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!e Lord Chan"s Plans
by Kesha Ladd, Crossroads Fellowship
The moment that stands out to me the was There we worked with the animals, visited
when the teenage member of our group was with the local church, and had a meal with a
witnessing to a group of teenagers in host family. While fellowshipping a young
Tayaqasha. It sounds like your average man can in and explained that his mother
mission experience but it wasn’t. and father were very sick. We decided to go
to the home so a member of our team with
medical knowledge could evaluated the sick
individuals. Several of our team went into
the house and cleaned and bandaged an
elderly woman’s leg wound. Meanwhile
outside, a team member had pulled out his
smart phone and was showing the games,
music and technology to the kids. It only
took about 2 minutes for a crowd of about 20
kids to gather. They all were having a blast!
When we were ready to leave for the
evening our teenager decided to share his
testimony and his love for God.

The original plan for our trip was that we It brought tears to my eyes to see a 17 year
were going to do our vet clinic around that old kid profess his faith to other children and
Panao area and only 2 guys in our group with such passion and conviction. He was a
were going to travel and work in the higher natural witness. His story was meant to be
altitudes. Little did I know the plans would told on this trip. I firmly believe that seeds of
change. I found out that our entire group love, hope, brotherhood and Christianity
was going to go all the way up the mountain. were sown that evening. I believe that our
I didn’t learn this until we were on the plane plans wee changed so that this teenager
from Miami to Lima! Needless to say, I could share his faith with the kids of this
became a little panicked because I like being area.
able to breathe! This trip has been a blessing for all who
So, up to the top of the mountain we went, participated. It was by no means a
up and up we went. Our first stop was at a physically, mentally or spiritually easy trip.
small area with a few houses and many There were many obstacles to overcome,
animals. We started working with the many mountains (literally) to climb, but the
animals and visiting with the people. A short blessings and rewards far outweigh anything
time because hours; we continued to visit we had to endure.
and move up to an area called Tayaqasha.
God’s Plan All Along
by Tia Bolz, Ridgecrest Baptist Church

My husband, Henry and I, became ill early into a “stumbling block.” Our pastor, David Rivers,
the mission trip. We ended up going to the had told us at one point that often “one’s
hospital to get checked out along with one of disappointments” became “God’s
the interpreters--America. Henry ended up appointments.” As it turned out, Henry,
being admitted while America and I were America and I, while at the hospital, were used
released and told to ¨take it easy¨ and not go by God to lead Cesar, Irene and Jobita to
back into the higher altitudes for a few days. I, receive Christ as their personal Lord and
for one, was very disappointed because the Savior. We were also used as encouragers to
villages we were to do our “mission work” were two other ladies who were already believers.
in the mountains. I felt that I was letting the Seeds were also planted. God is so amazing!
team down and have become a burden. I He did just as pastor David told us He would
prayed asking God to use me anyway and any and turned a disappointment into an
where, it didn’t matter to me. I asked not to be appointment. God’s plan all along!

A He$ta" of Fai%
by David Erhart, First Baptist Church Oxford, MS

We ministered to children at a public school in expected to be impacted when I started this

Pamashto for two days. Upon our arrival, we mission trip. With an emotional expression, he
met with the Assistant Principal, who wanted to explained his desire to cooperate with us
speak with all of us before we started the because we are all “one family.” I’ve been
activities we had planned for the children. We praying that God will make sure I don’t return
gathered around and he began to speak in a home unchanged. That prayer has been
soft and emotional tone. He explained that as answered. My perspective of the body of
a boy in the early 1970s, he remembered Christ/family of believers has been broadened.
evangelical missionaries visiting hi village. He It was powerful to see the fruit from seeds
joyfully informed us that he, his mother and planted by missionaries such a long time ago,
numerous family members are Christians. He and the heritage of faith that resulted. I’m
said was very grateful that we were there to grateful that I was able to see Isaiah 55:11
teach the children about Jesus. Then he made demonstrated in such a memorable way in
a statement that impacted me in a way I never Pamashto, Peru.

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish
what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

~Isaiah 55:11
July & Augu& Ha'enings...

Please join us in praising for all the teams that have served in July and praying for all the teams 
to come in August.  Please also pray for all the Peruvians that they will interact with.

July 1 to July 9   Interna/onal World Changers Huancayo (Medical)
July 3 to July 11  Morningside Bap/st Medical/VBS Trip
July 6 to 16    Highland Bap/st
Jul 9 to 16    Lincoln Ave Bap/st
Jul 9 to 18    FBC Quitman Georgia
July 9 to August 1  FBC Jesup, Georgia Students
July 11 to 31    Mississippi Student Team
July 11 to 20    Council Road
July 15 to 22    Southside Bap/st
July 14 to 24    FBC Hesperia, CA
July 15 to 21    FBC Jesup, GA
July 17 to 24    Crossroads Bap/st
July 19 to 31    Bryan Bap/st Associa/on
July 21 to 28    South Carolina Bap/st Conven/on
      Huaylas Valley Evangelism/Movie team
Jul 22 to 28    First Bap/st Starkville, MS
Jul 24 to 31    Six Mile Bap/st
Jul 25 to Aug 1   FBC Hesperia, CA
July 28 to Aug 11  Immanuel Bap/st
July 30 to Aug 6  Grace Bap/st, KY
July 31 to Aug 7  Redlane Bap/st
Aug 3 to Aug 13  Interna/onal World Changers Canta 
      Northwest Bap/st Associa/on
Aug 7 to 13    Lifepoint Church
Aug 12 to 20    Grace Community Bap/st Richmond, VA
Aug 14 to 21    Ingleside Bap/st