena induce the feeling that one has a deep inner purpose to fulfil in the current lifetime. And along with
that, the 5th house is a fire house - and all fire houses bring a sense that one has a special destiny in ones life to fulfil. With Pluto in the
5th that special destiny is then linked to this deepest desire for self-actualization.

However having a sense of this special destiny (5th) at a soul level (Pluto), can sometimes lead to a person to feeling special in relation to
others - which invariably becomes a complicating factor. Because if this secondary feeling of being more special than others is not
validated by others, then this impacts in a deflating way on ones sense of self, the experience being a sense of loss of self. And at a soul
(Pluto) level a sense of loss of self can also be synonymous with a sense of inner death (Pluto). Therefore having Pluto in the 5th often
means that the person will have a very deep desire to be recognised as being special, recognised as having a special destiny, and if
necessary recognised as being more special than others. Such a compulsive need for recognition often manifests as a very deep pursuit
for love and adulation, for flattery, for attention, for the focus to be on oneself.

Thus in these cases it can be very difficult for other people to understand the feeling that generally all those with Pluto in Leo have
concerning the imbalance between their inner and outer. Others often experience these people as being unbearably self-seeking, self-
serving, craving for acknowledgement, praise, love, power and glory. Which in reality Pluto in 5th people often are but knowing why
does help to understand them at a deeper level. And all these manifestations are basically sideshows to the core of what Pluto in the 5th
is all about which is simply bringing the essence of what has formed inside, ones subjective sense of self, into visible expression in the
outside world in a creative way.

It is about discovering the power of creative expression, because if this self-expression is done for the joy of doing so (rather than from
compulsion) it can bring us directly in touch with our own consciousness, our inner light - where in our own unique way we are mirroring
the creativity of Source itself. This is the gift of Pluto in the 5th.

So all of this above is where Shaw is at on a Soul level, it is where his evolutionary focus has been in recent lives. And therefore this is
where he will pick up from and continue on from in this life.


While not always necessary when delineating a chart, as part of seeing how Shaw has gone about his evolutionary requirements in the
past, we will very briefly deepen our look at Pluto in his chart by looking at the South Node of Pluto - which is in his 6th house. The
SNode of Pluto is equivalent to the past of Pluto, showing what lead to the current Pluto being in the situation it is in.

The SNode of Pluto being in the 6th shows us that prior to his most recent lives, Shaws deepest evolutionary concerns were involving
self-improvement, service, humility, discrimination and purification. Through such things he was making big adjustments in his inner
world so as to transition from an essentially self-centred consciousness to a more socially aware consciousness, preparing for more
involvement in society with others in all areas generally. There would have been big focus on work in so many of its aspects, on health,
on analysis and synthesis. If the capacity, propensity and willingness to analyse inwardly and outwardly is under-developed 6th house
dynamics operate as crisis and mental angst until this is rectified, and becomes a progressive functioning in the individual. With the Pluto
SNode polarity point in the 12th this will have been achieved by learning to simplify and clarify ones mental process (6th) and
relationships with people and situations, and developing a holistic understanding of reality so that one can let go emotionally and trust in
an infinite universe, and its obviously infinite Creator. With the ruler of the Pluto SNode in Capricorn (Saturn) then actually being in this
12th house, and with almost exclusively harmonious aspects to it, we can see that Shaw has indeed probably mastered all those soul
lessons in previous lives. Much more can be done at this level, but even leaving it at that it is easy to see that this quick check of the pre-
Pluto indications in the chart can be very useful for clarifying the current condition of the Soul in this life.

Therefore we can factor into Shaws current soul condition a very possible deep mastery of 6th house issues. Given that he now is
involved at a soul level with the opposite kind of concern (self-enhancement) this would suggest that Shaw will not (initially anyway) be
so drawn into the difficulties with the grandioseness issues of the 5th house other factors may counteract that, but when we also
consider Shaws Pluto is at the end of the 5th house portraying a long journey through 5th house matters at a soul level is now
culminating, knowing about his prior mastery of 6th house issues suggests Shaw will not be overly troubled by the more difficult Pluto in
5th house issues in this life. And Shaws prior mastery of 6th house matters will also be interesting later on when looking at Chloes chart.


The next step in understanding how Shaw has gone about his evolutionary requirements in the past is to briefly look at Plutos aspects.
First of all, anything between Pluto and its ruler (Jupiter in 2nd, Virgo)? yes a bi-septile. Amongst other things this indicates key
interactions with others that will make him aware of who can help him to further fulfil his social responsibilities. We also have a close
new conjunction with the Moon, indicating that Shaw has recently attained to a new level of emotional independence. We know this
because a new cycle always comes after a previous cycle that has completed. We dont know yet what that level actually is, but we know
its new and that he will be making completely new choices when it comes to his self-image and emotional expression/conduct. Next,
oppositions to Venus and Mars show relating with others will be a big deal for Shaw firstly oppositions are always about engaging in
society with others, but added to that Venus and Mars are the socialising planets, so a double effect. A waxing trine to Mercury in the
10th, Aries shows Shaw will be a creative (trine) and independent (Aries) thinker within his career and regarding society matters (10th).

We move next to the Lunar SNode in the 4th in Scorpio. This reveals the way Shaw has been actualising himself (Pluto 5th). That the 4th
and Scorpio are a water house and water sign shows us this has largely been within the realm of his emotional body. With the Moons
SNode being in the 4th house Shaw has been working on developing emotional independence, and being in Scorpio digging deeply into
emotional issues, experiencing the actuality of his feelings would have inevitably been his natural approach to such issues. However the
4th house has Libra on the cusp (starts with Libra), so straight away we know where many of Shaws emotional issues will have originated
from within his relationships. This is a repeating theme initially seen with some of the aspects Shaw has to his Pluto in the 5th; Pluto
conjunct the Moon was about emotional dynamics, and the oppositions to Venus and Mars were about relating dynamics. These
repeating themes firm up the view that Shaws creative purpose (Pluto 5th) has been to initiate and use relationships (Libra), to help him
to penetrate and overcome his emotional (4th) and psychological (Scorpio) limitations (Scorpio).

Aspects to the Moons SNode show us what kinds of relationships these would have been; the SNode has relevant aspects reaching into
the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th houses. In other words many kinds of relationships - his relationship to himself and his metaphysical
learning (Jupiter in 2nd), with others at his work or whom he felt could teach him something (Moon in 6th/Sagittarius), with individuals
who intrigued him and/or who were in religious groups, or with people who seemed to be in touch with some awakened force within
that defied logical explanation (Neptune in 7th/Aquarius; Uranus in 8th Pisces), and with (Venus) anybody (Gemini) who promised him
salvation (12th), or who made him feel emotionally protected and safe from the whole world (Saturn in 12th/Cancer).

So now we know something about Shaws creative purpose, and the way or style in which he has projected that into his environment.
The next thing is to see in more detail the exact mechanics of how he has actually gone about achieving his purpose within the
framework he has created for himself to do that in. For this we look at the ruler of the Moons SNode, and this turns out to be Pluto
itself. Oh dear everything was reasonably ok up to this point. But why do I say this?

Well we need to step back a bit and recall what Pluto in the 5th is all about and what that entails. Its about actualising the sense of self
we have inside of us, which means bringing it out into our environment via our creative expression in whatever way is natural for the
individual. The sense such people have of themselves is generally well developed (full), and can sometimes be extremely well developed
(bloated). This, combined with the sense of special destiny conferred by the 5th house, can make it relatively easy for them to feel better,
higher or superior in some or many way(s) to others. And if taken to an extreme Pluto in the 5th can manifest as an individual literally
feeling they are on a mission from God with no need to ever consider anyone else other than themselves severe self-delusion. These
are the possible pitfalls of the Pluto in 5th evolutionary journey.

Thus its always significant how a Soul goes about its evolutionary growth, whether it does so in a way that avoids as much as possible
the worst pitfalls that can plague the particular evolutionary journey it is on any point in time, or otherwise. And we can tell this by the
condition of the SNode and its ruler. If the Moons SNode and ruler portray choices and pathways that steer the individual safely towards
the North Node location, and that of its ruler, and/or towards the Pluto polarity point (PPP) then the chances of the Soul falling foul of all
pitfalls built into its evolutionary journey at that point are correspondingly lessened.

But thats not the case here with Shaws SNode ruler being Pluto itself. This means there is a real possibility that extremely deep
resistance (Pluto) to following through with the Souls evolutionary requirements has occurred and this resistance is extremely deep -
at the level of the Soul itself. Why would this be the case? Well the SNode is meant to be used to help the Soul (Pluto) to fulfil its
karmic and evolutionary requirements, so ideally it will draw on areas of the individual and its life that can act to facilitate that (via its
ruler). But it doesnt draw on anything different to the Soul itself, just goes back to the Soul; the opportunity for facilitation via its ruler is
effectively lost. So in this case we need to see how much the SNode on its own is able to facilitate the growth.

Well with Shaw, if we remember, the SNode in large part simply repeated the themes we observed for the Soul emotional and
relationship dynamics. So energetically and experience wise we are basically going round in circles here. It is this that indicates that he is
stuck, really stuck, in a rut.

This could have come about for many reasons which will gradually reveal themselves. But an obvious starting point is within the 4th
house Scorpio SNode itself. This symbolises a deeply emotional family situation, and its quite possible that Shaws needs as a child have
never been met for lifetimes on end, simply because he has never been recognised for who he truly is by his parents and siblings a
classic Pluto or SNode in 4th house situation. Also with Scorpio involved there may have been incest or some other deep sexual issues
arise at some point that were hidden away (SNode sesquiquadrate Venus in the 12th), affecting the way Shaw listened (Venus) to himself,
possibly adopting a victim identity (12th) - waxing sesquiquadrate (humilation).

Regardless of how it has arisen however, Pluto ruling the SNode now puts a whole new slant on the actual condition of Pluto in his chart,
and everything associated with it that we have covered up to this point its aspects to other planets and the houses and signs they are
in; the house and sign of the SNode and its aspects to other planets and the houses and signs they are in. We can safely assume that in
recent lives the more unhealthy expressions of Pluto in the 5th had been manifesting that Shaw probably was (and no doubt probably
still is) very egocentric (5th), most likely obsessed (Pluto) with himself (Leo on ASC and on 2nd house with Jupiter in the 2nd all
expanding his self-interest, 5th house) and his own societal concerns and standing (Mercury in 10th). Pluto new conjunct the Moon could
easily have manifested as an emotional loner who instinctively used people, doing so by intentionally creating (5th) crisis (Moon 6th)
then sucking other people in (Venus and Mars opposite Pluto/Moon) with false cries for help, manipulating them into giving him
attention, love, and praise, all of which would be increasing his emotional power over them, and also his sense of power generally.

With the trines from the Pluto/Moon conjunction to Mercury in the 10th (the furthest reach one has into social position and status) it
would have been very easy for Shaw to have used his mental (Mercury) leadership (Aries) skills to serve only himself (Aries) and increase
the social (10th) focus he was able to create towards himself. At this point we can also see possible reasons why Shaw has become so
bogged down with the restrictive aspects (having a bloated ego) of Pluto in the 5th - Juno balsamic conjunction to Chiron in the 6th
suggests wounding (Chiron) as a result of failed relationship agreements (Juno) at the hands of the world (Capricorn), possibly having
developed sadistic (6th) tendencies in the process (seen by the fact Mercury is in new quarter square to these indicating crisis of
action, needing to prove (1st quarter square) himself to the world (10th) he isnt a failure (6th house) to compensate for the Chiron in
Capricorn pessimism and 6th house self-doubt.

Chiron also sesquiquadrates Jupiter in the 2nd Virgo which indicates past survival (2nd) crises (Virgo) are still festering in Shaw, survival
issues involving himself on a social level (the sequiquadrate is waning) and some kind of loss of face, possible public humiliation (Chiron
6th/Capricorn) may have happened in the past that is at the bottom of this (Mercury in the 10th (public) also rules Jupiter).

Obviously Shaw has worked out in recent lives that his easy ride is via public (Mercury in 10th) manipulation (to Pluto new conjunct
Moon) to satisfy his incessant cravings for attention, respect and love manipulation because its Pluto, easy because its a trine, doing
this is Shaws new emotional (Moon) response [hes going to get people to worship him if its the last thing he does]. Hes worked hard
at being seen to be publically successful as a massive cover up (and in his mind rectification) of the inner shame he feels at having been a

And to facilitate this huge avoidance of his actual issues of essentially of himself, the ruler of Mercury, Mars, is conjunct Venus, both in
the opposition to Pluto. And Mars also in balsamic conjunction to Saturn, both ruled by that Moon, also means they become complicit
with Plutos resistant motivations.

Saturn, the natural ruler of the 10th house, is comfortably located in the 12th house. Comfortably, because it has many easy aspects to
other points in the chart. It is also in something of a commanding position here, as these other points are in fact key points trine to the
SNode/sextile to the NNode, septile to the Sun, trine to Uranus, and sextile to Jupiter. Saturn structures our external world and our
internal psychological forms. Being here in the 12th (the intangible and non-visible) Shaw can hide his true motives and functioning from
most people, thus keeping his egocentric purposes and emotionally sadistical actions disguised (Saturn is in Cancer emotions, SNode in
4th Scorpio emotions, Pluto conjunct Moon - emotions).

Such would have been Shaws determination (Pluto in 5th means taking charge of ones life to create ones own destiny) to be as much at
the centre socially and politically (10th) for all the reasons discussed above, he would have started developing his entire 10th house
domain, in other words moving away from his 4th house home base (both literally and inwardly) where his SNode is, towards his NNode
in the 10th. And in doing so abandoning his SNode in the 4th which was abandoning his need to process his raw emotions honestly and
actually as a way of healing his hurt pride (Pluto 5th), and developing his emotional body and capacity to be emotionally independent.
And from this to actualise work that is true and healthy for him (Chiron in the 6th house showing the deep wounding he carries regarding
his work). He has obviously found it much easier to create a false life in the world that feeds his need for acknowledgement, respect and
power. But in doing this he has ended up developing his NNode before finishing with his SNode evolutionary necessities, and exactly here
the foundation for the skipped step is created.

But what has resulted from this skipped step? Well as above, Shaw has moved a long way from his true self on an emotional level. He is
harbouring a deeply wounded pride from a failure to survive personally, and failure to provide for family. He has experienced deep public
humiliation, and has since been in personal damage control mode. This has likely taken on a sadistic edge (6th 12th, plus Jupiter opp
Uranus in Virgo-Pisces) and Shaw has developed a sophisticated psychological labyrinth of smoke and mirrors so that he will never be
found out for who he truly is, while at the same time he has manoeuvred himself into positions socially that guarantee he will be central
and important, feeding his cavernous appetite for attention, and a perverted sense of revenge against society in general.

In essence Shaw is hiding from himself. But in the process he has also fooled himself, because in our relationships we need to be clear
emotionally as this is our inner rudder which informs us at a core level what we need to know concerning the people we are relating to,
and many of our needs within each relationship. But as Shaw has lost sight of himself inevitably that means he has also lost sight of all
the other individuals (7th) that come into his life. And we can see this with Neptune in his 7th house on a mundane level Neptune is
very often the great dissolver of definition and clarity, everything becoming murky and confusing. And Neptune is approaching a square
to his Nodal axis, showing is that this is the result of his skipped step his deep avoidance of himself on an emotional level.
The approaching square shows that these results of his skipped step are increasing in intensity, which will be putting the heat on him to
address these deep and vital issues in his life. Until he does he will not see people clearly, and just as he deceives others they will
deceive him. Already we can see that all this inner and outer deception has started to traumatise him, with the skipped step being in
Aquarius, and Uranus trining Saturn (the master of the deceptive processes) being in Pisces in the 8th more mist, confusion but also
deeper layers of deception regarding and in his relationships.

The ruler of his NNode, Venus, is in Gemini, which is capable of duplicitousness and also in the 12th. Venus is the function of listening to
ourselves and it closely quincunxes the wound (Chiron), opposes Pluto/Moon (the resistance to emotional honesty), sextiles Mercury in
the 10th (the social manoeuvres) and trines Neptune (the skipped step loss of clarity in relationships). All this is what Shaw hears now
when he listens (Venus) to himself his own propaganda (the skipped step of Neptune).


So how does Shaw progress? Well, briefly, he needs to be very, very careful. Lucifer is almost exactly conjunct his lunar NNode, so the
stakes are high, and he is vulnerable. He has stopped listening to others as he doesnt trust them anymore too many deceits and shocks
(Uranus in 8th in Pisces). He has also stopped listening to himself. The resolution node is the SNode in the 4th in Scorpio he must go
back and reclaim him emotions by facing them as they are, instead of avoiding them at all costs. He needs to experience his emotions
not suppress them, and take responsibility for them. As he does so he will be able to correspondingly take responsibility for his whole life
(NNode in the 10th).

He must also reach wholeheartedly to the PPP (11th house/Gemini) and it is obvious he has this intention as his Sun is stationed at the
beginning of the house, forcing him to focus there. He needs to start to objectify (11th) his situation by integrating himself into society
(11th). As he grows older he will need to start listening to the many different viewpoints (Gemini) that exist in his society, and link his
need to develop emotionally with corresponding vehicles and functions in society. But all this will come later he is only young.

Chloe's Mars in Leo squares Shaws Nodes, which reflects her competitiveness with him in the context I was referring to.


the core skipped step, Neptune, was approaching the exact square position to the lunar nodal axis, and that this would be intensifying in
Shaw's evolutionary journey.

The nodes are at 11 degrees so the exact square point for Neptune is also at 11 degrees (of Aquarius). However Neptune is at 15 degrees
and its movement is towards the end of Aquarius (increasing in degree), while the nodes, whose mean (overall) movement is retrograde
around the zodiac, are moving backwards towards the beginning of Scorpio and Taurus respectively (decreasing in degree).
Therefore Neptune has already moved 4 degrees past the exact square point, so it's not approaching it's moving away from exact. This
alters things as it shows that the Soul is actually past the critical crux of the skipped step and has obviously been through the peak
intensity of facing it, and is now hopefully integrating whatever it came to previously in it's evolutionary journey when it was at the exact
square point.

This does actually fit a bit better to what we know too. Correct me anyone if I'm wrong but it seems Shaw is not always struggling with
attention issues etc, it more becomes a problem when someone else is shining...? If that is so, then it would indicate that he has
managed to build at least some inner stability for himself.

Looking at the Sun's position (which is always very telling concerning the Soul's assessment of itself) - being in Taurus shows an intention
to be self-reliant generally, and it's in a new conjunction to the North Node again suggesting the Soul wants to do things differently now
(try new ways of being). And as mentioned before the Sun is at the beginning of the house where Pluto's polarity point is - the 11th
house. And it is at the Sun that we are our most conscious so this means Shaw will naturally always be in an 11th house space.

Plus considering that the skipped step has passed it's peak intensity for the Soul, all this adds up to suggest that in very recent lives Shaw
has had some insight, at least, into the reality of his situation. That he has seen the need to help himself (Sun in Taurus), and to try (Sun
new conjunction moon's NNode) to be less self-obsessed (Sun in 11th).
"This does actually fit a bit better to what we know too. Correct me anyone if I'm wrong but it seems Shaw is not always struggling with
attention issues etc, it more becomes a problem when someone else is shining...? If that is so, then it would indicate that he has
managed to build at least some inner stability for himself. "

The root issue within his Soul that is the root of the skipped steps is his desire/ need to be the center of attention which is then
reflected when someone else is shinning. Jealousy is then the result.
I did a reading for Shaw and his mom this past weekend, and he was just so mature and present for a twelve year old boy. You can see
this with his nodal axis, as well as Saturn forming a balsalmic conjunction to his Mars.

This is a short summary of our time together. I had 3 points I wanted to cover, simple teachings that would help Shaw objectify his life
and his feelings so he can grow beyond this place he has continued to get stuck. Neptune has moved beyond the square so it is waning as
Upasika shared in his additional post, and I did witness some visible awareness in himself, and the desire to heal and grow.

I started the reading this way, sharing with him that he chose this life, this family, and that his Soul even knew his sister was coming
through at some point. That what he is experiencing right now are dynamics that did not play out so well in the the past, that it is an
opportunity to get it right this time. All Souls pick up where they left off and ALL SOULS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE REALITY THEY

God is not picking on you by giving you this sister who pushes your buttons, that you are meant to grow through this feeling of turmoil,
we cannot skip steps. Its like being given a second chance. I felt him exhale long and slow. I could feel that he understood. He then said, "I
am trying harder to be nice. "

I was careful not to use the word feeling like a victim when helping him understand his tripping points, Neptune square the Nodes,
because I was concerned he might check out. I felt it was too strong a word in that time and space. But I stressed the fact that all Souls
always create what they need to grow and evolve, that we are all broken and we all have things we are working through, not just him.

When considering his Pluto/Moon conjunction, the Moon being in the 6th, asking him this simple question, "If you could wake up
tomorrow and your life would be perfect, what would it look like? What would you change if you could?" I was half expecting him to say
that he would be an only child, that his sister would have never been born.

But he said these words, No mistakes.

1. No One is Perfect

I could feel those words carry a reverberation from his past knowing he has pushed things too far with Mars balsamic to Saturn in Cancer
in the 12th opposing the Moon in the 6th. He has shared with his mother that if his sister wasn't around, he would never get in trouble.

But this also stems from having parents in other lives whose love was conditional, who only loved him when his performance was perfect
or when he lived up to their expectation of perfection, which never happened, because who could ever be perfect? Or perhaps if he
made no mistakes, then the sister would never become the center of attention when she shined more than he did. There was deep pain
and grief in his eyes.

I spent some time talking about the fact that all Souls are in a state of becoming, that no one is perfect, nor will we ever be. That not
even God is perfect. His eyes grew big and round and he smiled. I asked him this simple JWG question. How can a perfect something
create something imperfect? It isn't possible. That we are all God expressing itself out here in the world and we all make mistakes. It is
also about forgiving our past and doing our best in the moment, to make new choices when those old ugly angry feelings arise. At the
end of the day, all any Soul can ever do is their best, and in God's eyes that will always be more than enough.
With his Moon in the 6th, the ruler of his Saturn, Mars, in Cancer, he will always be his own worst critic and enemy. Also that this mom in
this life, loves him unconditionally and wants nothing more than for him to love himself this way too.

I asked him what makes him happy. I just loved his response.
He said, My dog.

I followed with, What is it about your dog that makes you happy?
Shaw said, "she is always happy, happy to see me, and she loves pets and cuddles."

I then said, And she loves you no matter what,right? She does not care if you make mistakes, she loves you just as you are."

Shaw replied, "Yes, no matter what.

Shaw has a Moon in Sagittarius in the 6th, an animal lover at heart without question. Also because of his own nature, the strong 12th
house, his instant recognition of an animal's innocence and pure emotion, who wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

SO after we spoke for a while about this, I asked him what he learned from what has been shared so far? He said

No one is perfect."

2. Everyone Else's reality is equal to His Own

I stressed the importance of respecting each other's natures, understanding that every Soul is different, and has different needs in any
given moment. Also how good it feels when we can offer that love and respect to others knowing it is what they need, and when we do
this, they will naturally want to extend this love and respect in return.

I said there is a cosmic law that says 'what you put out comes back', or 'every action has an opposite reaction', and he said, Karma.? I
said, "Bingo." That it is a very simple law to understand, how you can witness it before you eyes while it is happening at times. However,
if a choice is made in this moment to hurt another, it may not come back in the next moment with the other person striking back, it could
happen the next day and it could come back to bite you from someone you really love or care about. Everything comes back around.

He shared that things have been better lately that he has been showing his sister more love and affection and that it made him feel really
good because he knew it made her feel good. I shared too that when he shows his sister love, it's like the Sun coming out inside of her.
That he knows this for himself when someone is showing him this kind of love. He agreed ~ they both have Pluto in the 5th.

3. Dance Like No One is Watching."

Life is an inside out process and the more any Soul connects within itself, in Shaw's case, finding the music within, or connecting to God
in his own natural way, the more that life outside himself will naturally fall into place.

I shared the power of being able to access that place of inner joy while dancing or performing whether someone is watching or not,
whether there is a packed house or nothing but empty seats. It's about connecting to something larger than himself, and that place
within, the music within for Shaw equals true freedom.

That this journey is about creating an inner space of security, confidence and self love regardless of what is happening on the outside,
that his state of being becomes not dependent on whether or not something is watching or applauding, or what someone else thinks
about him, but a result of the world he has created within himself.

Resolutions - It's time for a Change!

Transting Uranus in Aries, the ruler of his Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th, his skipped step, is conjunct his natal Mercury in Aries in the
10th house. I shared that he is experiencing a very powerful and rare 84 year energetic trend where he can experience a freeing
breakthrough relative to his sister, that he can change the way he sees/understands things, objectifying himself and his actions, learning
the art of response versus reaction, the choice that will lead to an outcome that he would far prefer ie not getting 'in trouble'.

The transiting South Node in Pisces his conjunct his natal Uranus in the 8th house, energizing Soul change and a breaking free from the
trauma of the past. Making new choices in the face of old feelings. So when he gets triggered by his sister, he stops in that moment when
he feels the charge, he removes himself, and thinks about the best way to move forward so the same skip in the record does not keep

Shaw said,
SO you mean I can change?
and I said, Yep, right now. You can change for the better. And the fact that you are sitting here at the age of 12, says one heck of a lot
about you and about your mom ~ bravo!
I reminded him, "You are in charge of your choices and your actions in any moment, and these choices will dictate how it all goes,
whether you fuel love or whether you fuel the anger." Sharing too this quote from Yogananda, that Anger blots out God. I reminded
him that it is natural to feel anger when you have been pushed too far, but its what you do with that anger that has caused you
tremendous pain and remorse. If you feed that anger especially when it is directed at another to harm them, that this anger will eclipse
anything good. In this instance, nobody wins. You have the power to improve your life in a blink and in any given moment. The change is
up to you.

I asked him too what he would change in his life is he could. He said, More positivity. Transiting Jupiter is in his 4th house now in Libra,
an wonderful time to elevate his outlook and to offer immediate results of how his positive emotion can improve his family environment,
but it will require giving up old patterns and reactions, and understanding that it is up to him to clear the old negative space, emotions
such as anger and jealousy, in order to make room for something that benefits everyone. So I spoke to this trend, that Jupiter will ask him
to clear some negative space, anger is like a virus in a computer, it can mess with your whole life. So yes, it is a perfect time for some
positive change, but it is up to you to make it happen."

I shared in close
The more you grow on the Inside, the more your LIGHT shines. People will naturally be drawn to your light. But to grow on the inside
because it makes you stronger within, and to let that light shine whether or not someone is watching and whether anyone notices or

For Shaw

Two Wolves
A Cherokee Legend

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, jealousy arrogance, self-pity, guilt,
resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity,
humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you - and inside
every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."


To accept the responsibility of his own actions, instead of feeling victimized by the circumstances he has created. Within this a major
intention, and the core of resolving his skipped steps, IS LEARNING OVER AND OVER THAT OTHER PEOPLES REALITIES, NEEDS, ARE EQUAL
TO HIS OWN. In this way he will then learn to see others for who they actually are versus his subjective projections upon them that
server to trigger all of his old and existing psychological reactions to them. In this way, he will then learn how to LISTEN TO OTHERS in
such a way as to actually understand them for who they are, and, in this way, give to others what they actually need versus what he
thinks they need from within the prism of his own subjective reality. In these way he will then utterly metamorphose his inner
relationship to himself, relate to himself in these new ways. And, in these ways, he will evolve into new ways to feel secure within
himself: the 4th House resolution Node.

The Mars/Saturn in Cancer in the 12th directly correlates with the root/ essence of the skipped steps relative to the N.Node in the 10th
that also has that Mercury in Aries within it: ruled by that Mars/Saturn conjunction. This is all about accepting the responsibility in his
own actions versus feeling victimized by that which is Soul has created. And that feeling victimized of course then extends into the
projections upon just about anyone including his family members. There is a great deal in all of these symbols that directly correlate to
the specifics of any given life, the circumstances of what he has created in the past coming into the current life. Yet, right now, it is
important to try to understand the core evolutionary and karmic dynamics, the roots of it all, more than what those specific
circumstances may or may not have been.

Within this to understand the nature of his expectations that are projected upon others, and well as they are projected upon himself. In
other lives the nature of these expectations has caused him to, at times, to terminate relationships with others when those expectations
were not met, caused him to project negative judgments on others that were very hurtful, and expectations upon himself that have
caused him to stop doing something that he really wanted to do, or a way to be. Skipped steps have occurred when he stoped himself
from doing something he wanted to do, or a way of being. They have also occurred by way of other people whom he projected
expectations that lead to the termination of relationships with those others.

Other skipped steps include recreating key relationships with family members, intimate others, certain friends from past lives, and
relationships that were created as a function of his professional lives. They also include learning how to receive the help of others
without projecting ulterior motives upon them when in fact no such motives exist. They include integrating his inner male and female
into an androgenous whole that also manifests in his choices for intimate others: others who are also androgenous by nature. Thus,the
roles within his intimate relationships become natural versus conditioned: the rigid roles of male and female. Within this then the
skipped step lesson wherein the roles of each are equal, their needs are equal, and their individual lives together are equal: not whose is
most important.

He also has intense emotional and sexual issues and dynamics from other lifetimes that we have not yet discussed. The link to these
issues and skipped steps correlate to repeating key relationships with others in prior lives, including family members, in which these
dynamics and issues took place.
Shaws chart

I have not followed this thread as closely as Id like, and have only read some of the most recent comments, but I get such a strong
sense of this young man that I had to ask if theres any credibility to what I see?

This is one of the most heavily traumatized young persons charts that Ive ever seen. It looks to me that he is simply trying to survive,
this lifetime. I flashed on a past life in which conditions were bleak and the environment was severe, harsh and cold. It seemed like
native people trying to live off the land like the wild creatures (Pluto moon in Sagittarius), and at times, fighting for survival. But these
very same conditions and creatures will become his greatest teachers if he can overcome internal fear, judgment, and self-imposed guilt.

I perceive past-life conditions in which a younger sibling was born, everyone could not be fed / protected, and it eventually caused the
demise of both the younger infant and her mother and father, in the process. I see survivor guilt in the Pluto moon 5th to 6th house
signature, and someone who is drawing upon that experience this lifetime, in attempts to face and heal the trauma.

I think that he might be (current life) petrified that the presence of his sister would cause the weakening of his parents, and he blames
himself for feelings of resentment toward her.

I see guilt at being born, at having a loving family, guilt of fearing the arrival of a sibling, and guilt of feeling the need to be the center
of attention, just in order to survive.

Leo rules the 2nd house and its ruler is in Taurus in the 11th. Taurus is the nature of all life forms to survive. It looks to me that he has
returned to the house of unresolved trauma to face the music and try to heal the trauma. His sun is inconjunct the Pluto moon,
causing him to freeze at the prospect of past-life memory work. The need for comfort, security and hiding would be so overwhelming it
would nearly paralyze him.

The Pluto polarity point is certainly a saving grace the opportunity to renew and liberate the mind by stepping out of his comfort
zone and letting go of his parents hands, however temporarily.

Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th would require the reassurance and unconditional love of the S.N. in Scorpio, 4th house in order to
liberate from the misplaced fear and guilt that he projects on others.

I see the theme of the need for self love, self actualization and self forgiveness (whether it is founded or not) repeating with Leo on
the 2nd house cusp the desire to know himself as beautiful, worthy and complete in the eyes of Father/Mother God, and the Pluto
moon signature in the 5th and 6th his souls yearning to move beyond survivors guilt and reclaim the right to be here, now.

It seems that his natal Pluto, retrograde, separating from his moon, only amplifies the feelings of despair, isolation and abandonment
that he must have experienced in an earlier life, but he is learning not to feel guilty for wanting to live, even though he may have
witnessed the death of his loved ones.

Uranus in Pisces in the 8th house of death, rebirth and metamorphosis is the ruler of Neptune and such a strong psychic wound. I
think he will come to see the natural order of things, and the beauty and re-creation in nature in this lifetime, that will replace his fear of
the natural world and the cycle of death and rebirth. It opposes Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd and he will learn not to judge himself so
harshly and renew his mind. No one deserves to suffer.

With Neptune on its own S.N., I feel that Shaw will be able to work with the realms of animals, the natural world, and music in order
to align the consciousness of others with the mysteries of creation that are self evident (via that Sagittarius moon) and to, ultimately,
not fear the natural processes or changes of lifes renewals, but instead, to revel in the beauty of the moment. He has quite a brave and
prominent Mercury placement for doing so what a bright light!

Lastly, the Venus / Mars / Saturn stellium in Gemini / Cancer looks pretty tough, but if he can wade into those emotional waters once
more, and venture loving those closest to him again (especially his sister) he will ultimately be agreeing to step into the shoes that his
father once wore when he had to make impossible decisions, and realize that a parents love always forgives, and always outlives death.
I wanna see this kid fly!

I realize Ive skimmed some of the previous material, but this was so strong, I had to post it. I think all of your comments are amazing
and thank you for this opportunity to share.
nature of the skipped steps in Shaw's sister: Choe.

Her Pluto is also in the 5th House, just like Shaw's.

We need to identify the root issues/ dynamics in her Soul like we have for Shaw.
So we will start with that 5th House Pluto in Capricorn: identify the aspects to it that all contribute to he Soul structure. Then we need to
examine her S.Node in Cancer in the 12th, that is then ruled by her Moon in Aquarius in the 7th that is conjunct Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune,
and is conjunct her S.Node of Neptune, and also the asteroid Eros.

These are all trine her Mercury/ Venus in Libra yet those very planets are square the S.Node, and also her N.Node in Capricorn in her
6th House: her skipped steps. That N.Node is ruled by her Saturn in Virgo in her 2nd, that Saturn is then square her natal Pluto, yet also
trine that N.Node. That Saturn is also opposed her natal Uranus in Pisces in her 8th, and that Uranus is the ruler of all those planets/
asteroids in Aquarius in her 7th.

A real KEY is understanding all of this is to examine her natal Pluto and it's inconjunct aspect to Mars in Leo in the 5th, and to see that
that 5th House Pluto rules her S.Nodes of Mars, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio in her 4th House. Within that 4th House of course is her
natal Sun in Scorpio conjunct asteroid Ceres, ruled by that same 5th House Pluto, and square that Mars in Leo in the 12th. This key
correlates to the incredible inner intensity within her Soul, her emotional and psychological needs, desires, to be the center of attention
within her family structures, and the degree of intensity that correlates to competing with her family members, especially siblings, Venus
in the 3rd squaring her Nodes, and how that competing has created and lead to the skipped steps with those family members, and the
root cause of her own skipped steps beyond those family members. The underlying issue within this KEY is to see the tremendous degree
of REPEATING dynamics over and over.

So allow yourself to see this evolutionary and karmic structure in her birth chart: the whole of it. Within that whole then allow yourself
to understand and see all the individual and specific dynamics that have all added up to that whole equally her personal / soul skipped
steps, and how that personal and soul skipped steps have manifested her her family structures. A key in this is to determine WHY her
soul has created this need/ desire to be the center of attention, the need for almost constant acclaim.

Remember the value is in the effort. Keep it as simple as you need too. The value is in the effort. Only compare what you do in this EA
work TO YOURSELF AND NO ONE ELSE. Kristin and I will work with all of you not matter what your current degree of understanding is.
This is simply and opportunity to learn, to evolve your natural capacities. And as you do so you are not only helping your own soul, but all
others that you wish to help as well.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th Square to Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd

and Pluto inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 12.

Pluto in the 5th= the person desires to be the center of the

Universe and has a mentality that the world revolves around
them in some way?

Pluto in Capricorn= restriction or conditions maturation

responsibility karma?

Pluto Capricorn Square Saturn Virgo=The transformation of

those same restrictions conditions maturation and karma,
adding the Virgo archetype learning humility and services to

Pluto Capricorn Inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 12th= A karmic

readjustment of ones own power center, a restriction of ones
own egocentric identity?
This is really not the approach we want to take. First, EA is all about WHY versus descriptions of something. In essence the why of what
common astrology simply describes without that why. The statements you made are descriptive in nature. The descriptions you made, as
simple as they are, are more or less accurate but are meaningless without the why of the whole in which they are taking place.

The whole signature that I presented yesterday for her, the KEYS, correlate to the root evolutionary and karmic dynamics, that correlate
with her skipped steps, and why. For example, the 5th House Pluto in Capricorn squaring her Saturn in the 2nd House Virgo correlates
with a Soul who had come through fathers who were very critical of her, fathers that damaged her inner relationship to herself, the
damage manifesting as a deep inner sense of emptiness, of never being 'good enough' no matter what she did or accomplished and so
on. Such fathers themselves would be typically very powerful figures who were successful in whatever it is that they were doing, and
would expect all to revolve around them.

The reason or WHY her Soul created that was to learn a core self reliance: the 2nd House Saturn. Just one example of the WHY here. The
problem is that when a soul is a child, young, they don't have the capacity to understand that why. Typically then this leads to displaced
emotions of childhood, her Saturn in opposition to Uranus in Pisces in her 8th, that manifests as her Soul becomes ever older. And on of
those manifestations would be just like these father types: the need to be the center of attention, to have constant feedback from others
of just how wonderful or special she is.
EA is a prism of the soul's evolution through time. As such it does allow for the understanding and awareness of cause and affect within
the soul's dynamics equaling how and why it manifests this or that dynamic, orientation to life itself, at any point in time.

Pluto in Capricorn can translate to so many things as you say the depth of that archetype is vast and of course it can mean more than
Father figures but in Chloe's case the clue to understanding that is that the south node of Mars, Mercury and Venus is in Scorpio in the
4th house, a powerful parental figure a Father figure with Pluto in Capricorn?

Yes, and the inconjunct from Pluto to Mars in Leo as well as that also is square the Sun, itself sextile to that Pluto, and
the S.Nodes of Mercury and Mars.

in Chloe's chart her skipped steps being Mercury and Libra in the 3rd and 4th house has to do with how she is relating to others, her
family based on her past experiences with powerful father figures?"

"How she sees herself and others and her need to be the center of attention and acclaimed in some way? She is learning balance in
relating with others, how she needs love and attention and when to give and receive love as well as as she is learning how her
orientation to those is about her own self worth"outside of others?

Also how do we decern that the south node of Mars Mercury and Venus being in Scorpio and her Sun in Scorpio in the 4th has to to with
another and not herself, meaning when I was looking at those I was thinking that she herself could have been this powerful figure with in
the family?

Is this about linking that to Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 12 as well Mars in Leo is Square the Sun in Scorpio
in the 4th is linked to the Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd oppose Uranus in Pisces in the 8th? that feeling of persecution is based on another
specifically powerful father figures where she felt persecuted in some way?

The feeling of being persecuted is symbolized by the S.Node in the 12th/ N.Node in the 6th square Venus/Mercury, the Aquarius planets
conjunct the S.Node of Neptune, Pluto in Cap in 5th square Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd opposed the Uranus in Pisces in the 8th. And that
feeling goes beyond just her biological fathers in other lifetimes: it includes other family members, mothers as well, relationships of all
kinds including friends.

Also whenever I am looking at a connection to the Cancer/Capricorn axis being strong in a chart am I going to start thinking about
parental figures immediately? Then if that is linked with a strong Libra archetype that it has to do with how one is relating to themselves
and others based on parental figures?
root of Chloe's skipped step is to be related to her evolutionary need to re-live lessons of learning emotional intelligence - to learn how
to be in relationship with family members (and by extension, society), as an equal, and to learn to objectively listen to others, to learn to
express herself and her own individuality through interacting with others in a more objective, truthful and respectful way. This would
involve breaking free from the expectations and conditioning of her parent(s) in order to arrive at a realization of who she really is,
someone who is defining themselves from the inside out as opposed from the outside in. This is why she has created circumstances in
this life with key people through which she can finally learn how to be in relationships as an equal, to learn to emotionally mature and
not be vicarious extensions of parent(s) with unrealistic expectations. She also needs to initiate an inner dialogue with herself based on
critical self-examination.

With Pluto in the 5th House in Capricorn, Chloe has been learning lessons of creative actualization, and how to incorporate and establish
that purpose within the family environment (and society at a later date). As a child, Chloe's self expression has been heavily conditioned
by the expectations of her parent(s), and the society she has been born into. As Rad pointed out, Chloe has had powerful, successful
fathers who have been critical of her, and have expected things to revolve around them. With father figures like that, a child with this
Pluto placement would have a hard time uncovering their natural (Saggitarius/Fifth House) sense of inner authority. So, in effect, she
stops emotionally maturing. In order to get the attention, love and admiration she needs, she emotionally manipulates those in her
home environment and competes for the attention and admiration of others. Chloe's south node of the Moon is in the 12th house in
Cancer inconjunct the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th. She has experienced emotional crises involving disillusionment, disappointment and
disintegration as she tries to know herself apart from the influence of her parent(s). She has experienced extreme emotional fracturing
and detachment from her emotional body. The displaced emotions have been projected onto others, with unrealistic expectations and
an inability to connect emotionally in a healthy, equal way. This has all been necessary as she must try to align herself with a sense of
self that is natural and truthful.

With Saturn in Virgo in a waning square to Pluto, mental/emotional crises have occurred as questions of why her father is acting that way
towards her will surface in her consciousness. Chloe must face questions of whether she is living out her parents' desires for her, or if she
working to establish her own inner value system and resources. Taking practical steps to establish an inner relationship with herself will
help fill the hole she feels within. If we look deeper into why Chloe has attracted these circumstances, we can see that she may have
been in a position of authority with the same family members in prior life or lives. The father she has attracted being a reflection of how
she was in a prior life or lives, maybe expecting her own children (now in different roles in this life) to be vicarious extensions of herself,
including values, beliefs and lifestyles.

Pluto in the 5th in Capricorn square Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd and inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 12th, South Node in Cancer in the 12th,
North Node in the sixth in Capricorn, can indicate a necessary self-examination and humility as she comes to terms with how she has
been acting out, wanting to be the center of attention and why she is critical of others when they want some attention and why she feels
she has to compete for attention. She must uncover the real, natural origin of her creative impulse, take responsibility for it, and make
necessary adjustments in order to make realistic goals and channel those desires in a sustained way to become her own inner authority
in whatever direction she chooses.

Chloe's South Node, the resolution node to the skipped step, is trine Uranus in Pisces in the 8th House. This would indicate an
awareness and opportunity to liberate from old patterns of identity association, the conditioning patterns of parent(s) and society, and
interacting with people through displaced emotions. This would also include liberation from conditioning patterns based on past-life
memories. By adopting an attitude of co-operation she can work to embrace her unique identity and by extension accept the unique
identity of others. There is an inconjunct from Uranus in Pisces in the 8th House to the Sun in Scorpio in the 4th and Mercury in Libra in
the 4th. Chloe will experience crises as she works to adjust her orientation to relationships once deconditioning takes place. She will
need to liberate from fears of betrayal and emotional abandonment. In doing this she can learn trust herself.

Chloe has Venus in Libra in the 3rd House which is trine Jupiter and the Moon in Aquarius in the 7th House. The Moon is the ruler of her
South Node which is also the resolution node. Chloe is probably quite charming, easy going and natural in the presence of others,
(belying the fact that she is emotionally traumatized) having curiosity about other people and being able to talk to them with ease. She
understands this, and the trine would suggest that she is comfortable with others and has good friendships with an equal give and take.
That is not to say she does not still want to be the center of attention, but that desire is less emotionally charged with friends. If Chloe
approaches an inner relationship and dialogue with herself where she detaches from old emotional patterns of identification and
expression, with the understanding she is not superior or inferior to others, and they are not inferior or superior to her, she can perhaps
start the healing process of that skipped step. Treating other family members as friends would be a good path to take in helping balance
relationship dynamics .
Aspects from Pluto (5th, Capricorn) - square to Saturn (2nd, Virgo), inconjunct Mars (Leo, 12th), sextile Mercury/Sun (4th,

Aspects to Nodal Axis (12th/6th, Cancer/Capricorn) - sextile Uranus (Pisces, 8th), square Mercury (Libra, 4th)

Personal value structures (Saturn) must evolve in order to transform creative self-expression into something utilizable to the collective
(Pluto). There's a feeling of safety, and an ability to convince others of her rightness in the struggle to exist (Sun/Mercury), yet this
doesn't seem to utilize the connection to Source energy implicit in her chart (Mars). There is a great potential, when she learns to
acknowledge the importance of her own value system when juxtaposed with the value systems of others.

Identifying with this sense of security, and therefore limiting the potential for growth through action and a recognizing for value
structure to indeed transform (North Node, ruler). The ego structure of the past has a habit of using the needs of others simply as a
way to paint her own needs as more important, therefore attracting attention to herself (South Node, ruler). Regarding the skipped
step (Mercury), there is healing in recognizing the different needs, and comradely between the variety of value systems that people
have. Rather than seeing her own structure of survival as the fulcrum to existence, she can learn respect the diverse needs of all
beings. She can integrate her talents for self-expression and her innate awareness of the other to help build bridges between people,
and our common need to have our voices heard.
Chloe's Pluto is conjunct the South Node of Jupiter. And altho Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn it is still in the 5th and here the cusp of
5th belongs to Saggitarius and its ruler Jupiter.
So looking towards Jupiter for clues on Soul structure we find that it is conjunct Moon in the 7th.
Moon here rules the 12th cusp; rules her South Node and hence Soul's recent expertise may have been in this area. To me this shows
a Soul that has an abundance(Jupiter) of deep intuitive(Moon) skills in unveiling hidden(12th) truths. Jupiter also speaks of right-brain
This conjunction being in the 7th may show that Soul can intuit the intentions of "others" in its experience long before they even
interact with it. This conjunction is in opposition to Vesta in the 1st... perhaps showing how the pain of knowing something not yet
manifested in relationships would have driven her to focus on, her own self, and strategies to hold center-stage(Leo). That is why,
maybe, the Soul is constantly garnering attention to itSelf.. to distract itself from the disturbing truths it intuits in others - which
ultimately cannot be other than its own and needs to be brought to light.
Perhaps the Skipped Step in the 3rd house shows that she has failed to communicate her own inner values and principles(Venus) to
others for fear of accusations of being pressumptuous. Becoz she would have been speaking based on intuitive hunches and not
necessarily what had already transpired in actual interactions. Venus is also ruling Mercury in the 4th.. showing skipped/neglected
emotion-centered communications
I feel this Soul would benefit from some kind of reflective writing practice. 3rd lord Venus is strong in Libra and also trining the
Jupiter^Moon conjunction. Since Moon rules the resolution node, its trine to Venus could indicate that 3rd house activities could help
towards actualizing the Moon's role in completing SNode's tasks. Feels like indications of philosophically nurturing and poetic
writings. This way she can express anything at all that she intuits without coming across as paranoid or delusional. Honouring and
exposing her own feelings regarding the world mirrored to her, will help her understand, love and eventually fall back on her own
strong and reliable(Capricorn) Soul. Venus also rules the 4th cusp.. so writing could also support and nourish her inner sanctuary..
making her feel more comfortable within her own pillars of sustenance and less needy of external reassurances.

For many lives Chole has been learning the lesson of being equal among others.The core desire that drives this soul is specialness
as defined by society - Pluto 5th capricorn.This specialness as defined by mainstream society can be expressed in many ways.But
since north node is in 6th capricorn along with a skipped step she may not have succeed in being in that special level as defined by
society.In such a case the core desire may have being acted out by being in relation with a special one or it may have been
projected on to childrens - south node in cancer 12 th.

Since Mars is in leo 12 th the core desire has been projected on to children - dreaming and imagining that children may fulfill their
desire . Chole may have used her authority within home to train her children so that they acquire specialness within the society
based on her desire- Pluto 5th capricorn square saturn virgo 2nd.And within this dynamics she may have induced strong
competition ( Care and love the one who perform well) b/w her children so that they reach that specialness she has project on -
South node 12th in cancer ,ruler of South node Moon in Aquarius 7th,Venus libra 3rd and saturn virgo 2nd square pluto 5th
capricorn.Also uranus 8th pisces opposite saturn virgo 2nd.This dynamics of inducing competition is very much part of her soul
structure that she is completely blind with the delusive way of treating her children - Neptune Jupiter conjunct moon in 7th
Aquarius. With South node of neptune there it looks like the soul haven't learn much from the past.This may be the reason chole
at an young age have to face with a brother who cannot tolerate her for who she is - a reflection of circumstance she herself
created to her childern.

This dynamics of conditioned loving based on discrimination would have created difficult dynamics with and b/w children .With
Mars 12th leo inconjunct pluto 5th capricorn chole would have experienced disillusion from childrens as some of them would not
have performed to the level she had projected.Within this resistance from children have also added to her humility.All this
dynamics may have induced objectivity about her feel of specialness,where they come from? and thus may have touched her true
emotional body beyond social define structure of specialness - pluto polarity 11th cancer.

Skipped Step for chloe ,as mentioned above ,looks like is about her approach to relation within family that is based on conditioned
loving through discriminating (critical) others and thus keeping her feel special and in control of others - venus in 3rd libra and
mercury in 4th libra also pluto 5th capricorn square Saturn in Virgo 2nd.Since this dynamics is within family ,in the past, it was
mainly projected on to her children ;who cannot easily understand what is going on.Guilt is what usually gets induced through this
discrimination - as human beings are not perfect,one can catch some fault in others so that you can have control over other .

The resolution node ,south node in 12th cancer relative to Venus 3rd in Libra and mercury 4th in Libra as skipped step plus Pluto
5th Capricorn,is to see others beyond social specialness and projection especially thosewithin family and care them
unconditionally based on what they need.This will help her see objectively the nature of her emotion and thus to express it in a
more creative way that is of some service to society.
in Chloe's chart her skipped steps being Mercury and Libra in the 3rd and 4th house has to do with how
she is relating to others, her family based on her past experiences with powerful father figures?"
Powerful father figures who were highly critical of her that were themselves utterly narcissistic. The
nature of this psychological abuse created a deep soul wounding that left her feeling worthless. This is
one of the causes: not all.

"How she sees herself and others and her need to be the center of attention and acclaimed in some way?
She is learning balance in relating with others, how she needs love and attention and when to give and
receive love as well as as she is learning how her orientation to those is about her own self worth"outside
of others?"
On going skipped steps: yes.

Also how do we decern that the south node of Mars Mercury and Venus being in Scorpio and her Sun in
Scorpio in the 4th has to to with another and not herself, meaning when I was looking at those I was
thinking that she herself could have been this powerful figure with in the family?
Yes, but even then she was utterly self centered.

"Is this about linking that to Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 12 as well Mars in
Leo is Square the Sun in Scorpio in the 4th is linked to the Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd oppose Uranus in
Pisces in the 8th? "
Linking what exactly ?

"that feeling of persecution is based on another specifically powerful father figures where she felt
persecuted in some way?"
The feeling of being persecuted is symbolized by the S.Node in the 12th/ N.Node in the 6th square
Venus/Mercury, the Aquarius planets conjunct the S.Node of Neptune, Pluto in Cap in 5th square Saturn
in Virgo in the 2nd opposed the Uranus in Pisces in the 8th. And that feeling goes beyond just her
biological fathers in other lifetimes: it includes other family members, mothers as well, relationships of
all kinds including friends.

"Also whenever I am looking at a connection to the Cancer/Capricorn axis being strong in a chart am I
going to start thinking about parental figures immediately? Then if that is linked with a strong Libra
archetype that it has to do with how one is relating to themselves and others based on parental figures?"
Generally, yes.

Her need and sense to be special, the center of attention, is also rooted in other lifetimes in which her Soul was in fact considered
special, like an icon, by others and society itself. This occurred because of her innate talents manifesting in various types of careers:
music and art for example. Fame in this way happened. Her Soul then became addicted to this need to feel special as a result, the
constant need to be the center of attention.

She would then expect her children to worship her soul in this way: because of. What you said about projecting on her children in the
way that you did is quite true. She would also favor some children over other children.

She has also come into families in other lives that were very powerful in the context of the countries they lived in which she would
inherit that social position from them. Her own families would then then then be raised in the context of the inherited positions she
received from her own parents. Thus, what child was next in line, and the competition this would create among such children just as
she herself experienced that with her own parents.
I was trying to understand how I would see that the south nodes of Venus Mars and Mercury were all in Scorpio and in the 4th as
another powerful figure a parental figure and Not she herself that was this powerful figure. I gathered from DDD that it went both
I realize the whole chart symbolizes all of that but understanding that she herself is learning an ajustment in her own power center is
connecting those symbols in Scorpio in the 4th to the fact that Mars in Leo in the 12th is inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th?
That she herself is readjusting her own need to be seen as powerful and important
I keep failing to orientate my thought process to the bottom line of the chart and then I lose all perspective. The whole chart has to
be analyzed starting with what? Pluto in the 5th! It doesn't matter what sign it is in it doesn't matter what aspects it makes you can
still feel and understand that that alone shows this person is coming into this life with an overinflated sense of self, any planet in that
house will be inflated and full of itself. Now with Pluto there that's the Whole Souls orientation to itself one of self importance. How
do I know Chloe hasn't already worked through this overidentification to herself because she was born with Pluto in the 5th, that's
the bottom line. She is working out this orientation to herself in this life she is coming in with this massive soul magnetism to herself.
Now I can add the rest of the chart to that and see this is double in her chart with Pluto in the 5th Inconjunct Mars in Leo in the 12th,
Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house. I can already see this is a major ajustment in this life to her overinflated sense of self. Then
you can add Why she is coming into this life with this orientation with all the things everyone has been sharing with Adding in the
Sun in Scorpio in the 4th as well as south nodes of Mercury Venus and Mars there as well. This answers my whole question about
how do I know wether it's herself or another that was this powerful figure. It's then obvious looking at the whole chart that she has
played the role of this powerful person with in the family as well.

I just wanted to share that even though this is obvious I am only really just starting to get it somewhat.
Chloe will do well with the Golden Rule, to treat all others how she herself would want to be treated, as you said to be a friend to her
family, creating an energy of equality. Also as you shared, to always be aware of how her actions impact others, that their reality,
even if different than her own, is still equal in value.
I am writing the symbols , for "fame", here to see whether i understood it right .Along with pluto 5th her south node in 12 (fame)
points to a past life of being an icon.But 12th house can also points to Naive( passivity etc) ,then what supports 12th house as "fame"
rather than "naive" is because her South node of Saturn is in Cap 6th house along with Saturn in virgo 2nd - hard working
( workaholic etc) .Is these symbols that confirm "fame" rather than "naive "in her chart or is there other symbols to distinguish fame
from naive."

The 5th House Pluto inconjunct the Mars IN LEO correlates to the archetypes of fame for her that then manifests as a relative icon,
12th House S.Node relative to this Mars in the 12th that is inconjunct the 5th House Pluto, that manifests through the nature of
her 'work' or career: S.Node of Saturn in the 6th ruled by her Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd which is then square that 5th House Pluto.
With the ruler of the S.Node in the 7th conjunct the other Aquarius planets there, S.Node of Neptune, we can then also see the
unique social positions or roles she has had relative to this fame, but also the inherited positions of social power and status that
were mentioned before. None of this means that her Soul has not also being naive in various ways.

"Also when she was in fame , that life time ,she didn't had a father who was critical but in the next life or so she had ( attracted ) a
critical father to learn( as DDD writes)"in order to arrive at a realization of who she really is, someone who is defining themselves
from the inside out as opposed from the outside in" .And during this life time ,with this father, she had displaced emotions .So what
ponder me here is that, with this displaced emotion, what role she would have played within the society.Does she still may have
acquired fame or not.Can we see such things from chart or am i just going out of track with Ea methodology."

In order for her Soul to learn how to become self reliant, to become non-dependent, to develop her soul from the inside out, the
change her inner relationship to herself, she had to create the lifetimes necessary to do this that manifested as these very
powerful, self centered, father figures who would be dismissive, abusive, hyper critical, of all that she did. This could take place
even in the context of those same lifetimes in which she had developed her own capacities, i.e. music, art, that created the
relative fame. The emotional and psychological impact of this criticism, abuse, etc, from the father, even in those lifetimes where
the relative fame was taking place, was one of total devastation to her Soul: her inner relationship to herself. It would cause a
deep inner sense of emptiness, the inner voice saying 'what is wrong with me, the accumulation of learned guilt because of this,
the existential crisis of this manifesting progressively as what she needed to do the change herself: to adjust.

This is exactly where the skipped steps manifest from. In other words her soul has been desiring to learn to become secure within
itself, to learn how to stand on her own two feet, to develop herself from the inside out, to learn how to give rather than receive,
to learn how to objectify others reality so that she can know and give to them what they need versus what she thinks they need,
and to give to herself what she needs without imposing or demanding of others to supply those needs. Her Soul does have natural
guilt as well that she has desired to atone for: the N.Node of Cap in the 6th, ruled by that Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd which is the
ruler of her S.Node of Saturn and Pluto as well. This atonement is rooted in the lifetimes in which she was utterly self centered
and expected all to revolve around her: how she treated others, including her own children. This all starts with her family
members: Mercury in the 4th conjunct her 3rd House Venus, siblings, squaring her Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn.

These skipped steps and ongoing evolutionary imperatives are mirrored in so many ways in her brother Shaw that we will be more
fully discussing as we move forwards.

The 5th House Pluto inconjunct the Mars IN LEO correlates to the
archetypes of fame for her that then manifests as a relative icon, 12th
House S.Node relative to this Mars in the 12th that is inconjunct the 5th
House Pluto, that manifests through the nature of her 'work' or career:
S.Node of Saturn in the 6th ruled by her Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd which is
then square that 5th House Pluto. With the ruler of the S.Node in the 7th
conjunct the other Aquarius planets there, S.Node of Neptune, we can
then also see the unique social positions or roles she has had relative to
this fame, but also the inherited positions of social power ...

Her Soul does have natural guilt as well that she has desired to atone for:
the N.Node of Cap in the 6th, ruled by that Saturn in Virgo in the 2nd
which is the ruler of her S.Node of Saturn and Pluto as well. This
atonement is rooted in the lifetimes in which she was utterly self centered
and expected all to revolve around her: how she treated others, including
her own children. This all starts with her family members: Mercury in the
4th conjunct her 3rd House Venus, siblings, squaring her Nodes in

Lets see if I am doing this right... the format and the material...

When I look at Chloe's chart I see a very ancient picture because I add Pallas Athena as a skipped step.. and that tells me that she
may be atoning for not using her feminine wisdom, her logic, her strategy to overcome the problems that a patriarchal hierachy
presented to her lifetime after lifetime. With Pallas Athena added to the skipped step she has a chance to use Pallas Athena to have
the opportunity to value her logic, and while using her strategic analytic qualities, she will have to overcome her emotional patterns
that stem from patriarchal hierarchical conditioning that began with her father(s), and her ancient rejection of her feminine

Pallas Athena is often referred to as Arachne - a spider web and the Pallas Athena Amazon archetype is a feminine warrior who
can fight for equality. So,using her vast logic and wisdom Pallas Athena became the patron of Athens over Mars, because she
offered them an olive tree, which would feed them. She outsmarts Mars because she knows how to use the feminine in the
patriarchal hierarchal society. With the closing quinx between Pluto and Mars ( humility) is this why Chloe must be humble now as
she finds her way out of patriarchal hierarchal societal traps and conditioning?

Could she have even betrayed herself (venus) her very own family and children (so node cancer) and her friends (Nep/chiron) and
her tribe ( Ur/Juno), by not understanding ( mercury skipped step) the value (venus) of her own femininity (Venus) and inner real
feminine wisdom (Pallas), instead she fell for the narcissism( 5h Pluto) and was attached to her position (Pl Cap), which gave her the
privilege and feeling of being special you spoke of.

So now she has the opportunity to learn to navigate in the patriarchal hierarchal world as she learns to self empower(Juno) and
awaken (Uranus) all these others (loaded 7h/8h and ruler of SONODE in 7h). Also Moon can rule the public so she may have
wholesale deceived/or was fake to the public with that MR between Uranus and Neptune in the 7h and 8h. Or is that just a picture
of the shallow level of society and entertainment that she moved through in the past lives you and others have described here?

And the Saturn closing square to the 5h, shows she is at a crisis in consciousness where she must face the wrongs she committed in
her value system (Sat2h) and work (6) and imposed as you said earlier her will on others ( square to 5h).

[RAD S.Node relative to this Mars in the 12th that is inconjunct the 5th House Pluto, that manifests through the nature of her
'work' or career }

This complex reminds me of something we all learned at the laguna EA school about the temple of Pallas Athena and those temple
initiates who were bad/corrupt leaders who sacrificed others not to upset the existing egos in the male senators, etc... and allowed
their sisters, daughters, initiates to die ( Mars/Pluto) at the hands of those who were disgraced by not being able to follow the
initiations...Now she has Pluto in Cap = chance/need to learn to be a responsible leader and stop imposing her will (5h)on others...
as you say below...

RAD "her soul has been desiring to learn to become secure within itself, to learn how to stand on her own two feet, to develop
herself from the inside out, to learn how to give rather than receive, to learn how to objectify others reality so that she can know
and give to them what they need versus what she thinks they need, and to give to herself what she needs without imposing or
demanding of others to supply those needs. "

She may or may not be one of those temple initiates, but she bought some unreality wholesale, and she kept her position of being
adored by betraying and continuing to behave delusionally, and her Moon in AQ ( ruler of her South Node) requires she course
correct her delusional states and get more in touch with reality that of needing to be self sufficient so she can stabilize herself
emotionally as you have also stated above... and then maybe serve a new tribe (Ura/Nep MR)?

If the TQUARE between Saturn at 29 virgo opposite URANUS JUNO and both Square to PLUTO 1 Cap talks about her authority being
misused, this is part of her guilt (Saturn 29 Virgo). Does she have a lot of guilt because people died because of her sacrificing them,
or was she sacrificed? She may have even been a willing sacrifice, the young perfect nubile female?) Often we live out both ends of
these spectrums. Right?

In the tsquare Saturn is the faster moving planet is far past the opposition to Uranus and JUNO so she has many other lifetimes
where she has been working to atone ( i am optimisitic by nature, and I think that is what you have been saying about her other
lifetimes as a "diva")...

But with Saturn applying to the square to Pluto, she didn't yet really have the appropriate crisis in consciousness awakening. She is
having that this lifetime. Uranus is Rx and is applying into the opening square to Pluto and is closer to the double novile 80 (83
DEGREES AHEAD OF PLUTO ) so she has a great deal of possibility to awaken(UR) to her soul's evolutionary necessity(PL).

So as she was delusionally based( Chiron conj Neptune) and her woundedness is to extract herself from the delusional stances that
(Pluto =5h narcissism, accepting the attention, false authority Pluto in Capricorn) caused her to be so misguided and both power
driven( saturn squaring pluto), and fame seeking (5h).

HER PP is in AQ. The Aquarius Leo polarity has to do with aligning our personal will with the will of God/Godess, source, all that is.

Since the skipped step is in Libra she must repair her relationships. Since Shaw's SStep is AQ he may have been part of this tribe or
some other tribe where he was sacrificed.

The MR between Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aq make me wonder if there were other religious sacrifices that she was a part
of. A quick look at his loaded 6h/12h suggest sacrifice, martyrdom etc.

Another signature for this scenario is Jupiter and Neptune and Chiron together could also be that she sold the bill of goods to others
in the tribe (AQ)and they died for it (MarsSoNODE), or that she bought the religious nonsense wholesale and died for it? Or again,
both. The traumas look old and complex.

I saw that Mel Gibson movie - Apocalypto - and realized at that time why so many people are atoning and overcoming the traumas
of being sacrificed to the Gods for stupid religious stuff...

I wouldn't tell this story to Chloe or her family necessarily but I would wonder if these archetypes were at play here, and working
themselves out through the Pluto cap (quinx Mars Leo,) and the Nodes in Cancer Cap would add to the patriarchal hierarchical world
she must face now, and get it right this time?
With the closing quinx between Pluto and Mars ( humility) is this why Chloe must be humble now as she finds her way out of
patriarchal hierarchal societal traps and conditioning?

Her Soul has had a desire for fame, to be recognized as special, and icon, that has manifested in the ways we have discussed. That has
included being born into powerful families that had high degrees of status and wealth: the ruling class. It has included competition with
siblings who were in line to inherit such power and wealth. The humility that her Soul is in the process of learning, skipped steps, has
manifested by being born into families that are commoners who have not social power or wealth, and, again, by learning, as her brother
is, that others peoples realities and needs are as equal to her own. Thus, with her brother, for example, to understand and accept that he
needs his space to be alone when he needs to be alone versus her constant need to put herself in his space. Just one example. In the
ruling class that she has been born into those types of humans thought of themselves as superior to the common people. How the
common person was treated by those in power and wealth of course creates crisis and pain in so many ways, its own kind of humility
because of. The commoners typically are sacrificed by the rich and powerful for their own superior purposes. Thus, her soul, to recover
skipped steps, has desired to be born into a common family in order to atone for the natural guilt that was born in those lifetimes.

This is an example of actual reality versus speculation Tashi. I do understand why you are saying what you are saying about the various
symbols you have identified, and the reasoning you are using within what you are saying. This is why it is so important to know and
understand the CONTEXT, the reality, of the clients life for it that very context and reality that then allows the EA astrologer to correctly
understand and interpret the astrological symbols/ archetypes within their birth chart. In this way we minimize or hopefully eliminate
any temptation or need to project meanings into those archetypes where in fact they don't exist.
if she had fame when she had this father who was critical;then her rising to fame surely ,according to normal norms,would have
occurred at a relatively young age ( around 20 to 30).And any form of fame within society can make a consensus person (here her
father)to easily brings acceptance to whoever holds that fame - ie the father would have accepted her fame and stop being
critical towards her (especially as she become more independent financially due to this fame). If not then what is within this father
that make him continue with this attitude.If yes (father become non critical)then what would be the dynamics she face further in
her life to continue her evolution (- to be equal among others).Is it that the effort (virgo) to hold the fame based on the projection
(12th) of the society( Saturn) that becomes the dynamics she faces further in her life for evolution to continue."

Her Soul has had a need to compete with the fathers who had existing power, wealth, and status by trying to become or be just
like him. So even when she would achieve her only relative 'fame' that fame was rooted in her essentially mimicking what and
who the father was. The father, in turn, would continue to be critical, abusive even, of her even after she had achieved this
relative fame and recognition because he was feeling threatened by her: her own recognition from others. This is why a core
skipped step for her is to actualize and do whatever it is that she feels drawn to do with her own life is rooted in doing that from
within herself: to do what she actually needs to do independent of her fathers, siblings, or anyone else. So if she has relative
success and fame say at a violinist in another life, and that took place because of her father already being a famous/ recognized
violinist, the skipped step and way to resolve manifests as her desiring to play the violin because SHE WANTS TOO. No other
reason. And to do that without any other motive being attached to that as in doing that for itself: not to attach it do a desire to
see the skipped step in Venus, and the resolution node in the 12th house. I see Pluto in Capricorn in the 5th. It appears that Mars
in Leo is seeking a renewed relationship with Source that is responsible, truly generous and universal this lifetime.

She is in a deep process of individuating, trying to find uniqueness in the eyes of Father / Mother God; trying to find her
relationship to Creator apart from the projections of superior or parental knowledge that she lays on other people, and the way
that she allows others to define her through relationship. Because the moon's ruler is Uranus in the 8th house, it does look like she
has experienced familial trauma and feelings of victimization and powerlessness as a result.

She has a heightened sense of responsibility this lifetime, and the means to achieve it (Virgo ruling 2nd house and Saturn in
Virgo). She seems to have the tendency to identify too much with others as teacher / healer / inspiration / nurturer. (her moon
'retrograde' by aspect to Neptune/Chiron), but is learning counter-point awareness rapidly. She will find her true inspiration
through intense communion with Creator, this lifetime. (Again what I see in the Uranus / Neptune mutual reception), and her
moon being the ruler of her 12th house.

So. Node is the node to consistently integrate its time to believe in her innate, personal abilities to see beyond the mainstream
consensus reality and truly open to the voice within (take time out, trust her instincts) to tap into Divine revelation which has been
both her power and her wound in past lives. Address the wound. Address the karma - its time to venture out beyond her
protective, subjective ego and embrace a wider sphere (Venus in Libra in the 3rd.). Its time (Saturn 29 degrees Virgo in the 2nd),
and there's are generations 'out there' waiting for the mutuality to embrace and express their hurt and anger so that they can vent
from Patriarchal suppression, open up, encourage each other, and begin the healing process.

Uranus in Pisces, retrograde, in the 8th is a tremendous psychic wound, possibly sexual in nature, possibly familial, that can be
addressed this lifetime. With the recognition of the psychic pain that has been drifting through her past, her mind can create new
creative pathways to resolution.

Uranus trines her So. Resolution node in Cancer in the 12th, and sextiles her No. Node in Capricorn, in the 6th. All I can see is for
her to believe in her collective memory of the Matriarchy (So. Node of Neptune) and try to integrate these simple truths through
the higher realizations of the 7th house moon, with the objective of reaching out to inspire others to do the same. There is
vestigial memory of the Patriarchy in her 6th house, and she is coming into the realization (No. Node) that her strength is in her
determination to rise above past-life memories of guilt / repression, and to trust her own, inner knowingness and surety, and not
believe the lies of the past, or live a life in compromise to please others.

These Patriarchal conditioning patterns of guilt from her past could have kept her frozen in a highly subjective emotional pattern
of wanting to learn to reach out to others more, but afraid to let go of the emotional pain that defines her (So. node). (Also Virgo
on 2nd house cusp of Taurus where we can stay stuck).

I see the progression from the 1993 conjunction between Uranus / Neptune in Capricorn in her chart which continues to unravel
time, reality, and societal structures as we knew them to be in the past. Her mind would be evolving rapidly through the
dreamtime and her earnest intent to seek spiritual revelation. This can also be seen in the mutual reception between Uranus /
Neptune for children born during this time.

Hers is an emotional generation, children coming to terms with their individual, emotional honesty. In her expression, she will
find allies, strength, and possibilities in mutuality, instead of narcissisim (11th house polarity point), and the self-approval, self
allowance, and confidence to trust in her natural talents for a higher, more collective purpose.
It looks as if, this lifetime, she will be in the process of liberating from illusions and fears from a past, collective trauma (So. Node
Neptune), as her higher mind is fine-tuned to the compass from within not dependent upon others or consensus reality. To find
ones inner compass, one must let go of the shoreline, and release the need to hold on to false securities and over identification
with the ego structures of the past.

I think Jeffrey said something like this about Neptune that when you find yourself in a fog - there is always a natural current in
that ocean, and if you can let go and trust that natural current, it will always bring you to shore it just might be a different
landscape than the one that you left. But how many of us are prepared to live life in this way?
First, we will examine Shaw's natal chart with the synastry overlay of his sisters chart. Shaw's birth chart is the inner wheel, and his
sisters the outer wheel. Synastry charts correlate to the dynamics that occur and exit between two individual as individuals.

So what we want to do, given that we have now done some EA analysis of both Shaw's and Chloe's natal charts, and the skipped steps
within them, is to understand what the dynamics are between these two souls, and their individual skipped steps as well as the skipped
steps BETWEEN THEM, have been that has brought them to the current life as brothers and sisters: again.

As simple example to illustrate this. Chloe's skipped step signature has her Venus and Mercury in Shaw's 4th house, and her S.Node is in
his 12th conjunct the asteroid Ceres, the N.Node in his 6th which is conjunct his Chiron and Juno, and her Saturn is in his 3rd opposed
her Uranus in his 9th. The S.Node ruler for Chloe, her Moon in Aquarius conjunct Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron, and her S.Node of Neptune, is
in his 7th House conjunct his Neptune which the planet creating his own skipped steps relative to his own Lunar Nodal axis.

The simple example is this: they have been family members, siblings, before the current life in which there have been skipped steps
between them that has required them to come back into a brother and sister relationship again. The soul/ psychological/ emotional
dynamics in Chloe have manifested previous to the current life, just one example, as an intense infatuation, an idolizing, of Shaw: the
12th House S.Node of Chloe in Shaw's natal chart. This has then cause her to desire to be around him, to be with him, all the time: to be
in his space. Space in EA is Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House.

This desire within her has then caused her to do whatever she felt she needed to do to be in his space, to capture his attention all the
time. In essence, she desire more from him than a normal brother sister relationship: her 12th House S.Node ruler in his 7th House.

For Shaw reacting to those dynamics from within her has caused, given his own dynamics defined by a deep self orientation manifesting
as wanting to be in charge of his own space combined with unpredictable emotional cycles wherein he would desire inter-relatedness
with others, and then the opposite cycle of needing to completely alone, him to have two extreme, his 7th House Neptune squaring his
Nodal Axis, reactions to her. A love/ hate scenario that has caused confusion in Chloe because of the extremity of his dual reactions
towards her.

So what we will be doing in our next step is to fully explore and understand all the psychological/ emotional, and soul dynamics between
Shaw and Chloe, and how that has caused skipped steps between them. From there we will try to understand how those skipped steps
can become resolved.

So in our next step please look the dynamics within Shaw that are triggered by Chloe. To do this requires that we look at the totality of
both of their birth charts interacting, synastry, between them.
Shaw's natal chart with the synastry overlay of his sisters chart. Shaw's birth chart is the inner wheel, and his sisters the outer wheel
This will inevitably repeat things that have already been discussed re Chloe, and may not add much that is new even. But hopefully thats
ok. I felt there is a deeper background to her skipped steps that may become relevant further down the track. Or it may not. And as
always, if Ive got the wrong end of the stick anywhere, or need guidance with anything, Id be very grateful for that.


To see into the deep past of Chloes soul

we can examine the condition of the SNode of Pluto in her chart. It is in the 6th house, like Shaws. So the situation is the same in those
very distant past lives, at a soul level, Chloe was making many adjustments in herself, shedding excess trappings in her lives, retreating
from any accumulated egocentric baggage of the (prior) 5th house, minimising her needs and demands in life, and aiming at synthesizing
her mind and body into a healthy synthesis.

To enforce these adjustments many crises will have occurred, and she would have required an effective ability to analyse situations and
herself to deal with these crises. As well, to progress with this process generally, she would have had to reach towards the polarity point
of the 12th house. Here a sense of unity and larger, even ultimate, meaning would have provided her with greater perspective on herself
and her situations.

So - how did her soul get on with all of this? Well straight away, we can see that her SNode of the Moon is in the 12th house. This shows
us that in much more recent lives she is again dealing with 12th house matters. Of course the natural question arises - are the 12th house
things she has been dealing with in recent lives related in any way to the 12th house factors she was involved with in those very distant
past lives, when the 12th house was the polarity point (PP) of the SNode of Pluto?

For that we need to look at the ruler of the SNode of Pluto to get more information about how the soul went about learning its 6th
house lessons in that very distant timeframe. The ruler is Saturn and it is in Virgo in the 2nd house, so the soul was purifying (6th) by
withdrawing (2nd) from involvement with others and society generally, learning to be self-reliant, and also focusing on listening (Venus,
natural ruler of the 2nd house) to itself more closely, to discern (6th) its actual needs (2nd) as opposed to any lingering excessive 5th
house aggrandisement-type wants.

A logical enough approach to dealing with 6th house requirements - both earth houses and so in harmony. We could conclude that
things probably went reasonably ok.

However in fact a big problem is revealed here: Saturn -ruler of the SNode of Pluto- is in a close square aspect to Pluto itself (the soul in
the present life). Why a problem? Because this shows us that in recent lives (symbolised by Pluto) Chloes soul had brought forward
unresolved issues from those very distant lives (Saturn, SNode of Plutos ruler) and recently started to renew work on them (the square
in this life to Pluto).

This implies that all may not have gone so well in all those distant lives represented by SNode of Pluto being in the 6th house. What
makes this further very likely is that the ruler of the SNode of Pluto (Saturn) is also the ruler of Pluto itself.

The SNode of the Moon (in the 12th) represents the way in recent lives that the soul was facilitating progress with its 5th house lessons -
where Pluto is now. However the 12th house was also the PP for the SNode of Pluto, which represents a much more distant time in the
souls deep past. This crossover reinforces that unresolved 6th house/12th house issues have remained from that distant past. And that
the soul has quite recently unearthed these issues, bringing them into focus, intending to work on and hopefully resolve them. Thus the
issues that Chloes nodal axis represent in this life are not new at all, they are very deeply embedded issues for her, issues that have
dragged out over many, many lives.

Against this backdrop, when we return to the present, things start to make a bit more sense. This is the deep reason underlying the core
compression that has accumulated in her soul. Rad pointed this compression out for us, saying it a real KEY in this chart, also talking
about repeating dynamics within it:

Pluto and its inconjunct aspect to Mars in Leo in the 5th, and to see that that 5th House Pluto rules her SNodes of Mars, Mercury, and
Venus in Scorpio in her 4th House. Within that 4th house is her Sun in Scorpio conjunct asteroid Ceres, ruled by that same 5th House
Pluto, and square that Mars in Leo in the 12th. This key correlates to the incredible inner intensity within her Soul

Pluto has aspects to other planets besides these, so why is it that these specific planets make up the KEY in this chart? Well, of all the
possible aspects from other planets to Pluto two will always be very significant. First Mars is the lower octave of Pluto; where Pluto
represents our unconscious pool of desires, Mars shows us which of these has been become conscious and activated. So any aspect
between Pluto and Mars is always important. Secondly when Pluto is in aspect to its ruler this is also very significant it gives tributary
information about the progress the soul has been making with its core intentions.

The condition of Plutos relationship with both Mars and Saturn contribute to this soul compression Mars is in the same house (12th
house) where the Moons SNode is, reinforcing that the soul wants to actively keep forging ahead in this area (Mars conscious
motivating desires). Yet we know that while those SNode issues pertain to recent lives (thats what the Moons SNode refers to) they are
also linked to a much deeper layer of unresolved 12th house material in the soul from its much more distant past (being the PP of Plutos

Weve also covered how Saturn links the souls efforts (Saturn) in recent lives (it is Plutos ruler) to 6th house efforts from that much more
distant past in the souls history (it also rules the SNode of Pluto). This link shows the very deep struggle the soul has become burdened
by. And its also reflected by the close waning square from Saturn to Pluto - showing the very great ongoing difficulty in bringing 2nd
house (where Saturn is) functioning into reality.

Finally, that which Pluto itself rules - SNodes of Mercury, Venus and Mars in Scorpio in the 4th House. Scorpio is the soul sign so
whatever is in there is always significant from a purely soul perspective, as it is ruled by Pluto itself. And these SNodes are of the very
personal planets so they are the more individualistic planetary SNodes. And here the SNode of Mercury is also conjunct the stellium of
Ceres, Sun and Mercury, all in the 4th. This is a tight little grouping in itself, but additionally its solidly linked in to the souls situation in
two more ways.

Firstly, the Sun and Mercury are also connected to the soul (Pluto) by sextile, and the whole stellium is square Mars (and Mars and Pluto
are inconjunct, completing the circle). This then links the 4th house (where they reside) both ways to the Soul (through Mars and Pluto),
and thus to the issues it has been dealing with in recent lives (12th house and 5th house).

Secondly, the Sun and Mercury are also squaring the nodal axis in the 12th/6th . This is additionally connecting them to the soul. In the
case of Mercury this is a standard past life skipped step. However normally with the Sun this does not represent a skipped step, it
means the Soul is very concerned about a possible impending skipped step so has positioned the consciousness in a point of alertness,
watchfulness, regarding this.

Finally, Venus in the neighbouring 3rd house is also square the nodal axis another element in the skipped steps situation. And because
Venus rules itself and is at the beginning of the squaring aspect to the Moons nodes, this indicates that it is a very old skipped step that
has been brought forward very recently, perhaps in the most recent past life.

So all in all, this is definitely not a lightweight skipped step situation! it is really intense, more so than Shaws. And with the Sun being
the natural ruler of the 5th house where Pluto is, plus its in Scorpio, plus its aspecting both Pluto and the Moons Nodes it has almost
morphed into a skipped step itself as well.

What seems to be the situation here is incredibly deep issues regarding Chloes battle for self- esteem (Saturn in the 2nd) within the
family (stellium in the 4th), with deeply engrained expectations that others (Venus trine 7th house planets) will save her.

Her core difficulty in listening to herself (Venus square nodal axis) has resulted in a great escapism (SNode in 12th) into others (Moon
the SNode ruler- is in the 7th, plus Venus is in Libra and trining all those 7th house planets). She literally lives outside her body a lot of
the time (SNode in 12th, 7th house is in airy Aquarius).

What went wrong in those very distant lives (represented by SNode of Pluto in the 6th) is that the soul suffered a great deal of trauma
regarding its ability to survive and fit into society (Saturn society- the ruler, in Virgo 2nd survival- opposite Uranus trauma/shock).
This in turn affected its relationship to itself (2nd), becoming disillusioned, losing the sense of personal meaning (2nd) in its life. This in
turn created a core resistance to dealing with the evolutionary requirements of the 6th house.

The way out it decided was to turn to God, as a way of escaping - the opposition to SNode of Plutos ruler (Saturn) to Uranus conjunct
Juno, both in Pisces (God). A collapsing into an unconscious (Uranus) desire for salvation (Pisces). It is this unresolved issue from that
distant past that was awakened in the souls recent lives, showing up as the Moons SNode being in the 12th.

However we can see from all the quincunxes from the SNode to its ruler (the Moon) in the 7th, tightly conjunct both Neptune (the
natural ruler of the Pisces/12th) and Chiron (where the accumulated wounding has eventually surfaced) both also in the 7th and all in
Aquarius (trauma), that the soul has now developed a very deep resistance to dealing with those 12th house factors.

Rather, we can see via the solid band of trines from the four 7th house planets to Venus in the 3rd/Libra and from Chiron and Neptune in
the 7th to Mercury, that the soul in recent lives checked out from all 12th house, and also to an extent 6th house, areas of experience,
preferring to erect extensive expectations concerning others (7th), and engage in constant projections onto others (both 3rd/Libra and
7th/Aquarius are airy). And as a result has lost the ability to listen (Venus, natural ruler of the 2nd) to its own self and to analyse
(Mercury, natural ruler of the 6th) how to meet its own needs which are the two skipped step areas. And it was these two areas that
the soul was dealing with in those very, very distant past lives shown by Plutos SNode being in the 6th, and its ruler Saturn being in the

This shows us these skipped steps are very complex in Chloe, and are linked very extremely deeply into her soul structure. With Mercury
(natural ruler of Gemini - siblings) being in the 4th, and Venus being in the 3rd (siblings), it is certainly no surprise that she and Shaw
have the very difficult issues that they do.

What Ive tried to do here is focus more on some of the soul structure/bones that may be behind the skipped steps. I realize it's a bit
after the fact - hope that's ok.

blessings Upasika
overall summary:
As we learned at the beginning of this thread Shaw's interaction with his sister in this life has not been ideal. He feels anger towards her
for invading his space and perceived her as intruding when she first came into the family. She, in turn, loves her brother and craves his
attention. In the past, Shaw and Chloe had become dependent on each other for emotional and psychological survival in order to cope
with the difficult circumstances of their childhoods. (His south node/Scorpio/4th, north node Taurus/10th square her
Moon/Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius/7th). In effect, they would have created their own private world through physical proximity and
dialogue. Chloe probably found his storytelling quite captivating, the power and spontaneity of a new phase Pluto/Moon conjunction in
Saggitarius/5th being channelled through a trine to his Mercury/Aries in her 9th house, sextile her Neptune in Aquarius/7th - in effect
removing her from the harsh reality of an emotionally fractured internal life.

Through the limitations inherent in Pluto and the implied evolutionary necessity to grow and evolve, their interactions could often
devolve into personal clashes as the argumentative, opinionated and self-righteous nature of Shaw's Mercury/Aries/9th trine his
Pluto/Moon/Sag/5th could hurt her emotionally through his criticism of her. (His Mercury/Aries/ inconjunct her Saturn/Virgo/2nd). This
in turn, would hurt her own self-image and reflect the criticisms she received from the fathers who thought she was never good enough.
She might not have been able to connect her own competitive and bossy nature to the breakdown of their interaction.

Shaw's Neptune/Aquarius/7th is trine Chloe's Venus/Libra 3rd and conjunct her stellium in her 7th (Jupiter/Moon/Neptune in Aquarius).
Her Moon in Aquarius displaces her south node in Cancer and is inconjunct his Neptune. Chloe has been captivated by her brother in
the past, his attention filling the void left by the unrequited love and attention she really wanted from her parents. The extremes in how
Chloe and Shaw have interacted in the past can also be seen (at least in part) through Shaw's Mercury/Aries/9th opposite Chloe's
Venus/Libra/3rd. This is also one of the indications of their sexual union which happened partly through displaced emotions (her
Venus inconjunct Uranus/Pisces/8th). This has in turn has created crises when, from the point of view of patriarchal reality, "lines" were
crossed when they became intimate with each other, and a child being the result of their union.

Both these siblings have, at various times in the evolutionary past, felt powerless in the face of the family dynamics they were born into.
Their sexual union probably would have happened quite naturally in an attempt at counterbalance, so that they would have felt stronger
and more empowered through an osmosing of each other's creative energy. Chloe and Shaw were essentially isolated from meaningful
interaction with their peers (they both have Aquarius on the 7th and Uranus in Pisces in the 8th), so that void also would have been filled
through each other.

In order to recover one of the skipped steps between them, Shaw must learn that his own compulsive desires for attention in order to
feel secure (his Pluto/Moon Sag in her 5th, his south node in Scorpio, her 4th) are co-generating the "unwanted" attention from his
sister. He may feel he wants to move on, but the emotional dependence he has had on his sister in the past has not yet been fully
resolved. These two are like mirrors of each other. His own compulsive need for attention is actually generating that very thing in the
presence of his sister. Deep introspection relative to his emotional dependencies might help bring into consciousness his own desires
which hopefully would help him accept responsibility for unconscious projections. They are, in effect, projecting on to each other in a
way that is unrealistic and an illusion.

Shaw has an inner void (Moon 6th, Jupiter/Virgo 2nd) and does not really know who he is (also indicated by that new phase conjunction
between Pluto/Moon/Sag/5th/6th - more instinctual than not.) His parents did not provide the emotional support and encouragement a
child naturally needs, so, in projecting those needs outward into the world will become, outwardly at least, what others want him to
become in order to get the attention he needs. He will also initiate relationships with others, presenting himself as something he is not,
in order to manipulate people to get what he wants. He will also have equally unrealistic expectation of others. This would of course be

Chloe and Shaw will continue to be together in future lives until they both learn to find their own inner creativity and inner security that
is unique to themselves, and to encourage that within each other, as separate individuals, and to not be dependent on each other, and
especially not to be competitive with each other, respecting the creative needs and impulses of the other. This, in part, can be done
through objective dialogue and giving each other the space they need to self-nurture and grow. In this way, they can continue on their
own individual paths individually and together.

I think that sometime in the future, they will have to complete and bring to resolution the karma they have with the baby they created

Thanks for all the comments people have already made, and I used them in forming this analysis. Hopefully some of this is close to the

My questions, relative to the synastry, in the this context and a more general one from what we've been talking about previously, is that
both have planets squaring each other nodes, opposing each other's skipped steps, so i take from here that both in some way are
opposing the resolution. For instance, from Chloe's point of view, she feels Shaw's mercury in aries in her 9th opposing her own mercury
and venus in libra, the symbols for her brother sister relationship and skipped steps. So she feels his presence as a conflicting need for his
freedom and liberation (his mercury pulled by mars in her 11th) that is a threat to her emotional security (opposing her pluto)?

The synastry charts between them correlate, relative to the skipped steps, the dynamics between them have come to ahead. There
was no 'blocking' action taking place between them before this life. The specific blocking action that occurred that set up the current
life is when she became pregnant. Shaw blocked himself from accepting any responsibility in his own actions that lead to that. He
wanted to blame her, and created all kinds of 'beliefs' within him self about her that served as his justification for blaming her. Those
beliefs equaling judgements were of course projected onto her by way of his words that he used towards here when the pregnancy
was realized by them both. Those words were of course beyond wounding and hurtful. It all lead to him taking her life, and the life of
the baby of course.

In this life that blocking action was beginning to manifest as Kristin has documented for us: Shaw's reaction to her coming into the
existing family with him and his parents. With his Mercury in Aries in her 9th, squaring her Nodes, and opposing her Venus/Mercury
this correlates to creating within himself 'beliefs' about her that had been building in the lives that they shared together in other lives
that finally came to ahead in the last life in which the pregnancy happened: blaming her, projecting all kinds of stuff on her that he
made himself believe in order to blame her instead of accepting the responsibility in his own actions. In turn Chloe created and
projected her own inner image of whom she wanted Shaw to be given how she took his soul in, and the circumstances of the family
life they shared together. It is as if she 'saw' his Soul yet had difficulties in seeing/ understanding the specific egocentric structures his
soul manifested through. She simply loved him unconditionally no matter what. This is her Venus trining his Neptune.

When the pregnancy happened is exactly when the thread to both their emotional security took place in the context of the families
they lived in in that life: there were still middle age teenagers then. That is the core meaning of that Mars/Saturn of his in her 11th
opposing her Pluto.

So all of that has come to ahead in this life, and must be resolved for them to carry on their ongoing evolutionary journey together.

"As for the 12th house Rad, i have some doubts on the fact that this house correlates to space, personal space, as you mentioned and
the natural symbolism in synastry, taking that in synastry, i suppose is right, the houses represent the context in which we take the others
in relationships, meaning how they appear in our context, and so the general meaning of this context when it it is the 12th house and
this notion of 'space'.

You are of course free to doubt whatever you need too. The issue of 'space' , personal space, as an issue between them is in fact a
fact. That's why Shaw said what he said about her when she was born into the family they share in this life. Space correlates with the
12th House, Neptune, and Pisces. These are part of natural trinity with Cancer, Moon, and the 4th house as well as Scorpio, Pluto, and
the 8th. Cancer then is personal space as in one's home environment, and Scorpio the proximity we have with others in all kinds of
space environments. For example, the natural polarity to Cancer is Capricorn of course. So there can be 'space' issues linked with
one's work or career.

"Since hey both have planets in their own 12th houses and they both have planets occupying the 12th in synastry. I get this symbol
means that a merging of their souls, not being able to separate, is the issue here but i feel cannot understand fully the symbolism of the
specific planets/nodes for each others house. So for instance, her node on his 12th house means in the context of the specific events
that this merging got her to lose her life on his hands, but what would be the meaning of the node being also in her own 12th house,
comparing to a situation when there is not this mutual symbolism? Would that involve mutual desire for it to be that way?

I am not following or quite understanding what you are asking: the bold sentence.

"And in a general context how can we approach the meaning of personal planets in synastry when the other person has no planets of its
own in the 12th house? No mutual desire, a taking, abuse of the other's space?

They both have planets/ nodes in their own 12th Houses.


Mars in Leo squaring Shaws S and N Nodes from the 4th to the 10th:

A. Competing with him to be the center of attention in all things including the family structure of birth fro all the reasons we have
identified thus far.

B. Desiring to be his whole universe: to fill him up with her. Thus, needing to be in his space all the time. His need is for his own
space which then causes her to feel insecure, abandoned, betrayed, and taken for granted. By not given him his space relative to needing
to be the center of his universe causes resentment and anger in him, and the resulting judgments and projections of beliefs about her
onto her. Taking him in in this way then causes her to feel confused and wondering why this is happening because she loves him
unconditionally. Combined this then creates trauma in the family of birth in this life as the current life parents try to deal with this. Thus,
the current life resolution of the skipped steps from her to him is about giving him the space that he needs by objectively understanding
that that is simply what he needs for who he is.

C. A absolute infatuation with his soul based on her seeing his soul as a soul which has blinded her to his actual egocentric realties
created in other lives. Thus,the current life need to understand him as he actually is: his egocentric realities and the reasons for that
reality as she becomes ever older.

D. She has been absolutely sexually attracted to his soul in other lives in the context of being siblings that caused cataclysmic
trauma because of the pregnancy that occurred. This lead to an early life ending for her at his hands. As she becomes ever older in the
current life, and as their relationship progresses in this life, there will be many circumstantial triggers created by Shaw that will trigger or
ignite her own anger at him. When this happens that anger, when ignited, can consume her and will seem disproportionate to whatever
the nature of the circumstance is caused by Shaw.
This disproportionate reaction signals the skipped step she has with him that must be resolved in the current life. As she
becomes older that resolution must manifest by her asking (1) why does he make me so angry (2) what is the best way to work out my
anger at him (3) how do I understand and work out my sexual attraction to him even though he is my brother. These resolutions can only
occur by way of her accepting the responsibility in her own actions, and the inner dynamics within her that are the cause of those

South and North Nodes in her 12th/6th squaring his Mercury in Aries in her 9, with that Mercury in opposition to her Venus and
Mercury in Libra in her 3rd, and 4th Houses.

A. The past life dynamics wherein she experienced him projecting all kinds of negative beliefs and judgments about her, negative
and accusatory in nature, blaming her for that which he was responsible for, the anger within this, telling her what to believe and think
about anything, to oppose her own ideas and understanding of anything, that caused tremendous crisis for her relative to her
unconditional love for him: if i love him so much how can he say and do these things to me ?.
And this alternating with other cycles within him in which he would say and manifest himself totally differently towards her in
which she felt loved, accepted, encouraged, and sheltered by him.
Confusion would be the result for her that would have lead to her never really knowing where he would be within himself at any
point in time leading to the feeling of walking on eggshells around him.

B. None of this is resolved due to the skipped steps that occurred in the last life together in which her life ended at his hands.
Thus,repeating the relationship as siblings, family, in the current life in order for those skipped steps to be recovered.

C. With her Venus and Mercury in opposition to his Mercury that is squaring her Nodal Axis, her own Venus, Mercury squaring
her own nodal axis, this means that each of them must learn now to listen to one another so that each can actually understand the
actual reality of one another. In so doing, they will then both learn how to give to one another what each actually needs at any moment
in time. In this way they will evolve into a state of balance with each other versus the prior cycle of extremes.

how come Chloe does not have an instinctive fear response towards her brother since he terminated her life in the past? Does her
infatuation with him override her survival instinct?
ans- her Soul simply has loved him so much that the very nature of that unconditional love overrides the soul memory of her life be
taken at his hands. Within this there is a dynamic within her, a dynamic of masochism symbolized by her Saturn in Virgo, the ruler of her
6th House N.node, in her 2nd in opposition to her Uranus in Pisces in her 8th, the ruler of that being Neptune in Aquarius in her 7th
conjunct her Moon, Chiron, etc, which is Shaw's on Neptune which is the skipped step planet for him.

This dynamic of masochism has thus caused her to blame herself for all that has taken place. When we get into the composite chart, with
Pluto squaring the Nodes wherein the S.Node in Virgo, we will develop this more.

Shaws Mercury in Aries squares Chloes nodal axis in Cancer/Capricorn, in her 9th house. (I believe Rad inferred that Chloes arrival on-
the-scene would force the evolutionary intent between them this lifetime.)

Please correct me if Im wrong.

This is what I see:

Shaw has convinced his conscious mind that he was not complicit in past life dealings / dynamics. He has become disassociated
toward Chloe, on a soul level, convincing himself that she did not matter or that she manipulated him in some way so that he did not
have any CHOICE in past life matters, but to do what he did. This might help explain why he appears to be disaffected by her.

Shaw, in an attempt to survive and cope, has convinced himself that he is the one who has been hurt, who needs sympathy. He has
convinced himself (Chiron in Capricorn in her 6th) that he is the victim here, and needs attention and sympathy. (His Saturn in Cancer in
her 12th house) perhaps due to his own maternal woundings or feelins of emotional abandonment.

With Shaws' Neptune (skipped step) on Chloes' 'Jupiter moon', there would be trepidation, on her part, toward reaching out to him,
because long-term memory would be triggered each time, but this signature is on her 7th house cusp, which I believe suggests 2 steps
forward, and 1 step backward(?) She may fall into old patterns of 'walling off' her emotional self due to traumatic memory, but Shaws'
Neptune is 'new phase' to her No. Node, suggesting new opportunities for spiritual growth and understanding.
Her Soul has had, and has, an unconditional love towards Shaw because of her knowing of his
Soul more than the egocentric realities that his Soul have created. This indeed is one of her
own skipped steps towards him: to see and understand him exactly as he is, and for the
reasons he is, and has been, that way. Within this, as stated before, she has blamed herself for
all that has occurred between them: the underlying pathology of masochism defined by her
own inner sense of guilt. Thus, there is no 'trepidation' on her part towards reaching out to
him. Just the opposite: she wants to be all over him, all the time. And, that indeed, is one of
the issue that Shaw stated that Kristin shared with us in the context of this life
Stemming from his own damaged childhoods, in the past, he has a rather distorted need for attention. He has been able, over lifetimes,
to somehow qualify his actions and reactions to others by somehow explaining them himself (his Mercury) that he is not completly
responsible for them.

Shaws' Neptune square his nodes in the 4th and 10th houses eluding the truth of their familial past. His Neptune in Aquarius is in her
7th house, conjunct her moon, conjunct Jupiter. He has so reinforced the belief that he is somehow not responsible for past actions,
again, disassociated himself from past trauma, and a child that he fathered.

Over time, Shaw has somehow managed to mentally justify his actions and conscience on a surface level, as a coping mechanism. He
may feel, somehow entitled, to regard himself differently than his lower class (female) sister.

This is a subconscious (soul) issue that he has so justified to himself and re-inforced in past life-times, that it has carried over into the
present lifetime

He has mastered the art of emotional stuffing (Saturn in Cancer in her 12th house), but his subliminal responses will get the better of
him as both siblings mature and continue to encounter and question their earthly karma (Saturn ruling the 6th house of this synastic

With Chloe coming to realize some personal authority and autonomy, this lifetime, (No. Node in Capricorn in 6th) through personal
growth, maturity and introspection, and as she continuously reaches out to him, at some point, the dam is going to break, and all those
emotions will come spilling out, affecting them both.

At some point, Shaw simply needs to forgive himself (No. node in Taurus, conjunct his sun at 29 Taurus.) This is what he came back to
recognize and to do and communicate to himself (his Mars desire in Cancer conjunct No. Node ruler Venus in Gemini) - make new
pathways in his brain which would certainly spark her inner-knowingness and truth.

With Shaws resolution node in Chloes 4th house, conjunct her sun, in Scorpio, her very presence will force the issues. His So. Node is
waning from his Neptune skipped step. Perhaps he will have an awakening on a soul level that the child involved in this situation has
already forgiven him (Pluto moon in her 5th house, conjunct her Pluto may show a mutual desire to find higher purpose and meaning,
this lifetime, and realize their mutual parents, and the parents of the child to be Father/Mother God.)

I believe this signature of mutual awakening to a higher spiritual understanding, for both siblings, is repeated with Shaws' Saturn in
Cancer on the cusp of Chloes' house of ultimate meaning and relationship with Creator.

This 'Pluto moon' of Shaws, in Chloes 5th, conjunct her Pluto seems to speak, not only to a child created, but the child inside both of
them that is so much affected by the CHOICES they can now make to affect and heal their respective pasts, and come to
the realization (Shaws moon in Sagittarius, and Chloes Jupiter moon in Aquarius that the child that was created between them in
another life can teach both siblings, on a soul level, how to forgive themselves and come to believe in themselves wholly as
unfragmented beings, worthy of forgiveness and compassion (Shaws Jupiter in Virgo on Chloes 2nd house cusp), no matter what shame
or self denial they may have carried to this life.
We will resume our work on the skipped steps between Shaw and Chloe very soon: the next couple of days or so. Our next step will be
the last step we examine between them: their composite chart.

Remember composite charts correlate to two people who form a relationship together, a unit, the sense of usness, to work on the
individual dynamics within themselves, and between them, with the common purpose to to do. The composite chart thus correlates to
how they have made a choice to do just that: together. The archetypes and dynamics that are symbolize in the composite chart correlate
to how they have gone about that before, were it stands now, and where it is headed as long as the two souls remained committed to
their relationship together.

The key idea to remember is that the house and sign position of the composite chart Pluto correlates to what the evolutionary intention
and the mutual desires of two people were prior to this life. As a result, the house and sign position of the composite Pluto will describe
not only the recent core dynamics, but also where the relationship was left off, and consequently the point at which the couple picks up
and starts their relationship again.

The polarity point, by house and sign, that falls 180 from the composite Pluto will correlate to what the current evolutionary intentions
or reasons are for the relationship. It defines the ongoing evolutionary development and progression of the relationship.

The South Node by house, sign, location of it's planetary ruler by house, sign, and aspects to it correlate to egocentric structure, the
combined ego of each, the 'usness', of how the two have gone about actualizing those evolutionary intentions before. The North Node
by house, sign, and the location of it's planetary ruler by house, sign, and aspects to it correlate to how the polarity point of Pluto is
actualized in the context of the current life.

Shaw and Chloe have their combined Pluto squaring their combined Nodal Axis: the skipped steps WITHIN THEIR RELATIONSHIP

Right now I am posting their composite chart so that you can begin to reflect on all that we have discussed to date relative to their own
individual skipped steps, how those individual skipped steps have impacted each as individuals, and now the composite chart that
symbolizes the relationship together as a unit that is continuing to evolve. Remember we all pick up were we left off in any given life as
individuals. So too with other Souls in which we have made a choice to be in RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER WITH A SHARED PURPOSE TO BE

It seems, that on a relationship level, that the two have been dealing with patriarchal belief systems and conditioned
ideas of who is entitled to privilege (in their past-life societies) and who is not, by virtue of gender, status, patriarchal
birth-right or order.

These out-moded belief systems would propel them to mutually realize a new way of thinking, outside of the hierarchical
box, this lifetime. This renewing of the mind (Pluto polarity point) would give them the opportunity to see each other as
they truly are as unique and individual souls, both equal in the eyes of Creator (11th house Pluto polarity, and No. Node
in Pisces).

I think some of the key words for the 11th house were to detach, objectify and liberate, if Im not mistaken. By being
born into mutual circumstances, with parents who love them both equally, they have the opportunity to realize, identify
and shed any past-life guilt, resentment, remorse or self-sabotage that they may have brought into the current life. Then
they would have each other as a mirror to reaffirm these new realizations (Gemini).
The ruler of Pluto is in the 5th house, as well, in Scorpio which seems to suggest a past need to convince and convert
themselves (and others) to an old way of believing in guilt and punishment. Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th is certainly
wanting to rise above this old way of thinking and break the mold, so to speak.

However subliminal, their shared past memory should be able to reinforce the need in each other to break free of the
very subjective belief in taboos that they may have brought into this lifetime.

And, yes, Pluto squares the nodes in Virgo / Pisces which seems to suggest, that through relationship, and a higher
spiritual understanding (as they mature), that they will begin to liberate from past guilt and distorted thinking to accept
each other just as they are.

The North Node is in the house of all societal and religious taboos, in the sign of unconditional acceptance. They have a
lot to mirror to each other, and the capacity to become deep wells of healing wisdom to others as they purge themselves
of out-dated beliefs and encourage others to use their full creative intellect and not stay stuck in highly subjective, worldly

The node to consistently integrate would be the So. Node in Virgo, 2nd house to perhaps begin to realize that their,
combined, past guilt or inferiority issues were only a vehicle for their very survival in those times, and that they can find
renewal through self-forgiveness and self-love (that they both have the power within themselves to renew themselves and
that this doesnt have to come from an outside source.)


between Chloe and Shaw that focuses on the skipped steps in their relationship together that reflects their own individual soul
signatures, their natal charts, the individual skipped steps within those that we have discussed, how those individual skipped steps
affected each as individuals as they related to each other as individuals, the synastry charts, and now as a unit, the 'we' of that
relationship, the skipped steps that exist within that relationship with one another symbolized in their composite chart.

Those skipped steps are symbolized by Pluto in Sagittarius in the 5th House squaring the S.Node in Virgo in the 2nd which is also conjunct
Ceres, which is then ruled by Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th which is conjunct the Moon, and both of these are opposed Mars in Cancer
in the 12th. Pluto is also square the N.Node in Pisces in the 8th which is conjunct Uranus, and these are ruled by Neptune in Aquarius in
the 7th which is opposed by Venus, Saturn, and the Sun in Leo in the 1st House.

So let's make a simple example.

Given all that we have discussed before we can then see in their composite, the relationship as a unit, we instead of I, that the their 5th
House Pluto, their combined Soul, so to speak, has manifested in this way:

The deepest and most active archetype with Pluto in the composite Fifth House or Leo is one of creative self-actualization of the
purposes and reasons for the relationship. This placement will correlate to a couple who has had a mutual desire to focus on the reasons
and purposes that have brought them together, and to actualize those reasons and purposes as fully as possible. The purposes and
reasons for the relationship can he determined through the polarity point of Pluto and the aspects that it is making to other planets, the
placement of the North and South Nodes by house and sign, the placement of the planetary rulers by house and sign placement, and the
aspects that these planets are making to other planets within the composite chart. This is true in all composite charts, but a couple with
the composite Pluto in Leo or the Fifth House will have combined desires to specifically focus on these purposes and reasons in order to
consciously actualize them in the fullest possible way.

Through this focus, the couple creates a deep sense of the power of purpose. Within the overall purpose for the relationship, each
partner will also have strong desires and needs for individual creative actualization of their own purposes. Thus, each partner will also be
very strong-willed and inwardly directed to actualize their own life purposes within the context of the relationship. Because of this, each
partner will help the other in varying degrees to focus on what those purposes are, and to provide positive motivation in the
actualization of those purposes. As each is able to actualize those purposes, the relationship gains ever-deeper degrees of power and
purpose. This dual focus of individual creative self-actualization and the creative actualization of the purposes and reasons for the
relationship creates a deep sense of specialness within the relationship.

This is quite interesting in evolutionary terms, because it commonly reflects two people who have felt deeply insecure and powerless in
relatively recent prior lifetimes. In the most recent of prior lifetimes, each has had the desire and need to discover and actualize personal
power through creative self-actualization of their individual purposes as a reaction to those other lives. Through the formation of a
relationship, each has helped the other to self-actualize, which, in turn, has empowered the relationship to focus on and actualize its
purpose. In other words, through the creation of the relationship each has found it easier to actualize their own individual purposes and
reasons for being. The relationship has thus generated not only the sense of personal power, but also inner security.

Because each has had an evolutionary need to counteract the lifetimes of feeling powerless and insecure, each will have a desire and
need for the other to provide support for each of their efforts relative to self-development. Encouragement and positive feedback will
create and re-create the need and desire for security and personal power. This desire and need can be quite compulsive because of the
depth of insecurity that exists in each of them. The depth of the compulsion can be such that it can create real power struggles in the
relationship regarding who is more important, whose needs are more intense, and, as a result, whose will is going to dominate. Just as
the Sun is the center of our solar system, composite Pluto in Leo or the Fifth House can create a situation in which each partner feels that
they are the center of the relationship. And just as all the planets revolve around the Sun, each partner can feel that the relationship
revolves around themthat the relationship is only there to support their own specific purposes and overall life needs. When this is the
operative dynamic, confrontations will occur in order to create the realization that each is as special as the other, and that each partners
needs for self-empowerment, self-actualization, and validation are equally important and valuable.

(The above is an extract from JWG's book on relationships, and his 2nd book on Pluto)

This process together has manifested as siblings in the context of various families of birth wherein they have had the same fathers, but
different mothers. Such families had a father who was very dominant, narcissistic, and held various positions of power, status, and wealth
in those lives. Such fathers were so dominate and dictatorial that neither of them ever felt love or acceptance from him. They felt
together that they were in a survival situation which is symbolized the the 2nd House S.Node with Ceres: surviving the crisis of the father
as he related to them. With the S.Node ruler being Mercury in Cap conjunct the Moon in the 6th, opposed the Mars in Cancer in the
12th, we can see the symbolism for this kind of father, and the impact upon them. With Ceres on that S.Node we can also see that each
of them experienced the loss of their own mothers as the father involved himself with different women.

As a result they typically would hole up together which of course generated a high degree of proximity: like being together all the time.
With the 2nd House in mind we can also see, in this context, that the very 'meaning' that they gave their relationship together was one
of surviving together: the 'we', the egocentric center of the relationship. We can also see the archetypal seed of being sexual together
that was ignited because of this proximity caused by the need to survive the reality caused by the fathers.

Yet because of their ages in those lives, and given the nature of the realities caused by the fathers, they were also relatively
psychologically and emotionally stunted: not fully developed. This is symbolized by that same Moon/Mercury conjunction in the 6th
opposed by that Mars in Cancer in the 12th. In essence, because of their ages and circumstances that did not allow them to fully
understand or know each other in the context of their relationship: it was limited.

With the N.Node in Pisces in the 8th conjunct Uranus, squaring the 5th House Pluto, we can now also see the symbolism of the
pregnancy that we have discussed before that lead to the event of Shaw taking Chloes life because of: and the unborn baby as well. In
other words it was the 8th House 'shock', a cataclysmic shock, that caused Shaw to do such a thing in the context of that life: the overall
reality of it created by the father. He had absolute fear because of this. He opposed it due to his own needs for survival.

That was the very last life that they shared. A sudden ending: Uranus in Pisces in the 8th conjunct the N.Node ruled by that Neptune in
Aquarius, trauma, that is opposed the Venus and Saturn in Leo in the 1st.

That sudden ending is thus the caused, the determinant, of the skipped step leading exactly to this life wherein the nature of that
skipped step is to fully understand, through objectifying each other in the context of their relationship, the reality of each of them so that
they relationship can continue to evolve and grow in the current life. Thus, they will need to learn to listen to each other in their
relationship in order to give to that relationship WHAT IS ACTUALLY NEEDED in order to evolve. This need to objectify is of course also
symbolized the the polarity point of their 5th House Pluto: the 11th House.

So this is a simple example that demonstrated the EA process of understanding the skipped steps in our composite charts.

What I would like those who are participating in our thread to now do is present your own evaluations of the skipped steps in the
composite chart between Chloe and Shaw.


We have all now come to a deep understanding of Chloe and Shaw's individual charts and when looking at the composite chart of their
relationship as a unit you can see that it is a perfect picture of all that they have shared together. The repeating themes and dynamics in
the composite mimics the ones that Chloe and Shaw each individually have as well as the combination of dynamics between them. The
first thing my mind gravitated to when I was looking at all their charts when first posted was that Ceres being so strongly placed in all the
charts as well as being in conjunction to the South Node in Virgo in the 2nd in the composite chart. I felt deeply that Ceres was part of
this traumatic story in some way and is now part of the skipped step dynamic between them that they are ultimately trying to work
through. We have come to understand now how Ceres links the chart dynamics to a baby they created as well as to the loss of mothers. I
am going to try now to summarize what I feel those dynamics to be, please bare with me I am having a very difficult time even being able
to write, my thoughts are very disconnected and all over the place recently. I must be going through massive changes in my mental
orientations, hopefully to a better holistic synthesis of thought processes. In the mean time this has been extremely difficult for me to
deal with.

Pluto in Sag in the 5th Square to the South Node conjunct Ceres in Virgo in the 2nd and the North Node Conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the
8th. Ruler of the South Node Mercury conjunct the Moon in the 6th oppose Mars in Cancer in the 12th. South Node of Pluto is conjunct
the Mercury and Moon in the 6th and oppose Mars in the 12th.
This dynamic is one that has not been fully worked out between them and so in this life this is where they are picking back up again.
What I am feeling about that Pluto in Sag in the 5th in a skipped step to the Nodes is that this is about a complete metamorphoses of
their beliefs, beliefs about themselves and each other as well as the beliefs of what the ultimate meaning is for this relationship between
them. I feel that is really strong here in this association with Jupiter in Scorpio in the 5th, Pluto being in Sag ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter
being in Scorpio that is ruled by Pluto. This is about piercing deeply into the absolute truth of the past association and the reasons for
the continued association between them. What is the truth of their association and where are they coming from, this can be seen by
going back to that South Node in Virgo conjunct Ceres in the 2nd. This is about the past Crisis together and how those past Crisis are
spilling over into this association between them now. It revolves around their deepest unconscious need for security and how the lack of
that internal security is effecting them deeply and hence the relationship. You would think right away well yes of course the traumas are
about the relationship they shared and the child they created as well as the tragic ending that happened and it is but it goes much
deeper than that. This really is about the deep insecurity in each of them revolving around the early life parenting conditions and the
deep and painful lack they feel there. This is about the traumas they share together over having fathers that were deeply damaging to
their self esteem where there personal authority is now deeply damaged and how they are compensating for that. Ruler of the South
Node Mercury conjunct the Moon in Capricorn in the 6th oppose Mars in Cancer in the 12th. This is about, like Rad shared, the Mothers
that were torn from them and because of their Father how they were forced to "survive". This is about a shared commonality or shared
wounds because of past life Fathers where instead of projecting that wounding onto each other they should be creating a healing bond
because of the wounds they share. This is about something deeper in both of them that they share together because of these Fathers
and this is the ultimate meaning for the association but getting to the ultimate meaning will take a total metamorphoses of those painful
places deep with in them, an absolute honest evaluation of the emotional truth they share. I feel that their deepest issue and this goes
back to the resolution Node being the south node in Virgo in the 2nd is a about a deep Guilt that permeates this association, a Guilt that
has become distorted a Guilt that perpetuates the need for Crisis or a Guilt that is getting in the way of perceiving the ultimate truth
about there relationship. I have in my own experiences in life come to understand deeply what happens when a deep permeating Guilt is
distorted and how it can effect people and create the opposite of what you would think would be the best way for that Guilt to be
dissolved. What I mean by this is that I have come to understand that instead of a person naturally feeling a need to atone and make
things right with other they feel Guilt towards they will actually do the opposite and project absolute crap onto that person instead.
Maybe as a way for the person not to own what they have done, own there responsibility in it all and when that happens the distortions
of not owning it can be truly even more sadistic then the original transgression. Its taken me 42 years to come to understand this fully.
When it comes to this association between Chloe and Shaw I feel this is about each one of them learning to be there own nurturer they
are learning the deep and painful Ultimate truth in there evolutionary journey and they are learning it through the damaged past
parenting functions and they are learning it together where they have repeatedly come back together to do just that, to have someone
to go through this with, they are not alone in this, The Natural God has a plan for them together.

The real issue here is about the damaged past life parenting functions and how these have affected them and how it brought them
together but ultimately they projected that damaged need for nurturing onto each other just as much as they have been there for each
other they also ended up hurting each other. This is about how they cant see themselves clearly and this deep lack they inherently feel is
being projected outwards towards each other in dissociation to each others actual reality. In the end this created in this last life the
deepest wound of all a wound that is creating a deep Guilt in each of them revolving around what is natural between them and what was
not. There is a deep patriarchal guilt here in there association that really was not in transgression of Natural Law but because of the Guilt
from Patriarchal conditioning the Ultimate transgression against Natural Law did in fact happen.

In the end the skipped steps revolve around a distancing that will create space for objectivity of the actual reality of each of them and
the reality of each other. This can only happen when the cycles of the need to recreate Crisis based on the past life traumas come to an
end. This is about peering into the Ultimate truth of the association one where they come to understand that together they have some
sort of Special Destiny to fulfil as a unit and individually. You can see that this association is about absolute liberation of the Traumas that
are actually preventing them from moving forward with there special destiny together. The North Node conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the
8th ruler of Uranus being Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th. Once again we have a mutual reception of rulerships and even more
compelling is the fact that Neptune is in opposition to the Sun Saturn and Venus conjunction in Leo in the 1st. This ties back to the axis of
Pluto in the 5th and Pluto's polarity point being in the 11th. Also this whole opposition is the Midpoint of a Yod Pattern involving the
South Node in Virgo in the 2nd sextile to Mars in Caner in the 12 both Inconjunct Neptune in Aquarius in the 7th. This is a beautiful
example of what the ultimate goals are in this association. This is about We not I this is about being a Team not in competition with each
other this is about helping each other to succeed individually and together. A Liberation of this constant need to be seen a special to
coming to see the specialness of each other and how they can be a powerhouse together and share that amazing creative energy they
have with others. This is about going back to recovering the ultimate purpose for the association in the first place. It was one where they
came together to help each other to heal each other to let go of Crisis to unconditionally love each other and the spaces they found
themselves in.

In this association between them they have something to give back to the world a special purpose or destiny to share with others but it
can only happen when they can come to a deeper security from with in each of them a liberation of the Crisis, Absolute Forgiveness for
the past and then that can transform how they look at each other a metamorphose of the beliefs they have of each other as well as
what their ultimate beliefs of the Universe. I feel this is especially true when you consider their evolutionary condition which I would
gage as somewhere deep in the Individuated state. This is about finding the Natural God together and a liberating from anything that is
preventing that. They have come together once again to get to the Ultimate truth of their existence and then Share that with the world.

"I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger
May you never take one single breath for granted
God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean
Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens
Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance
Pluto/Sag/5th House square South Node/Virgo/2nd, ruler Mercury conjunct Moon/6th, North Node/Pisces/8th, ruler

At a fundamental level, Chloe and Shaw have chosen to be together in this life, to pick up where they left off, in order to creatively
actualize the reason for their relationship in a way that is as honest and truthful as possible. They have been learning to trust their
intuition and to create a reality together where that truth and intuition is guiding their creativity. Letting go of fear based on unconscious
memories will allow inspiration to infuse their relationship and creativity where personal limits can be transformed. The possibility of
them them working together towards a mutually set goal will help channel their considerable talents which are not only inspired, but
garnered over many lifetimes in this culture and others.

Up to the current life, one of the ways Chloe and Shaw have learned to relate to each other is based on unconscious memories of need,
survival and crisis. This is where their relationship ended in a past life - the death of Chloe and their unborn baby suddenly at the hands
of Shaw (North Node conjunct Uranus/Pisces/8th). In the past, because of the deep void left by a lack of love from parents, they have
spent many lives together in a state of dependence on each other for emotional survival and even physical survival (South
Node/Virgo/2nd conjunct Ceres). Being raised in families where an authoritarian parent was critical of them and where a lack of
nurturing left a void, (Moon conjunct Mercury/Capricorn/6th opposed Mars/Cancer/12th) it would have been very natural for these two
to provide that nurturing, encouragement and love for each other which would have guaranteed a relatively secure environment to
sustain them both, and to try to minimize the wounds left by a lack of love from an overbearing and/or emotionally distant parent.

The wounds and abandonment issues contributing to this couple seeking solace with one another would have naturally led to a sexual
relationship as a way for them to establish a consistent sense of security, something they could trust that would always be there.
Because they could not trust or depend on anyone outside of their relationship, and needing to find a center of stability and consistency,
each made the other the source of their needs - emotional, physical and psychological. They also penetrated the very spirit and soul of
each other, resulting in a profound psychic connection. Coming into this life, one or both of them have a desire to break free from the
past (North Node conjunct Uranus/Pisces 8th) and the resulting deep wounds, emotional, psychological and psychic. The wound related
to the death of Chloe and the baby will be contributing to the compusive ways these two people relate to each other.
Because Shaw and Chloe were forced to rely on each other at a very young age, the natural maturing process would have been halted
(Moon conjunct Mercury/Capricorn/6th). Instead of growing emotionally within themselves and towards each other, they would
continue to relate to each other as children reflecting their own inner void (Mercury rules the South Node conjunct Ceres in Virgo/2nd
House). If a child emotional maturation is slowed or halted, how can they ever find out who they really are? How can they relate to
another if they don't know who they really are?

I think this is one of the core issues of the skipped step. They don't know how to relate to each other as separate, mature and unique
individuals. Keeping in mind the deep well of creative energy within Chloe and Shaw, both as a couple and as separate people, in order
to fully actualize those special gifts, they need to learn to grow up (ruler of resolution South Node/2nd is Mercury/Capricorn conjunct
Moon/Capricorn 6th). There are practical ways to do this. A good start would be for Chloe and Shaw to make friends with each other
and to talk to each other in an objective way, recognizing the value of restraint, honesty, sincerity and respect when in each other's
company. (PP 11th House/Vesta in Gemini/11th). Finding the courage to be absolutely truthful with one another will be key to the
healing process. This same respect and honesty should also be extended to include people and friends outside the family unit as much
as possible.

Another artifact from the past family dynamics is the competitive nature of their relationship. Again, how can Chloe and Shaw move
forward together with an objective appreciation of each other's unique and special gifts while they are competing with each other?
Through honest self-examination, they can attempt to uncover and break free from at least one of the sources of that competitiveness,
which is insecurity as a result of displaced emotions (North Node conjunct Uranus/Pisces trine Mars/Cancer 12th). A need to be
recognized as special, more special than the other can be transmuted into an objective recognition of the other's special gifts and how
those talents can be channelled constructively (Pluto 5th/Sag trine Saturn/Venus/Leo/1st, relative to PPP/11th/Taurus cusp) for the
benefit and enjoyment of others.

Within their relationship, Chloe and Shaw will be working on their own personal skipped steps (unresolved issues) as well as the
unresolved issues between them. That togetherness helps them with their own individual issues as well as helping each other and the
relationship mature into a relationship that is ready to be integrated into society in an equal way (waning trine from Saturn/Venus
conjunction in Leo/1st to Pluto/5th/Sag). There is the potential here for social recognition and relative fame in their chosen field of
work. With these new phase conjunctions in Leo trine Pluto/5th/Sag, their work or performances will be fresh, inspired and unique.
Each will grow at their own pace within this, but patience and persistence will be necessary to accomplish their growth together
(Pluto/Sag/5th square South Node/Second/Virgo). Without patience and persistence, more crises could develop between them. A focus
on the Creative Principle as individual, special, but different gifts will help them achieve autonomy. However, working together on
creative ideas could produce results that would contribute to the lives of others and will be uniquely special. To do this, they will each
have to recognize and accept the contribution of the other without feeling threatened. Or, if one does feel threatened, they should talk
truthfully about what is going on within them to bring these feelings to the surface so that problems can be sorted out in the light of day,
and not be held inside or hidden. Honesty, truthfulness and sincere discussion will promote the evolutionary intention of transmuting
what has not always been such an honest relationship.

The old, compulsive ways of relating to each other also reflects their guilt, and that guilt will be related to their own parenting styles in
the past as well as the death of Chloe and the child she was carrying. I can imagine it is not always appropriate to speak to clients in
terms of what exactly happened in a past life, but in any case, forgiveness will be key to uncovering the truth of who they naturally are
underneath all that guilt. Also relative to critical parents in the past, one or both need to accept that perfection itself is a tyrant and that
the best we can do is the best of all.

At some point in the past, it's possible that Chloe, Shaw, or both, have made a promise to the other to always be there for the other. If
that is the case, at some point, as a result of evolutionary necessity, they will need to accept that the promise is no longer necessary and
that one or both of them are feeling held back, and it's time to move on. North Node conjunct Uranus/Pisces/8th square Pluto/Sag/5th).

Shaw and Chloe have much in the way of creative gifts to share, but they must let go of old, compulsive habit patterns, be prepared to
cooperate, be friends, work together as equals and recognize the Divine in each other and the creativity that they can birth and bring
into the world. DDD

what really jumps out at me is their combined No. Node in Pisces, 8th house, conjunct Uranus. Certainly this would speak to a
combined egocentric structure whose evolutionary intent is to receive deep revelation and personal epiphany on a soul level. It seems
that there is hope to be very open to the messages of their individuated consciousness emanating from Father / Mother God.

they would also have the opportunity to re-address and confront the taboos and social moraes of past incarnations. It seems, that by
each of them allowing themselves the freedom to seek Creator, in their own way, that they will strengthen their relationships to
themselves, individually, and to the relationship as well. Cancer rules their 12th house of ultimate meaning, and with Mars there, they
would have the desire to re-invent and re-define who their true parents are.

could their No. Node "sudden ending signature in the 8th house also point to a combined soul agreement to forgive themselves and
each other in order to evolve through their mutual need to do so? This signature certainly seems like a signature of 'divine' reception.

they would have the opportunity, also, to realize that they are both a part of something so much greater than each individual (No.
Node in Pisces in 8th), and that some of their continuing strength, on a soul-level will come as a recognition and acceptance of their
vulnerabilities (Virgo).

with Pluto in Sagittarius, squaring the nodes, they are both developing new pathways in the brain (Pluto polarity point) to forgive and
accept themselves, and each other for just who they are. They are learning to open their minds and psyches to the possibility of all new
information and revelatory thought. They are learning not to believe what they have been taught, or what others believe, but to think for

the 5th house contains a passion for life. With Plutos' planetary ruler there (Jupiter in Scorpio) they share a mutual passion to inspire
each other to expand their belief systems, and to keep expanding them and not repeat the victimization mindset of the past. In other
words, to learn not to limit their thinking in order to strengthen the continuation of their souls' growth.

Gemini in the 11th house would symbolize unlimited possibilities to liberate the mind, and in this case, the highly subjective self. it
would suggest unlimited possibilities to detach, define and liberate from Patriarchal, fear-based beliefs. (This is also seen in the
Mercury/Moon signature conjunct Pluto and Saturns South Nodes in the 6th house.)

the So. Node is the resolution node it is thru relationship, and sometimes the experience of 'sacrifice' (the loss and crisis symbolized
by Ceres in Virgo) that we can come back stronger and learn to survive develop a stronger, broader immunity through the lessons of

the So Node forms a waning square to Pluto, suggesting that Patriarchal belief systems, hierarchical thinking, and fear situations of the
past are being re-examined. They would have the opportunity, this lifetime, to re-examine a fear-based past in which it would no longer
be necessary to sacrifice one life (or lives) for another and begin to realize that what really matters is our individual soul strength (5th
house), and the strength that grows and matures through combined relationships.

Mercury in Capricorn is planetary ruler of the So. Node in the 6th house, which would speak to coming into form and matter, currently,
in order to reach the realization, through the maturation process, that they can CHOOSE to take responsibility to live each moment to the
fullest, rise above being the victim, and have the life experience of being their 'brothers' keeper'.

if they find strength through relationship and relating, this lifetime, they will get the skipped step on a soul level and never have to
repeat it.

if we look at the planetary ruler of Capricorn - Saturn in Leo in 1st, conjunct their sun and combined purpose in life, it speaks to finding
the initiative to evolve beyond their very subjective realities that they, and only they, are responsible for their own soul strength.

Saturn opposes Neptune in the 7th which suggests that they would have a tendency to see the other in either an elevated or delusional
way, but as they mature, emotionally, hopefully they will come to accept each other for just who they are, and not project their own
needs upon them, and that, ultimately, they can only 'save' themselves
I'd like to try to be more specific about the skipped step in Chloe and Shaws' composite chart:

Skipped Step Pluto in Sagittarius 5th house, to Pluto polarity point in Gemini in the 11th, is the evolutionary intent of Chloe and
Shaws relationship this lifetime. It points to the opportunity to choose to renew their minds, their mutual thought processes, in a way
that they may begin to receive and interpret information vs. that which they have been taught to believe in the past. To question
everything! (especially any self-denigrating tapes of the past born of Patriarchal conditioning.)

Their modes of processing their realities have been so reinforced, and their ways of thinking have come from such a personal level,
again and again, that they have taken them in deeply, on a subjective, nearly subconscious level, due to past life circumstance. This
reinforcement of helplessness, victim, or guilt mentality has affected more than one life experience together, and, indeed, affects their
current mutual life-force and has permeated to a near belief that this is the 'truth' of their story (on a soul level).

It isnt their total truth. It is only part of their story (Pluto in Sagittarius in the 5th). As sure as their mutual life force continues (Pluto in
the 5th), their story will continue to be written, and to evolve and transform (Pluto polarity in the 11th house). The possibilities for soul
growth are infinite (polarity point in Gemini in 11th house) and it is through necessary confrontation, between the two of them, and
their personal sphere, that they will remember mutual limitations (self doubt), and the possibilities of mutual transformation (renewal)
between themselves.

It seems that they have been working on the knowledge and recognition of Natural Law, vs. Patriarchal belief systems prior to this
lifetime. This seems to be reinforced by the ruler of Pluto in the 5th house, in mutual reception. It will take courage to pursue these
inklings of enlightenment because the victim or hopeless mentalities have become so ingrained due to the need to survive in their
past realities. It will take courage to learn to constantly challenge any and all pre-existing belief systems that they may encounter in order
to awaken to the new realities that lay before them.

It would also seem that they have been beginning to experience intuitive synthesis (Sagittarius), in their mutual past, which would
allow the seepage of other peoples ideas and beliefs to broaden their world-views this lifetime. They would not have to believe what
others have told them. They would not have to even believe in their own current world-view. They can begin to open the gates of their
minds to all possible interpretations of reality and their ability to re-create their life path and belief systems with every new day.

It seems as if they have been developing their personal need to be special and to be noticed to the exclusion of the exterior world, and
to the exclusion of each others needs. This was possibly a survival mechanism for them in the past, but in a composite sense, if they
come to learn to listen to each other more and be patient, they may find a path to the true liberation of the mind that they seek on a
soul level. Step by step, they can encourage each other in the discovery and support of open-mindedness and exploration of their mental
capacities to see more clearly. The 11th house represents the bigger picture.

The 11th house is one of empirical observation and experimentation, and with this clear, evolutionary intent, they can share and
explore, together, new freedoms of expression. Hopefully, they will find new levels of inspiration with each step.

The So. Node is the node to consistently integrate. It is clearly a lesson of combined survival issues that, of course, involve the loss, or
perceived loss, of a mother or maternal circumstance. Ceres in Virgo in the 2nd house is opposite Uranus in Pisces in the 8th, and relates
to sudden loss and cataclysmic shock that will need to be felt on some level (No. Node in Pisces conjunct Uranus in the 8th) in order to
be addressed. The emotional body will come into play, this lifetime, for certain, in order to support practices that can be consistently
relied upon for soul growth.

They have both incarnated with the intent of liberating from old victim or guilt modes of thinking (So. Node in Virgo in the 2nd house,
and Mercury conjunct the Moon in Capricorn in the 6th). The So. Node also denotes natural tendencies that keep forcing themselves
back upon themselves to face feelings of victimization and helplessness ... until they decide to stop the cycle.

What I see is the opportunity for true feedback (another persons point-of-view) in the 11th house which can lead to enlightenment a
soul break-through of sorts. It will take support from each other and their personal sphere to encourage expression and communication
consistently to renew the pathways of the mind toward mutual healing of the mind (Pluto polarity point). This will take patience and
determination, but with the So. Node in Virgo, in the 2nd house, they have the tools to do so.

By consistently integrating the dutiful and mindful nature of this So. Node, they can, consistently, face the turbulent waters of the 8th
house to navigate to their own, unique, natural currents. They have the tools to find the fortitude to venture into the emotional realms
for healing, but they must be willing to wade into the waters, forgive themselves, each other, and the pains of the past, and agree to
venture into unknown territory. They need to take a step out in faith, and believe in themselves (So. Node in 2nd house), and their own
personal strength and not be dependent upon another person or place blame. Their learning to unlearn old habits of self doubt and self

Pisces in the 8th house is a signature of unconditional forgiveness toward loss, abandonment and betrayal. With the planetary ruler in
the 7th house, in Aquarius, they have the opportunity to learn to take steps toward really listening and relating to the other persons
story and needs.

In summary, I see that through the consistent integration of methodologies and practices that encourage communication and
cooperation, they will have the foundation of self-reliance and self esteem to be able to work toward becoming their own, respective,
authorities (Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th). A practice in their everyday life that supports them to be autonomous thinkers can support
a renewal of the emotional healing needed this lifetime (No. Node). I believe that in this composite chart, they are looking to allow
themselves the freedom to believe in Creators unconditional love and release, so that they can each reach a greater level of
understanding, self love and forgiveness in order to give these gifts back to society (Neptune in 7th). If they can learn to be more willing
and receptive to other peoples concerns and dilemnas, they will be offering their special creativity and expression to the world, and be
'doing' their skipped step.

There is always a higher truth (Pisces) of divine compassion that can teach us ways to just be to live our lives in mutuality and peace
so that we can mirror that possibility to others, and thus help to just unify each other however elusive the concept. However difficult,
hopefully they can learn to live in the moment (Pluto polarity point), suspend judgement, and just FEEL what mutual vulnerability and
acceptance feels like so that they can address the unresolved trauma of the No. Node, absorb this into their souls, and offer the
invitation to awaken to a higher intellectual reality to those around them (Pluto polarity point).

My teacher, Robert Ghostwolf met an eagle at a sacred site, one day, who taught him the meaning of the Lakota word,
Optipemsewak. The eagle spoke to him and told him that those who live their lives for the approval of others, are the equivalent of
being lost. Optipemsewak means those who own themselves.
this is my reflection on Shaw and Chloe's composite. In order to study it i have not read yet all the participations, so i'm sorry if this goes
repetitive or a bit off what as already been said.
And Rad, thank you for your patience. I hope you are healing and feeling better.

With composite pluto square the nodal axis, this is a couple who has been skipping steps in their evolutionary journey together, and
given the fact that the planet squaring the composite nodal axis is afterall pluto, there can be additional information pointing to the fact
that this resistance has become very stressful and intense in the last lives together, creating now a point in their evolution where the
conditions are set to bring all these matters to a head, to be faced and dealt with in order to be resolved.
One of the curious factors derived from this intensity and desire is the fact that matters have become so amplified, so important and
special, that we are now, as a community, giving it our full attention, study and focus, so that we can get to the truth of it and help as
best as we can, and also learn and creatively apply what we learned in the context of our realities - composite pluto in the 5th house in
saggitarius, squaring the nodal axis in virgo/pisces, north node is conjunct uranus. (When we study this things and come across this
symbology i guess we cannot help to give life a smile, contemplating the accuracy of EA, and the Source that is teaching us all)

From what Rad has already summarised, both Shaw and Chloe made a choice to be in a relationship with a common purpose - with the
composite pluto in the 5th house, the relationship served as a vehicle to survive together in the context of families that did not allowed
them to emotional mature with love and acceptance, SN in the 2nd house conjunct ceres. By being together, the relationship was the
natural way to work on common personal desires of creative self-actualisation, as both siblings could help and empower each other as
each needed.
Rad as also shared that in their last life together, tremendous trauma was experienced as a consequence of proximity, survival instinct,
and intimate sexual contact that ended up by one taking the life of the other out of extreme fear to face the consequences of a resulting
pregnancy, and that is seen by NN in the 8th house conjunct Uranus.
It was this extreme traumatic situation that now brings this couple together, to a shared life again as siblings, represented as a skipped
step in their evolution as a couple. By being so extreme the relationship appears stuck in a pattern, which, in the beginning of this
process will manifest as extreme resistance that started how Kristen has shared with us by Shaw inexplicable anger towards his sister and
a resistance to accept her.

Starting from here, what is really behind this resistance? What is the lesson this souls are avoiding to complete represented in the
usness of the composite that got to a point of extreme traumatic events?
To know this, and going back to each chart and their own individual skipped steps, we have been aware that in the consequence of
feeling powerless and insecure, each developed the natural desire to change this and creatively actualize the life purposes the best they
By finding themselves in similar situation, they naturally started developing this desire through the creation of the relationship, where
both could help each others individual development but where other dynamics were also in place - both started projecting on each
other the power and purpose each desired for themselves, creating first skipped steps in the personal evolutionary journey, each for
individual reasons, and consequently in the relationship as a whole.
This created the situation of Chloe desiring so much love and attention from her brother that prevented her to see the brother for who
he really his, and Shaw projecting this desire to feel special on his family and sister, avoiding responsability on his actions, emotional self-
sufficiency and creating external dependencies.

With composite pluto polarity point in 11th house gemini, the next step on this couples evolution is to objectively communicate in a way
that breaks free from past projections. To actually be friends with each other and to actually listen and accept the other reality as it is
presented. The way to do this can be seen in the SN in the 2nd house in virgo, the resolution node, and mercury in the sixth house in
capricorn. In this simbology it is clear that the way forward goes through both souls relating to each other from a point of absolute self-
reliance and sense of security developed from within. Since the south node is also conjunct ceres, much of this security comes from
working and healing the mother within. The female side of creativity allowing to give birth and regeneration to their natural talents.
Probably as much metaphorical as literally, as this can represent the letting go of previous deaths, reconcile with the mothers/fathers and
allowing rebirth and renew that could manifest as one actually giving birth to the baby that never came to life before and both in a
certain way take care and love the child.
This south node is also trine the moon and mercury in capricorn in the 6th house, so we can say it can be relatively easy to heal with
responsability and maturity, if a bit of work is done on this self-empowerment. The challenge will be to acknowledge any aggressive
behaviour, mars in cancer in the 12th house, any sense of competition and victimisation, as soon as it arrives towards understanding of
the whole picture with love and compassion, mars trine NN and uranus in pisces 8th house, metamorphosing this energy. With Neptune,
ruler of the NN, conjunct juno and opposing pallas, sun, saturn and venus in the 1st house leo, the themes of transmutation of agression
through compassion and listening to the other by making a commitment to approach the relationship from a perspective devoid of
projections, confronting all that is not the absolute truth of their souls, neptune also square jupiter in scorpio, becomes even more
Taking from the amazing work that is already in progress with Shaw and Kristen, there would be reasons to believe some positive
movement is just started to manifest. Let's hope it goes from there
It took a very long time to read through in detail and depth everything everyone has written on the synastry and composite of Shaw &
Chloe. Such a lot of information, so many layers of it, and it seems to me every relevant factor and item has been well and truly covered.
I cannot add anything new to what has already been laid out by Rad and everyone else, its already a great deal of pretty amazing
material and very complete. But I did want to write something, as I feel learning about skipped steps is a vital part of our EA toolbox. So I
think the best thing I can do is try and summarize some itemized steps that can be used to start off any relational and skipped steps
delineation, combined with a few comments on various things. Please correct me if anything isn't correct.

[A] The first thing Id like to summarize for both Shaw and Chloe is the process that each went through that led to their personal skipped
steps eventuating. It has been an intense journey that they have been through, and are still on. However we need to remember that
each soul has its own identity and its own unique journey away from, and then back to, the Source. So its good to remember the earliest
point in their evolution that we can, as this is the deep root of their respective individual journeys.

Starting with Shaw

Lets return to the deep past of his Pluto, shown by his SN Pluto in the 6th with its ruler, Saturn, in a balsamic conjunction to Mars in the
12th - which is also where the polarity point (PP) for the SN Pluto is. I originally surmised that he would have learnt those 6th house
lessons satisfactorily. Then seeing his SN Moon was ruled by Pluto itself, and with the SN Moon not introducing any additional factors to
what was already involved via Pluto, it became clear that Shaw had become stuck at a soul level, and maybe been this way for some
time. For this reason its also good to revisit his SN Pluto situation.

Chiron and Juno in the 6th are conjunct that SN Pluto and the SN Saturn, in a waning sesquiquadrate to Jupiter in Virgo in the 2nd, as
well as quincunx Venus in Gemini in the 12th.

In that signature we have lots of Taurus (2nd, Venus) plus Virgo (Virgo, quincunx) factors involved here. Also Virgos PP is involved (12th
house). Additionally the ruler of the SN Pluto and SN Saturn (Saturn), is in a balsamic conjunction to Mars in the SN Pluto PP house.
Taurus and Virgo = survival and crisis, 12th = victim.

In this deeper look it seems Shaws soul didnt do as well as it first appeared there is a core wounding regarding the
patriarchy/authority (Chiron in Capricorn, Mars conj the ruler, Saturn, in the 12th - persecution), probably stemming from relationship
and survival crises (Chiron conjunct Juno, sesquiquadrate 2nd house planet, quincunx Venus) all stemming from the 6th house (crisis).
This could be summed up as his voice has not been heard whether it was a cry for help re survival, or trying to stand up for his rights,
or defending his territory against invaders he has lost out, and his self-esteem has suffered badly as a result.

While this would have happened a great deal of time ago (re the SN Pluto and SN Saturn), it seems the resulting inferiority complex has
never been resolved for Shaw, and his soul has now selected this as something to be addressed this lifetime. We can see additional
indications of this inferiority complex, as Lucifer is very closely conjunct his North Node. Lucifer represents the temptation to succumb to
evil intentions, and comes into play when the will to survive, to act in accordance with natural law, to be positive and a source of
nourishment to oneself and others, is so broken that defeat and hopelessness take hold. Lucifer conjunct his NNode is in a critical place,
because the NNode is so key to ones evolutionary and karmic progress.

Lucifers placement indicates an inner sense of defeat may well have been present in Shaw for a long time. As the way we listen to
ourselves creates our inner vibration, this then attracts to us situations and people accordingly. It seems that Shaws true inner vibration
in more recent past lives has been one of pessimism, self-doubt, lack of love, and a feeling of not being good enough. And its still there
as an undercurrent in this life. However its deeply personal and so he naturally he hides all this. But regardless he is potentially
vulnerable to negative forces.

And its highly likely he has been carrying this undercurrent ever since those lives represented by SN Pluto it is a very old psychological
complex. It is why in more recent past lives he has (still) been attracting fathers who paid him no attention (Saturn/Mars in the 12th), and
its why he has had such deep emotional issues for many lives now, showing through in this life with a Pluto/Moon conjunction, Mars in
Cancer 12th, SN in Scorpio 4th, and Uranus conjunct Vesta in Pisces 8th.

So the most ancient issue is that his voice has not been heard, then that leading to lives of low self-esteem, which has then led to lives
lacking in any love (fathers ignored him, mothers were always being replaced). Which has compounded as a deep feeling of impotence
and being abandoned (SNode in 4th, Saturn & Mars in Cancer 12th - with Mars opposition to Pluto 5th conjunct Moon in Capricorn 6th).
These factors often indicate emotional repression and/or difficulties, and because of the wider context here this is likely to be the case.

This has then led to him having lives of clinging to his siblings to get the love he needed, leading to co-dependent relationships with
those siblings (Pluto 5th conjunct Moon, opposite Venus Gemini 12th).

This in turn has led to him having lives where intense and complex family situations arose (SNode Scorpio 4th), as all discussed by
everyone previously. With very recently incest resulting in a baby, trying to hide this (Venus 12th, Uranus Pisces), feeling trauma and a
fear of survival (Neptune Aquarius 7th, ruler Uranus opposite Jupiter 2nd), leading to murder of his sister and their baby - the potential
for such violence is shown by Saturn conjunct Mars (compressed desire, entrapment) with Mars opposite Pluto (violence, rage).
Obviously this is a massive coming to a head of so many past lives where his choices had not been healthy or good. This terrible act he
committed was extremely humiliating, massively worsening the sense of being a failure, but also done in desperation and so leading to a
desire to escape any further consequences in order to survive, but also to avoid the pain and hide from the natural guilt that inevitably
follows such a transgression of natural law.

This therefore has resulted in a need to somehow deal to those feelings of being such a failure, of hopelessness he has therefore
been greatly reacting to them, and also hugely overcompensating against them (Pluto/Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter trine NNode, and the
ruler of the 9th house, Neptune, being a skipped step planet). This has resulted in the self-inflation (Pluto in 5th).

The final outcome has been that all these skipped steps have caught up with him and he has had no choice at a soul level but to turn and
face the music. His skipped steps represented by Neptune in Aquarius in 7th involve having a god complex towards others, a distorted
sense of everyone else, jealously towards others, and lacking in compassion for others all because of having extremely low self-worth,
and that itself made much worse by him not taking responsibility for his actions. Shaws choices have finally caught up with him.

Lets now summarize how Chloes skipped steps have arisen.

Chloes SN Pluto is in the 6th house, with its ruler Saturn in Virgo 2nd also ruling and square to Pluto in Capricorn 5th. We know from this
that right from the very beginning Chloes issues were survival crises, and difficulty fitting into society (SN Pluto ruler Saturn in Virgo 2nd
opposite Uranus). And that Chloes reaction to this was to turn to religion (Uranus conj Juno in Pisces 8th).

Her search for God back then led to lives of her idolising other people and groups more than anything else (Uranuss ruler is Neptune, in
Aquarius 7th) and she morphed into a socialite (packed 7th). As a result her thinking became delusional (Neptune in Aquarius) and she
decided fame would give her the same result as finding God (ie. help her survive and also fill the emptiness she felt within, Saturn in 2nd,
Virgo on 2nd).
This then led onto lives where she worked on developing her innate talents towards that end - music, art etc (Saturn in 2nd, which is SN
Pluto ruler, is itself ruled by Mercury which is in Libra the arts), also in more recent lives, developing her intuition (SN quincunx Jupiter
in Aquarius). This desire to be a socialite led to her becoming a pleaser, basing her actions on other peoples wants and not on her own
needs (Moon in Aquarius 7th sesquiquadrate Saturn 2nd). This was the acceleration of what would become incredibly deepened 2nd
house issues for her. It also led to the beginning of her self-inflation (Pluto 5th, Mars in Leo) as that went with her performing, and
compensated for her increasing 2nd house deficient self-worth.

This however then led to lives where she really needed to recover her 2nd house functioning (listening to self, being self-sufficient etc),
and as has been discussed she did this by being born to strong successful fathers who would ignore her except to intensely criticise and
humiliate her, causing inner crisis as it affected how she listened to herself - inducing intense inner psychological emptiness and a sense
of worthlessness (Saturn in Virgo 2nd square Pluto Capricorn 5th). So instead of healing her 2nd house issues it made them 10 times
worse. Her egocentric reaction to what her soul kept creating in this regard (critical fathers) was to react by competing with those men,
life after life. This is because she did actually become famous via her careers (Saturn in 2nd ruling SN Saturn in 6th, Pluto in 5th quincunx
Mars in Leo 12th) with unique social roles (SNode ruler, Moon, in 7th conjunctions) which only increased the desire to compete. Also her
self-inflation had greatly increased in the process, to the point where she got stuck in that pattern (due to that intense soul level KEY Rad
talked about).

This eventually led to lives where she started to rebel against those fathers (Uranus opp Saturn), as her natural guilt for being that way
built up (Moon NN and SNodes of Pluto and Saturn, all in Capricorn 6th, ruled by Saturn in Virgo 2nd). As that rebellion caused her to
become less obsessed with her fathers it also prompted her increased interest in siblings (Uranus quintiles Mercury in 4th, and the ruler
of Uranus, Neptune, trines Mercury siblings).

More recently Chloes soul also now needed deal to her very old and also multiplying skipped steps. These skipped steps represented by
Venus in Libra 3rd and Mercury Libra 4th are family issues (SN in Cancer, Venus and Mercury in Libra in 3rd and 4th), expecting (Libra) to
be validated (4th), recovering displaced emotions (Mars in 12th, Uranus in 8th) and recovering from extreme (Libra) denial of love she
experienced - by learning emotional self-sufficiency (SN/NN in Cancer/Capricorn square Venus and the 4th house planets, which are all
trine the 7th house stellium the expectation that someone else will rescue her).


While at a summary level like this these situations may not seem to be that dramatic or significant (more like small stories), we need to
remember that this has all taken countless lives to unfold, and that the process of each souls journey would actually have been
excruciatingly slow and extremely painful in many of those lives.

The root issues may seem like nothing that startling or dramatic at the beginning - survival, fitting into society, and standing up for ones
rights are common things many, many people experience all the time, and in that sense life hasnt changed much. But we can see here
how important it is for all of us that we respond to lifes challenges in the optimum way. The choices we make endlessly build upon each
other, one after the other, life after life; and if we arent careful and therefore consistently make non-optimal choices regarding some
aspect of our functioning, eventually we can get trapped into a degenerate pathway that finally comes to a dead end, evolutionary-wise
as far as that functioning is concerned.

While all the possible reasons for skipped steps are very varied and often complex and not always due to degeneration ... the functional
degeneration described above will show up in an astrology chart as skipped step(s); and a Pluto skipped step generally indicates the
degeneration has reached the level of the soul itself.

[B ] Looking at the past connection of these two individuals (Synastry)

(These are a subset of the rules in JWG Pluto book Vol II in chapter 2)

1. First thing is to look at the lunar SNodes and their rulers in each others charts, their locations (sign and house) and any conjunctions
as these indicate subconscious memories each has of the other.

For Shaw: Chloes SN in Cancer (family/emotions/dependency) in his 12th house (helpless, persecuted by him) conjunct his Ceres
(mother/nurturing/extremely deep loss, maybe psychological or physical death) with the ruler of her SN, Moon, in Aquarius conjuncting
her Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune all in his 7th house (a direct one-on-one relationship with possible images of
mother/baby/beliefs/wounding/suffering/victim). There are other possibilities than these keywords but given both individuals have
skipped steps, plus we do know a few things about their current relationship from their mother, these ones fit easily enough.
For Chloe: Shaws SN in Scorpio (sex/merging/abandonment/secret) in her 4th house (family/emotions/dependency) with his SN ruler,
Pluto, in Sagittarius in her 5th (power/psychological/intense/beliefs/homeless) via the 5th house purpose, drama and possible risk
taking, conjunct her Ceres and Sun (extremely deep loss, maybe psychological or physical death/self/recognition).

2. Secondly, Pluto aspecting each others personal planets (Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars). These indicate soul (and therefore probably
un/subconscious) connection points with the other person, who is likely to be much more aware of these energy flows and the resulting

For Shaw: Chloes Pluto is - conjunct his Moon (at a soul level, ie. unconsciously, merging into his emotional body), trine his Mercury (she
deeply trusted what he said), opposite his Venus (compulsively on/off re listening to him then herself, love/hate attraction,
manipulative), opposing his Mars (either deeply transformative, potentially highly sexual and/or- compulsively possessive and
dominating, potentially violent).

For Chloe: Shaws Pluto is sextile her Moon (deeply in tune with her emotions), sesquiquadrate her Mars (either reluctant yielding,
potentially sexual -or- wilful and resistant towards her, manipulative, potentially violent).

3. Thirdly, planets aspecting each others nodal axis, SN ruler, or both. These show in what ways if any, and how, one persons journey
and growth has been hindered or helped by the other person. Along with the Pluto aspects, these evolutionary/karmic interactions
between the two people reveal the significant, ongoing life tale (whatever it may amount to) that they both as individuals have created
with each other up to that point.

For Shaw: Chloes planets aspecting his nodal axis are Chloes SN ruler (her Moon) is squaring Shaws nodal axis. This is a major karmic
link from the past, as both nodal axes are involved (one persons nodal point ruler aspecting the others nodal axis). Squaring it means a
full breaking away has happened - often abruptly, always disruptively, sometimes violently. This can be caused by any reason, including
via influences or forces outside their relationship.

Mars, Jupiter and Chiron are also squaring it, showing that actually an instinctive and very big life-changing breakup happened. And
because its also a karmic event, the changes that breakup caused would always have extended beyond (small or far) the life in which it
happened. Since it was a really big significant breakup, the changes will extend way beyond that life. A massive learning at a soul level for
both, particularly Shaw, will have taken place, or still needs to take place.

Chloes NN ruler (Saturn) is sesquiquadrate and novile Shaws nodal axis (with both nodal axes involved directly or via ruler- this is
another karmic link). Waxing sesquiquadrate to Shaws NN, Chloe has no doubt applied some or lots of personal pressure on him to take
her with him on his journey.

Chloes Ceres is also conjunct Shaws SN. With her SN Mercury and SN Mars conjunct her Ceres, it is clear that in the past (denoted by
the SNs) she has lost something very personal (personal planets) to do with nurturing mothering/child (Ceres) via ideas, communication,
sibling etc (Mercury) & desires, action, sex or anger etc (Mars).

Her Venus, which is one of her skipped steps, is triseptile it (subtle, undeniable fatedness). Her Pallas is quincunx it (she has tried to
project her family crisis onto his NN 10th house shoulders).

For Chloe, Shaws planets aspecting her nodal axis are Shaws Moon is quincunx her SN in Cancer. This reflects the crisis they have both
been through regarding mothering/baby/emotional/co-dependency factors). His Mercury is square her nodal axis - whatever he has
communicated with her, it has involved or resulted in a complete breaking away (often abruptly, always disruptively, sometimes

Shaws NN ruler (Venus) is quincunx her NN.

Shaws NN itself is in Taurus in his 10th house its here that he needs to develop the self-sufficiency he needs (Taurus) to take
responsibility for his past actions that resulted in the Neptune in Aquarius 7th skipped step (denial Neptune- of the trauma Aquarius-
caused to others -7th). Shaws NN ruler (Venus) can potentially facilitate this to happen, but seeing its in a quincunx to Chloes NN in
Capricorn 6th, looks like resistance to doing that has caused yet another crisis instead.

His Ceres in Cancer is conjunct her SN in Cancer 12th (family/mother/child loss) and both his Chiron and Juno in Capricorn are conjunct
her NN in Capricorn 6th (his wounding and betrayal to her as the male figure).
Finally his Jupiter and Pallas are sesquiquadrate her NN.

4. Nodal axis to nodal axis aspects. This indicates that a karmic connection of some kind has developed at some point in the past based
on the aspect and location (sign and house) of all the nodes. There is no direct nodal axis connection.

5. If any planet is conjunct the others NN, its ruler or both, and this planet is also aspecting anything conjuncting the others SN, there
are unresolved conditions to resolve, issues/dynamics to complete or sort out with each other.

Shaws Chiron conjuncts Chloes NN and is opposite her Mars (which is conjunct her SN). Obviously there is a great deal of wounding
from him to her (the murder etc.) that is unresolved.

6. Ones NN ruler aspecting the others SN ruler. Indicates karmic connections of a newly developed nature. Issues may exist but if they
do they will be relatively new. Regardless, they will recreate the past situations/conditions so they can now re-establish this connection
and move onwards, forward with it.

Shaws NN ruler, Venus in his Gemini 12th, trines Chloes SN ruler, Moon in her Aquarius 7th. She has projected onto him that he will be
her saviour. He is learning to not get caught up in her displaced emotions.

Shaws SN ruler, Pluto in Sagittarius 5th, squares Chloes NN ruler, Saturn in Virgo 2nd. Chloes Saturn has in the past collapsed into his
power and will, resulting in no survival for her at all. She will be hopefully learning to rely on him a lot less as she grows older.

[C] The Composite

Not much left to say....

The full 1st house which includes the Sun shows where a good deal of their collective energy needs to be focused - on independently
actualizing their own selves, standing on their own feet. This may be a cause of conflict though until Shaw becomes more open-minded
and responsible for his actions past and present, and Chloe becomes more reflective and much more self sufficient.

Another thing that struck me too is that Mars in Cancer in 12th (rules the 10th house of their shared responsibilities and is also the
natural ruler of the 1st house) the anger felt by them mutually is opposite the Moon Mercury conjunction in Capricorn 6th. So it's in a
key position regarding their past shared issue, yet being in the 12th prone to being suppressed.

Nevertheless Shaw is furious she followed him into the family he had started with his parents. His ongoing deep avoidance of his actions
(his Mars conjunct Venus opposite his own Pluto, Moon conjunction) is based on hiding all evidence, even from himself (Saturn, ruler of
his Chiron wound, is in the 12th), in order to guarantee that the natural guilt doesnt manifest.

Her turning up in the body in his world has turned that plan on its head. He is locked in, and will be naturally angry about that. That she
compulsively invades his space worsens it for him. But anyway, he now has only two options.

Existentially, in this life, he has every right to be angry she is overstepping his natural auric boundary, deserves to be pushed away. So
he needs to know that, and not be completely denied his anger. It is a natural protective mechanism.

Option two however, is extending the horizons of his viewpoint to encompass the innate guilt he is repressing, or trying to repress; and
admit to himself the deep sense of remorse he carries (Saturn in Cancer 12th sextile his NN in Taurus 10th (self-sufficient responsibility)
which is in turn sesquiquadrate his Moon in Sagittarius in the 6th (humble inner resonance with the truth).

And forgo all anger as much as possible, until he can figure out why he feels as he does (so angry). In other words he will need to
reconcile simultaneously the anger with the remorse. He needs to channel the angry energy into hard work (composite Mars opposite
6th house planets), and also analyse (6th again) what is underneath his anger, what the hurt or perceived hurt or violation actually is
(Mercury conjunct Moon in 6th). Once he knows what the hurt is he can act independently of her by listening to himself, and taking
responsibility for himself (composite Mars semi-sextile composite 1st house Venus/Saturn).

Currently Chloe may not be angry much. Shes younger and also is infatuated with Shaw. But through his efforts to resist her, and her
own evolutionary need to find her own self sufficiency, her own inner nourishment, that will possibly (and hopefully) lessen greatly over
the years. And as it does, at some point when the psychological space between them has been created as a reality for her, that shared
anger will possibly start to rise for her regarding the loss of the baby and her own life (in the composite chart Mars opposite the Moon -
which is trine the SN/Ceres conjunction), her feeling betrayed (Jupiter in Scorpio square both Saturn/Venus and Neptune - these being
opposite each other, plus the composite Chiron in Aquarius trauma- in the 7th opposite composite Sun/Pallas in the first), will awaken
her sense of independent self and dignity (Sun/Pallas in the first in Leo).

And she has every right to be angry about Shaws actions. He will only be able to rightfully request that she stops being angry to him
once he takes full responsibility acknowledges his actions (his past life murder manifesting as guilt, which makes him be nasty to her,
but he wont be aware of the murder, rather its a case of taking responsibility for being nasty), and apologizes for those actions (that are
symbolized by being nasty to her) every single time until he stops being nasty and unloving.

Unless he progresses to that attitude and behavior, if she is brought up emotionally healthily and helped to be truly independent, I would
say anger in her will eventually grow stronger and stronger even if she doesnt know why. Although regardless of whether she knows why
or not, she will subconsciously feel like directing it towards Shaw, and probably project it at him anyway.

And in the big picture, she needs this karmic re-balancing, and it may be unwise to ever shut this potential future anger down in her.
Instead teaching her to know, monitor and channel her anger into a positive conscious expression would be better for all concerned. If
Shaw refuses to address the composite 7th house wounding with her, she will may well need to express that composite Cancer anger, the
anger of insecurity and vulnerability, to keep things in balance.

Whenever this composite Cancer anger is expressed by either of them, it will tune them back into their karmic relationship purpose
(Mars trines NN/Uranus and sextiles the resolution SN/Ceres) waking up (Uranus) to the deep, intense need to feel (8th) compassion
(Uranus ruler, Neptune) for each other (in 7th), and reflecting on and analysing (Mercury ruler of resolution SN conjunct Moon in
Capricorn) how to turn the tension and wounding (Chiron Aquarius, 7th) into co-operation and supportive independence (Chiron
opposite Sun/Pallas in Leo 1st house that opposition, along with the Mars oppositions from the 12th and the squares to the 5th house
planets, causing the tension).

By staying focused on this relationship purpose (composite Pluto in 5th) outlined above, they will be able to continue progressively
resolving their past individual and relational issues, bit by bit (resolution SN ruler in 6th). Possibly they could be coached by their mother
on how to use their composite anger - only when necessary, both naturally and judiciously, for the good of them both - keeping them
both honest and on track with their mutual healing.