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Audubon Journal Vol. XXVIII No. 1
January-February 2006

The Delaware Audubon Journal, as Delaware Audubon. Your answers to Email notices from a listserv?
reflected in its name, has historically the following questions will help the Other?
been a journal in format. Over the Board make decisions concerning What are your ideas?
years it has been a source of the future of the Delaware Audubon
national and local news; a venue for Journal. As Delaware Audubon members
people to share their experiences your input on these questions will be
with, and great love of, nature; an In addition to timely, primary news greatly appreciated. Please e-mail
addresser of environmental issues; articles: <>
and a provider of helpful eco-hints, • Do you want National Audubon or call 302-428-3959 with your
book reviews, and notices of news in every issue? comments.
upcoming events. • Have you found the “Calendar of
Events” feature useful? If so, Ann Rydgren
After serving as Editor of the should it be in the newsletter or Co-Editor
Delaware Audubon Journal for over on our website only?
20 years and Co-editor with Mary • Have you found the “Books of
Leah Christmas for the past three Interest” column helpful to you in H U R R I C A N E K AT R I N A :
years, I have notified the Board of selecting books to read or to
Directors that I am stepping down give as gifts?
from that position so that the next • Are you willing to go to the RESPONDS
generation of members may step Internet for the rest of a story or
forward and carry on the work of for more in-depth information if Apart from the human toll, Hurricane
your Society. In this, my last issue, web addresses are provided? Katrina caused unprecedented
Mary Leah and I are exploring a • Should names and contact environmental devastation in the
direction the Journal may take in the information for all Board Gulf Coast communities of
future. As we stand at this Members and Committee Chairs Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana.
crossroads perhaps it is time to be included in every issue? As a result, National Audubon is
retire the idea of a "journal" and look collaborating with other conservation
for a different way to report to our Economies: and environmental groups, federal,
readers. • Should the Journal continue to state and local government agencies
be mailed to Delaware Audubon and other stakeholders to
You will notice that the appearance members and other like-minded recommend new directions for
of this issue is different. This new organizations as well as to all coastal wetlands management as
format will give you an idea of what State and Federal legislators, or well as for the overall Mississippi
a no-frills, bulletin-style newsletter should it be mailed to Delaware River system.
might look like. Pages are laid out Audubon members only?
for economy of both space and • How do you prefer to obtain National Audubon believes
production costs. Articles are no general information, timely Congress and the Administration
longer grouped by subject matter, updates, and calls to action? must respond in a way that protects
and there are no decorative features A printed newsletter mailed four New Orleans and other coastal
such as topic headings and clip art. to six times a year? communities from the next
The free exchange of ideas has A newsletter available only on hurricane. Clearly, we must proceed
always been the backbone of our website? with appropriate efforts to improve
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Preserving Our Natural State • DELAWARE AUDUBON SOCIETY, INC. • A State-wide Chapter of National Audubon
LETTER F RO M T H E PRESIDENT Delaware Audubon Society
2005-2006 Officers & Committees
As winter arrives and the price of fuel begins to rise, we need to take stock If there are any issues that you think Audubon should
of our own actions and attempt to reduce the demand for oil and natural address that you feel strongly about, please write Issues,
gas. This will help mitigate the pressures to open up the Arctic National P.O. Box 1713, Wilmington, DE 19899, or call the office at
302-428-3959. Chairpersons can always be reached
Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to drilling, or for BP to create a terminal for LNG
through the office answering machine, 302-428-3959.
(Liquefied Natural Gas) in the Delaware River.
Honorary Chairman of the Board
I worked for Columbia Gas in Wilmington in the 1980s for almost 10 years. ............................................Russell W. Peterson
We had co-created the LNG facility at Cove Point, MD, in the late 1970s
believing that LNG was a long-term source of supply for managing peak President ............................................Mark Martell
demand. However, deregulation of the industry during the Reagan Vice President..............................Fred Breukelman
Administration made LNG too costly for peak usage, so the facility never Secretary..............................................Ellen Wright
achieved the production levels originally planned. A history of the facility can Treasurer ................................................John Knox
be found at:
<>. Conservation Committees:
Chairman & Environmental Advocate
..................................................Nick DiPasquale
Times have changed, and high fuel costs now make LNG an attractive
Environmental Advocate ..........Grace Pierce-Beck
resource. Cove Point is thriving, and BP desires a similar LNG terminal
Dredging ..........................................Leslie Savage
across from Claymont at Logan Township. The main issue for LNG is simply
Nest Box Projects ................................Peggy Jahn
one of site management: Cove Point is a more remote location from
Armchair Activists ..........................................Open
population centers than Logan Township. BP understandably seeks to
Adopt-a-Wetland............Peggy Jahn, Kathy Tidball
minimize shipping costs by siting the offloading terminal adjacent to the
Important Bird Area Program ............Ann Rydgren
processing facilities, but it seems to me that the optimal solution is one that Programs Committee......................................Open
sites such facilities away from heavily populated or environmentally- Publicity Committee
sensitive locations. Internet:........................................Fred Breukelman
In the meantime, as individuals we can reduce the demand for oil and gas Membership ....................................................Open
simply by changing how we manage our households. A good list of action Records ............................................Dave Brannan
items can be found at: Education Committee ........................Kathy Tidball
<>. Conservation first Social Committee
and foremost begins in the home. Annual Dinner ..............................Fred Breukelman
Field Trips Committee ..........................Peggy Jahn
Mark Martell Publications Committee......................Ann Rydgren
Finance Committee ............................Mark Martell
Fundraising:Grants ..............................Mark Martell
Fundraising:Bird Seed Sale
The Audubon Journal is published Mailing Address: ......................................Tom and Tabitha Shuey
five times a year by the Delaware Delaware Audubon Society Fundraising: Birdathon
Audubon Society. P.O. Box 1713
..........................Maud Dayton and Ruth Holden
Wilmington, DE 19899
Original articles may be reprinted without Fundraising: Silent Auction ....................John Knox
permission. Please give credit to the Delaware Audubon Society E-mail: Fundraising:Wildlife Sanctuary ......................Open
Delaware Audubon Journal and the author. Fundraising:Piping Plover Suite ............Ann Rydgren

Co-editor: Ann Rydgren We can receive contributions

Directors for service until 2006
Co-editor and Contributing Writer: through your United Way payroll
Mary Leah Christmas deduction designation. Our Dorothy Miller
Assistant Editor: Barbara Roewe United Way designation number
Layout: Maryellen F. Birk is 9017. Directors for service until 2007
Printing: Sprint Quality Printing, Inc. John Knox Tom Shuey
Visit Delaware Audubon's Website
Fred Breukelman
Delaware Audubon Society, incorporated in
1977, is a state- wide chapter of the Sample educational, informative articles
National Audubon Society. and features. Order books and other Directors for service until 2008
goodies from the Marketplace. Search the Nicholas DiPasquale Peggy Jahn
Web Site: archive of past articles. Visit our photo Leslie Savage
gallery. Survey legislative updates and
Telephone: 302-428-3959 Action Alerts. Email policy makers.

Katrina continued from page 1
G R A S S D A L E S U M M A RY 2004
levees and other flood control
infrastructure protecting major • Delaware Audubon made 13 visits to Grass Dale in 2004 for a total of 85+
population centers. It is equally clear person-hours.
that we must accelerate efforts to • We increased the catalog of flora and fauna by two insects and four birds. It
restore the barrier islands and now totals 140 bird, 84 plant, 50 insect, 16 mammal, 10 amphibian, 1
coastal wetlands of the Delta of the minnow, 1 crustacean species,1 invertebrate and 1 fungus.
Mississippi River that serve as our • The number of Purple Loosestrife plants has increased from two plants in
natural hurricane protection system 2003 to 66 in 2004.
for New Orleans, other coastal • Species or sub-species noted for the first time in 2004 are: Ladybird Beetle,
communities, oil and gas Viceroy Butterfly, Pied-billed Grebe, Northern Rough-winged Swallow,
infrastructure, and Mississippi River Purple Finch, and Bufflehead. The highest number of bird species seen in
navigation. one data-collecting period in mid-June was 49.
• Bayberry bushes in the Sector 4 field (originally a field of Multiflora Rose and
For details of National Audubon’s then a meadow of Goldenrod) are being overrun by the invasive shrub,
five-point plan, see Elaeagnus umbulata, a.k.a. Autumn Olive.
< • Wildlife continues to use this site at a very high level.
We greatly appreciate the cooperation of Superintendent Becky Webb and her
staff at Fort Delaware-Fort DuPont State Park in giving us every possible
assistance for this long-term project.
B O M B AY H O O K Special thanks are due to Peggy Jahn and Andy Urquhart for their time and
perseverance during all kinds of weather to collect data for this project and to
We had waited for the rain to stop all Dave Brannan for his determination in getting such excellent pictures of the flora
week and worried about today, and fauna at Grass Dale. Thanks also to John Savage for all his help in fine-
Sunday, wondering what kind of tuning the Access database.
weather we would have. It was a
great day with bright sunshine and a Complete data is available on CD by request.
little wind, but we had wonderful
birds and everyone got good looks Ann Rydgren, Project Manager
at them. Bombay Hook is always a Adopt-A-Wetland Grass Dale Project
good place to see birds of all

We had a small group of people, N E S T B OX R E P O RT 2005

seven in all. This is an ideal size to
be able to view and talk to.
• Nemours Golf Course: 39 young fledged Bluebirds, 4 Tree Swallows.
The highlights of the birds were
• DuPont Country Club: The course was closed this year for renovations which
Avocets, Marbled Godwits, and
are now complete and the Bluebird boxes are back in place for next Spring.
Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers. We must
• Christiana Hospital: 4 boxes which were all Tree Swallows.
have had 50 or more Yellow-rumped
• MBNA Deerfield Golf Course: Total of 67 young fledged Bluebirds, 10 House
Warblers. The cool wind and storms
Wrens, 18 Tree Swallows. We lost 17 young due to snake predation which
must have driven the birds down
we have taken care of with post guards.
from the North, as we hit a big
• Buena Vista: A good year with 24 young Bluebirds fledged,10 House Wrens
pocket of birds. We had a total of 35
and 8 Tree Swallows.

We look forward to next month at

P U R P L E M A RT I N S :
• Peggy Jahn’s yard: 37 young fledged.
Conowingo Dam to see as many
• Artesian Water Company: 79 young fledged.
Bald Eagles and water birds we can.
• University of Delaware: No count.
Peggy Jahn
Peggy Jahn, Manager
Field Trip Chair
Nest Box Project

P I PI N G P LOV E R Tennis Club and added it to White
Clay Creek State Park.This beautiful,
or call us at 302-428-3959.
R E P O RT 2005 145-acre property along Thompson
Station Road near Newark is This is a link to video shot by
“This was quite a successful year for surrounded by parkland on three cameras carried by a Golden Eagle.
Delaware’s Piping Plovers,” sides and at one point approaches <
according to Marnie Pepper, wildlife very close to the creek itself.The convergence/spyonthewild/birdtech/
biologist with DNREC’s Division of Division plans to continue operating it birdtech.html>
Fish & Wildlife. “We had eight as a public golf and tennis club with a
breeding pairs, a record number, beautiful restaurant and facility for
and fledged 12 chicks.” banquets and special events.
Six nests, containing a total of 23 Currently the course and facilities are C O N S E RVAT I O N
eggs, survived to hatch and fledge being maintained in usable condition CHAIR
young. Of these, 12 chicks survived until a management contract is
to fledging (4 at Gordons Pond and reached.A request for proposals from It seems these days that we find too
8 at the Point). concessionaires has been published in few things to celebrate; however, I
The News Journal. Several years ago,
am pleased to report two successes.
Nine of the 15 nests (many were Peggy and Fred Jahn of Delaware First, the National Audubon Society
re-nest attempts) at Cape Henlopen Audubon established a successful
and their supporting state chapters,
State Park in 2005 did not survive to Bluebird nestbox trail on the
along with numerous other local and
hatch. Five were washed out, one property, and we hope that activity
national environmental
depredated, and three were will continue under the new
organizations, stopped an effort by
abandoned. management.
Congress to include a provision in
the Budget Reconciliation Act that
Piping Plovers return to Delaware in The acquisition was promoted by the
would have opened up the Arctic
March or early April and build their strong advocacy efforts of many local
National Wildlife Refuge for oil and
nests in the sand between the dunes environmental and conservation
gas drilling. Although this coalition
and the water. This practice puts organizations, including Delaware
effort was successful in having it
them in danger from beachgoers, Audubon. Representative Joe Miro
stripped from the House bill, a
pets, and predators. Both eggs and and Senator Liane Sorenson, in whose
districts the property lies, played key similar provision was included in the
young are so well camouflaged that
leadership roles in the legislature, with Senate bill, which means we will
they are in danger of being stepped
strong support from many other have to redouble our efforts to make
on or otherwise disturbed by
legislators. Governor Minner’s sure that the House-Senate
humans. Off-road vehicles also can
leadership was also critical to this Conference Committee does not
degrade their habitat and destroy
outcome. Members are encouraged to approve the proposal. It is
their nests. Unusually high tides can
thank the Governor and their unfortunate that we have to work so
wash away their shallow nests.
legislators for preserving this beautiful hard to defeat something that is so
property. obviously wrong-headed. I am
For more information about Piping
pleased to report that no member of
Plovers and the Piping Plover Suite,
Dorothy Miller the Delaware Congressional
a musical composition for concert
Andy Urquhart delegation voted to support drilling in
and symphonic orchestras, go to
the Arctic Refuge.
We also can celebrate a victory for
SITE SEEING the threatened Red Knot. Delaware
DEERFIELD GOLF and New Jersey fisheries officials
C O U R S E A D D E D TO This column will suggest Internet agreed in early November on a
websites that may be of interest to
W H I T E C L AY C R E E K readers.
proposal that would ban for two
years the harvest of horseshoe
S TAT E PA R K crabs in state waters. This includes
If you have a favorite that you think the Delaware Bay and portions of
On September 30, 2005, the State will interest others, please send the the Atlantic Ocean close to shore.
purchased MBNA’s Deerfield Golf and address to: Atlantic States Marine Fisheries

Commissioners (ASMFC) settled on They also maintain that these B LU E B I R D B OX E S
two options: the Delaware-New agricultural crops (primarily corn and To help you appreciate and
Jersey harvest ban and a restriction soybeans) are essential foodstuffs understand nature, Delaware
on out-of-state fishermen landing for migrating waterfowl and other Audubon has available by order
Delaware Bay crabs in states where wildlife, although none of these well-constructed pine nest-boxes
harvests would still be allowed. The farmers provides food plots on the with a shingle roof, a wire mesh
commission will likely make a final acres they cultivate. They harvest insert for insect protection, and an
decision on the ban early next year. their crops in late September and easy front opening. Designed by
Delaware and New Jersey also have October, well before migratory Warren Lauder, this box has proven
to change state regulations to waterfowl pass through the refuge in to be one of the best. Nest boxes
comply with the regional mandate. mid-November. Their actions appear should go up in February before
Officials in both states concluded to contradict their own statements. Bluebirds return to nest.
that an outright ban on harvesting
the crabs is critical to protecting and The question comes down to Help Delaware Audubon and help
rebuilding the crab populations and this: Should the Prime the Bluebirds come back. Priced at
to ensure the survival of the Red Hook National Wildlife Refuge be $25, we are sure you will be pleased
Knot. Delaware Audubon operated to support public uses or with this box. Order now for yourself
appreciates the efforts of New should a few local farmers continue and your friends.
Jersey DEP Commissioner Brad to use it for private economic gain,
Campbell and DNREC Secretary simply because they have been Please arrange for pick-up when you
Hughes in working out this allowed to do so for so many call Fred Jahn, 302-378-6474. For
agreement. We plan to follow the years? Do they have a legal “right” New Castle County only, home
ASMFC decision and DNREC to farm these public lands? Does the delivery is available for an additional
regulation development process public have to wait until the refuge $5. Otherwise, nest boxes must be
closely to ensure the successful develops and implements a picked up at the Jahns’ home in
restoration of the migratory Red Comprehensive Conservation Plan, Middletown.
Knot population in the Delaware Bay which, by the Refuge Manager’s
flyway. own words, could take years? Or
should a Compatibility
Delaware Audubon has also been Determination be conducted to J O K E S & A N E C D OT E S
following a development at the determine whether agricultural
Prime Hook National Wildlife production supports the priority
Refuge. The controversy at Prime uses set forth in the NWR Titmouse sings Mozart?
Hook began when the Refuge Improvement Act? Cosi fan TUTI
Manager decided to allow
approximately 150 acres of refuge Delaware Audubon has requested Ahab pursues elusive Bluebird?
land that had been part of a three- information from the Prime Hook MOBL Dick
year research project to be taken out Refuge Manager to help us
of grassland and early successional determine whether the Refuge is Arctic Loon sings folk?
habitat and put back into agricultural being operated in compliance within ARLO Guthrie
production. This decision was made the letter and spirit of Federal law.
without public notice or input. Some TV’s mime duo of the 1970s?
of the local farmers are So let’s take a moment to celebrate Shields and YNAL
former owners of land acquired by “the wins” and to re-energize
the refuge. Over the years, they ourselves for the new challenges Bunting sings country?
have leased some of these refuge that await us. REBU McEntire
lands for agricultural
production. They appear to believe Nick DiPasquale Have a joke or brief anecdote of interest to
that they have a “right” to do this for Delaware Audubon members? Send your
as long as they want, based on what submissions to
<> for
they believe were promises made to possible use in a future issue of the Journal.
them when the refuge acquired their Be sure to include “Jokes & Anecdotes” in
land, although these promises are the Subject line.
found nowhere in writing.

O P P O RT U N I T I E S Teaching the Trees:
February 17-20
Great Backyard Bird Count. W H AT Y O U C A N D O Lessons from the Forest
Enter your sightings online through by Joan Maloof
BirdSource at Join the fun! Meet new people! Do a University of Georgia Press, 2005
<>, a joint great thing! hardcover; $24.95. 156 pp. + xvi.
National Audubon/Cornell Lab of
Ornithology project. We need help in the following areas. This elegant volume is part bio-
We need you! lesson and part meditation. Leading
I want Audubon to sponsor a the tour is Dr. Joan Maloof who
program on • Wildflowers: reveals the “magical web of
_____________________ [topic] in Wildflower enthusiast for special relationships” to be found in an old-
my area. area in Dover. growth, deciduous forest, from the
• Welcome Wagon: canopy overhead on down into the
Name/Address: ______________ Fun-loving, creative person layers of leaf mold underfoot. The
__________________________ needed to recruit and integrate 18th-century woodcut illustrations,
__________________________ new members. quotations from Henry David
Phone: ______________________ • Needed: Thoreau, and poetry excerpts from
ZIP Code:____________________ Someone with a “Type A” Rainer Maria Rilke, Lao Tsu, Li Po,
personality and marketing and e. e. cummings heighten the
Send to: Program, Delaware experience who is willing to help reflective mood.
Audubon Society, P.O. Box 1713, the environment in Delaware The author is a teacher of biology and
Wilmington, DE 19899 or email through member recruitment, environmental studies at Salisbury
Subject Line: Programs to targeted marketing and University in Salisbury, MD. While not
<>. advertising for our annual a book specifically about Delmarva—
birdseed sale, general member it is not intended to be—Teaching
solicitation, and expanding our the Trees contains references to
S I L E N T AU C T I O N annual appeal. Eastern Shore Maryland as well as a
• Conservation Committee: Needs
A L E RT members to divide up the work.
quotation from a 1797 Delaware
It’s not too soon to start looking Please help!
around for Silent Auction items. All Maloof writes, “There is so much left
Delaware Audubon members are on If you are interested in helping, to learn about the living things here,
the auction committee. We need please call 302-428-3959 and leave I often wonder why we spend so
your help! In past years, many of a message. much time and energy looking for life
you have made this important and elsewhere in the universe.” Aptly
entertaining Audubon fundraiser a stated; and her book is a welcoming
success. BIRD SEED woodland path into those worlds just
THANK YOU beyond our own backyards.
Please help by making a donation of
merchandise or services for the Thanks to everyone who purchased MLC
auction. Merchants are usually birdseed! Our annual birdseed sale
happy to donate a gift certificate or was a great success thanks to the
an item to our auction. Restaurants, hard work of Tom and Tabitha
theaters, concerts, movies, food, art, Shuey and their crew of bag
crafts, and plants are all popular. handlers and paper shufflers:
Mark Martell, Mark Kamalski, Mike
Be creative and donate your Warner, John Knox, Claire and Gail
particular skills or a special, guided Shuey, Ann Rydgren, Cori and
field trip. Please call John Knox, Stephi Rydgren, Jeff and Nathan
302-428-3959, by February 15 and Snook, and C. J. Brown.
leave a message to make
arrangements for your donations.

“A D E L AWA R E never been bested...or even
attempted that I have witnessed.
Committee, not Parliament in
R E CO R D ?” Bill Fintel
Due to the uneven weight
I feed birds throughout the year. I
Dear Colin: distribution caused by this gathering
just like the action in my yard. My
“Bob” may have the New Castle of birders, Delaware is listing to
feeders are carefully positioned on a
County record, but he’s just a starboard and at risk of capsizing
wire supported by poles at distances
beginner compared to the Sussex into the bay. The fact that I am
established by experience. I hang
County record. One of the many sitting here at home and leaving the
feeders at 7 feet from the nearest
squirrels in our backyard cleared matter to the experts may explain
pole or support, never having seen a
102” from a fence to a bird feeder why, until 10:00 am, I was the lone
squirrel leap horizontally more than
we thought was placed too far away Great Backyard Bird Count reporter
that distance...until today.
for him to reach.... for the entire state. Only then did
Liz Dumont someone from Wilmington weigh in.
Whether “Bob” had been practicing
It’s now 11:00 am, and the two of us
in my absence or whether he’s an
Source: DE-Birds Listserv and are still the only ones ballasting this
Olympian moving into my area
emails. Reprinted with permission. side of the boat. 11:30 check: There
having conquered all other local
is now a report from Sussex, making
jumping records, he today leapt a Colin Campbell is a Past President, exactly one red pinhead per county
horizontal 85 inches from a DVOC; Fellow, DVOC; and visible on the online Delaware report
supporting pole onto my Droll Recipient of the Witmer Stone
Yankees peanut feeder, thereby Award 1995, 2000, 2003.
avoiding the DY $40 squirrel-proof
Well, this red pinhead (sounds like a
polycarbonate dome above. I saw it, Bill Fintel is a Founder, Past
President, and Member of the kind of duck) had only nine species
I did not believe what I saw, I
Sussex Bird Club. to report today; but no sooner had I
measured it (vidi, un-vidi, yeah-vidi).
submitted my count than a swarm of
I allowed Bob, christened after my
Liz Dumont is also a Member of the European Starlings, Red-winged
childhood hero, [Olympic long-jump
Sussex Bird Club. Blackbirds, and Common Grackles
record holder] Bob Beamon, a few
arrived in our yard. Now, I know full
moments of peanut heaven before
well the scholarly heads at Cornell
trying to catch him. Well, I don’t
normally do this but I had to B I R D TA L E S are not sobbing into their
handkerchiefs for having missed
establish if he was on drugs—after
“G Y R FA LCO N , B OAT, receiving word of a bunch of so-
all, it’s only a few days since the
B I R D E R S , C O R N E L L” called “trash” birds, but this is one of
Tour de France finished. I failed of
those bad news/good news
course. Although it was late in the
2/18/05 situations. The bad news is, this
day and the breeze was freshening, Great Backyard Bird Count, swarm was likely flushed from the
I don’t think he was wind-assisted. Day 1 coastal areas by that other swarm
So, I’m claiming this 7-foot, 1-inch
gazing upon the Gyrfalcon, and
horizontal leap as a Delaware As I type this, people who know a lot feeling rather peeved about it. The
squirrel know about birds are staked out at points good news is, this shifting of weight
better. from Bombay Hook to Port Mahon. has returned our ship of state to its
They are following with their scopes upright and seaworthy position. Who
Colin Campbell the daily routine—toothbrushing, says “trash” birds aren’t good for
New Castle County breakfast cereal preference, choice anything?
of reading material (last Friday’s
Baffin Island Gazette*)—of a Big bird, *B.I.G. newspaper.
Dear Colin: Gyrfalcon. This large Arctic resident
Move to Sussex County. Squirrels is the first to be observed in Mary Leah Christmas
grow bigger and more athletic down Delaware since 1974 and is
here. Eight feet is what our expected to be entered into the
champion squirrel jumped record books with the banging of a
horizontally.... I measured the gavel by officials up north. By up
distance, then moved north, I mean the Delaware Records
the feeder to 9 feet, and that has

E D I TO R ’ S C O R N E R
✃ J O I N D E L AWA R E A U D U B O N N OW !
In our informal Squirrel Olympics INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP OFFER
(“A Delaware Record?”), Sussex For $20.00 Receive Membership to
County wins the gold, New Castle National Audubon Society and Delaware Audubon Society
County the silver, and Kent County Join NOW and receive a FREE navy blue backpack!

the bronze by default. Bill Fintel has

kept the data from his yard “so that I Name ________________________________________________________________
could give people concrete
Address ______________________________________________________________
information when asked about
squirrels and feeder placement.” City _________________________________ State ___________ Zip ___________
Phone ( ) __________________________________________________
He continues, “I have also found that
Referred By__________________________Date ____________________________
99.95% of gray squirrels are
unwilling to hand-over-hand down a
wire supporting a feeder between Please make all checks payable to: National Audubon Society
Send this application and your check to:
two trees (or a tree and a house) if Delaware Audubon Society
the wire is 22 gauge or smaller.” He 7XCH
P.O. Box 1713, Wilmington, DE 19899
adds, “I have had 100% success D90
with commercial squirrel baffles
placed on a pole below a feeder if
the 9+ foot horizontal jumping
distance is maintained.”


Delaware Audubon Society

P.O. Box 1713
Wilmington, DE 19899