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raan0%6 Now Zedand Customs Service: Types of ties, fos & charges * Contact us © Careers ‘* Common questions Glossary jew Zealand Custom: ‘Search this site, Go vice OO690 * HomeWhare + About CustomsKo te Mana Arai + Coming into NZ Te haere mai ki Aotearoa ‘+ Going out of NZ Te haere atu i Aotearoa + Making Products in NZ Te mahi taonga i Aotearoa + News & ResourcesPirongo me nga Rauemi + Private purpose Visiting NZ, immigrating or receiving personal items from overseas + Business purpose Importing, or bringing items from overseas to sell in New Zealand + Private purpose Travelling abroad, migrating or sending items overseas * Business purpose thipshwwr customs govt natfeatres/chargetfoelypee/Pagesidtaut. aspx 19 raan0%6 Now Zedand Customs Service: Types of ties, fos & charges Exporting, or selling items from New Zealand overseas Customs > Featured topics > Customs charges, duties & allowances > Types of duties, fees & charges Types of duties, fees & charges ‘There are several different elements that may make up your Customs charges when you import or export goods For instance, you may be able to claim depreciation if you are importing houschold effects or a motor vehicle. For some goods you may need to pay a levy to other New Zealand agencies. And sometimes, if we need to give Customs clearance for imported or exported goods, we will charge a fee, Ifyou are shopping online, you may have to pay duty and GST on your goods when they arrive New Zealand, ‘You can use What's My Duty? our duty estimator to work out how much you may need to pay. ‘We have listed here many of the different duty rates, fees, and applicable charges, as well as information on depreciation and valuation, Try using the filter to narrow your search down, This description was last updated on: Tuesday, 18 February 2014 Manage subscriptions View all forms & documents View all events + View all notices & updates View all news stories Expand all Filter Types of duties, fees & charges by Category All 7 Order List © Alphabetically © By date created Alcohol: Excise duty rates Alcohol: Health Promotion Agency (HPA) levy Border Clearance Levy Customs controlled areas (CCA) customs duty rati The following lists the duty rates applicable to some commonly imported items. The Working Tariff Document of New Zealand and the Consolidated List of Approvals have a full listing of duty rates and any concessions or preferential tariffs that may apply. In most cases goods and services tax (GST) will need to be applied once you work out your Customs duty. thipshwwr customs gov nalfeatires/chargetfoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx aanor6 New Zesand Customs Servic Types of utes, ees & charges Trem Duty rate (%) jAerials: ~ electrically operated for motor vehicles = other 5 [Albums (photo) [Amplifiers ig [Answerphones [Apparel: = men's 10. = women's. 10. = babies’ [Baby strollers [Bags (briefcases, etc) [Battery chargers, [Bedding - blankets (not electric) [Bicycles [Binoculars [Boats IS [Books [Boat fittings 5 [Burglar alarms ig [Calculators Calendars Cameras: = film = digital - video |Cane ware (other than cane furniture) 5 [Carpetirugs 10 |CB Units {Cell phones) {Ceramic tiles: = mosaic other 5 hhainsaws |Chinaware/crockery IS |Cigarette lighters IS [Clocks (electric) [Clock/radios |Clothes driers IS (Clothing D {Coffee percolators {Compact disc players [Computers (desktop/Taptop/tablet) {Computer software (on media) |Confectionery IS [Cosmetics IS |Crock Pots Is | thipdhww customs gov natfeatres/chargetfoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx 39 sa1r0%6 [New Zealand Customs Service Types of dues, foes & charges {Crops/Whips [Cutlery [Depth sounders [Dictaphones [Dinghies (rubber) [Digital media (Nash drives, memory cards) [Dinner sets [Dishwashers (domestic) [Drinking glasses DVD portable players [DVD recorders [Electric blankets [Electric can openers [Electric hair-clippers [Electric knives [Electric sharpeners [Electric shavers [Electric stoves iEnlargers (photographic) [Equalizers (Films [Firearms [Flash equipment [Food grinders (electric) [Food mixers (electric) [Food processors [Footwear (Fur Coats [Furniture aming consoles {Garage door openers {Gas operated BBQs [Glasses (prescription) [GoiFbails |Golf clubs [Groceries {Guitars (Hairdryers [Hair curlersthair straighteners [Handbags [Hand tools (clectrical and other) [Hats (Headphones iHeaters (electric) |Helmets (crash) inflatable dinghies instant coffee Intercoms thipdhww customs govt nalfeatres/chargetoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx sa1r0%6 [New Zealand Customs Service Types of dues, foes & charges Irpods irons jet skis jewellery [Tugs (electrie) nives: = Butchers and slaughtermen's, kitchen, table = Other Lamps: = Metal, glass = Motor vehicle = Torch, [Lens (photographic) (Linen: ~ Fitted sheets, pilloweases, mattress covers, ciderdown cases, quilt cases and valances = Kitchen linen = Other iassagers (vibratory) icrophones jicrowave ovens irrors fetal detectors fodel engines: ~ Electric = Internal combustion olor cycle parts jodel railways fotor vehicle parts P3 players lusical instruments, favigational equipment: = Radar navigation = Radio navigation = GPS units [Optical dises (CD/DVD) imaments: = China ~ Ceramic ~ Glass =lvory = Metal = Wooden yutboard motors [Paint erfume. [Pewter ware: ~ Statuettes/omaments = Other thipsiwwr custome gov natfeatres/chargetfoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx sa1r0%6 [New Zealand Customs Service Types of dues, foes & charges Photo albums [Picture Frames: = Metal = Wood [Pots and pans rams. [Projectors (film and video) [Purses IRacquets [Radar and remote control apparatus: = For toys = Other, IRadios: ~ Radio broadcast receivers other than car radios = Car radios = Other, iRazors (electric) [Record turntables Record needles coord cartridges [Records (discs) [Roller skates [Roof racks IRugs (navel) |Saddles |Sandwich makers [Sewing machines. [Shavers (electric) [Shoes 0 [Skateboards {Skin care products {Skis: = Snow = Water [Sleeping bags [Snowboards ace heaters spark plugs jeakers ectacles Stationery, [Stones (natural, unmounted) [Strollers [Suitcases [Sunglasses [Surfboards [Tapes (audio and video) [Telephones thipdhww customs gov natfeatres/chargetfoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx sa1r0%6 [New Zealand Customs Service Types of dues, foes & charges [Telephone answering sets [Television sets [Tents [Toasters [Torches [Toys and models [Turntables [Typewriters (Tyres: ~ Motorcycle = Other 508mm and over = Other (Umbrellas facuum cleaners ibrators (massagers) fideo cameras fideo and PC games (on media) fideo machines \Voice recorders (digital) oltage meters allpaper fatches Waterbed mattresses |Washing machines (domestic) fet suits Rate: Various Last updated: Thursday, 02 July 2015 Customs duty rates on alcohol and tobacco products — accompanied goods Customs duty rates on motor vehicles Customs value Depreciation rates for household effects Depreciation rates for mi Excise duty on fuel Export entry transaction fee and services tax (GST) S thipdhwwr customs govt natfeatres/chargetfoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx 79 raan0%6 Now Zedand Customs Service: Types of ties, fos & charges Heavy Engineering Research Association Levy (HERL) Import entry transaction fee Inward cargo transaction fee Ministry for P1 ary Industries’ biosecurity system entry lev: Outward cargo transaction fee Petroleum or Engine Fuel Monitoring Levy (PEFML) Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (Goods) levy. Tobacco: Excise duty rates Valuation of privately imported motor vehicles Topics related to Types of duties, fees & charges © Types of duties, fees & chargesCurrently selected + How to pay your fees « Allowances & duty [ree concess + How to determine your fee: + Refunds and drawhacl ‘View all featured topics Quick index ‘© About customs tak Organisation profile Careers © News & resources © Important notices & updates «News stories © Forms & documents © Images ‘© Subscriptions © Codes & utilities for trade People, gods & craft coming into NZ. «Private purpose © Planning to travel © On your arrival * Items sent to NZ thipshwwr customs gov natfestires/chargetoelypee/Pagesidtaut.aspx raan0%6 Now Zedand Customs Service: Types of ties, fos & charges © Arrival charges & allowances Arrival by private eraft © Business purpose © Preparing to import * Accompanying your imports © Import clearance & entry procedures ‘© Import charges & concessions * Arrival by commercial craft People, goods & craft soing out of NZ + Private purpose © Planning for departure © On your departure Items sent from NZ © Departure charges & allowances © Departure by private craft Business purpose Preparing to export Accompanying your exports Export clearance & entry procedures Saport charges & allowances Information sboat * Manufacturing products in NZ * Licensing & exemptions © Excisable & duty-free goods * Prohibited in + Prohibited export © Customs charges, duties & allowances ‘© How to determine your fees © How to pay your fees + Types of duties, fees & charges * Allowances & duty-free concessions Accessibility. 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