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Geometry Mrs.

Syllabus 2010-2011
Rules: Be Respectful, responsible and ready

Materials: pencils, red pen, calculator, notebook/ folder/ binder

Grading: Points %
Bellwork 5 5
Homework 5 5
Quizzes 20 20
Projects 100 30
Tests 100 40

Bellwork: The purpose of bellwork is to refresh your mind of knowledge that will
be used in class that day. Bellwork will be displayed on the board at the
beginning of each class. You are expected to complete the work on your own in
the first 5 minutes of class. Bellwork will be graded on correctness.

Homework: The purpose of homework is to practice and be prepared for the

test. It is important that you know how to do the material for quizzes and tests.
Simply copying someone else’s answers will not help you learn the material.
Also, homework should be out on your desk during bellwork so I can check how
much you have done. Homework will be graded on completion.

Quizzes, Test, & Projects: Assessments are given to see how much you have
learned in the chapter. You are expected to perform at your highest level. Taking
the time to study or working on a project is in your best interest.

Late Work: Late work will be accepted for half credit the following day.

Absent work: Classmates will fill out a “While you were out” form for those
students who are absent in their group. The absent student is expected to check
the file the first day he/she returns to find what was missed that day. It is your
responsibility to take care of it. Absent work will be accepted no later than one
week after the day missed to receive full credit. Once one week has past you will
only receive half credit for the work. This also includes make up tests and

Website: You can access the syllabus, notes, assignments, schedule, and my
contact information on my class website at Our
classes also have a facebook page (Mrs Hedrick’s Geometry Class) and a twitter
feed (@Mrs_Hedrick) if you would like to see updates from our class daily.

I am available before school for any extra help needed. Please feel free to email
or call me with any questions or concerns at or
417-736-7000 ext. 1418.

Get to Know You 2010-2011

Name: __________________________ Phone: ______________________

Email: __________________________________

Mother: _________________________ Phone: _______________________

Email: __________________________________

Father: _________________________ Phone: ________________________

Email: __________________________________

3 things about you (hobbies, music, food…etc.)

1. ______________________________________________________________

2. ______________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________

1 personal goal you would like to achieve this year

(become more responsible, understand math better, read 12 books…etc)

1. ______________________________________________________________

What motivates you? (free time, food, achievement…etc)

I have read and understand the expectations and requirements set, and I agree
to follow them.

______________________________ ___________________
Student Signature Date
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Parent Signature Date