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Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 6 Test A

Name: ___________________________________________

1 Complete each pair of sentences. Use will or going to and one of the verbs below.

drive forget have visit

1a Are you late? I _______________ you to the bus stop if you want.
1b Next summer my cousin _______________ across America with his girlfriend.
2a We _______________ my grandparents this weekend.
2b I think astronauts _______________ other planets in the next twenty years.
3a Tea or coffee? I _______________ coffee, please.
3b Youve been in the sun for hours. You _______________ terrible sunburn.
4a I _______________ (not) your birthday again this year. I promise!
4b Dads so busy. He _______________ his and Mums wedding anniversary again.

Mark __/8

2 Complete the zero conditional sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs below.

do eat have sleep spend wake

1 If my sister _______________ me up in the morning, I come to school late!

2 I get a stomach ache if I _______________ too much chocolate.
3 If weve got money, we _______________ it on clothes.
4 If she _______________ time, she goes shopping after work.
5 If I feel tired, I _______________ any work.
6 They _______________ well if their parents dont read them a bedtime story.

Mark: ___ /6

3 Choose the correct words.

1 I dont know what Ill do next summer. Ill probably / may get a job.
2 We havent got much homework. I might / probably go to the skatepark.
3 This song is so cool! Im definitely / might going to download it tonight!
4 I dont feel well. I could / might not go to school tomorrow.
5 Were might / probably going to go to the beach tomorrow. Do you fancy coming?
6 If the phone rings, dont answer it. It could / definitely be Mike. Im not speaking to him.

Mark __/6

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 6 1
Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 6 Test A

4 Complete the advertisements with the words/phrases below. There are two words/phrases
you do not need.

camcorder coffee machine dishwasher fridge hard disk recorder HD TV notebook

satellite TV vacuum cleaner washing machine

1 This new ____________ is powerful and light enough to carry with you. You can work anywhere!
2 Bring a little caf culture into your home! This stylish new ____________ makes a fabulous
3 Do you want beautifully clean glasses, but hate doing the washing-up? Then its time to get a(n)
____________ !
4 Did you miss your favourite TV show last night? Get a(n) ____________ and never miss another
minute of the shows you love!
5 Keep your carpets clean and fresh! Buy a new ____________ from JM Brown. Youll be amazed
at the difference!
6 Are you bored with the same old programmes? Do you want to watch the latest movies at home?
Get ____________ and watch over 200 new channels.
7 Do you remember your last holidays? No? Then you need a ____________. So light and easy to
use, you can record every moment of your holiday fun and watch it all when you get home!
8 Sale! Theres 50% off this stylish American-style ____________ with a built-in water cooler, ice
maker and freezer compartment. Its a real bargain!

Mark __/8

5 Choose the correct words.

1 Facebook is so boring! Ive just deactivated / created my profile.

2 How can I upload / update these photos to my blog?
3 Ive forgotten my password, so I cant log on / post to my email account.
4 Look! Jenny has created / deactivated an album so that we can look at her photos.
5 Kyle posted / logged his exam results on Facebook. Hes such a show-off!
6 I wonder if Larrys ill. He hasnt updated / created his blog for ages.

Mark __/6

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 6 2
Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 6 Test A

6 Complete the sentences. Use one word in each gap.

1 The library is a quiet area. Please switch ____________ your mobile phones.
2 Dan! Im on the phone! Turn ____________ the music, please! It doesnt have to be so loud!
3 I need to charge my battery. Can I plug ____________ my phone at your house?
4 Wait! Dont pull ____________ the plug! I havent finished my essay.
5 If you put ____________ the headphones, you can listen to your music in the car.
6 Its the end of the lesson, so you can put ____________ your books now.

Mark __/6

Use of English
7 Complete the text. Use one word only for each gap.

Hi Josh,
Do you have any plans for the summer holidays? If not, do you 1____________ joining me and my
parents at Center Parcs? We're 2____________ to go to the one in Sherwood Forest for a week in
August. 3____________ there are four of us, we can 4____________ in one of the new Treehouses
they look really cool! We could 5____________ computer games in the special Games room and
____________ barbecues on the balcony. Or we could go for bike 7____________ in the forest and
do lots of other outdoor activities. If you're free, 8____________ don't you come with us? It
____________ be really great fun! But, if you can't 10____________ it, no problem. Let me know!

Bye for now,


Mark __/ 10

8 Listen to a dialogue in an electrical goods shop. Are the sentences true or false?
1 The customer is looking for an MP3 player. _____
2 The customers brother likes playing computer games. _____
3 The e-book reader is too expensive. _____
4 The customers brother enjoys photography. _____
5 The customer decides to buy a digital camera. _____

Mark __/5

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 6 3
Pre-Intermediate Progress Test Unit 6 Test A

9 Read the text. Match the sentences AF with the gaps 15 in the text. There is one extra
sentence you do not need.
The death of the cinema?
_____ In the 1940s thirty million people in Britain went to the cinema regularly. It wasnt
expensive. Ordinary working people could afford it and it was a treat for children. It was also the
place to see the news. Hundreds of cinemas opened up all over Britain.
_____ By the 1960s more and more homes had televisions, and cinemas started to close. In the
1980s people watched videos. Then came satellite TV, the Internet and computer games. By the end
of the twentieth century, fewer and fewer people went to the cinema.
_____ New technology like 3D means that cinemas can offer something most people cant get at
home. In 2007 the number of people going to the cinema started to go up again. When the 3D film
Avatar came out in 2009, it broke records millions of people went to see it at the cinema.
_____ Now there are huge multiplex cinemas showing ten different movies, there are drive-in
cinemas and open-air screens in parks. Over 100 years after the first movie theatres in America
opened, the cinema is still evolving.
_____ It is true that you can watch a film on the bus on your smartphone, on a screen that is smaller
than your hand. But the cinema experience, with friends, popcorn and ice cream is a tradition we
have learned to love. It seems the cinema will be around a while longer.

A In the second half of the century, different forms of entertainment became popular. _____
B There is something special about seeing a film in the cinema. _____
C The ratings system helps parents choose which films are suitable for children. _____
D In the first half of the twentieth century, going to the cinema was the most popular
form of entertainment. _____
E However, in the twenty-first century, cinemas are fighting back! _____
F Cinema venues have also changed in the last few years. _____

Mark __/5

10 Write a note to your friend inviting him/her to do something with you this weekend.
Suggest an activity and say why you want to do it.
Say where you can do it and how much it costs.
Suggest a place and time to meet.
Tell him/her how to contact you to let you know if he/she can come.

Mark __/10

Total __/70

Photocopiable Oxford University Press Solutions 2nd edition Pre-Intermediate Progress Tests Unit 6 4