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DaphneLeigh: How many docs & nurses are recommending online health sites to patients? (via @shelleypetersen) #rnchat #hcsm
8/13/2010 08:50

rnchat: A Nurse's Perspective on Hospital Blocking of Facebook - #RNchat
8/13/2010 13:47

onlinenursing: Great blog post on aniversary of florence nightengale's death today - by @TorontoEmerg #nurse #RNChat
8/13/2010 14:12

DaphneLeigh: Who owns you? 20% of your body's genes are patented. (via
@MatthewBrowning) #rnchat #hcsm
8/13/2010 19:12

VoalteOscar: What are the odds I'd be in the same room as another #rnchat participant?
8/13/2010 20:51

rnchat: Welcome to #RNchat! We'll have 2 topics. First is from guest @VoalteTrey. Before we
start, please introduce yourselves!
8/13/2010 21:00

Vaticuss: #RNChat Paul from Ozark, MO. Clinical instructor with college of nursing.
8/13/2010 21:01

VoalteTrey: #RNchat - Thanks for the intro. First time doing this... a bit nervous. Part of a start-up
company @voalte - we develop software for nurses!
8/13/2010 21:02

rnchat: @VoalteTrey Welcome, Trey. Great you're helping nurses out! You'll be fine! #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:04

philbaumann: I'm Phil, moderator of #RNchat tonight. Good evening everyone!
8/13/2010 21:04

rnchat: We'll start our first topic in one moment. Please prepend responses to topics with T1, T1,
etc. #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:05

ClearMedNetwork: RT @NursesNightOut: So, what's your favorite drink. ;-). #RNchat #NursesNightOut
8/13/2010 21:05

rnchat: @dorameulman That's why I have backup clients ;) #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:05

rnchat: T1 Bedside Communication - what works and what doesn't? from @ VoalteTrey | What
helps, what hinders? #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:06

ClearMedNetwork: @NursesNightOut We're real party animals over here...we like shots, shots, shots, shots!
#NursesNightOut #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:06

DebErupts: Good Evening Phil #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:07

dorameulman: @NursesNightOut Red wine and occ. Guinness :) #NursesNightOut #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:08

Vaticuss: #RNChat Try--curious to hear your target demographic and what product lines you're
8/13/2010 21:09

Vaticuss: #RNChat Trey, rather. Not try. Like I said, newbie.
8/13/2010 21:10

VoalteTrey: T1 #RNChat Anyone still using pagers at work???
8/13/2010 21:11

DebErupts: Good bedside communication begins with soft skills like respect, courtesy, listening and
anticipating patientsʼ needs. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:11

rnchat: @DebErupts Good evening! Good to see you here! #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:12

Vaticuss: #RNChat @deberupts Hear hear! And didn't pagers roam the earth in the pleistocene
8/13/2010 21:13

DebErupts: Nursing leaders need to be good role models for what good bedside communication looks
like. We don't always learn this in school. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:13

DebErupts: What's a pager? #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:14

DebErupts: Love the boozers infiltrating the #RNChat LOL!
8/13/2010 21:15

VoalteTrey: RT @dorameulman: @VoalteTrey #RNChat I carry the code and RRT pagers plus an
ascom phone. We give bedside reports.
8/13/2010 21:16

Vaticuss: #RNChat T1: hehe, "what's a pager?" They had a singular use, but broad appeal. As a
manager I can vouch that they do get lost frequently.
8/13/2010 21:16

Vaticuss: #RNChat T1: so when they are lost you don't have to worry about lost data or sensitive
info, and they were fairly cheap to replace.
8/13/2010 21:17

DebErupts: Simple rules to good communication like, eliminating medical jargon. Make sure patients
understand what theyʼre being told. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:17

VoalteOscar: RT @MarkHarmel: RT @HealthIsSocial: Hospitals Can Block Facebook But Not the 21st
Century #hcsm #rnchat
8/13/2010 21:18

VoalteTrey: T1 @dorameulman Our goal as a comapny is to replace your 3 devices (Ascom, pager,
pager) with an iPhone App for nurse communication #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:18
dorameulman: @Vaticuss I regularly take a phone or pager home haha #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:18

Vaticuss: #RNChat T1: @deberupts What pitfalls are you noticing? Has technology hindered that
"presence" with computers in rooms?
8/13/2010 21:19

rnchat: @dorameulman Some of your tweets are coming thru as #3RNchat :) Add #rnchat and
we'll see ya. Web's tough to use sometimes ;)
8/13/2010 21:20

NursesNightOut: RT @rnchat: @NursesNightOut Scotch ;-) #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:20

NursesNightOut: RT @SmoothRN: Well I really love scotch. RT @NursesNightOut: So, what's your favorite
drink. ;-). #RNchat #NursesNightOut
8/13/2010 21:20

NursesNightOut: RT @dorameulman: @NursesNightOut Red wine and occ. Guinness :) #NursesNightOut
8/13/2010 21:20

Vaticuss: #RNChat @dorameulman T1: See! Perfect example.
8/13/2010 21:21

dorameulman: @VoalteTrey sounds good because the phones suck #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:21

DebErupts: I think sometimes nurses forget that the patient is in the room. Looking at computer while
talking to patient. Ugh! #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:22

DebErupts: @NursesNightOut Like Red Wine, occasional shot of Tequila. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:23

VoalteOscar: RT @DebErupts: I think sometimes nurses forget that the patient is in the room. Looking
at computer while talking to patient. Ugh! #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:23

Vaticuss: #RNChat @Deberupts T1: With students I see that a lot. So intent on the telemetry, the
IV pumps, the scanners/computers.
8/13/2010 21:24

rnchat: @DebErupts Very good point - systems will need to be designed so it's more important
(iPad style may help in that regard) #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:24

DebErupts: I can't wait to see IPads at the bedside. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:25

Vaticuss: #RNChat T1: @voaltetrey So are you talking about language translation, visual comms?
What apps can we expect?
8/13/2010 21:26

VoalteTrey: RT @DebErupts: I can't wait to see IPads at the bedside. #RNChat - YES!!!!
8/13/2010 21:27
Vaticuss: #RNChat I've often wanted to correct them. It's eye contact, not iContact.
8/13/2010 21:27

NursesNightOut: RT @DebErupts: @NursesNightOut Like Red Wine, occasional shot of Tequila. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:29

philbaumann: @Hereticagain Did you enter the hashtag #RNchat at the top of tweetchat?
8/13/2010 21:29

VoalteTrey: T1 - #RNchat @Vaticuss We are focusing on communication right now (alarms, calls, etc)
- but we think iPhone's can help with much more!
8/13/2010 21:30

NursesNightOut: RT @DebErupts: Love the boozers infiltrating the #RNChat LOL!
8/13/2010 21:30

philbaumann: @Hereticagain Are you using TweetChat? Did you enter the hashtag #rnchat
8/13/2010 21:30

rnchat: @Hereticagain Sorry you feel it's a waste of time. How long have you used Twitter?
8/13/2010 21:31

VoalteTrey: #RNchat - You can see what a fellow nurse says about us right here!
8/13/2010 21:33

Vaticuss: #RNChat T1: @hereticagain I can't see your comments here. It is a bit tricky to navigate,
but once skilled u will c benefit of Twits.
8/13/2010 21:34

NursesNightOut: RT @Hereticagain: I find the boozers offensive and stereotyping #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:36

DebErupts: Cool! RT @VoalteTrey #RNchat - You can see what a fellow nurse
says about us right here!
8/13/2010 21:36

VoalteTrey: @Hereticagain #RNchat - Our solution only let's nurses text other nurses, doctors, or
clinicians in the hospital.
8/13/2010 21:37

Vaticuss: #RNChat Do we have another topic?
8/13/2010 21:37

DebErupts: @Hereticagain You're right the boozers are very offensive. Hiccup! #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:38

rnchat: @Hereticagain Believe me, Twitter's very weird for most people when they're new. It
means your sane. Takes a while for some. #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:39

dorameulman: RT @DebErupts: @Hereticagain You're right the boozers are very offensive. Hiccup!
8/13/2010 21:39

NursesNightOut: #RNChat Should nurses not drink alcohol? Is it wrong? Are we boozers?
8/13/2010 21:39
Vaticuss: #RNChat @hereticagain I use Twitteriffic on my phone, but there are several platforms.
Granted things could be friendlier...
8/13/2010 21:40

rnchat: OK next topic coming up in one minute. #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:40

Vaticuss: #RNChat @hereticagain ..but you gotta play before you can say! What would make it
better for you? Improve, adapt = universal appeal
8/13/2010 21:41

DebErupts: I kinda like the @NursesNightOut topic, but Phil's in charge. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:42

rnchat: T1 Hospitals Blocking Facebook - Some hospitals are blocking Facebook & other social
media. Should or shouldn't they? #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:44

Vaticuss: #RNChat @hereticagain Granted. So we need you to help us KISS! :) Don't give up on
Twit, I've got some cool informative ppl w/lots to say
8/13/2010 21:44

ClearMedNetwork: RT @NurseCircle: @NursesNightOut We think nurses should be allowed to let their hair
down, have a drink, and unwind. #RNchat #NursesNightOut
8/13/2010 21:45

Vaticuss: #RNChat T2: I'm really on the fence with T2. Social media does impact productivity, but it
also widens relationships/resources
8/13/2010 21:46

rnchat: @Hereticagain It's as simple as that? That's all it's about - socializing? Cant be used for
getting CDC news, links 2 research, etc? #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:46

dorameulman: @RNchat It's been an issue in my unit it's monitored and we get reminded on occ. but it
doesn't stop it. I just use my phone #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:47

DebErupts: I agree with @Vaticuss As long as productivity is not effected, what's the big deal? Social
Media is gonna happen no matter what. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:48

ClearMedical: #RNchat We use social media to provide support to our nurses in real time. Only on
breaks though...
8/13/2010 21:49

Vaticuss: #RNChat T2: We've had some issues at my hospital; it's not a free-speech infringement,
but rather a business model protecting assets
8/13/2010 21:49

rnchat: @Hereticagain That's true. But: you're *assuming* that's how it would be used. These
media can be re-purposed. #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:49

hospitaldrmjobs: RT: @ClearMedical #RNchat We use social media to provide support to our nurses in real
time. Only on breaks though...
8/13/2010 21:49

Vaticuss: #RNChat The hospital computers block access, but the university computers allow it, so
there are ways around the blockade
8/13/2010 21:50

Vaticuss: #RNChat I can see both sides of this topic... Can anyone sway me? ;)~
8/13/2010 21:51

hospitaldrmjobs: @Vaticuss #RNChat Social media is vital for staff motivation and as mentioned, some
even communicate via it. =)
8/13/2010 21:52

rnchat: T1 Follow up: How web-literate are policy-makers? Do they really understand them, or
just superficially? #RNchat #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:53

hospitaldrmjobs: @Hereticagain But there can be rules like w anything else. "Access this but not that", as
an example. Block like we're 3 yr olds. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:54

DebErupts: They are protecting the patient. Privacy Concerns? #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:55

rnchat: @Hereticagain Why are stupid people working in hospitals in the first place? They're
stupid with or without the technology. #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:55

hospitaldrmjobs: @Hereticagain @RNChat Rules and consequences in place like anything else really is
most effective to deal w adults. #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:55

hospitaldrmjobs: @Hereticagain Yes indeed. Is that issue. And sad. Not sure they should be working there
if that's the case. =( #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:56

Vaticuss: #RNChat Ooh. Dunno bout that. Obviously policy is serious, so a slow and prudent
approach is always considered.
8/13/2010 21:56

DebErupts: Maybe they are afraid something will get posted or said? #RNChat
8/13/2010 21:57

Vaticuss: #Rnchat Remember, we may have to defend policy in front of judge/jury, so prudence
8/13/2010 21:57

rnchat: @Hereticagain I no longer work in a hospital. But I was stupid enough to work in one. I
got smart, When I did, I left. ;) #RNchat
8/13/2010 21:59

Vaticuss: #RNCHAT @deberupts @hereticagain Nice to chat with you tonight! My time is drawing
to a close.
8/13/2010 21:59

rnchat: I'm starting to really like @Hereticagain #RNchat
8/13/2010 22:00
DebErupts: Know a nurse who took a picture of a wound with her phone and sent it to a wound care
nurse in another state. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:00

DebErupts: Know nurse who took picture of elderly patient and posted it on FaceBook. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:01

philbaumann: @Hereticagain I really like you. Really - we need debate and discourse. It's very
important. Truly. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:02

Vaticuss: #rnchat @hereticagain A little cynicism is a healthy perspective.
8/13/2010 22:02

rnchat: T2 We'll wrap up in a few minutes. The FB issue brings up a lot: at first it looks simple,
but it gets more complex as you explore. #RNchat
8/13/2010 22:03

Vaticuss: #Rnchat @deberupts Did the wound pt consent to photos? :( @hereticagain Heretic
8/13/2010 22:04

philbaumann: @Hereticagain Technically - almost by definition - everyone on Twitter's a stalker. But no,
I'm not - don't have the time ;) #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:04

DebErupts: How about #RNBitchSession for those who don't like #RNChat?
8/13/2010 22:04

Vaticuss: #rnchat @philbaumann Yep, I really like her too. :)
8/13/2010 22:05

DebErupts: @Vaticuss Patient did not consent in writing and that nurse was "spoken" to. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:06

hospitaldrmjobs: @RNChat I have to head out but am interested in participating in future if OK. Is it every
Friday night? At 7? Thanks for info. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:07

Vaticuss: #RNChat @deberupts Yeesh. That was my concern. And I am almost certain the elderly-
FB pt didn't consent.
8/13/2010 22:07

philbaumann: @Hereticagain Yep - takes a while. Twitter's the damnedest thing. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:07

rnchat: @hospitaldrmjobs Yes, Fridays at 9pm EST - but we also have it at other times as well.
Come again! #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:08

Vaticuss: #rnchat @hereticagain I am abashedly corrected. My apologies, oh hertical one.
8/13/2010 22:08

DebErupts: Thanks everyone. It's been informative and fun, as always. Great job! #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:08

hospitaldrmjobs: @RNchat Thank you! See you next time. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:08

rnchat: THANK YOU everybody! Great #RNchat tongiht. Thank you @VoalteTrey - Transcript will
be out soon! Goodnight!
8/13/2010 22:09

Orpheus999: RT @DebErupts: Know a nurse who took a picture of a wound with her phone and sent it
to a wound care nurse in another state. #RNChat
8/13/2010 22:13

rnchat: @Hereticagain Yes, absolutely - all the time. You can @ reply this account or
@PhilBaumann or email: Cheers! #RNchat
8/13/2010 22:16