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Summer Newsletter 2010

Introduction Back to School Allowance

Since being elected to Cavan County Council for The Back to School Allowance scheme has now begun.
the first time last June, I have had a very busy yet If you have a child in primary, secondary or attending
productive year representing the views and interests third level education, and are in receipt of certain
of the people of the Bailieborough Electoral Area. Social Welfare payments, you may be eligible for a
grant to cover some of the costs associated with the
In this newsletter, you will find some information on
new school term. If you would like more information
some of the projects I have been working on over the
on this scheme, please contact me on 042-966 66 66.
past 12 months and some useful information that
may also be of assistance to you. If you would like to
discuss any issue raised or indeed any other issue, Funding for Local Groups
please do not hesitate to contact me on 042 966 66 66, I have been working hard over the past number
on my mobile 087 998 22 22 or via my email address: of months to secure funding for the groups below from the Co. Cavan Community & Voluntary Forum.
If your group would be interested in applying, please
Coordinated Approach contact me!! Some of the groups who recently
received funding were:
Since Christmas, I have been working with representa-
Barora Park Residents Association €400
tives of various local organisations in the town to help
Bailieborough Foróige €500
plan a coordinated and effective campaign to help
with the Tidy Towns Competition and to give Bailie- Bailieborough Twinning Society €500
borough a ‘face lift’. I am delighted that the recently East Cavan Swim Club €800
formed Bailieborough Foróige Club, the Bailieborough
Insulation Grants Available
The government has recently introduced a number
of schemes designed to upgrade insulation in homes,
to reduce the costs of heating houses and to provide
local jobs. The Warmer Homes Scheme is designed
for those living in private accomodation and who are
in receipt of fuel allowance while the Home Energy
Saving Schemes are designed for other private home
owners who do not fall into the low income category. 
If you would like info on any of these schemes or
Cllr. Niamh Smyth working with local Tidy Towns and Foróige
volunteers to clean up the town. would like to check your eligibility, please contact
me on 042-966 66 66.
Trader’s Association, the County Heritage Officer and
the local Community Employment Scheme have come Funding for old Church of Ireland
together to plan and coordinate their activities to
maximise their efforts. Graveyard in Bailieborough
We have seen joint clean ups between the Foróige I was delighted to have been able to facilitate a dona-
Club, the local Tidy Towns Team, and the CES work- tion of €1000 from Prof. Naouyuki Mizuno from the
ers. Plans are underway for the development of a Kyoto University, Japan for the restoration of the old
‘Golden Mile’ heritage walk in the town. Bailieborough Church of Ireland Graveyard.
Professor Mizuno, who has visited Bailieborough in
the past and intends to visit again this coming Sep- Review of Mortgage Interest
tember, is an expert on the life and works of renowned
writer, Henry James. Henry James’ family originated in
Supplement Scheme
Bailieborough and some of his ancestor’s graves have My colleague, the Minister for Social Protection,
been found in this graveyard. Éamon Ó Cuív TD has recently announced that the
terms of the Mortgage Interest Supplement Scheme
are to be reviewed. The announcement was made on
the same day as the publication of the interim report
of the Mortgage Arrears & Personal Debt Review
Group. The Minister has confirmed that changes to
eligibility and other aspects will be made to make sure
more home owners are able to make use of this short
term payment to help repay the interest on a mort-
gage. Some of the main reforms proposed include:
Cllr. Niamh Smyth presenting a cheque for €1000 from Prof. • The rule preventing payment of MIS to couples where
Naoyuki Mizuno to Rev. Joyce Rankin of Bailieborough COI one person is working in excess of 30 hours should
and local parishioners for the restoration of the old graveyard. be removed.
• All legal action by the lender should be postponed
Opening of M3 Motorway while mortgage interest supplement is being paid
The new M3 Motorway is a massively important piece to the lender.
of infrastructure. It will enable shorter commute times • The rule excluding MIS where a property is offered
to Dublin City for both commuters and businesses. for sale is unduly restrictive in the current market
As well as saving time, lives will also be saved as this and should be suspended and re-introduced when
new motorway is safer to drive on. Credit must go to the housing market recovers.

County Cavan Enterprise Board:
The role of Cavan County Enterprise Board is to stimu-
late and support the creation of economically sustain-
able employment opportunities for all sectors of the
community, on a countywide basis. The Government
has recently revised the package of Cavan Enterprise
Board’s financial supports. These changes allow for
extra flexibility in assisting enterprises. Cavan Enter-
prise Board offers three types of Financial Assistance:
Cllr. Niamh Smyth with Minister for Transport, Noel Dempsey 1. Primary Grants: These are for new start-up businesses
TD at the opening of  the new M3 motorway. and those in the first 18 months of trading.
my Fianna Fáil colleague, the Minister for Transport, 2. Business Development Grants: These are for busi-
Noel Dempsey TD who supported this project since nesses that are expanding or keen to expand.
it was first suggested nearly 13 years ago. Fianna Fáil 3. Feasibility/Innovation Grants: These are for those who
has supported this project since the start and I am wish to investigate new innovative business projects.
delighted to see it finally completed.
If you would like further information on how to ex-
pand your business or to investigate a new business
Joint Policing Committee idea, please contact Mr. James Fox in Cavan Enterprise
A new Joint Policing Committee has been recently on 049-437 7200.
set up between Cavan County Council and the Garda
Want to Get Involved? Bailieborough Fianna Fáil
Síochána in order to give local authority members an are always looking for new and energetic people to join
input into community policing. If you have any ideas the local cumann. This dynamic unit of the party meet
about how we can improve local policing matters to regularly to discuss both local and national issues and is
make our communities safer, please do not hesitate active on the ground here in Bailieborough If you would
to contact me and I would be delighted to listen to like to get involved with the cumann, please contact the
your suggestions and raise them at the JPC. secretary, Edel O’Reilly 087 749 8410.

Your Local TD’s are: Minister Brendan Smith TD 049-436 23 66 | Rory O’Hanlon TD 042-966 66 66 | Margaret Conlon TD 042-975 40 90