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19 Library poster

The main purpose of this library is to support creation of single page posters with tcolorboxes.
A tcbposter P. 396 is a tikzpicture where tcolorboxes can be placed in a column oriented
manner using \posterbox P. 401 commands. This base concept is more or less copied from the
great baposter package.
The raster library, see Section 14 on page 276, can produce similar looking results and may

be more appropriate depending on the actual project.

The raster library has a flow oriented concept, just like a convential text flow. The text

flow (box flow) is a merely endless ribbon which gets broken into lines (and paragraphs)
and the lines are broken into pages. raster shapes the boxes to convenient sizes to fill

lines and pages in a pleasant way.
The tcbposter library supports a quite free placement of boxes inside a page. Basically,

boxes are placed like nodes are placed inside a tikzpicture. In contrast to raster , this

is a single page and not a flow of pages. The poster is divided into columns and rows.
There is a more or less gentle force to use the columns (or spans of columns) for positioning
and sizing while the row placement is completely optional.
The creation of this library was motivated by Ignasi.
Inside a tikzpicture there should be no embedded tikzpictures. This rule is violated
! by the poster library. Be aware that there may be some unwanted interactions between

the main tikzpicture and the embedded ones inside the tcolorboxes.

The library is loaded by a package option or inside the preamble by:


This also loads the libraries skins , see Section 10 on page 148, breakable , see Section 17 on


page 361, magazine , see Section 18 on page 385, and fitting , see Section 20 on page 408.


19.1 Overview

Click me to see the tutorial

You get the best overview of the poster library and its facilities, if you look at the

Poster Tutorial which is part of the tcolorbox documentation: