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Vol. 71 No. 23 August 11 - 17, 2010 50 cents


ARLINGTON, Texas – Darlene Baker of Mahomet, Ill., officially began Martin is the manager of the Metro Detroit USBC Association, the
her term as the first female president in the history of the United States largest USBC local association in the nation. Rose is an assistant vice
Bowling Congress on Sunday, Aug. 1. president in human resources for M&T Bank. Carolyn Dorin-Ballard of
Baker served as president-elect on the USBC Board of Directors in Keller, Texas, and Michael Italia of Warrington, Pa., were re-elected to
2009-10. She has been working with outgoing president Jeff Boje on the the board at the Annual Meeting.
direction of USBC and expects a seamless transition. Also new to the board are Cathy DeSocio of Wichita, Kan., and Frank
“I am looking forward to working closely with the USBC Board of Wilkinson of Staten Island, N.Y.
Directors and the staff at USBC to strengthen our membership,” Baker DeSocio, vice president of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of
said. “I know we have many loyal members and we appreciate their con- America, is president of the JOMA Company, which operates seven cen-
tinued support. We must continue to find new programs and incentives ters in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. She, along with Jim Sturm, are
not only for our current members but to entice more bowlers to join the two BPAA representatives on the USBC Board. Wilkinson, the owner
USBC.” of Rab’s Country Lanes, is chair of the USBC Youth Committee and will
Baker has been on the USBC Board of Directors since the organiza- be the youth committee representative on the USBC Board.
tion’s inception and has served as chair of the Strategic Planning The board selected officers at a June meeting and the officers began
Committee. She also has been a director on the Young American their one-year terms on Aug. 1. Tom Bluth of Davie, Fla., was elected 1st
Bowling Alliance, Women’s International Bowling Congress and USA Vice President, Andrew Cain of Phoenix is 2nd Vice President, Dorin-
Bowling boards. Ballard is 3rd Vice President, and Marci Williams of Wichita, Kan., was
The USBC Board also has four new directors for 2010-11. selected as Secretary.
At the 2010 USBC Annual Meeting in May, Mark Martin of Waterford, For more information about the USBC Board of Directors, visit
Mich., and Deanna Rose of Fairport, N.Y., were elected to the board. Darlene Baker

BVL Recognizes Top Brian Lynch Ed O’Neill 834 at T-Bowl

Proprietor Contributions Blasted 300 at WAYNE, NJ – Hall of Famer Ed Keri May rolled 279-245-236-
O’Neill started the summer season 760, Dan Barker 265-734, Lou
Five bowling proprietors and one local Bowling Proprietors'
scoring pace during the Slater 248-683, and Joanne Egan
Association left Bowl Expo in Las Vegas recently each with their second Majestic Lanes Wednesday Trio League at T-Bowl 234-204-604.
consecutive Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) award, recognizing their
HOPELAWN, NJ – Brian Lynch IIwith his 279-834.
outstanding support for the BVL cause during the 2008-2009 league sea-
earned top honors in the
These same award winners also took home identical honors for their
Madison Park Men’ s League
firing perfect with a 300 game
Jim Giancarlo Hammered 300
donations during the previous 2007-2008 season.
"We are deeply indebted to these proprietors for leading the way for
and then added games of 246-
219 for the session high series of
At North Arlington Bowl
BVL," commented BVL Board Chair Darlene Baker. "It was just three NO. ARLINGTON, NJ – Jim Jerrold Fredericks 290-780, Scott
years ago when we called on America's bowling centers to join with our Giancarlo blasted a 300 game Hild 279-771, Bob Lipinski 268-
Bob Hanel shot near perfect
league bowlers to take on the BVL effort. They have responded enthu- while contesting in the Sunday 751, Anthony Buonanno 279-748,
with a 299 game along with a
siastically!" Morning Trios League at North Bobby Willis 289-745, Mike
267 for a 764 set.
Maple Family Lanes, Brooklyn, NY, led the center-oriented contribu- Arlington Bowl-O-Drome. McCabe 279-743, Mark Newman
Dennis Smith tossed 234-269-
tions for the season with a total of $6,000. Proprietor John LaSpina has Lewis Managault shot one short 259-741, Chris Schanne 278-720,
237-730, Ryan Friend 279-278-
six centers in the New York City Metropolitan Area. Thunderbird Lanes of perfection with a 299 game en Gary Vicente 258-720, and Jay
739, Jeff Deer 257-210-269-
followed very closely with $5,974.50 in donations. Thunderbird has route to a 709 series followed by Judowski 254-719.
736, Anthony Bascone 239-268-
three centers in the Philadelphia area that coordinated a BVL fund-raiser
228-735, Jay Pintus 241-224-
in conjunction with National Bowling Week. The third largest contribu-
267-732, Glenn Mohr 2362-45-
tion was from the Leslie Goldberg Charity Fund for $5,000. Goldberg
is the President of Bowl America, which has 19 centers along the East
246-727, Wayen Yesalonis 258-
248-704, Bill Buckley 244-267-
Jason Maulbeck Rolled 300
Coast. Operating five centers in Illinois, The Don Carter Lanes Group
donated $3,519.50 to the BVL during last year's season. Proprietor John
703, and Michael Ibanez 225-
At Plaza Lanes
Sommer conducted a "Heroes in Our Midst" campaign saluting veterans MADISON, NJ – Jason Maulbeck Rick Fabrizzio 279-651, John
Stephen Kertesz rolled 229-
and active duty military in each of those communities. earned top honors in the Monday Baldwin 248-624, Will Mottola
226-642, Chris Huntley 212-
A special award was presented to Bowland Centers, with six centers in Adult Jr. League firing a 300 game 278-666, and Neal Monka 258-
224-606, and Rose Lada 268 in
Southwest Florida. Proprietors Pat and Lisa Ciniello worked alongside for a high series of 719. 653.
the Saturday Nite Mixed.
their area USBC association to support the leagues' efforts. This affili- Mitch Weinberg hit 279-708,
ation helped Southwest Florida USBC donate more than $11,000 to
BVL during the 2008-2009 league season.
Another fruitful relationship resulted in a $2,215.98 contribution to the Ziggy Ziesig, Brian Ziesig, Cheryl Smith,
BVL: The Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association was recognized
as the fifth highest contributor as part of that association's annual "Beat Stewie Fruman, 300 at North Levittown Lanes
the Champs" contest. BVL was named one of the charities for that event. LEVITTOWN, NY – In the Thursday Expressway high series honors addind a 280 game to his 300 to
Founded in 1942, the BVL is located in Metropolitan Washington, Glass Trios League it was Ziggy Ziesig, Brian Ziesig, finish the session with an 807 series.
D.C. and is guided by representatives of the United States Bowling Cheryl Smith, and Stewie Fruman earning the high Anthony D’Elia shot 279-796, Kathy Cavicchi 289-
Congress and the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America. For game honors as each one of them blasted a 300 game. 747, Debbi Vilardy 279-740, Rob Figgers, Jr. 290.
more information, visit Brian Ziesig of that elite group went on to earn the
2 SPORTS REPORTER August 11 - 17, 2010

Bowling Mourns the Passing of Helen Duval

The face of ‘Bowlers to Veterans Link’ (BVL) for her teammate Nobu Asami, medals from two profes-
more than 30 years, former professional bowler and sional titles, the Phoenix Open and the National
owner of numerous titles in bowling, Helen Duval Championships, and winning the all-events crown in
passed away in her sleep on July 29. She was 94. 1969 at the Women's International Bowling Congress's
Thousands of veterans will remember Helen as the national tournament. She was also selected to be a
impetus for their love of or return to the sport of bowl- member of the All-American Bowling Team three
ing. For decades, Helen traversed the country for BVL, times.
giving bowling clinics to veterans hospitalized in VA During the 1967-1968 league season, Helen's book One of the most impressive gath- other WIBC associations.
Medical Centers. She soon average was an amazing 200. erings in bowling, or anything else, These women proved that volun-
became known for her refusal (Helen rolled her first 300 game was the annual meeting of the teerism is far from dead.
to take "no" for an answer - in 1959 and her most recent in Women's International Bowling They are completely capable, and
whatever challenges the recu- 1981.) Congress. dedicated, with a lot of dash. They
perating veteran was facing, In 1972, Helen became a clini- When I was real young, I wasn't know what's going on in bowling,
Helen took it as a personal mis- cian for the BVL traveling easily impressed by people or try to find out what they feel they
sion to get everyone out on the throughout the country, conduct- things. One of my uncles loved to don't know, and aren't bashful
lanes and learn to be successful ing bowling clinics for America's take me places, but he wasn't too when it comes to expressing what
in the game. veterans as well as visiting with thrilled by my responses. they think is wrong with bowling,
Born in Berkeley, California the patients at VA medical cen- For instance, he took me to see and how to fix it.
in 1916, Helen began bowling ters. the fleet come in. We were allowed It took a large book to detail the
in 1938, and in 1939 joined her "Through Helen's visits, she to stand in the center of the majes- various events, legislation, reports,
first league. At that time, her brought immeasurable joy and tic George Washington Bridge and awards, meetings, seminars, and all
bowling average was 154. She goodwill to thousands of our take in this fantastic view of all the rest. Nothing is taken for grant-
soon married into the business, nation's veterans," remarked BVL types of naval ships steaming in ed, and from the tiniest details to
when she wed her husband, Chair Darlene Baker. "She was and out and all around New York the huge undertakings it was the
Rosy Duval, bowling propri- truly the face of BVL for so many harbor. most organized group I've ever
etor and bowling legend in his who fought for our country. Her "Is that all there is?" I asked. seen.
own right. service will not be forgotten." On another trip he took me into Every group in bowling
Her experience with bowling Helen has deservedly received the heart of New York City to see addressed the delegates to let them
Helen Duval
clinics began in the 1950s when the American Junior some of the highest honors within the sport of bowling the Empire State Building. Even know what was happening in other
Bowling Congress requested her help in bringing the as well as women's sports: with my head pushed backward areas of the sport. Delegates were
sport of bowling to children in California. Helen began In 1970, Helen was inducted into the Women's halfway down my spine, and my there from three to seven days and
conducting bowling clinics and seminars that helped to International Bowling Congress Hall of Fame, for neck strained to the limit from the officers even more.
build the sport of bowling throughout the West Coast. superior performance. angle I had to attain to look to the The WIBC convention was their
Bowling's leaders were so impressed with Helen's In 1993, Helen was honored as a "bowling legend" at top, my comment was, "Is that only time to bowl, to exchange ideas, to
ability to teach bowling, she was sent several times to the National Bowling Hall of Fame & Museum's Salute how high it is?" participate in various functions of
introduce bowling to many Asian countries including to Champions gala. My good uncle never gave up, many groups, to wine and dine and
Japan and the Philippines. In 1995, Helen received the prestigious Bowling because the next time it was the shop. There's a lot of kid in them.
When Helen's son, Richard, was stricken with polio Proprietors Association "V.A. Wapensky" award. Statue of Liberty. We walked inside They proudly wore their jackets
in 1954 and confined to a wheelchair, she began using In 1995, Helen was inducted into the Ladies and up, and we walked and walked and their patches and their various
bowling as therapeutic and recreational therapy for Professional Bowlers Hall of Fame. and my little lungs were bursting pins, ribbons, awards and home
him. Through this experience, she has developed a In 1996, Helen was inducted into the Senior Athletes and little legs were aching, but my area identification. Most of them
technique for helping disabled individuals learn the Hall of Fame. little brain never gave in because march to different drummers in
sport of bowling. In 2003, Helen received the highest award given by my reaction when we got to the top many ways but when it comes to
As one of the pioneers of women's bowling, Helen the Department of Veterans Affairs - "The Secretary's was, "I thought climbing would what is best for their sport, the
was a founding member of the women's professional Award" - for her unwavering commitment to America's make you more tired." drum beat is the same.
bowling movement in 1959. veterans. As we both got older, my uncle They never let their primary
Helen was one of the first women to have been a In 2007, the Bowling Proprietors Association of often kidded me about those early objective get too far away, to legis-
member of the President's Council on Physical Fitness. America awarded her the Dick Weber Bowling trips, and when I began to travel late and make decisions that affect
She served for five years, following her appointment Ambassador Award. the world, he asked if I ever got to their own members and everyone
during the Kennedy administration. A memorial will be held August 20 at Chapel of the the stage of being impressed. I told else in the sport, and many outside
Helen's bowling career skyrocketed during this time, Chimes in Oakland, Calif. him I had changed somewhat, and of this thing called bowling.
bringing home the title from the National Doubles with To see pictures of Helen over the years in her role often was impressed, but the event Looking back can be maudlin,
with BVL, and post your comments, that impressed me most was the happy or sad. Looking back should

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August 11 - 17, 2010 SPORTS REPORTER 3
4 SPORTS REPORTER August 11 - 17, 2010

Brittni Hamilton, Marshall Kent Pat Crocitto 209-552 NA Youth Bowler of the Week
Crowned at Junior Gold North Arlington, NJ – Remembering to bring his own bowling ball this week, Pat Crocitto broke through
with 209-552, his best outing of the season, earning him this session’s Youth Bowler of the Week distinction.
Championships Pat’s strong showing was instrumental in his Bowling Bombers 5-2 victory over the Bacon Boys. Despite
dropping the match, the Bacon Boys moved into second place by salvaging the middle game. In other play,
INDIANAPOLIS - Marshall Kent of Yakima, Wash., and Brittni Hamilton league-leading Bosch Beastin rolled past the Double Strikers, 5-2 while Saute’ Two escaped the cellar with a
of Webster, N.Y., won national titles, claiming the top spots at the 2010 three-game sweep of Boom Boom Pow.
United States Bowling Congress Junior Gold Championships presented by Tops among the young keglers were Pat Crocitto +61 and Sam Passaro +27 while Nick Gavron continued
Brunswick. his torrid skein among the adults with 227-647.
Kent won the title by defeating Matthew Gasn of Laurel, Md., 269-265 in
the final game of match play. Kent finished with 10,018 for 46 games, includ-
ing a 10-6 record with 20 bonus pins for wins, while Gasn finished second
with 9,996 and a 9-7 record.
On the girls side, Hamilton ran away with the title, winning by nearly 250
pins with a total of 9,800 and a match-play record of 11-5. Addileen Pointer
of Highland, Mich., finished second with 9,553 and a 9-7 record.
In the final game, Kent stepped up first in the 10th frame and delivered
three clutch strikes to shut Gasn out by a single pin and win the title.
"This is overwhelming, and I can't even describe it," said Kent, a 17-year-
old who will be a senior at West Valley High school this fall. "On the last shot,
I saw the 7 pin stand up for a second and when it fell, it was the best feeling
in the world."
For Hamilton, it was the fifth time she's bowled Junior Gold and her last
attempt to win the title. She finished fourth last year and established herself
as the player to beat after Thursday's semifinals.
"It's amazing, and I don't really have words for it," said Hamilton, who will
represent Junior Team USA in Helsinki, Finland at the World Youth
Championships this later this month. "I knew it was my last year and my last
chance to win. This is a nice way to pretty much end my youth bowling
The top four boys and top four girls in the final standings earned automatic
spots on Junior Team USA 2011. Joining Kent and Gasn on the boy’s side
was third-place finisher Chris Via of Springfield, Ohio, and fourth-place fin-
isher Jacob Kent of Newark, N.Y. (no relation to Marshall Kent).
When the final standings came out, Jacob Kent and Andrew Koff of Miami
were tied for fourth after 46 games. Kent defeated Koff, 177-167, in a one-
game roll-off for the automatic spot.
On the girl’s side, joining Hamilton and Pointer on Junior Team USA was
third-place finisher Kristie Petravich of West Palm Beach, Fla., and fourth-
place finisher Kaitlin Quinn of Livonia, N.Y.
The National Selection Committee selected Koff, Kyle King of Glendale,
Ariz., Danielle McEwan of Stony Point, N.Y., and Liz Seibel of Hellertown,
Pa., to join Junior Team USA. The final roster for Junior Team USA 2011
will be determined at the 2011 USBC Team USA Trials in January, where
spots for four girls and four boys will be up for grabs.
Earning the David Dahms Sportsmanship award at this year's Junior Gold
was Amanda Fry of Antelope, Calif., and Nathan Ricks of Plantation, Fla.
BOYS (46 games)
1, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 10-6-0, 10,018.
2, Matthew Gasn, Laurel, Md., 9-7-0, 9,996.
3, Chris Via, Springfield, Ohio, 10-6-0, 9,825.
4, Jacob Kent*, Newark, N.Y., 8-8-0, 9,768.
5, Andrew Koff, Miami, 11-5-0, 9,768.
6, Dale Coleman, High Springs, Fla., 9-7-0, 9,648.
7, Aaron Groendyk, Grandville, Mich., 7-9-0, 9,642.
8, Kyle King, Glendale, Ariz., 9-7-0, 9,614.
9, Zack Hattori, Las Vegas, 9-7-0, 9,612.
10, Cameron Weier, Federal Way, Wash., 7-9-0, 9,610.
11, Tyler Vostry, Plainfield, Ill., 8-8-0, 9,493.
12, Nathan Ricks, Plantation, Fla., 6-9-1, 9,475.
13, EJ Tackett, Huntington, Ind., 8-8-0, 9,462.
14, Kamron Doyle, Brentwood, Tenn., 6-10-0, 9,370.
15, Kenny Benoit, Topeka, Kan., 5-10-1, 9,352.
16, Michael Preston, Oswego, Ill., 5-11-0, 9,305.
* - Jacob Kent def. Andrew Koff, 177-167 in roll-off for fourth place.

GIRLS (46 games)

1, Brittni Hamilton, Webster, N.Y., 11-5-0, 9,800.
2, Addileen Pointer, Highland, Mich., 9-7-0, 9,553.
3, Kristie Petravich, West Palm Beach, Fla., 7-8-1, 9,461.
4, Kaitlin Quinn, Livonia, N.Y., 10-6-0, 9,459.
5, Danielle McEwan, Stony Point, N.Y., 7-9-0, 9,425.
6, Thea Aspiras, Chesapeake, Va., 10-6-0, 9,403.
7, Victoria Ferris, Kalamazoo, Mich., 8-8-0, 9,388.
8, Liz Seibel, Hellertown, Pa., 10-6-0, 9,383.
9, Amanda Greene, Romney, W.Va., 8-7-1, 9,363.
10, Jessica Earnest, Vandalia, Ill., 6-10-0, 9,302.
11, Kim Yioulos, Rochester, N.Y., 8-8-0, 9,296.
12, Brandi Branka, Momence, Ill., 8-8-0, 9,221.
13, Melanie DeCarlo, Peru, Ill., 9-7-0, 9,213.
14, Erin McCarthy, Omaha, Neb., 6-10-0, 9,182.
15, Samantha Hesley, Wellington, Fla., 6-10-0, 8,995.
16, Dayna Galganski, North Palm Beach, Fla., 4-12-0, 8,935.
August 11 - 17, 2010 SPORTS REPORTER 5


Jim Matunas 763
MADISON, NJ – Jim Matunas
led the scoring in the Tue.
game for a high series of 763.
David Hanft shot 247-656, Joey
Mottola 230, Drew Perry 7618,
Joe Parisi, Jr. 708
MADISON, NJ – Joe Parisi, Jr.
paced the scoring in the Thu.
Doubles League firing a 259 and Lissette Tapanes 213. Adult/Jr. League firing a 247
game for a high series of 708.
Tom Kredez hit 247, Neal
Mattola 246, and Will Mattola
Rich Galante 660
led the scoring in the Tue.
Doubles League firing a 233
game for a high series of 660.
Jon Russo shot 234-640, and
Brandon Matunes 223-628.

Pat Mahoney 245

MADISON, NJ – Pat Mahoney
paced the scoring in the Thu.
Mixed League firing a high
game of 245.
Tony Evans hit 239, Tony
Ferlise 236-643, Tim Granato
643, Sam Bassolino 610, Linda
Bogert 219, Laura Russo 218-
615, and Mella Bassolino 213-
6 SPORTS REPORTER August 11 - 17, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX, - For the first time in issue of OK! Magazine. bowling, the BPAA reported that votes were world record for the most bowling games
bowling history, the industry has opened up As released today by the Bowling cast by individuals in all 50 states and played in a 24 hour period. Until then, con-
the Hall of Fame celebrity induction Proprietors Association of America across 113 countries. sumers will be empowered to vote online at
process to the fans - and the votes are pour- (BPAA), below are the official vote tallies "This year marks the first time that we for the candidate who
ing in. Since the fan polls opened on July among the nine Celebrity Hall of Fame opened the Celebrity Hall of Fame voting to they would most like to see forever
12, more than 1.2 million votes have been nominees (as of 11pm ET on Sunday, the public and, across all corners of the enshrined in bowling history for their bowl-
cast at in a roller- August 1st): globe, the fan response has been absolutely ing contributions. OK! Magazine will be
coaster competition that has seen the front- 1. Justin Bieber..............600,738 tremendous," said Steve Johnson, executive the first to officially announce the 2010
runner position shift from early vote leader 2. Taylor Swift................599,459 director of the BPAA. "While Justin Bieber inductee in its August 23 issue.
Jeff Bridges (aka "The Dude" from the Big 3. Jeff Bridges........... .....14,464 and Taylor Swift have both raced far ahead "Like OK! Magazine, this vote is about
Lebowski) to a neck-in-neck competition 4. PauleyPerrette..............9,366 of the pack, anything can happen as the celebrating celebrities with the fans, and we
between pop culture sensations Justin 5. Kim Kardashian..........3,596 votes continue to roll in during National look forward to exclusively revealing the
Bieber (600,738 votes) and Taylor Swift 6. Bill Murray......................823 Bowling Week." winner," said Mark Pasetsky, OK!'s
(599,459 votes). National Bowling Week 7. Dwight Howard..............745 The final votes will be tallied on World Managing Editor.
(July 31 to August 7) marks the final week 8. Jimmy Fallon.................588 Record Day, August 7th, a day on which Below is bowling background information
of the online vote with the inductee to be 9. ChrisPaul........................577 more than 3,000 centers across the United on the celebrity nominees:
announced exclusively in the August 23 Underscoring the global popularity of States will join forces to try to set a new • Justin Bieber - Teenage heart throb Justin
Bieber demonstrated his love of bowling in the
music video for his smash hit single "Baby," that
has garnered nearly 232 million views on
YouTube. Bieber also hosted a bowling-themed
release party in New York City for his album
"My World 2.0," where he defeated R&B star
and New York radio personality Nick Cannon in
a bowling showdown.
• Taylor Swift - Since country music star
Taylor Swift's rise to fame, she has been fre-
quently spotted and photographed hitting the
lanes with celebrity friends like Selena Gomez
and Cory Monteith.
• Jeff Bridges - Oscar award winning actor
Jeff Bridges starred as "The Dude" in the 1998
critically acclaimed bowling film "The Big
Lebowski." In Bridges' role he reinvented
"cool" and the movie has since become a cult
• Pauley Perrette - Perrette is best known for
her portrayal as the lovable and upbeat gothic
forensic scientist Abbey Sciuto who regularly
enjoys bowling with nuns in the hit CBS series
• Kim Kardashian - Photographs of reality
star Kim Kardashian at bowling centers and
charity bowling events have graced the covers
of celebrity magazines and tabloids nationwide.
Kardashian also showed her skills on the lanes
with sister Khloe on her hit reality show
"Keeping Up with the Kardashians."
• Bill Murray - Comic genius Bill Murray
starred as the memorable Ernie McCracken in
the 1996 comedy "King Pin." Since his role as
the flamboyant McCracken, Murray has been a
bowling icon with the popularity of his charac-
ter living on through millions of Internet views.
• Dwight Howard - A true bowling aficiona-
do, NBA all-star center Dwight Howard fre-
quently hosts charity bowling tournaments in
Orlando and has been honored in the pages of
U.S. Bowler Magazine for his support of the
• Jimmy Fallon - The former Saturday Night
Live star turned late night talk show host regu-
larly conducts zany segments with celebrity
guests including Grapefruit Bowling with
Jennifer Anniston, Drew Barrymore's bowling
ball lick and a perennial show favorite - Human
• Chris Paul - NBA all-star point guard Chris
Paul is an avid bowler who has served as an
advocate and youth ambassador for the United
States Bowling Congress. Paul, who dubs
bowling his "second favorite sport" regularly
runs a celebrity invitational pro-am bowling
tournament on the PBA tour that pairs celebri-
ties with professional bowlers.
August 11 - 17, 2010 SPORTS REPORTER 7


ARLINGTON, Texas – The 2010. This date is an extension tion’s success,” USBC President will be four positions open for remains the same for 2011. The
deadline to submit applications of the traditional July 1 deadline Darlene Baker said. “I encourage election in 2011. Candidates may USBC Youth Committee assists
for positions on the United for prospective applicants. those with a passion for our sport also run from the floor. in promoting and governing
States Bowling Congress Board “Having talented people pro- and a strong professional back- “We received feedback from youth components of the organi-
of Directors and Youth vide leadership for USBC is a ground to apply for considera- delegates expressing an interest zation.
Committee is September 1, key component of our organiza- tion.” in allowing for more slated can- Prospective candidates can
Applications for the USBC didates,” Baker said. “If there find links to the applications for
Board of Directors will be are enough qualified candidates, download at the bottom of the
reviewed by the Nominating the Nominating Committee now home page of
Committee. The Nominating has some flexibility.” Applicants may also go directly
Committee will then recommend The process for nominations to to the forms by clicking there.
a slate of candidates to delegates the USBC Youth Committee
ahead of the USBC Annual
Meeting, scheduled for June 29-
July 2, 2011, at the Gaylord
Texan in Grapevine, Texas.
For the 2011 election, the
Nominating Committee will
slate up to two candidates for
each open position on the board.
This is a change from 2010 when
only one candidate was slated
for each open position. There

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in the
Sports Reporter
8 SPORTS REPORTER August 11 - 17, 2010


Michael Morris 787 and Dolls League firing games of 209-278-
HOPELAWN, NJ –Michael Morirs led the 216 for a high series of 703.
scoring in the NJ Turnpike League firing Brian Totka shot 235-230-203-668, Lauro
games of 289-247-251 for a high series of Perez 209-234-205-648, and Lee Kay 209-
787. 210-255-646.
Drew Rucinski shot 214-223-279-716, Pat David Kornbluh 687
Jones 235-609, and Erwin Luna 231. HOPELAWN, NJ – David Kornbluh led the
Ray Tomei 770 scoring in the Tue. Nite Trios League firing
HOPLEAWN, NJ – Ray Tomei topped the games of 207-234-246 for a high series of
scoring in the Middlesex County Classic 687.
League firing games of 255-278-237 for a Walter Bednarski shot 210-223-216-649,
high series of 770. Walter Hermann 212-202-212-626, and
Richard Russo shot 236-236-269-741, Tom Charlene Martino 226.
lane 263-206-255-724, Anthony Stevens Sean Williams 679
235-263-223-721, Ed Hayes, Jr. 213-226- HOPELAWN, NJ – Sean Williams led the
258-708, Frank Mortensen 257-225-218- scoring in the Vacation League firing games
700, Kevin Mal 214-226-258-698, and of 214-243-222 for a high series of 679.
Bruce Mohr 248-258-698. Lauro Perez hit 231-226-651, Mike Garcia
Vinny Medvetz 769 23-612, and Richard Maddock 225-216-610.
HOPELAWN, NJ – Vinny Medvetz led the Cid Stentella 671
scoring in the Gemini Towing Leageu firing HOPELAWN, NJ – Cid Stentella topped the
games of 244-258-267 for a high series of scoring in the Sunday Nite Mixed League
769. firing games of 256-224 for a h igh series of
Jeff Tarantino shot 224-235-202-661, Scott 671.
Akalewicz 257-207-656, and Pat Moreno John Delgado hit 235-201-232-668, Frank
200-223-219-642. Nebus 277-661, John Warshany 266-632,
In the Academy Women’s League Betty and Lauro Perez 249-223-630.
Lopes hit 220. Thomas Poulos 669
Walt Kronert 984 HOPELAWN, NJ – Thomas Poulos led the
HOPELAWN, NJ – Walt Kronert led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League
scoring in the Handicap Doubles League fir- firing games of 2082-47-214 for a high
ing games of 267-258-267 for a high series series of 669.
of 984. In the Merck League Gerry Penna shot
Joe Lampariello shot 216-232-267-235- 218-237-200-655, Jeff Roberts 203-207-
950, Tommy Martino 256-261-235-949, 242-652, and Gary Genz 216.
Eric Velazquez 218-235-290-931, Jay PIntus Thomas Poulos 669
225-214-256-228-923, Kyle Jannuzzi 268- HOPELAWN, NJ – Thomas Poulos led the
247-200-895, and Amanda Hermann 241- scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed League
245-858. firing games of 208-247-214 for a high
Eric Velazquez 945 series of 669.
HOPELAWN, NJ – Eric Velazquez led the Mike Piomelli hit 206-246-204-656, Kyle
scoring in the Handicap Doubles League fir- Jannuzzi 224-235-654, Andrew Smith 234-
ing games of 243-242-277 for a high series 230-648, and Danielle Medvetz 202-235-
of 945. 628.
John Caliendo shot 268-247-901, Paul In the Wednesday Earlybirds League
Harney 244-219-244-900, Bonnie Charlene Martino shot 236-615.
DeSimeon 226-204-226-847, and Jessica John Kertesz 652
Medoro 226-204-226-847. HOPELAWN, NJ – In the Performance Ball
Jeff Deerr 723 Trios League John Kertesz shot 217-257-
HOPELAWN, NJ – Jeff Deeerr led the scor- 652, Tim McQueary 215, and Bill Bailey
ing in the Mon. NIte Bud Open League fir- 213.
ing games of 218-257-247 for a high series Wayne Bebert 644
of 723. HOPELAWN, NJ – In the Junior Hav-A-
Frank Mazzella shot 220-218-247-685, Ball League Wayne Bebert shot 246-223-
Ryan Friend 220-219-241-680, Jack 644, and Jason Ciszewski 208.
Fernicola 211-232-233-676, and Sean
McAuliffe 258-236-662. Michael Kelly 640
Stephen Brown 714 HOPELAWN, NJ – Michael Kelly led the
scoring in the Mon. Madness League firing
HOPELAWN, NJ – Stephen Brown led the games of 268-192 for a high series of 640.
scoring in the Monday Nite Bud Open Dan DeBenedetto hit 212-222-619, Nick
League firing games of 237-233-244 for a Viverito 245-615, and Lisa Thompson 207.
high series of 714. In the Bank League Mark Cumber shot
Brian Lynch rolled 203-270-233-706, 208-605.
Dennis Smith 215-211-266-692, Craig
Thompson 237-246-208-691, John Lauro Perez 639
Antonelli 214-248-225-687, Joey HOPELAWN, NJ – Lauro Perez paced the
Weisenstein 202-258-210-670. scoring in the Guys and Dolls League firing
Steve Venito 703 games of 211-256 for a high series of 639.
Steve Venito shot 203-243-637, Joe Reres
HOPELAWN, NJ – Sal Venito led the Guys 233, and Brittany Parlante 213.

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