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UNF Formula SAE Racing Team 2012 Donor Packet

About Us
University of North Florida Society of Automotive Engineers (UNF SAE)
is a student run non-profit organization. We’re a group of hard working engineers
dedicated to designing and manufacturing a student race car. In 2012, our car will
be judged against teams from national and international universities. Since we're
non-profit, we rely entirely upon the support of
tax-deductible donations for our financing. In return, we offer advertising and
marketing for our donors. Their logos will be painted onto the body of the car and
displayed on team apparel. Top tier donors have the option to host the car for a

We are pioneers and we’re making history. Our initiative will be UNF’s
first entry in the Formula SAE competition. Every Florida public university has an
SAE team except UNF. We are a fledgling organization that will raise the prestige
of UNF.

This project improves the school. It attracts every engineering discipline

UNF has to offer. Mechanical engineers build the chassis and the moving parts.
Electrical engineers help write the software the runs the onboard computer.
Business majors create a marketable business plan to be presented at the
competition. Marketing students run the campaign to raise the capital needed to
succeed. Graphic designers produce the media to advertise the project. Cooperation
between these groups of students will lay the foundation for future members to
succeed and have a solid example for future cars.

With the support of the University of North Florida, the Jacksonville

community, and businesses like you, we hope to bring home a trophy in May 2012
and secure UNF as a contender in the Formula SAE circuit.

John Doe
President, UNF SAE

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UNF Formula SAE Racing Team 2012 Donor Packet

Formula Competition
Each year, over 120 teams from all over the world, travel to Michigan
International Speedway and compete part in a four-day long engineering
competition. Each student team designs, builds, and tunes a formula race car based
on a series of rules whose purpose is to ensure engineering safety and promote
clever problem solving. Teams compete and earn points in two types of events—
static and dynamic. The team with the highest combined score is declared the
Business Presentation 75
Static Events
Engineering Design 150
(325 total points)
Cost Analysis 100
Acceleration 75
Skid Pad 50
Dynamic Events
Autocross 150
(625 total points)
Fuel Economy 100
Endurance 300

Business Presentation
Evaluates the team’s ability to develop and deliver a comprehensive business plan. The car
must be profitably manufactured, marketed, and meet the demands of the racing market.
Engineering Design
Judges the effort that went into the design of the car. The car that illustrates the best use of
engineering to meet the design goals will win the design event.
Cost Analysis
Cost and budget are significant factors that must be considered. Teams must make
decisions between cost and benefit. Teams will create and maintain a Bill of Material.
Cars will accelerate over a distance of 75 m on a flat surface.
Skid Pad
Measures the car’s cornering ability while making a constant-radius turn. Drivers will be
required to make laps around a small figure 8 course.
Evaluates the car's maneuverability and handling qualities on a tight course without the
hindrance of competing cars. The autocross course will combine the performance features
of acceleration, braking, and cornering into one event.
Endurance/Fuel Economy
Tests the overall performance of the car and the car’s reliability. The car must drive 22km
with mandatory driver change. The fuel consumption is measured.

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UNF Formula SAE Racing Team 2012 Donor Packet

Sponsorship Program
UNF SAE is a non-profit organization that depends entirely on financial
donations to succeed. Donations of materials, products, and technical support are
also welcome. All donations are tax deductible. Without the generous support of
our donors, this program wouldn’t be possible. Periodically, UNF SAE produces a
newsletter that goes out to our donors informing them of updates on the car, recent
developments, and other exciting news.

Student Benefit
Formula SAE provides a real-world experience not available to students in the
traditional classroom environment. UNF SAE members are challenged to think
creatively and to develop practical skills such as project management, teamwork,
and leadership. They also get hands on experience with industry trades such as
welding, machining, CAD modeling, and manufacturing. These abilities give them
a professional advantage over their peers and put them among the top candidates in
their field.

Company Benefit
As a donor, your company and its products will receive tremendous
exposure. Donors will be recognized during interviews, team presentations,
university activities, and public UNF SAE events. Company logos will be placed
on team apparel, our website, and the race car. Our helmets will be painted with
logos and patches will be sewn onto our racing suits. Throughout the year, the
racecar will be displayed on campus, where it will be viewed by thousands of
students. When the car is unveiled at a press conference we will hang a banner
displaying our sponsor’s logos. Top tier donors have the option to host the car for a

Rest assured that if you choose to sponsor UNF SAE, we will do everything
to drive money toward your business. We will drive traffic to your website, and
publically advertise your services and products whenever possible. It’s important
to us that you feel rewarded for sponsoring us. In tight economic times the desire
to donate can wane. It’s essential to remember that supporting youth education is
paramount. Whether you’re a national company or a local Jacksonville, FL

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UNF Formula SAE Racing Team 2012 Donor Packet

business, UNF SAE will do everything we can to reward you for sponsoring us.

Name the Car

As a way of showing our appreciation to the highest donor, UNF SAE will
allow them to name the car. Your company can be immortalized in the name of
UNF SAE’s first formula race car.

Tax Deductible
UNF SAE is a chapter of SAE International. We operate as a 501c3
non-profit entity. Donations to UNF SAE are tax deductible. Our association with
SAE International allows us to use their Employer ID Number.

Tax Identification Number: 25 – 1494402

UNF SAE will generate a receipt and a letter of thanks that contains our tax
information for your records.

Please make checks payable to:

Society of Automotive Engineers

Donor Reward Programs

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
$0-$499 $500-$999 $1000-$1999 $2000+
Team Resumes X X X X
Event Invitations X X X X
Framed Team Photo X X X X
Newsletter X X X X
Website Logo X X X
Apparel Logo X X X X
Banner Logo X X X
Helmet Logo X X X
Racing Suit Logo X X
Car Logo X X
Corporate Host the Car X

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UNF Formula SAE Racing Team 2012 Donor Packet

2012 Budget
Category Name Price
Tires $634
Wheels $968
Spring/Damper $3,060
Uprights/ & Hubs $500
Tie rod/rod ends $250
Suspension Steering System $595
Steering Wheel $248
Braking System $1,871
Total $8,126
Steel Tubing $1,000
Body $1,100
Chassis Misc Parts (fasteners, bearings,
etc) $500
Welding Tools + Materials $500
Total $3,100
Engine $6,692
Cooling System $1,200
Intake $1,000
Exhaust System $1,000
Drivetrain Differential Assembly $2,000
Oil $200
Fuel Delivery System $1,200
Misc Parts (sprockets, chains, etc) $1,000
Machining $1,000
Total $15,292
ECU $3,300
Electrical Electrical Harness $300
Sensors $500
Total $4,100
Marketing $500
Printing $1,000
Operations Sponsor Appreciation (gifts) $1,000
Software/Hardware $2,000
FSAE Registration $2,000
Total $6,500
Grand Total $37,118

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UNF Formula SAE Racing Team 2012 Donor Packet

Contact Us
For more information please contact us at:

John Doe
(123) 123-1111

John Doe
Vice President
(123) 123-1100

Dr. John Doe

Faculty Advisor
(123) 123-2222

Mailing Address
UNF SAE c/o John Doe
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 3224


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