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Walker’s Point Association –Meeting Minutes

Date: June 29, 2010

Where: Milwaukee Brewing Company

• Welcome and thank you to hosts

o Milwaukee Brewing Company will be starting Tours
Friday: 5:00
Saturday: 3:00, 4:00, 5:00

• Introductions
• Comments on last meeting minutes

• South 2 Street
Presented by:
o Kris Martinsek
Community Liaison

The city is doing a lot of construction this year and they are stretched very thin, Kris will be there
to help us through this process. The improvements include removal of the existing roadway
asphalt surface and concrete base and placement of new concrete on a crushed stone base. Old
trolley rails will be removed in the process. Curb, gutter, sidewalk and driveway approaches will
be replaced. New sewer structures and pavement marking will also be placed. The roadway will
be narrowed from 58 feet to 50 feet with the reduction of traffic lanes from 4 to 2 lanes and the
addition of a striped bike lane and a new 6.5 feet grass terrace in each direction. New trees, light
poles and lighting will be included. At abutting intersections asphalt pavement will be milled and
th th
The work will start July 6 and completed November 15 . It will be done in two basic stages
Stage 1: Removal on the west 2/3 of the roadway July 6 – aprox. Labor Day. One lane
of north bound traffic will remain open on the east side of the roadway. South bound
traffic will be detoured to adjacent streets.

Stage 2: Removal of the east side of the roadway with two-way traffic restored to the
west side of the roadway September through mid November.
No parking will be allowed on South 2 Street form west National Ave. to the Menomonee River
during construction. Parking will be available on side streets. Pierce, Bruce, Florida an Oregon
will be closed to traffic from 2 Street as work is conducted on those intersections but parking will
be allowed east and west of the construction zone. If you have problems with parking please call

Pedestrians will still have access to businesses during the construction. Sidewalks will be
removed throughout the project and temporary gravel access will be placed at business
entrances, bus stops and crossings. During Stage 1 the walk on the west side of South 2 Street
will remain on the east side of the street. All walk and other concrete work must be compete in
Stage 1 before the contractor can begin Stage 2.

The contract with the construction firms requires that local access to residences and businesses
within the project area shall be maintained to the maximum extent possible. No residential or
commercial drive approach shall be closed without sufficient notice given to the occupants of the
premise to remove their vehicles prior to removal or closing of the drive approach. Reasonable
access to abutting business location shall be maintained at all times.
nd st
Milwaukee County Transit has two bus routes on South 2 that will be moved onto South 1
Street for the duration of the project. Signs will be posted directing transit users to new route.
Once the project gets started, construction updates will be posted on the City of Milwaukee
To receive email updates: sign up on the city website or send and email to the community liaison
Periodic construction meetings will be held where DPW and the contractors are available to anser
stakeholder questions.

Contact list:
Mr. Dan Wimmer, Project Inspector 414-708-3822
City of Milaukee Department of Public Works

Tony Berendt, Project Inspector 414-708-3951

City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works

Lynn Des Jardins, Construction Supervisor 414-708-3885

City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works

• Sabor Latino Restaurant

Presented by:
o Victor Torres
Office: 414-672-5000
Cell: 414-241-0254\

Victor will be opening Sabor Latino Restaurant, a single unit, medium-size restaurant serving
healthy, traditional Latin American and American style flood at 611 W. National Ave.

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions:

Would you be willing to commit to making it a part of your license that the main focus will be a
o Food is the primary focus.

What are the hours?

o 4:00pm – 2:00am
Can we contact you directly?
o Yes any time

Why will you be open until 2:00am that sounds like a bar?
o They will be open until people leave or 2:00am
o It is Victor’s understanding that owners in the past had trouble because they never
served food. Victor’s primary focus will be food.
o They will also have security

What days will you be open?

o Wednesday – Saturday

Why only those days? That sounds more like a bar?

o It will start with fewer days for cost purposes.

Why will you not e open for lunch?

o They have a parking lot in the evenings but don’t have access to that during the day.

Liaison Updates:
• Festival Liaison Update
Presented by:
o Judy Preising
Arts Festival, July 24 .
@ Buscketworks
706 S 5 St.

This will be a fun event with food donated by La Fuente, drinks donated by Milwaukee Brewing
Company, music and of course ART!

We do need help with set up, take down, additional food and drinks and advertisement. If you are
interested in helping in any way or showing your work please contact Judy or Kya.

This will be a moving show that will happen at different locations every time we need a location
th th
for the next festival October 16 -17

Saturday July 17
5 Annual Block Party
212 E Mineral St. (corner of S. Barclay St. an E. Mineral St.)

Adopt-A-Community Kick-Off 10:00-12:00

Walker’s Point Neighborhood
All volunteers will receive a free t-shirt, one free raffle ticket and free lunch.
• License Update
Presented by:
o Juli Kaufmann

Juli would like a replacement/help!!!! Please contact her for details.

Smoking ban staring July 5
- some bars are filing for an extension; this will allow patrons to smoke outside their
facilities starting at 6am.
- some people are opening smoking areas for patrons but that does not mean that they
can take their drink out there or have music. They must have a license for all of these

Club Sugar – license denied, they will be filing an injunction.

Envy – dance license denied they filed an injunction and operate as usual until case is

Texture - issued a 25 day suspension (pending action at common council).

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions:

Is it legal for a business to extend their premises on public property i.e. sidewalks?
- It is legal to use the sidewalk but they must be a 5’ clearance for pedestrians on the
street side. Our Alderman is pushing for legislation to have delineation of this 5’ area
i.e. a red strip, planter or fencing.
- Call the district office if you have a complaint.

• Police Liaison Update

Presented by:
o Dieter W

Next District 2 Crime and Safety Trend Meeting

Thursday, July 15
6:00 pm
1545 S. Layton Blvd. 4 Floor
Spanish Translation Available
Next 3 District meeting
July 12
6:00 pm
at the 3 District

We had a lot of trouble over pride fest weekend.

o Break-ins, robberies and fire bombs.
As an Association we will work with the police to stop these issues
If you see anything: Report, Report, Report
• Residential Representative
Presented by:
o Victor Ray

There has been tagging again. Call in if you see anything,

Graffiti hotline: 414-286-8715


Trueskool: 414-445-9079

We will be starting a Neighborhood walk, one hour Fridays bring your kids and dogs. More
details to follow.

If you don’t know your neighbors say “Hi” the more people you know the more connected our
neighborhood will be.

• Website
Presented by:
o Kya

We will be updating the website please visit it!

Neighborhood Feedback/Questions:

Will information need to be transferred over?

If you entered your business information in that is still there.

• Others

Concerns about the Pride Fest Parade

Incidences were reported and those people will not be invited next year. There will also be
tougher restrictions next year.

Walker’s Square Neighborhood Association

Walker’s Square Neighborhood Association is a residential organization that would like to
propose incorporating with the WPA.
Their organization is very diverse meeting are held in English and Spanish.
Meetings are held at the United Community - Center Café el Sol every First Tuesday of the
month. Please attend a meeting and see what their all about.

End of Meeting Minutes