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Enlightened sex

Today's   Sexingness   of   our   culture   is   not   true   sex.   It   is   a   sneeze.   It   has   become   two   ego's  
rubbing  up  against  each  other.  It  is  meat  friction,  where  satisfaction  and  bliss  is  not  truly  
possible.  Only  simple  pleasure  is  possible  to  the  body.  But  the  body  is  temporary,  and  
true  fulfillment  can  never  be  found  through  the  body  alone.    
What  people  are  searching  for  is  Only  that  which  is  Formless,  unbounded  Bliss.  Beyond  
pleasure,  or  happiness,  or  duality  but  Bliss.  
Real  sex  is  the  surrender  of  self,  into  Infinity.  Real  sex  is  death  that  is  a  Life.  A  death  of  
all  Selfingness,  and  resistance  to  God.  Then  Life  begins.  Then  all  boundaries  dissolve  and  
that  which  has  always  been  remains  ever  present.    
Then   there   is   no   you,   or   other.   This   illusion   is   no   more.   There   is   only   now.   Then   all  
movement,  all  lovemaking,  spontaneously  manifests  as  a  movement  or  a  dance  of  the  
Divine  moving  as  apparent  forms.      
In  this  instant  there  is  a  dance  with  no  movement  and  a  song  with  no  sound.  And  sex  
with   "No   one".   Then   you   are   no   longer   having   sex   as   a   separate   Ego,   or   a   "me".   You   are  
being   "Sexed"   by   the   Infinite   itself.   Then   what   is   happening   is   God   sexing.   And   when  
God  is  sexing  it  is  very  sexy.  
Then   sex   becomes   a   release   of   oneself   into   God,   and   a   form   of   eternal   God   communion  
through  the  apparent  forms.  Sex  takes  on  a  totally  different  dimension.  Sex  is  no  more  a  
path  to  enlightenment;  it  is  the  very  manifestation  of  enlightenment.  Light  expressing  as  
the  play  of  all  bodies.  
Then   you   are   being   true   tantra,   no   techniques,   or   teaching   just   sublime   surrender  
arising  as  ALL.  True  Tantra  manifesting  as  your  apparent  form,  as  a  Force  of  Love.  
When   sex   transcends   into   the   realm   of   SPANK......There   is   no   more   lover,   loved   and  
loving.  There  is  only  LOVE.    
Pure  and  simple.  
Taken  from  an  excerpt  of  the  new  book  "The  Bling  of  Being,"  by  His  Holy  Holiness  Sri  
Sri  Sri  Spankneesh  Ji.