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Personal Effectiveness

Time Management

‡ Personal ««.. Belonging to or relating

to self and affecting a particular
person rather than anyone else.
‡ Effectiveness««« Capability of
producing an effect««.. Success in
producing a desired or intended

hat is difference
between efficiency, and
‡ efficiency: doing things "right", i.e. in
the best and most economical way.
‡ effectiveness: doing "right" things,
i.e. setting right targets to achieve
an overall goal (the effect).
Personal effectiveness means using
all our personal resources at our
disposal - our personal talents,
energy and time at its BEST
possible manner to bring out the
desired output.
=eed of this Program

‡ Personal effectiveness creates

‡ So be a STAR performers we don·t
need only degree & Medals but also
self improvement.
‡ evelop ability to think clearly and
‡ Structured thoughts and present
ideas cohesively and effectively.
‡ Increase level of confidence.
ne of your Talent

hat to think, or = T
‡ Think You can (and will) SUCCEE.
‡ People have confidence in you only
when you have confidence in Y UR
ne of your Talent

‡ Speak with confidence and listen
carefully to build rapport.
ne of your Action

hat to o, or =ot
‡ Look and Act Professional.
‡ Be matured by behaving like a
reliable grown up.
‡ Learn from your mistake and from
the mistakes of others.
Positive Impact
— Habits of Highly
effective People by Steven
1. Be Proactive;
2. Begin with the E= in Mind;
3. Put first thing first;
4. Think win ² win;
5. Seek first to understand, than to be
6. Synergize;
—. Sharpen the saw.
Be Proactive

‡ Proactive means ² Acting in advance

to deal with an expected difficulty.

‡ Always have Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.

Begin with the E= in
‡ efine your mission and Goals in Life.
‡ evelop the habit of concentrating
on relevant activities.
‡ This forms the foundation of
avoiding distractions and becoming
more productive and successful.
Put first thing first
˜ ay, time for a quiz.˜

˜ow many of these rocs do

you thin we can get in the

˜ ay. Let's find out.˜

˜Is this jar full?˜

Put first thing first
Let us dump some gravel in
and the jar and than shoo
the jar.

The gravel went in all

the little spaces left by
the big rocs.

˜Is this jar full?˜

Put first thing first
Let us dump some sand in
and the jar and than
shoo the jar.

The sand went in all the

little spaces left by the
big rocs and gravel.

˜Is this jar full?˜

Put first thing first
Let us pour some water
in and the jar.
Will the water go in the Jar?

Well, what's the point?˜

˜Well, there are gaps, and if

you wor really hard you can
always fit some more things
into your life.´ ² N -

Put the Big Rocs

in First
in -
‡ A win-win attitude is based on the
assumption that there·s plenty for
‡ This is way to find solutions where
both parties actually win.
Seek first to understand,
than to be understood
‡ Communication is the most important
skill in the life.
‡ If I want to interact effectively with
you, to influence you, I first need to
understand you.
‡ iagnose Before You Prescribe.
Principles of Creative Communication

‡ Synergy means = The interaction of

two or more agents or forces so that
their combined effect is greater
than the sum of their individual
‡ 22 + 22 = 44 (simple maths result)
‡ 22 + 22 = 2,222 (Synergy result)
How to Synergize
‡ Become open and authentic.
hen we open ourselves up to the
influence of others, we gain new
insights and facilitate the generation
of new options.
How to Synergize
Sharpen the saw
Renew your self regularly

‡ Self renewal, which surrounds all the

other habits, enabling and
encouraging them to happen and
‡ Sharpen the Saw means preserving
and enhancing the greatest asset you
Sharpen the saw
It means having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four
areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Here are some examples of activities:

Physical: Beneficial eating, exercising, and resting.

Social/Emotional: Making social and meaningful connections with others.

Mental: Learning, reading, writing, and teaching.

Spiritual: Spending time in nature, expanding spiritual self through

meditation, music, art, prayer, or service.
Time Management





Time Management
ã The Present.
2 86,400.
3 Pacing.
4 Be a Planner.
5 Be Realistic in your Expectations.
6 Be the Bunny.
7 Learn to Say N .
Time Management ²
The Present

Yesterday is History
Tomorrow·s a Mystery
But Today is a Gift
hy They Call it
The Present
Time is a Non Renewable Resource.

nce it is gone, it is gone.

You will never see this moment again.

Time Management ²
‡ Picture this: 24 hours per day
² Each day your bank deposits
Rs 86,400 in your
checking account. 60 minutes per hour
² There·s just one catch.
² You have to spend it all in one
day. 60 seconds per
² You can·t carry over any money minute
to the next day.

Time Management ²

Every Second Counts.

‡ Spend every second in an efficient and

productive way.

‡ If you fail to use the day·s deposits,

the loss is yours.
Time Management ²
To Realize the Value of:
‡ NE YEAR, as a student who failed a grade.
‡ NE M NT, as a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
‡ NE WEEK, as the editor of a weely newspaper.
‡ NE AY, as a daily wage laborer with ids to feed.
‡ NE  R, as the lovers who are waiting to meet.
‡ NE MINTE, as a person who missed the train.
‡ NE SEC N, as a person who just avoided an accident.
‡ NE MILLISEC N, as the person who won a silver medal in the
Time Management ²
Athletes now the phenomenon
of running with someone ahead
of them to increase their

The same effect can be

achieved with studying and
completing schoolwor.
Time Management ²

Estimate the time needed to complete a


Subtract ã5% from that estimate.

Set a timer to help you reach the goal of

completing the tas in reduced time.
Time Management ²

A planner helps you:

See the big picture.

Plan ahead to avoid ´ããth ourµ efforts.

Be time efficient.
Time Management ² Be

‡ Examine your schedule.

‡ Be realistic about what
you can accomplish.
‡ on·t try to juggle too
many things.
‡ on·t set yourself up for
Time Management ²
Learn to Say =
- Will this help me get my masters?
- Keep ´help meµ broadly defined.

´I·ll do it if nobody else steps Forwardµ

Time Management ² Be
the Bunny

Just Keep
And going
And going
And going
And going«
seneral Advice
- Never brea a promise, but re-negotiate them if need be.

- Recognize that most important thing is pass/fail.

- Who to turn to for help?

- Even s  cannot change the PAST.

Thank You
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