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Education for Life


Section A

Answer all questions in this section by circling the correct answer

1. Which statement best describes what the computer is?

A. An electronic device which automatically plays games only

B. An electronic device which automatically accepts data, processes it and gives information
C. An electronic device which automatically stores information
D. An electronic device which automatically outputs information

2. Computers are very useful because

A. They are accurate and big

B. They are fast and accurate
C. They are accurate and loud
D. They are fast and slow

3. The parts of the computer which you can touch are called
A. Hardware
B. Physical ware
C. Software touch ware
D. Touchable ware

4. What is the name given to the programs that run on the computer?
A. Programsware
B. Software
C. Outputware
D. Hardware

5. When you switch the computer off

A. RAM keeps its contents
B. RAM retains its contents
C. RAM loses its contents
D. RAM backs up data

6. What is a computer program?

A. A set of instructions telling the computer what to do
B. A set of programs telling the computer what to do
C. A set of steps to solve a problem
D. A set of guidelines telling the user what to do
7. A digital camera can transfer pictures to a computer using
A. Internet connection
B. Serial Port
C. USB connection
D. Printer connection

8. Bank can process cheques quickly using a

A. Magnetic Ink character Recognition system

B. Magnetic cheque processor
C. Magnetic Ink cheque Processor
D. Magnetic Optical Character Recognition system

9. Which of the following is an output device?

A. Hard disk
B. Scanner
C. Plotter

10. Which of the following sensors can be used to monitor moisture levels in a grain storage house?
A. Sound sensor
B. Ph sensor
C. Ph monitor
D.Humidity sensor


B. Below are two input devices. Explain where they are used.

(a) Tracker ball

(b) Touch pad

C. Give two situations where it makes sense to use a remote control for input.

D. Give two home appliances which use computer
E. Give three uses of computers
Give one reason why smart ATM cards are better than carrying carrying cash
F. Draw the diagram of a computer system with a printer and speakers and label the parts
according to the class they belong e.g input, processing etc.


(a) Name the type of computer shown.

(b) How many people can use this computer?

(c) Where is this type of computer used?
(d) Name three other kinds of computers and where they are used.