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What is Happiness and Joy? Smiling: Smiling is

Definition: Happiness and Joy are similar but another behavior
different. We think of happiness as being an associated with
emotion but it may be more of a personality happiness. Happy
trait or mood. people dont
always smile
Research shows that happy people are
(especially when
emotionally stable, conscientious,
alone) and most smiles dont last long.
trusting and in control. Happy people
have autonomy, personal growth, Duchenne Smile: includes raised cheeks and
positive relations with others, purpose crows feet at the corners of the eyes plus a
in life and self-acceptance. smiling mouth that communicates real emotion.
The eye muscles that contract in the Duchenne
smile are difficult to control voluntarily so few
Joy is an intense pleasant emotional
people can fake a Duchenne smile.
experience in response to a particular event
a surprising gain or success of some sort. This
is joy.

Causes: Research shows that happy people

have autonomy, personal growth, positive
relations with others, purpose in life and self-

Elements of Happiness Common words that describe Happiness

Trust- Happy people have a profound trust Amused Blissful
that everything will work out in the end. Calm Charmed
Cheerful Comfortable
Present Moment-Because they trust, happy Confident Content
people are able to live fully in the present Delighted Eager
moment without regrets or worries. Ecstatic Elated
Confidence- Because of trust, happy people Euphoric Excited
Exhilarated Exuberant
believe they can handle whatever comes their
Fulfilled Glad
way. Grateful Honored
Wonderment & Gratitude- Happy people Hopeful Inspired
recognize their blessings and gifts and Jovial Joyful
approach life with awe and wonder. Jubilant Overjoyed
Pleasant Pleased
Proud Relaxed
Relieved Satisfied
Serene Thankful
Thrilled Tranquil