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The Sound of the Trumpet

“The Trumpet will be blown.

blown. That is the Day of the Threat. And every soul will
come, with it a driver and a witness.”
witness.” (Surah Qaf, 20-

The Day of Resurrection begins when the Trumpet is blown. This is the sign
of the total destruction of the world and of the entire universe and the beginning
of the end. This is the point of no return. The Sound of the Trumpet is the
declaring that the life of the world has come to an end for all and that the real life
has begun.

Abu Sa'eed reported that the Prophet said,

"How can I be comfortable (and at ease) when the one of the horn has taken the
horn (by his mouth) and has leaned his forehead, listening carefully and waiting -
for the time he will be ordered.”

The horn (or Trumpet) will be blown three times;

• The First blast of the Trumpet : The blowing of the terror.

• The Second blast of the Trumpet : The blowing of the swooning away
• The Third blast of the Trumpet : The blowing of the resurrection.

Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allah said, :

"Between the two times the horn is blown is forty."………… He then said, :
"Then Allah sends water down from the sky, and they (mankind) will grow like
vegetables. And everything from man decomposes except for one bone, 'Ajbudh-
Dhanab (the lowest bone on the spinal cord), and from it the creation will be
made again on the Day of Resurrection." [Muslim]

Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allah said, :

"Every part of the son of Adam decomposes, being eaten by the earth except for
Ajbudh-Dhanab (the lowest bone on the spinal cord). From it man was created
and from it he will be put together again." [Ahmad]

The two times the Trumpet will be blown; between them there is a period
of 40 days, months, or years. The two said blows are — and Allah knows best
— the blowing of swooning away and the blowing for the resurrection, which is
proven by the mention of the water falling down between them. Another proof is
the mention of the 'Ajbudh-Dhanab, from which man was created and from which
man will be brought together again on the Day of Resurrection. It is still possible,
however, that the blowing of terror and the blowing of swooning away are
intended here. At any rate, there must be a period separating between the
blowing of terror and the blowing of swooning away. In the Hadith of the horn,
it is mentioned that between them there will occur great matters.

Abu Hurairah said that, while the Messenger of Allah was among a group of
his companions, he said, "Indeed, when Allah finished creating the heavens
and the earth, He created the horn (Trumpet) and gave it to Israafeel. He holds it
on his mouth, looking at the 'Arsh (Throne) with his sight, waiting for when he
will be ordered." Abu Hurairah asked, "0 Messenger of Allah, and what is
As-Soor?" He said, "A horn." "And what is it like?" He said, "Huge. And by the
One Who has sent me by the truth, the greatness of the circle of his mouth is like
the width of the heavens and the earth. He will blow into it three times: the first
is the blowing of terror; the second is the blowing of swooning away; and the
third is the blowing of resurrection to the Lord of all that exists. Allah will
order Israafeel to make the first blowing, saying, 'Blow the blowing of terror' The
inhabitants of the heavens and the earth will be terrified except for whomsoever
Allah pleases. Allah 30 will order him, and then he will extend it and prolong it
without getting tired.

Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allah said, "The holder of the
trumpet has not blinked since it was assigned to him. He is looking toward the
'Arsh (Throne), fearing that he will be ordered before he is finished blinking - it is
as if his two eyes are glistening stars."

“O mankind, fear your Lord. Indeed, the convulsion of the [final] Hour is a
terrible thing.” (Surah Hajj, 1)
The earth will shake with its inhabitants; every nursing mother will forget
her nursling and every pregnant one will drop her load. Children will turn gray-
haired, and people will fly, fleeing from the terror. The angels will meet them,
striking them on their faces, and they will return. Then they turn around, running
away. They will have no protector from Allah.

“On the Day you see it every nursing mother will be distracted from that [child]
she was nursing, and every pregnant woman will abort her pregnancy,
pregnancy, and you
will see the people [appearing] intoxicated while they are not intoxicated; but
the punishment of Allah is severe”
severe” (Surah Hajj,2)

When the trumpet is blown for the first time, heaven and earth will be
crushed and the whole material world will come to an end. Not a living soul will
be left. A terrifying noise followed by an intense tremor and sudden underground
explosions ravage everything to which people formerly attached a great deal of
importance. For instance, people treasured their houses, offices, cars and fields.
Some people held a house to be the main target of their lives. Yet, the vanity of
such goals surfaces at the very moment of the Day of Resurrection. Material
wealth, to which people devoted all their lives, will disappear in a second.

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