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Republic of the Philippines


College of BSAT
Tacurong City Campus
City of Tacurong


In our film viewing shows about in employers even we are employees, in done of
studying we are applying for job someday. applying is hard because there is
many people in the world that need job, even though educated person is trying
hard to applying in a company. That appear to his course like our course
accounting tech. is all about numbering balancing or adding and it is appear in
bank because bank it is withdrawal of money in our job in the bank is to balance
or take the account and we will check if there is a problem like wrong number,
that written in the list of accounts. In the film the person in the film or movie is a
kind of trying to fired all of the employees and he hired a secretary for firing every
employees in the company, both of them the boss and the secretary travelled in
countries because not all of employees know that she will hired or fired. There is
a person that me and secretary realize that in her position is hard in firing every
employees she realize a man that shows a pictures in the secretary a picture of
the family the wife and the siblings.