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Programme BTEC Performing Arts Level 2 Learner name Isabelle Foote

Assignment title Teechers Assessor name Cara Clifton
Unit no. & title 3:Acting Skills Targeted learning aims
Issue date Submission deadline
First submission /
Date submitted
authorisation Date
by Lead Internal Verifier*
* All resubmissions must be authorised by the Lead Internal Verifier. Only one resubmission is possible per assignment, providing:
The learner has met initial deadlines set in the assignment, or has met an agreed deadline extension.
The tutor considers that the learner will be able to provide improved evidence without further guidance.
Evidence submitted for assessment has been authenticated and accompanied by a signed and dated declaration of authenticity by the learner.
**Any resubmission evidence must be submitted within 10 working days of receipt of results of assessment.
achieved? Assessment comments
(Yes / No)

Over the course of the process, Isabelle has demonstrated competent use and control of technical acting skills. She has developed her
A1- Merit Yes vocal and physical skills to perform a stereotypical character in an exaggerated way in keeping with the style of the play. She used
research and exploration activities to develop her role and approached rehearsals with focus and commitment.
Isabelle has provided a detailed and ongoing review of the acting skills she has used and developed throughout the process. She has
clearly explained her strengths and areas for development and justified how these have impacted on the overall piece. Throughout the
A2-Merit Yes
process, Isabelle has set herself achievable targets for improvement and clearly reviewed her progress in her actors logs. Isabelle was
able to work entirely independently on her actors logs and completed them on a weekly basis.
During the rehearsal process, Isabelle demonstrated effective and consistent personal management skills. She attended extra rehearsals
B3- Merit Yes and consistently met deadlines in relation to line learning and the submission of actors logs. She took ownership of her role and used a
range of acting skills confidently throughout the rehearsal process.
B4- Merit Yes

General comments

I certify that the evidence submitted for this assignment is the learners own. The learner has clearly referenced any
Assessor declaration
sources used in the work. I understand that false declaration is a form of malpractice.
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Learner comments

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