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QlikView vs.

Understanding the difference

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Qlik market for Data Discovery and is the leader in

this segment as validated by independent
Qlik (NASDAQ: QLIK) is a leader in data analyst companies.
discovery delivering intuitive solutions for self-
Qliks world-class consulting, training, and
service data visualization and guided analytics.
support services ensure you get the most from
Approximately 36,000 customers rely on Qlik
your Qlik implementation. The extended
solutions to gain meaning out of information
ecosystem includes a global user
from varied sources, exploring the hidden
community of over 100,000 participants and
relationships within data that lead to insights
a marketplace for sharing applications, data,
that ignite good ideas.
and knowledge, plus a network of
1,700 experienced partners around the globe.
35,000+ customers have become agile, data-
driven businesses that harness the power of
their collective human intelligence.

Qlik provides a platform-based approach to QlikView

visual analytics that brings insights and clarity
to where its needed the most: the point of A perfect tool for different scenarios.
decision. This empowers the entire QlikView platform can easily support
organization to make decisions with developers to create logical applications to
confidence and it transforms business analysts derive on perfect data model to help achieve
and knowledge workers across the business analytics results. The Guided
organization into indispensable champions. Analytics system enables the end-user to
explore data, select, drill-down and navigate in
Traditional business intelligence systems the information, thereby helping them to
restrict the agility required to deliver solutions understand a whole lot of questions and
that are needed today. Qlik has always been answers from the data. The only limitation for
focused on innovative solutions that keep pace an end user here is in creating new
with every individuals and organizations visualizations.
changing requirements. Qlik pioneered the

QlikView vs. QlikSense

The QlikView Business Discovery platform:

Holds data in memory for multiple users.
Automatically maintains associations in
the data.
Calculates aggregations on the fly.
Compresses in-memory data to as little as
10% of its original size.
Fully utilizes the power of the hardware.
Offers enterprise class capabilities for
Business Discovery.
QlikSense is an analytics platform powered by
FAST FACTS an associative, in-memory analytics engine.
Based on users selections, calculations are

computed at runtime against data stored in-
memory. Results are returned to users via a
zero-footprint web interface delivered on
desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and through
Compression ratio of the original size of your embedded analytics. QlikSense offers a highly
data interactive, associative experience in which
users can freely navigate through data with
little to no constraint in their analysis path.
The QlikView Associative Experience QlikSense offers the freedom to users to
Unlike reporting and standalone data create their own layout, new visualizations and
visualization tools, which only offer pre- charts. On the opposite to QlikView
defined drill paths and limited interactivity, QlikSense is much easier to use with
QlikView enables a user to start anywhere incorporated modernized features. The
and go anywhere. This fundamental user software runs seamlessly on touch screen
experience is what they call the associative devices which is an advantage to the end-user.
experience. This is possible because of the Similarly, it can perform well on different
dynamic nature of the QlikView engine. The screen sizes and in multiple form factors.
engine automatically manages the
relationships in the data, calculates new
information on the fly, and presents Hub
information back to the user using a The Hub is the QlikSense user environment
green/white/grey metaphor. The users and it is delivered through a zero-footprint
selections are highlighted in green, associated web browser interface. Through the Hub, all
data is represented in white, and excluded aspects of development, drag-and-drop
(non-associated) data appears in grey. This content creation, and consumption are
instant feedback encourages users to think of possible. QlikSense delivers a responsive
new questions and to continue their path of design methodology to automatically display
exploration and discovery. They are given just and resize visualizations with the appropriate
enough guidance to lead them down a relevant layout and information to fit the device,
path, without limiting them to a pre-defined whether it is a browser on a laptop or desktop,
one. tablet, or smartphone. Built with current
standards of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and web
sockets, QlikSense enables you to build on
any platform and deploy to any platform.

QlikView vs. QlikSense

Management Console custom objects into almost any application.

The widgets allow developers to create brand
The QlikSense Management Console allows
new visualizations that can be integrated. It
administrators to govern all aspects of the
can also integrate external data such as
QlikSense platform, ranging from data
exchange rates, weather statistics and much
connectivity, application and task
management, security administration,
monitoring, and auditing.
One of the main features users will find is a
APIS, Widgets and Data Market market, like the popular app stores you can
find for mobile devices. There, users will find
QlikSense offers unlimited possibilities, many apps (new functionalities) that will
allowing the user to integrate dashboards and improve the capabilities of the initial software.

Face to Face
QlikSense QlikView

Price Freemium | Quote-based | Cloud Limited Freemium | Quote-based

Scheme Enterprise

General A smart and user-friendly analytics Business Intelligence data discovery

Information tools that can generate personalized product that is used to create guided
reports and dashboards in an instant. analytics applications as well as dashboards
designed for business challenges.

Supported Qlik is source agnostic and can You can use extensive APIs to integrate
Integrations integrate with virtually any data QlikView into your business applications
source. and system management software.
QlikView supports integration with

QlikView vs. QlikSense

Business Small Business | Large Enterprises | Small Business | Large Enterprises |

Size Medium Business | Freelancers Medium Business

Mobility With QS the design grid is relative to With QV the design is done based on pixel
the available space on the frame. coordinates, this means that for best
Theres no need to adapt a dashboard viewing a dashboard has to be designed for
for different devices like mobile a specific resolution. Zoom features can be
phones or tablets. used but its not an out of the box
functionality and it never gets the same
look and feel you can get with QlikSense.

Design With QS the objects contained on a With QlikView every single object must
capabilities dashboard cant be placed on a specific have a defined position in pixels. That
and fixed place. There is a non- allows designers to create pixel perfect
configurable design grid where all reports with a lot of small objects and an
objects must be fitted in position and incredible accuracy, but the handicap is
size. This is good because that will that they are placed for a specific screen
make the app work on many interfaces resolution. This means that depending on
with different resolutions but its a that some users can experience scroll bars
handicap when pixel perfect reports or empty areas, depending on their
are required. visualization device properties.

ETL Data can be modelled and transformed Includes a script editor that allows the
capabilities with the same script syntax used in developer to connect to the data sources
QlikView or using a friendly graphical where you can retrieve data, do complex
editor. transformations, clean data and map the
data model. Despite of being a non-visual
ETL tool and use QV proprietary code, it can
still be easily learned and it is powerful.

Cost Details Contact QlikSense directly to discuss QlikView pricing is offered through a
pricing details and get a quote. combination server and Client Access
Licensing (CAL) model.

Personal Edition unlimited access

Enterprise Edition by quote
(Small Business Edition license is no longer
available since July 1st).
QlikView Publisher
QlikView has a reload and distribution
service called QlikView Publisher.

QlikView vs. QlikSense

Features Drag-and-drop visualizations Data visualization

Smart Search feature Dynamic BI ecosystem
Connections to multiple data Interact with dynamic apps,
sources dashboards and analytics
Access to real-time analytics Search across all data
Data storytelling functionality Secure, real-time collaboration
Self-service simplicity Connections to multiple data
Shared Object Library sources
Progressive Creation
Managed Data Connections
Rapid Development
Powerful Open and Standard

OS Windows Android Windows iPhone/iPad

iPhone/iPad Mac Mac

Available Phone Live Support Phone Live Support

Ticket Training Ticket Training

Product QlikSense Demo QlikView Demo


According to Qlik, in the end what tool you are
Both are based on the same analysis
choosing depends largely on what you want
and who you are. If you are someone who likes engine, QIX.
to get in and play with the data, you are You should run QlikView and
probably going to want to use QlikView. If you
want to answer a business question now in a QlikSense on different servers.
visually appealing way you probably want to QlikView will appeal to people who
use QlikSense. However, there will be some
crossover and you may well end up using both. want to play with data, QlikSense will
appeal to people who have a specific
QlikView is for Guided Analytics;
question to answer with data.
QlikSense is for Self-Service Data

QlikView vs. QlikSense

There isnt a best one, they are 1. Responsive design (Laptop,

different tools and they do different Tablet, Mobile)
jobs. 2. Visualize & Build
Centralized Data Dictionary
What we know is that Qliks bet for the future
is QlikSense. QlikView is still beeing offered 1. KPIs & Dimensions
to maintain service to the current QlikView 2. Data Visualizations
customers and to the new customers that
knew the old Pixel Perfect reports. The Customizable & Open
changes on QlikView licensing costs are 1. Mashups
forcing small customers to think more in
QlikSense instead of QlikView as their 2. Open APIs
solution, but this tool requires some 3. Improved connectivity
improvements and new functionalities that
were already available in QlikView. Leverage Investment on QlikView
Therefore, their strategy will take more time 1. Ability to reuse QlikView
than what they expected.
data models
Both tools lack the same feature, reporting, as
Licensing model
its not an out-of-the-box feature. If you need
to replicate a report from your ERP system or 1. Simplicity
something similar, none of these tools offer a
2. Flexibility
good integrated reporting tool. Its true that
with QlikView it can be a little bit easier to 3. Costs
achieve this, but its still not enough. For both,
external tools are the solution. You could use QlikView can still be an option but only for a
e.g. a tool like NPrinting, which also belongs to limited set of existing customers in big
Qlik Tech. companies and for very specific requirements
The good point is that both use the same of guided analytics. It is true that with both
engine, QIX (Associative Data Indexing) that youll probably need an ETL tool to consolidate
results in similar performance and the use of a Data Warehouse since the use of an external
the same script (with an exception on the code ETL tool instead of the embedded one has
of the paths of the source files that is easily some advantages:
The data warehouse is easily accessible
In our expert opinion, QlikSense is the tool to
be offered for small and medium companies by third parties software.
and for new projects in companies with no You can use extended DB languages like
current QlikView implementation, because:
SQL where it is easier to find resources.
End User capabilities enhanced: Simplifies the number of layers on
1. Ability to develop their own complex projects.
data visualizations Simplifies tracking of changes and
2. Ability to build dashboards on backups.
ad-hoc data sources A Pixel Perfect report approach can be
3. Ability to create data stories created without the need of NPrinting.

QlikView vs. QlikSense

Qlik competitors solutions (like Tableau, Because of all this, we think that QlikSense is
Microsoft Power BI, etc.), are following the the best option for most of the small and
QlikSense philosophy instead of the medium customers, combining it with a third
QlikViews one, and this gives us the clue parties ETL tool and NPrinting.
about where the market is heading towards.
For pricing and licensing, please contact us.
There is also the option to combine both tools,
Well be glad to show you a demonstration
but of course the costs will be higher and
related with your business, so you can see the
maybe only big customers will require both.

QlikView vs. QlikSense

Annex Gartners Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence

Gartner, the American research and advisory 2015. QlikSense Cloud and Qlik DataMarket
firm, places in its Gartner Magic Quadrant were also released in 2015. Qlik Analytics
the main BI tools per their capabilities and Platform (QAP) is a solution for developers to
vision. build and embed content using the same
redesigned engine and Web services APIs upon
This is Gartners opinion about Qlik products:
which the vendor built QlikSense. QlikView
Qlik offers governed data discovery and and QlikSense customer experience scores
analytics via its two primary products: were considered in this evaluation, but
QlikView and QlikSense. Its in-memory QlikSense was the primary focus for our
engine and associative analytics allow users to product evaluation.
see patterns in data in ways not readily
Qlik is positioned in the Leaders quadrant,
achievable with straight SQL. Both QlikView
driven by a robust product and high customer
and QlikSense are often deployed by lines of
experience scores (based on an assessment of
business as well as by centralized BI teams that
QlikSense). Its market execution has been
are building applications for governed data
tampered with by confusion in the
discovery. QlikSense was officially released in
marketplace around QlikView and
September 2014, based on modern APIs and
QlikSense. This should improve in 2016, with
an improved interface, and became the
a stronger product, changes in executive
vendor's lead product for new customers in

QlikView vs. QlikSense

leadership and clearer messaging, although its Qlik's strong partner network (of more
strong partner network may hinder execution than 1,700) across multiple geographies
of the new positioning of QlikSense as the is a key ingredient in ensuring customer
vendor's lead product. The key components of success, which improved in 2015.
Qlik's overall vision a marketplace, governed Product success also improved
data discovery with users able to readily significantly this year, which can most
promote content and increasingly smart data likely be attributed to a more mature
preparation position it as one of the most product and improved partner
complete solutions. enablement.

Qlik is highly rated for ease of use, Cost of software was cited as a barrier to
complexity of analysis and business adoption by 29% of Qlik's reference
benefits (per its reference customers). customers, putting it in the top quartile
Compared with its chief competitors, for this barrier. QlikSense uses token-
Tableau and Microsoft, Qlik scores based pricing, which closely aligns to a
significantly higher on complexity of named user but with some concurrency
analysis which we attribute to its supported. The degree to which Qlik is
stronger ability to support multiple data considered expensive depends on the
sources, a robust calculation engine and point of comparison. Based on user
associative filtering and search. reference responses from last year's
Magic Quadrant, Qlik's licensing is
With a modern BI architecture, power
competitively priced relative to Tableau
users may become the predominant
and is less costly than that of the mega
content developers, instead of IT
vendors. However, in larger deployments
developers. In this regard, user
(of more than 500 users), its pricing is
enablement is more important as users
70% higher than chief competitor
need just-in-time training, online
Tableau and almost double Microsoft's
tutorials and community-based
three-year license fee. Recent contract
resources to support them. Qlik scored in
reviews by Gartner do show increased
the top quartile (of this Magic Quadrant's
flexibility in negotiating terms for larger
vendors) for user enablement. This score
should improve further in 2016, because
Qlik recently introduced its Qlik Qlik scored slightly below average for
Continuous Classroom. customer support (which includes level
of expertise, response time and time to
With a rapid implementation approach
resolve). There has, however, been a
and an in-memory engine that can
slight improvement over last year's
handle complex data sources and
support scores. Qlik also recently
applications, Qlik scored in the top third
introduced Proactive Support, in which it
for product success. In this regard, Qlik
transparently collects data from
can be used as an extension to a data
customer log files to proactively look for
warehouse or as a data mart for
performance issues or events that may
customers that lack a data warehouse.
impact the server.
This vendor has continued to introduce
smarts into the product to simplify the Twenty-three percent of Qlik's reference
data load and modelling process. customers cited absent or weak functionality
Customers most often choose Qlik for its as a platform problem, indicating that
ease of use, functionality and QlikSense still has some functionality gaps to
performance. address most notably in terms of mobile,

QlikView vs. QlikSense

advanced analytics, scheduling and

Qlik has been slow to enter the cloud market
directly, relying on its partners for cloud
deployments. While QlikSense Cloud was
introduced in 2015, the current version only
provides limited application sharing and
authoring for free. A per fee version,
QlikSense Cloud Plus, was recently
introduced for up to 10GB of storage per user.
QlikSense Enterprise Cloud, with greater
administrative control over provisioning users
and storage, will be released in stages
(beginning in 2016).

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