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Respectable Mr. as the headmaster of SMPN I .
Respectable Mr. Abdul Malik as the director of FEE center
Honorable all the teachers of SMPN I and
Honorable all the teachers FEE center
Unforgettable my beloved friends whom I love

First of all I would like to say thank you very much unto our God Allah SWT the almighty for his blessings
and mercies until we can attend in this FAREWELL PARTY in good condition and happy situation without any
Secondly peace and salutation always be given to our prophet Muhammad SAW who has guided us from
the darkness to the lightness, from the stupidity to the cleverness, from Jahiliyah era to Islamic era namely Islamic
And I dont forget to say thank you very much to the master and mistress of ceremony for giving me an
opportunity to deliver my speech.
Standing in front of you all, I would like to deliver my speech under the title
Studying is an obligation
Ladies and gentlemen
We have known that one of the obligations of the students is studying, our teacher have said many times
that we have to study hard, our parents always remind us to study hard. Now I have a question? Why do we have to
study hard? Do you know? Maybe I dont need to answer that question because you have known by yourself. So
that why? Because we want to be smart. If we are smart we can do and give the best to our parents. And how we to
do it? The answer is by studying hard in our school..
We may not be lazy in the class. When our teacher explains, we have to listen carefully what the teacher
means. we must remember that our parents have spent their money for our studying. They work and take care of us
every day. before we go to school they give us money. They prepare our necessary, they always pray and hope that
we can be smart, useful students and useful not only for religion but also for our country Amin.
So my friends lets start studying now on. Use our time as good as possible to study hard in order that
not to make our parents disappointed of us.

Thats all my speech Thank you very much for your attention Im sorry for every single mistake
Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.