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Course: eL110T (PREVAL110T) Professional Ethics and Values

Lesson: Quiz 3
Exam Score: 100 Questions Correct: 20 Questions Incorrect: 0
1. Character of ethics that represents fairness and recognition of others
Your Answer : justice
Correct Answer : justice
Review Topic :
2. directs the will to the proper choice
Your Answer : morality
Correct Answer : morality
Review Topic :
3. A specialized type of work acquired by training of experience.
Your Answer : profession
Correct Answer : profession
Review Topic :
4. Forms the conerstone of soft skill
Your Answer : communication skills
Correct Answer : communication skills
Review Topic :
5. Representation of an individual moral character
Your Answer : personal values
Correct Answer : personal values
Review Topic :
6. Recombinant DNA technology
Your Answer : Militant technology
Correct Answer : Militant technology
Review Topic :
7. code of ethics of the medical profession
Your Answer : HIppocratic oath
Correct Answer : HIppocratic oath
Review Topic :
8. They are formed largely from the continuous process of socialization
Your Answer : attitude
Correct Answer : attitude
Review Topic :
What the medical practitioners pledge to do
Your Answer : save human life
Correct Answer : save human life
Review Topic :
10. An ethical man is one who
Your Answer : set of rules, sees reality and fulfills it
Correct Answer : set of rules, sees reality and fulfills it
Review Topic :
11. It embodies the code of ethics of the legal profession
Your Answer : By-Laws of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Correct Answer : By-Laws of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Review Topic :
12. Belief that something or someone is worthwile
Your Answer : values
Correct Answer : values
Review Topic :
13. A state of mind or feeling with regard to some matter
Your Answer : attitudes
Correct Answer : attitudes
Review Topic :
14. his life is with meaning and direction
Your Answer : mature person
Correct Answer : mature person
Review Topic :
15. Basic convictions about what is right and wromng.
Your Answer : values
Correct Answer : values
Review Topic :
16. Hierarch based on a ranking of an individual's values in terms of one's
Your Answer : value system
Correct Answer : value system
Review Topic :
17. Conflict between two values or between values and behavior
Your Answer : cognitive dissonance
Correct Answer : cognitive dissonance
Review Topic :
18. Manner of conducting oneself.
Your Answer : behavior
Correct Answer : behavior
Review Topic :
19. concerned with ethical questions that arise in the relationship among li
fe sciences, medicine, etc.
Your Answer : bioethics
Correct Answer : bioethics
Review Topic :
20. Skills that enable man to respect the views and sentiments of others
Your Answer : interpersonal skills
Correct Answer : interpersonal skills
Review Topic :