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Evangeline G. Gallegos Year&Sec.


Planning process is a fundamental function of management and should result in the

Best possible degree of need satisfaction given the resources available.

Various steps that are followed in the process of planning are:

1. Identifying the problem: It involves the identification of the aim for the fulfillment

of which the plan is being formulated. If a new plan is requiring or the

modification of an existing plan could help in achieving these aims.

2. Gathering information about the activities involve: An effective plan needs

complete knowledge of the activities involved and their effect on other external

and internal activities.

3. Analysis of information: This information is then analysed minutely and the

information related with similar subjects is classified so that similar type of data

can be kept together.

4. Determining alternate plans: There are alternate plans available for the

achievement of the objectives and ingenuity and creativeness are required as

some plans are also developed at this stage.

5. Selecting the plan: At this stage the plan which is acceptable to the operating

personnel is proposed. The adaptability and the cost of the plan are also taken

into consideration.

6. Detailed sequence and timing: Detailed like who will perform which activity under

the plan and the time within which the plan should be carried out is determining

in this step.
7. Progress check of the plan: The provisions are made for the follow up of the plan

as the success of any plan can be measured by the results only.