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What skills are lacking on the part of Imelda?

-She wants always to be approach; she wants all the things to be in proper position or in place in order

her to make her day good. I think she has had a kind of anxiety. Sometimes we cannot control ourselves

to the situation were not belong, but it is in our territory that we dont need to make it proper. She is the

kind of owner that want everything perfect and in proper.

All she need is a lot of patience. Self-Controlled, Always think that every person has an own mind and

feelings, they are also hurting and can fell embarrassed. She must hold her temper to talk. I think Mag-

isip muna bago magsalita was not in Imeldas Vocabulary. Imelda must put herself in the position of

other. She has no right to correct her customer for unreasonable reason. You must let them of what they

want to do, as long as it is not. She must focus in her goal before others problem, so that she can

achieve it. We cannot control everything because we have our own uniqueness. You must manage your

cafeteria well, Let them for what they want to do there doing except bad. Make them fell at home. You

should create a positive impression to your employees , your personal vibe can either repel people or

draw them in when you can carry an attitude of joyful, cheerful, this transfer to those around you and

increase business oral. You positively motivate others to support your attempt to achieve even higher

level of success. Pray to god to give you more patience, tempered and self control.

What are your suggestions to improve her food business?

Ive suggested that use her time to promote her new product that correcting others, help your employee

to make the cafeteria and make it to become good ambiance. Use your time for how to make new

expansion in order you to make more profit. Always wear a smile on your face, in order the customer and

employee to notice you for being joyful and good person. Say to them feel at home, I know it is a kind of

corny, But its worth it. If you have time do table to table, ask them if they want anything.

You must treat your employees that they are important and always motivate them for them going to do

their job right. Say good morning and other greetings the person you interact every day. It is just a simple

gesture that it has a big impact to the customer and employee, they will fell at home. Put always the

utensils needed by the customer in a reachable stall, and it is well arrange accordingly. Use good in eyes

curtain. Hired a service crew who know how to work on her/his assigned position. Then it must be well-



What are your recommendations to the president of Sherylyn Book store? Explain.

- Sherylyn Book Store need a well-trained person who was able and knows how to do that kind of

work. After all it is a Family corporation; relatives are also part of it. How about the Vice-President

of that corporation, he/she can do that operation in Cebu and Davao City. I know that they have a

lot of employees in her 10 different branches. They can also promote other workers who are

hardworking and has been long of being your employees as them if they are willing. After all it is

not a bad option if they promoted and assigned them in new branch of Bookstore. Choose the right

person who deserves in that position you can give. If you are done choosing, choose a place in

Cebu and Davao City that has a lot of customer and not too much competitor, whatever cost of that

target place as long as it is not costly that much and can afford to buy if you want to rent , go for it.

But always think that you can gain profit. You dont need to insist this offer to your Wife and

Children because it will cause failure.


Is THE DECISIN OF Mr. Fontanos to put branches in Cebu and Davao a good discussion? Why? Why


- Yes, if they have enough money to expand or build that another branches of Bookstore. If we know

to grow that target branch. If we dont have a lot of competitor in certain place you desire to build.

Books must be complete band organize. Enabled the customer will locate easily the book needed.

If you had a lot of branches and expansion, you can gain profit. You can help also to minimize

unemployed in that place. We can also help the students who are searching books for their study,

they has also gain knowledge in different books we can sell, that they can use to build extensive

mind and thought. You know you can learn new things in reading.
Our branch would one of the reason for be having an income n the society. Our branch would go to

be one of strolling spot in that place.

If no one will approved to your plan, fought your goal, pursue it, attract them with your nice plan.

Make sure that your proposal is attractive and your family and relative well have an interest



If you were the President how would you defend your activities for the poor?
- I would say to my fellow stakeholders that we are money and has able to help. Why shouldnt do?

Now if the children were will be educated in near future. I believe in Saying that Kabataan ang

Pag-asa ng Bayan|. We must prove to them that we have a mercy in children who has no parents,

experienced of being abandoned, treat like an animal; they are so lucky that charity adopt them

and treat like their family. I know the feeling because am one of them (For the char) who is very

happy when Ive heard someone is donate funds in the charity who adopt me. I fell that I have a

family and Im very thankful of that. Im the president if Im not that good? Trust me my fellow

If we give money to the charity our Lending Corporation well known and well be rumor, popular and

noted in Local maybe in International, Because of our help and financial support to the poor and

because of that everyone will idolize us and some of the creditors will transfer to us. We should be

a Social Oriented Person. Like me, is this business well be boom if Im not going to mingle in other

More creditors will lend to us because they know that we use our other income in good ways.


Do you agree with stakeholders? Why? Why not?

- I do greatly agree with the opinion of stakeholders. We can expand this Lending Corporation with

flying colors in different place in the Philippines that well be most big, extensive and strong

corporation. We also can help give job to the College and High school graduate who is

unemployed. Has good in that certain work. Its not just a charity we wanted to help, but theres a

lot more. We shouldnt engage in charity these young corporations because we are just beginner.

Yes, it is correct to give a fund in charity institution but we need first priority on how to handle to be
grow and grow this business, than give and give money to the charities because giving and giving

well cause to bankrupt.

We should think how us to be successful and how this business well be boom in near future. In

beginning business it must be Think yourself first, before others, But if your money will grow thats

your way to help others.

We should listen to our fellow stockholders, because you are not always correct. I agree with stock

holders because President is not only had a care to that business. Corporation members should

share their knowledge and money to make the best Lending Corporation. If the time will come you

will granted to be a millionaire or something thats your chance to give funds to charities, street

children, and scholarship to poor students. Cause you have money.