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Semi - Detailed Lesson Plan in English Oral Communication in Context

I. Objective: At the end of the lesson the student are expected:

A. Demonstrate the sensitivities of the socio - cultural dimension of communication situation with focus on culture.

B. Share a particular experience about the topic.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Intercultural Communication
Reference: Teachers Guide pages 10 - 12, Curriculum Guide
Materials: Laptop, Speakers, Video Clip, Audio Recording.

III. Procedure:
Preliminary activities
Review of the topic on Effective Communication

Group yourself into 5 groups, then come up a role play of different situation concerning about culture.

Students are asked to watch a video clip.

Then the following questions are raise after watching the video clip.

What is the clip all about?

How do you compare the culture of the different people?
What is your reaction on the particular clip?
What is culture?
Why do culture is important?
What can you say about the culture of the people in our country?

Activity # 1. Students are group into 5 groups. Then they need to come up a creative presentation about the culture of the
Filipinos before and nowadays.

Activity#2: Choose a country of your choice that you somehow know the culture then represent it in the class as you where
representing in a beauty pageant. Tell us why you choose it.

IV. Application: Students are ask to brainstorm on the different conflict situations that arise among racial discrimination among

V. Assessment: Students are group into 5 groups they will be going to have a talk show about different culture.

VI. Assignment: They same grouping compose a song about the culture of your choice.

Group 1.

Mariedith A. Tacastacas

Division of Iligan City