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Gina Sofa Guevara Luna

Tutora: Edna Bent Castro



These are some ads daily Here we perform document

Example of dialogue written as a practical course in Some words to learn
Key phrases to have a work
between two people in a job document curriculum vita
job interview.

-I study market management. 1. were going to learn some words that are
used in newspaper ads -- se va a aprender -It refers to an important persono r a leader
-Im able to make a market
algunas palabras que se utilizan en los big gun/ cheese wheel /wig
anuncios del peridico. if l get the gob, I can be a big wheel to your
-I know how to collect information
-Im fine, thank you, and you? News ; noticias company.
from diverse sources.
-Good morning Mr. Martinez, how are you today? job opportunity -Company man
-I can organize information on spss
-Were doing fine . please, have a seat. Lets start by 2. Wanted it refers to a person who always Works hard
an excel.
you telling me about yourself. Earn up to 60, 007 pkr and agrees with his employees
-By analyzing information, you can
-Ok. Im really interested in the position vacany that Marketing managers -5 I am a true company woman, I always put an
find business
you posted on the newspaper A well known company requires the extra effort for the company.
-Do y have any experiencia on sales? services of educated experienced y - Give someone the green light
-Yes, i do . i worked for two years as an advertising energetic marketing managers in day shift Give permission to do something like a deal
consultant. at its Lahore office. or a project
-Interesting. Can you tell me about your skills Banks/leasing insurance experience will be Im going to guve you green light to begin
-Of course. i have strong verbal and personal preferred working with us.
communications skills, project management skills Handsome salary + commission will be - public relations
and Im commited to campany success. offered to the right candidates Creating and maintaining a good image with
-Do you khow anything about this company? you custormers and the public
-Yes, of course, I visited some webpages on the After the recent scandal, the company has
internet and found the history of the company and started a new advertising campaing to help
the growth in the last two years. improve public relations