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Imelda cafeteria is a 5 month old food business .It is located in front of ABC
University in Intramuros. Regular customer are student, employees and faculty member
of Lyceum .Imelda, the owner manager, is a full time faculty of lyceum .

The food is good and the price is reasonable. The services of the cafeteria girls
are quit efficient However, Imelda is strict and sometimes temperamental .she correct
eating manner of students whenever these are not proper. As a result they fell
embarrassed she also scolds her assistance in the presence of customer.


1. What skills are lacking on the part of Imelda?

2.What are your suggestion to improve her food business?


Sherylyn book store is a family corporation. It is one of the leading

bookstore in Metro Manila .It has Ten branches. Its main branch is in Morayla.

The President _General Manager .Mr. .Arturo Fontanos has been thinking
of putting up a branch in Cebu city and another one in Davao City He believes that
Sherylyn book store can get a big share in the book market in the visayas and
Mindanao region.

His wife, children and trusted relatives are managing their chain of book
stores in metro manila . if the going to put up branches in Cebu and Davao their
problem is the proper operations of the said projected branches, His wife and
children are not willing to be assigned to Cebu and Davao


1. What are your recommendation to the President of Sherylyn book store ?Explain?

2. Is the decision of Mr.Fontenos to put up branches in Cebu and Davao a good

discussion? Why? Why not?


Al pecho lending corporation is a 10 month old business located in ortigas

center. Its principal business is lending money to the lower and middle class of people
.although it is a new lending institution .it has many borrower. The president of the
corporation is socially oriented person. His loan policies are attractive as a result, the
business volume increasing every month.

The president is very active and generous in social development projects for
the poor with approval of the board of directors he has been donating big amounts of
money to victims of natural calamities ,scholarship for the poor student and for street
children, such philanthropic activities of the president have pushed the limits of many
major stockholders they claimed that such money for the poor should be used for
business expansion .they said that this is not yet proper time for the young
cooperations to engage in charity .this coming stockholders meeting they intend to
vigorously oppose his humanitarian projects.


1.If you were the president ,how would you defined your activities for the poor ?
2.Do you agree with stockholders? why? Why not?

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