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Isang nars na may pangarap na maging isang doktor

Miyerkules, Mayo 25, 2016

First Phase. Philippine Med Schools and NMAT Cut

Off Scores as of 2016. #RoadtoMD
Madali pumasok sa med school pero mahirap mag stay in. This is one of the bywords of our
current medical doctors in the Philippines intended for aspiring MDs. The whole statement
expresses the truth in pursuing medicine. However these recent years (2010 till present), there is
increase in number of aspiring doctors and increase in proliferation of medical schools leading the
established institutions to exceed their standards; thus, becoming more competitive and difficult
for the students to be admitted. Nowadays, premed students eye for the best medical schools in
the country which we will call the Legendaries since they are consistent with their highest
standards in medical education, training, practice and research. These medical schools include
WVSU and DLSU in different provinces.

So if you're one of those persons who aim to be part of one of the best medical schools in our
nation, you must meet their criteria and standards. There are two basic requirements which these
"Legendaries" look for. One is your General Weighted Average or GWA in college and the other one
is your percentile ranking in National Medical Admission Test or NMAT. While there are other
requirements like interviews, extracurricular activities, entrance exam (MCAT), physical and
psychological tests, alumni parents and religious views, GWA and NMAT have the largest weight
that significantly affect your success in admission.

I'll give you some advices if you really want to enter a top medical school especially in
Manila since the competition here is very stiff.

Advice # 1 Do your best in your premedical course

This is the first step in your journey as a medical doctor. Study and work hard with your
GWA. "Legendaries" often look for average to excellent grades (2.00 to 1.00). But they also
reconsider lower grades as long as your NMAT percentile rank is high. Avoid any failures in various
subjects, minor or major. The most common premedical courses include BS Medical Technology,
BS Public Health, BS Pharmacy, BS Biology, BS Biochemistry, BS Microbiology, BS Psychology, BS
Physical Therapy, BS Occupational Therapy, BS Nursing, BS Midwifery, BS Nutrition and Dietetics
and BS Radiologic Technology. People think twice if their chosen premedical course is the best or
not. But actually, there is no paramount premedical course for Medicine. The whole thing is a new
way of learning. Each field has its strengths and weaknesses. If you're a biochemist, you may excel
in medical biochem. If you're a medtech, you may excel in pathology and laboratory analysis. If
you're a psychologist, you may excel in psychiatry. If you're a nurse, you may excel in clinical
skills. If you're a midwife, you may excel in obstetrics and pediatrics. If you're a pharmacist, you
may excel in drug analysis and internal medicine. If you're a physical therapist, you may excel in
physiatry and rehabilitation sciences. In fact, any course (Accountancy, Engineering, Architecture,
Music etc.) is eligible for admission as long as you obtain the required units for basic sciences
(Biology and its variants, Chemistry, Physics and Social Sciences)
Advice # 2: Do well with your NMAT

In NMAT, you have two competitors. One is yourself since you need self discipline in
reviewing and studying. The other one is the NMAT itself since the examination is really time

Review months before the exam. NMAT is usually held twice a year. The first is during March
and April for the regular exam and the other one is held during October or November for the back-
up exam.

How to review? You may do it by yourself if you know you can really do it alone or you are
really intelligent (having a high IQ to excellent). You can engage in reading high school and college
science books and notes, watching and listening to lectures in Youtube, practicing computations,
memorizing important formulas and concepts and answering your practice sets in a given set of
time. If you know you are not much intelligent (below to above average IQs) but studious and
persistent, you can also do those activities plus attending review centers may help in giving good
tips for test taking strategies. You can also buy an official reviewer for NMAT like MSA. The
questions are really hard to answer but you will truly learn as you do it by yourself. Have a source
of inspiration and stay motivated. Practice your intuitive skills since some items you really do not
know how to get an answer. Just follow your heart, listen to your inner voice and trust your

Most importantly, PRAY TO GOD with sincerity and humility. Not all is within your reach if
you just do it by yourself. Believe in Him and ask for wisdom and guidance.

How to get a higher NMAT? Answer first the subtest in which you feel you can do your best. In
the first part of the exam, I answered in this order: Inductive Reasoning (IQ test), Perceptual
Acuity (Illusions, Hidden Objects and Mirror Images), Verbal (Word Analogy and Reading
Comprehension), Quantitative (Mathematical Skills and Data Interpretation). I answered
Quantitative last because I am not good in Math ever since I started schooling. By the way, bring
at least 6 candies. Why? You will use them to cover the figures and objects that might baffle you
in Perceptual Acuity. After answering that subtest, you must consume them to fuel your brain! I
got equally high scores in Inductive, Perceptual and Verbal while Quantitative is only average. In
the second part of the exam, I followed the original order (Biology, Physics, Sociology and
Psychology, Chemistry) since the time allotment for each subtest differs from each other. Biology
and Sociology and Psychology have only 35 minutes allotted for each while 40 minutes alloted for
each in Physics and Chemistry. I got the highest score in Sociology and Psychology since I am really
tune with social and behavioral sciences. I got equally high scores in Biology and Chemistry while
average score in Physics (I'm not also good with this. I tend to over analyze in this area). Overall, I
got a line of 8 percentile rank in my third take (taking for granted the first and the second which I
regretted). If you really want to get 90 and above percentile rank in NMAT, focus, study and do
your best in QUANTITATIVE AND PHYSICS. Most people do not perform well in Math and Physics;
thus, getting low to average scores. Love these two subjects just for this time!

Since there are numerous blogs explaining NMAT including the official CEM website which you
can access in this link, I will not write a detailed statement
about it. I just want to emphasize that NMAT is not based on your actual score in the test. Rather,
it is your ranking in the examination. The highest possible you'll get is only 99% and the lowest is
1%. There is no perfect 100% or 0%. For example, your NMAT result is 80%, it means that you
belong to the top 20% and you scored higher than 80% of the population who took the exam.
Another example, if you got 90% of the test items correct, your NMAT percentile scores will not
necessarily be 90%. In case you got 90% of the exam but everyone else got 100%, then your
percentile score will be 1% meaning that 99% of those who took the test scored higher than you.
Some people believe that the scoring is not just because you are not judged by how well you
answered the test but rather how intelligent you are compared to others. Basically if you're an
above average student and the majority of the people who took the NMAT are not that intelligent
as you are, it is probable that you will get a 99%tile rank. My understanding is that the more
people who take the NMAT and the more people who are not that intelligent as you, the more
chances of getting a higher ranking. Some people believe in the notion that if you want to get a
higher NMAT, take the regular exam than the back-up exam since a bulk of UP students takes the
latter in the last months of the year.

In my opinion, I believed that NMAT scores cannot gauge your performance in medical school;
moreover, not the sole foundation of becoming a successful medical doctor. You may have a 99%
rank and entered in a top medical school but as you experience the demands of studying in
medicine, you cannot stand its pressure or "toxicity". The outcome may lead to drop out. Worst
that may happen is having a psychological disorder.

On the positive side, NMAT cut off scores will benefit the "Legendaries" since the competition
is rigid. It will be easier for them to admit students where there are overflowing applicants.

Sadly, our society is preoccupied with rankings and scores. Mostly your friends will ask you,
"What is your NMAT score?", "What is your percentile rank?", "Did you reach the cut off score?",
"Mataas ka siguro." and so forth. People tend to compare themselves with others leading them in a
state of disappointment. Scores or rankings do not completely define a person's achievement.
Instead, attitude and actions determine one's success.

Here is the latest NMAT Cut Off Scores as of 2016 for some of the medical schools in the
Philippines. Take note that NMAT cut off scores may be subjected to change every year depending
on the pool of applicants. (Updated as of August 2016)
In Manila:
1. University of the Philippines College of Medicine (UPCM) - 90% * (safe: 95%)
2. Ateneo de Manila University School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) -
3. St. Luke's College of Medicine - William H. Quasha Medical Foundation (SLCM) -
4. University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (UST-FMS) - 85% *
(safe: 90%)
5. University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center College of
Medicine (UERMMMC) - 70% * (safe: 85%)
6. Centro Escolar University College of Medicine (CEU) - 50%
7. University of Perpetual Help System Dalta College of Medicine (UPHSD) - 50%
8. Metropolitan Medical Center College of Medicine (MMCCM) - 50%
9. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) - 45%
10. Far Eastern University - Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (FEU-NRMF) -
11. San Beda College of Medicine (SBCM) - 40%
12. New Era University College of Medicine (NEU) - 40%
13. Manila Central University - Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation (MCU-FDTMF) -
14. Emilio Aguinaldo College of Medicine (EACM) - 40%
15. AMA School of Medicine (AMASOM) - 40%
16. Our Lady of Fatima University College of Medicine (OLFU) - 40%
In Provinces:
1. Western Visayas State University College of Medicine La Paz (WVSU) 80%
2. De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI) 70%
3. Cebu Institute of Medicine (CIM) 60%
4. University of Cebu School of Medicine - 60%
5. Siliman University College of Medicine (SUCM) 60%
6. Central Philippine University College of Medicine - 60%
7. University of St. La Salle College of Medicine - 60%
8. Adventist University of the Philippines College of Medicine (AUP) 60%
9. Xavier University Dr. Jose P. Rizal School of Medicine (XU) 55%
10. Cebu Doctors University (CDU) 50%
11. Iloilo Doctors University - 50%
12. Mindanao State University College of Medicine 45%
13. Cagayan State University College of Medicine (CSU) 40%
14. Saint Louis University School of Medicine (SLU) 40%
15. Angeles University Foundation School of Medicine (AUF) 40%
16. Ateneo De Zamboanga University School of Medicine (ADZU) 40%
17. Davao Medical School Foundation College of Medicine (DMSF) 40%
18. University of the Northern Philippines College of Medicine 40%
19. Southwestern University - Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine (SWU -
MHAM) - 40%
20. Brokenshire College of Medicine - 40%
21. Lyceum Northwestern University Dr. Francisco Q. Duque Medical Foundation
22. St. Paul University School of Medicine - 40%
23. University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine - 30%
24. Bicol Christian College of Medicine Ago Medical School Foundation Not specified
25. Remedios T. Romualdez Medical School Foundation College of Medicine (RTR-MSF)
Not specified
26. Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation College of Medicine - Not specified
* Notice that I put a safe zone in some of the medical schools in Manila. It means that most
people who have higher NMAT apply in these schools where there are overflowing applicants.
Source comes from pinoymd and medical school admission websites. I also called admission
committees in different medical schools to verify their NMAT cut off.

By the way, I apologize to you guys because I cannot give detailed opinions regarding medical
schools in different provinces. I was born in Manila and grew up here even though my parents
came from the Visayan Islands. I am not really familiar with provincial medical schools.

It does not mean if you get a NMAT percentile rank of 90 and above, you will surely be
studying in a top medical school in Manila. Remember, your GWA is also important. For instance,
if you got a NMAT percentile rank of 99 but your GWA is 2.50, you may not be accepted since
there are also many applicants who have a GWA higher than you. Some even have 1.01! Another
example, if you have a GWA of 1.30 but your NMAT percentile rank is 30, you are also not
accepted since these "Legendaries" set a cut off score. Another one, you have NMAT average score
of 85 and an average GWA of 2.00. You may tell yourself that you'll be accepted easily. But the
truth is you might or might not be accepted since many applicants are higher than you. This is the
same if you have a NMAT percentile rank of 78 and GWA of 1.75. There are 50:50 percent chances.
Only the admission of various institutions knows how it works. Medical schools have only limited
slots for their freshmen so not all applicants can be accommodated. At the end of the day, you
can ask for a reconsideration of the dean through writing a letter. Though, some of the medical
schools have already a list of students who could only be reconsidered based on ranking regardless
of writing a letter to the dean or not.

Additional criteria might also affect your admission in medicine. Some medical schools
prioritize students who graduated premedical course in the same school. For instance, if you
graduated BS Nursing in UST, you can apply in UST Medicine and have a chance to be admitted if
you meet all the criteria needed. Others also prioritize students whose parents are alumni in that
school. For example, if my parents graduated from UERM Medicine, I have a chance to be
admitted as well. Some consider the student's religion. UST upholds the Roman Catholic tradition.
NEU supports the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Psychological tests and interviews are also done in some
medical schools in order to evaluate the students if they are capable of handling the pressure and
demands in pursuing medicine. A tip during interviews, always present yourself with confidence,
eagerness and assertiveness. Extracurricular activities are also given with credits showing that you
are a well-rounded person and time-efficient. Other medical schools require you to take their own
entrance examination. PLM is one of them where you should take their MCAT. I personally do not
know what the content of the MCAT is but my friends in PLM said "It is like NMAT but more
challenging. Haha. "

Backer? Connection? Padrino? Palakasan? We actually see this system in employment and job
promotions. In reality, this also applies if you want to be admitted in a decent school or highly
esteemed institution. As I say, medical schools have limited slots but they also give allowance or
extra slots for those who are recommended and endorsed by an influential person or group. Some
may view this biased and unfair since the standards of schools are not met but some believe that
those who were recommended are worthy to be admitted.

Wrapping up, you can only say you are HUNDRED PERCENT SURE to enter a top medical
school if you have these credentials: high GWA with Latin Honors, high NMAT percentile rank,
graduate of the same school you are applying, parents are alumni of the medical school you are
applying , did well in interviews, passed the medical school entrance exams, physically and
psychologically healthy, active member or leader of an organization, without records of grave
misconduct, belonging to a specific religion (not applicable to all) and through the "Palakasan"

* Trivia about selected medical schools in Manila:

1. UP Medicine is the top first medical school in the Philippines. It administers the
Philippine General Hospital (PGH) which is the largest government and training hospital
in the country. In UP Medicine, only few are accommodated (160 students). 40 comes
from Intarmed program (which makes your premed program only for 2 years). The
remaining (120) comes from those who graduated with baccalaureate degree. 90
percentile is the cut off for UP however there are many students who have higher
ranking (mostly 95 up to 99), with Latin honors and lastly evaluated thru interview
making the screening of applicants more difficult. Organ System Integration (OSI) is the
way of teaching with PBL
2. UST Medicine is the oldest medical institution in the Philippines. It was established
in 1871. In UST Medicine, more applicants are admitted. 450 - 500 students for freshmen
divided into 4 sections A,B,C,D but the screening is also rigid since there are many things
to be considered. 70-75 % of the applicants come from UST graduates. 25% - 30% are non
UST graduates (mostly comes from UP, Ateneo and La Salle) and 5% for foreign
applicants. 85 percentile is the cut off for UST however there are also numerous students
who have higher NMAT (mostly from 90 to 99). GWA is also a factor. You must have
higher GWA. Other criteria include: Must be a Roman Catholic, if you have a parent who
is an alumni or employee of UST, if you're an active member or leader of any accredited
organization, if you have post graduate degrees, volunteer work and religious missions.
There is also a psychological test but they remove it last 2015 as part of transition
process when UST Medicine transfer its admissions into the hands of OFAD. They release
only one list of successful applicants but they are open for reconsideration; however,
their reconsideration is based already in their ranking list so if you're the 501st applicant
you are lucky to become a future Thomasian MD! Some of my friends who are currently
studying there said "Palakasan" system or nepotism rampantly works. UST had traditional
style of learning in combination with problem based learning. Yet, they shifted into
Outcome Based Education (OBE) in compliance with both national and international
trends and requirements.
3. In UERM Medicine, screening is less rigid than UP because they release more lists
of successful applicants to fill their slots. They assent to a selective but non-
discriminatory admission policy in accepting students. 70 is the cut off but they always
prioritize those who have 90 plus NMAT (90 to 99) and higher GWA. Since 2015, they start
accepting 450 students from 250. According to my friends who are currently studying
there, most students who study in UERM graduated from UP and UST and some came
from Ateneo, La Salle and other institutions. There are also essays and interviews as part
of their criteria in admission. UERM has mixed curriculum of Outcome Based Education
(OBE) for 1st and 2nd year and Problem Based Learning (PBL) in combination with
traditional (but more of PBL) for 3rd and 4th year.
4. UP, UST and UERM attained the Center of Excellence in Medical Education by
CHED as of December 23, 2015
5. In PLM Medicine, 45% is the NMAT cutoff. However, most people who apply here
have 90 plus NMAT. PLM has its own entrance exam which is MCAT. According to my
friends there, it's like NMAT but more challenging for it is time pressured and other fields
of sciences are included. They also have numerous requirements (police, brgy, NBI
clearances, etc.) more than the basic. PLM Medicine is at par excellence with UP
Medicine. They offer quality medical education and training. What attracts most for the
applicants is the tuition fee which you can afford at least 10,000 pesos once you meet
their following qualifications and standards. 150 applicants can be accommodated. They
also have PBL system as way of learning
6. In FEU Medicine, 40% is the NMAT percentile cut off. Admission is not strict. They
also release more lists of successful applicants. The only thing makes it hard is once
you're admitted. My friends there said they accept many students up to 600 the most.
However, the screening for students every year is too difficult. There are many fatalities
every year. One time 80 to 90 students have only graduated. FEU Medicine's majority of
the population came from UST and FEU. Often times, students name their institution
7. FEU Medicine conducted a study on the correlation of NMAT scores and
the performance of students in medical institutions. The results showed that there is
no correlation between the NMAT percentile rank and the performance of medical
8. Ateneo Medicine and Public Health is one of the newest (founded on 2007) but
also one of the finest medical schools in the country. In ASMPH, basis for selected
applicants are also ranked. These include GWA/QPI, NMAT Score, Interview, essay, and
other credentials. NMAT Cut off is 90. 160 students are only accepted. It has also a
transition program which is held in summer in preparation for first year medical proper.
9. In St. Luke's Medicine, 120 students are admitted. They have an integrated
curriculum. St. Luke's went against the current and boost its NMAT from 65% to 90%
because they want to give privilege in educating best minds like with UP Med. They are
very particular with NMAT as well as GWA. They also have the best facilities and
equipment used in medical education.
10. Fatima Medicine has produced line of board topnotchers in medical licensure

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118 komento:

Hindi-nagpakilalaSetyembre 27, 2016 nang 1:48 AM

Hi sir! Id like to get some advice. Im planning to enroll next year for med school.
What bothers me is that im already 29, turning 30 next year. I had some sense of
regret not taking up med way before so is it too late on my age to start now?
Currently an intl flight attendant so i know this is a big risk that im doing. What
are your thoughts? Thanks in advance sa response bro
Mga Tugon

melatonenSetyembre 27, 2016 nang 3:46 AM
Hi bro!! Age doesn't matter in pursuing your dreams and goals.
Marami sa Medicine may matatagal na work experiences and not
necessarily health related. I have blockmates who are in late 20s
and early 30s. And they came from different fields (engineering,
business, music, religion, etc..) and different places (some came
from US, Japan etc..). plus some have already established their own
family. Yet they pursue med. What is important before you enter
med school you are hundred percent sure (BOTH MIND AND HEART)
you want to become a physician (without any doubts) and ready to
face off the challenges that will come along. This is the time you
need to clear and organize your thoughts and reflect. Your decision
will greatly affect your future career and it will be a major turning
point for you. Find some inspiration. Good luck and hoping for your
best! :)

Donnie DarkoSetyembre 27, 2016 nang 8:12 AM

Hey bro, im in the same shit as you. Slight difference though, im 26.
Got no latin distinction. Average student (probably, a little bit
above). But hey, my passion has always revolved around easing
human suffering. I will be taking the NMAT this October and
reviewing on my own while working. Pack up, jump off that plane
and meet me on the examination day (if you will be taking it as
well. LOL)

@melatonen: Thanks man, really appreciate you putting this up.

Really helpful read. If you're interested, school of choice is UERM.
Do you think I will be admitted? haha.


melatonenOktubre 9, 2016 nang 2:50 AM

@donnie So much things to tell you about UERM and we are happy
and contented studying here. I don't want to be biased haha but if
you want to have a balance life (family, social, love, acads,
extracurricular) you have a good choice in UERM. I wish you all the
best! Hoping to see you guys here! :)


Mariel Joyce AnsangPebrero 4, 2017 nang 11:23 PM

Can I ask? What if you're currently working and then you applied in
medical school. Do you really have to quit your job since you're

Hindi-nagpakilalaSetyembre 28, 2016 nang 5:04 AM

Thanks melatonen! Getting a lot of perspective as much as i can.

@donnie yep getting my nmat next month too! Goodluck sa atin!



SabrienneOktubre 1, 2016 nang 12:57 PM

thank you! I have a question: do they provide you with access to calculators,
space to jot down stage, period tables etc? If they don't allow calculators, do
they allow the math problems to be simpler?
Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 9, 2016 nang 2:44 AM
Hi Sabrienne! Unfortunately, calculators and periodic tables are not
allowed during the exam. But they provide you a blank sheet of
paper for your calculations. The mathematical part covers
arithmetic, algebra, ratio and proportion, word problems and data
analysis. Physics part is more of analysis of concepts and
relationship (inverse or direct). Regarding the periodic table, it is
not necessarily that you should memorize. Just familiarize yourself
with the common elements and their molecular weight. Good luck
and God Bless! :)


SabrienneOktubre 1, 2016 nang 12:58 PM

space to jot down working through the problems* (I don't know why I typed
periodic tables*


anonymousOktubre 7, 2016 nang 1:06 AM

I need an urgent reply please. I would be enrolling for med school in the
Philippines by next year. The probability that am going to miss the march/april
nmat exams are high, so am asking are there schools that admit foreign students
without the nmat and let them take the nmat exams as soon as possible lets say
Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 9, 2016 nang 3:04 AM
I am not sure regarding you concern, but the best possible way is to
ask the medical school of your choice. NMAT is still a basic
requirement to be admitted but not necessarily considering your
NMAT score. If you missed to register this October 2016 NMAT, you
still have the chance in March or April. Most medical schools will
rarely allow your admission if you will take it on October 2017 for
class year 2017- 2018 since it will be already on the middle of the
1st semester. But still you can try. :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaDisyembre 17, 2016 nang 2:33 AM

Hi - Sorry for butting in but I know someone who was admitted first
without an NMAT, he was admitted at OLFU then took the next
NMAT (not sure what are the requirements to be allowed for this
though - inquire na lang siguro.) Hope this helps. :)


anonymousOktubre 7, 2016 nang 1:23 AM

I need an urgent reply please. I would be enrolling for med school in the
Philippines by next year. The probability that am going to miss the march/april
nmat exams are high, so am asking are there schools that admit foreign students
without the nmat and let them take the nmat exams as soon as possible lets say
Mga Tugon

UnknownMayo 2, 2017 nang 9:06 AM

there are some school in cebu, southwesterten university ,uv gullas

college of medicine


Christelle SaritoOktubre 13, 2016 nang 12:14 AM

Hi! Sana may sumagot.I'm plannning to take nmat sana kaso kulang units ko sa
biology. Bs food tech here. Does that mean po ba na di na ako makakapag med?
And ano kaya pwede ko gawin para ma attain ko yung required units for bio? Kasi
nagtanong na sa school na pinapasukan ko di daw nila sagot yun.
Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 15, 2016 nang 7:29 PM
Hi Christelle!Don't worry too much. It doesn't mean na kulang ka ng
units hindi ka na makakapag med. :) There are other med schools na
kahit kulang units mo for that subject ay tumatanggap sila. For
example in my case, kulang ako ng Physics na units. I applied in PLM
and they required me to take an extra subject (Physics) outside. I
didn't pursue since I don't have enough time and it will be costly for
my part. So I applied to other med schools (eg. UERM, San Beda)
and they did not required me to take extra units.
Advice lang, you can find other med schools which doesn't require
much units for that subject. Pero kung gusto mo talaga sa med
school na nirerequire ka ng units, mag take ka ng extra classes for
Bio. But it would be costly since it will be on your own expense.
Goodluck! :)


MelikaNobyembre 9, 2016 nang 6:00 AM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.



Christelle SaritoOktubre 13, 2016 nang 12:14 AM

Hi! Sana may sumagot.I'm plannning to take nmat sana kaso kulang units ko sa
biology. Bs food tech here. Does that mean po ba na di na ako makakapag med?
And ano kaya pwede ko gawin para ma attain ko yung required units for bio? Kasi
nagtanong na sa school na pinapasukan ko di daw nila sagot yun.


Adrian AlcarazOktubre 15, 2016 nang 8:20 AM

Bro. For example, if you took the March or April 2017 NMAT, could you still apply
for med school that same year (2017)
Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 15, 2016 nang 7:40 PM
Yes. Pwede pa. But it depends on the medical school you are
applying to. You can ask that query to the med school of your
choice. :)


UnknownOktubre 19, 2016 nang 7:22 PM

Do you think it NMAT on April is easier than October? My friends who took NMAT
twice said October Nmat was harder than April nmat...
Mga Tugon

Dawn ParkOktubre 21, 2016 nang 9:14 AM

mas mahirap nga


melatonenOktubre 31, 2016 nang 8:54 AM

Hi!!! Most of my friends told me that October NMAT is harder
because majority of UP students take it at the latter part of this
year. But this must be validated which I dont know how hahaha!! I
think it really depends on the population. If there are many
examinees who have higher capacity to ace the test, the lesser the
chance to get higher unless you belong to that group.

Hindi-nagpakilalaOktubre 21, 2016 nang 10:22 PM

Hello sir! Im taking up BS in Physical therapy and a graduating student next year.
I've failed more than 20 units in my course cause (aside from the fact that I didnt
take it seriously) it's not really my choice and want (palipat lipat ng school kaya
nasurvive). Inofferan ako ng parents in the field of medicine and I badly wanna
pursue it ever since i was younger i want to be a dermatologist. Now I am turning
25 next month, do you think I am still qualified to pursue medicine? - seeking for
advice. thank you!
Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 31, 2016 nang 9:04 AM
Hi!! Yes!!! I think may mga med schools naman na di ganoon kastrict
sa GWA. Yet they always see one's potential. Try Fatima Med.If you
really want to become a physician someday. You will be regardless
of your age, gender, race etc!! No one or nothing can hinder you in
reaching your dreams! Just believe! I have your full support!
Goodluck! :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaOktubre 23, 2016 nang 7:44 AM

Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 31, 2016 nang 9:06 AM

Wala naman cutoff sa Age :D

I have classmates who are at 30s na. Sa iba nga raw may mga 40s.
hehe. :)


Jon TinioOktubre 26, 2016 nang 11:22 AM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.



Jon TinioOktubre 26, 2016 nang 11:45 AM

Wow Good job bro. I'm also a newly registered nurse. Im on a crossroad rightnow.
I know right before nursing is a noble profession but then suddenly im thinking
about extending my vocation and also broadening my horizon to medicine. what
made you decide to pushtrough to medicine?
Mga Tugon

melatonenOktubre 31, 2016 nang 9:26 AM
Hello Jon!!! :D
Honestly, I underwent ups and downs before having a definite
decision to pursue medicine. It will be a long story. But basically, I
explored Nursing as I passed PNLE. Take note: I am not serious
about Nursing when I was in college. I just learned to love it as I see
beyond the horizons and work with various patients in real setting. I
just realized that I want to learn more. I want to do more. I want to
heal more. And that made me pursue medicine.
Just in case you really want to take Medicine, please don't forget
the values you learned from Nursing. Goodluck to your endeavors!!


Micah VillanoNobyembre 1, 2016 nang 9:29 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 8, 2016 nang 8:57 AM

Bro! Good day! Ask ko lang nagtake ako NMAT last october 2015. Pwede ko pa ba
siya magamit for my application next year?
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 7:23 AM
Hi!!! Sorry for my late response. Naging busy for the past months.
Yes! Pwede pa sya for next year!!! :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 8, 2016 nang 2:09 PM

Hi, i just got my NMAT results and its lower than 10%. Now I would be honest, i
wasnt really able to study because I have work and given that my undergrad is
business, i had a hard time (my GWA is 2+). Now my qustion is do you think I
should just forgo trying to apply to med schools for SY 2017, or should I still try?
I'm ok at taking it again in April because i'm really desparate to study med. My
plan was if I get low % ill resign and focus on reviewing for the NMAT in April, but
now i'm kind of afraid that i might still get the same result. What to do?
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 7:32 AM
Hello!!! It must be a hard decision for you. You can still take NMAT
April next year. You still have time to study. Just take it little by
little. Or if you want to dwell with Science subjects, you can attend
NMAT review classes. The downside is you have to expend some
money. I wish you all the best!!! Cheer up!!! God Bless!

IcaNobyembre 8, 2016 nang 9:30 PM

Hi. Do you know any medical school that does not offer classes on Saturdays??
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 7:35 AM
Unfortunately I don't know if there are Saturday classes in other
medical schools. But I think from first to third year, classes are only
held in weekdays. Once you reach fourth year, you will have duties
more than one day. Be prepared for the coming years. :)


Kathrina Andrea TobiasEnero 20, 2017 nang 8:10 AM

Hi! I'm sharing the same sentiment as you. I'm an Adventist (which
strictly observes Saturday as the sabbath day, no work and all). Our
family's quite religious so they told me to just enroll in AUP
(Adventist University of the Philippines). Unfortunately, it's very
costly and far (since i'm from mindanao) so i'd probably just enroll
to another school. So hey, if you have the money and all of the
other requirements you can probably enroll there.


thornyapplesNobyembre 8, 2016 nang 11:32 PM

Hi po. Is it true that if it's your third take of NMAT already, all three of your
scores will be averaged?
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 8:04 AM
I don't really know if it is true. But I knew some people that they got
higher as they took NMAT for the 3rd time. One factor maybe alam
na kung papaano iyong approach sa exam.

DocNobyembre 8, 2016 nang 11:49 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.



DocNobyembre 8, 2016 nang 11:49 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.



MelikaNobyembre 9, 2016 nang 6:02 AM

Hello! I would like to ask if unlimited ba ang pag take ng nmat? Nakatake na po
ako last april and this october lang po. So far di po ako kontento sa result which
is 55+ in both examination, pero gusto ko sanang magapply for scholarship and
most of them require 80+ nmat. I am planning to retake this april. Pwede pa
kaya? Thank you!!


AerysNobyembre 9, 2016 nang 7:20 AM

Hi! I just took the October 2016 exam and this is still my first time taking it. I
just wanna ask if a result of 63 is good to go or should I retake the exam next
year? Thanks!
Mga Tugon
HopeNobyembre 28, 2016 nang 3:14 AM

Hi. do you have any reviewer? pwede pa share naman. 2010 pa ako
nag-graduate and nahihrapan ako magreview. thanks

Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 9, 2016 nang 9:52 PM

Hello, I would just like to ask kung ano po ang chances na makapasok sa UST Med
or PLM if may 87 na NMAT (first take) at GWA na 1.75 (though hindi Cum Laude)?
AB Economics graduate po pala ako sa UST. Thank you!

Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 9, 2016 nang 10:11 PM

Hello po! I just want to ask if my chance ba ako makapasok sa med school kung
36 lang po result ng nmat ko? Actually it was my 2nd time to take the nmat last
October 2016, my first take has even a lower result. My plan is to already apply
in med school for 2017 po sana since I've been taking biology units for almost 2
years now. My first course po kasi was not even pre-med that's why I'm still
having a hard time. But my dedication to continue pursuing med is stronger than
ever since it has been my childhood dream. What do you think po? Is there a
chance for me po kaya?
Mga Tugon

MDorNotNobyembre 23, 2016 nang 11:05 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


MDorNotNobyembre 23, 2016 nang 11:28 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 10, 2016 nang 1:09 AM

Hi sir, may balak po akong mag enroll sa Gullas College of Med, since umabot
percentile rank ko sa cut off score nila. Nag background check po ako about sa
school nila and I found out na di ganoon kataas ang passing rate nila. Btw,
Registered Medical technologist po ako with 7 months working experience.
Ateneo De Zamboanga talaga ang first choice ko kaso di ako umabot sa cut off
score nila but I really want to take medicine and become a Pathologist. Any good
advice? Thank you in advance!
Mga Tugon

MDorNotNobyembre 23, 2016 nang 11:24 PM

Same here, I'm also planning na mag enroll sa Gullas but their
passing rate is not that good that's why I'm having second thoughts if
itutuloy ko pa ba tong pag me-med but then I thought of something
na yes school is an advantage in becoming a doctor but our will and
dedication is the biggest and most important factor in achieving our
dreams w/c is to become a doctor. It's still up to you kung mag re-
retake ka ulit this April but to no assurance na makakapag enroll ka
for SY2017-2018

RubieNobyembre 16, 2016 nang 3:50 PM

@melatonen Hi po! I just wanna ask lg po, mahirap po ba ang interview sa UE?
May entrance exam pa po ba? Im planning to apply sana sa scholarship nla
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 8:40 AM
Hello Rubie!!! Okay lang iyong interview! tinanong lang iyong family
background ko, bakit ako magmemedicine (reasons, inspirations),
anong ginawa ko nung 2 years after I graduated nursing. Then may
essay rin. Bibigyan ka ng situation like pag doktor ka na ano uunahin
mo, duty mo sa hospital o family event for example birthday ng lola
mo. Then yung iba ethical questions lang. :) Apply ka for
scholarship. Sobrang generous nila. :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 28, 2016 nang 3:07 AM

Hello po. i am a graduate of Medical technology year 2010. I am currently

working sa abroad. I badly need some notes for my review po, kasi nahihirapan
po ako sa pagreview kulang na kulang. I hope may ma-share po kayo sa akin aside
sa NMAT reviewer na binibigay ng CEM. Salamat po
Mga Tugon

Maritess MartinezMarso 18, 2017 nang 7:23 PM

hi, pede ko po sayo ishare reviewer ko. magtatake po ako ng nmat

this march 26. sana po mapakinabangan mo padin since napakalapit
na, pero kaya pa po yan. nakapagtake ka na po ba? o this march 26
din po? ireply mo po email mo dito kung need mo pa po. goodluck!

Maritess MartinezMarso 18, 2017 nang 7:31 PM

hi, pede ko po sayo ishare reviewer ko. magtatake po ako ng nmat

this march 26. sana po mapakinabangan mo padin since napakalapit
na, pero kaya pa po yan. nakapagtake ka na po ba? o this march 26
din po? ireply mo po email mo dito kung need mo pa po. goodluck!

Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 9, 2017 nang 7:02 PM

Hello po Ms. Maritess. Can you also send me your reviewer din po if
okay lang? I'm planning to take NMAT next year pa pero I am eager
to review this early kasi I can't afford to enroll in a review center
po. Thank you in advance!


merry lenn alsadoMayo 20, 2017 nang 6:58 AM

Hello po pwede pa po bah mag pasend nag reviewers po mag te take

po sana ako this october kung ok lang maam @maritess


Gasai Yuno-samaNobyembre 28, 2016 nang 7:57 AM

Hello, alam mo po ba if kasali ang cebu city sa march/april nmat or metro manila
lang?may nakapagsabi kasi sa akin na sa manila lang daw ang march/april nmat.
Totoo po ba?
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 8:35 AM
Hi! You can check CEM website regarding your concern. Usually they
post it few months before the date of examination. :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaNobyembre 29, 2016 nang 11:37 PM

hello po... which is more better na hindi masyadong competitive ang nmat
exam.. xa April or October.?
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 8:33 AM
Some says na competitive raw pag October exam than April. But
there is no validation. :)


Ralph PerdizoDisyembre 4, 2016 nang 1:21 AM

hi, ask lang ako if maeron bang required grade sa previous school mo or sa finish
course mo .... like dapat wlang F grade or something like that
Mga Tugon

melatonenDisyembre 5, 2016 nang 8:37 AM
Hello! It depends on the school you are applying to. Others are very
particular with GWA and batch ranking. Iyong iba naman ok lang.
You may ask your concern for the med school of your choice.
Goodluck! :)


Mao InoueDisyembre 9, 2016 nang 9:48 PM

Hello po, gusto ko talagang mag doctor but on my former school I have 4 failing
grades and then I decided to transfer.I'm currently in my 3rd year taking up
psychology and this time I was able to produce good grades and tons of extra
curricular activities. May chance pa ba akong maka pasok sa med school? I'm
gunning kasi for the best schools in manila.
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 10:03 AM
Hi Mao! I advice you to keep doing your best!!! Yes everybody has a
chance to enter medical school! Work hard! I know some who
manage to enter medical school with failing grades. Good luck in
your future endeavors!:)

FamoshDisyembre 9, 2016 nang 10:34 PM

Good day people. I'm Sylvester from Nigeria and I'm about applying to Lyceum-
NWU for 2017 admission for medicine. Do you know if I could be admitted and
allowed to take the NMAT after I arrive at the Philippines?
Thank you so much.
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 10:12 AM
Hi Famosh! Yes you are allowed to take NMAT and be admitted in
Philippine medical schools. Please check for more in their website
At this point, I hope you have already processed your requirements
and was able to take NMAT! Good luck!

RyanDisyembre 18, 2016 nang 11:30 PM

P.S. Even tho I'm still in 10th grade but I am already excited to study nursing.
Nursing is really my first choice and I only knew that I Doctor of Medicine is a
wonderful vocation. And yes, i've been reading Pharmacology, Maternal and Child
Health, joined fb groups about nursing, watched nursing videos especially
surgeries, I.V. and I.O. insertion, have my own set of scrubs and of course I'm a
part of RCY. I'm that excited. Thank you. From Dumaguete
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 10:22 AM
Hi Ryan! I really appreciate your passion in Nursing!! I hope you'll
become a good nurse someday! Who knows? You might become a
true blue nurse. I wish you all the luck and prosperity in your chosen
career. I cannot say you made a right choice but I'm proud that you
choose to be in a noble profession who serves and care for the sick
and the needy. God Bless! I hope we could meet someday and share
our different experiences! :)

HannahDisyembre 27, 2016 nang 2:24 AM

Hi! My NMAT is 64 and my GWA is 1.90. I graduated from UP and I was part of the
top 10 of our board exam last 2013. Do you think I can get a scholarship despite
of average NMAT and GWA?

I am also planning to apply at PLM. Though my NMAT score was within their
required cut off point, I think I might not get in because as you said, they usually
get those with 90+ NMAT scores.
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 10:32 AM
Hi Hannah! Yes you can get a scholarship depending on the school
policies. I think there are scholarships that requires to have that
certain GWA and NMAT. You may ask the school you are applying to.
For PLM, I hope you did your best in their exam and interview. Good
luck to you future MD! :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaDisyembre 27, 2016 nang 2:26 AM

Are there any discrimination when it comes to med school? Does graduates of
"legendaries" have higher chance of getting into good internship and residency


rhico abuemeDisyembre 28, 2016 nang 1:39 AM

Hi! I'm planning to take med too. Unfortunately, I've always been bothered with
the finances that comes in taking up med. Do i have to be really rich in order to
finance my schooling?
Mga Tugon
Hindi-nagpakilalaDisyembre 30, 2016 nang 9:46 AM

Hi po! We have same sentiments. Nagresearch po ako ng med

schools that offer quality education at the same time affordable.
One of them is PLM although you need to be a resident/manila
voter. Sabi ng family friend namin who graduated there, nanghiram
lang sya ng address sa classmate nya nung premed kasi tiga province
sya. Another one is UPCM, SLU in Baguio, AUF in Angeles, Pampanga
and med schools located in the province. Yup, mapapalayo ka sa
family but worth it naman after you graduate and earn that precious
M.D. at the end of your name.


Isabel JamitoEnero 4, 2017 nang 4:51 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


Isabel JamitoEnero 4, 2017 nang 4:56 PM

Same sentiment here! You don't need to be rich to study med

siguro, you just need to have enough money and a bulk of
determination. I am thankful to have parents that are supportive,
hindi kami mayaman pero kakayanin daw. Also you can enroll sa
cheaper schools, may scholarship diba? You have to work hard for it.
If you really want to be a doctor, there will always be a way. God
will make a way!


futureMDDisyembre 30, 2016 nang 9:35 AM

Hi! May alam po ba kayo na NMAT reviewer/practice sets na magagamit ko for

self review? Di kasi ako nakapag enroll sa review centers kasi closed na yung mga
section na pasok sa sched ko. I'm a third year medtech student and I will take
NMAT on April. Thankyou!
Mga Tugon
Hindi-nagpakilalaEnero 1, 2017 nang 10:48 PM

MSA NMAT REVIEWER SET sa national meron 1.1k


Maritess MartinezMarso 18, 2017 nang 7:28 PM

hi, pede ko po sayo ishare reviewer ko. magtatake po ako ng nmat

this march 26. sana po mapakinabangan mo padin since napakalapit
na, pero kaya pa po yan. nakapagtake ka na po ba? o this march 26
din po? ireply mo po email mo dito kung need mo pa po. goodluck!

Maritess MartinezMarso 18, 2017 nang 7:31 PM

hi, pede ko po sayo ishare reviewer ko. magtatake po ako ng nmat

this march 26. sana po mapakinabangan mo padin since napakalapit
na, pero kaya pa po yan. nakapagtake ka na po ba? o this march 26
din po? ireply mo po email mo dito kung need mo pa po. goodluck!

Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 25, 2017 nang 9:14 AM

Hi po Ms. Maritess, pwede po manghingi din ng reviewer po for

NMAT? Thank you po! :)


DoonValley International Pvt Ltd.Enero 1, 2017 nang 8:11 PM

Need to contact you, can you please send test mail through form provided us at


Hindi-nagpakilalaEnero 1, 2017 nang 10:46 PM

Hi! May question ako about sa NMAT. I'm planning to take the NMAT this oct 2017
and my question is naka indicate kasi sa website ng NMAT ang puwede lang mag
take ng Nmat is yung mga graduate and graduating student by the end of the
current school year. By Oct 2017 i'm already a 4th year pharmacy student kaso
madedelay ako ng isang taon so 2019 ako makaka graduate. Puwede parin ba ako
kumuha ng NMAT kahit hindi ako graduating by the end of the current school
year? thank you
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 10:34 AM
I advise you to follow what's in the website and take the NMAT next
year. Good luck to you :)

YohanKaei_Enero 6, 2017 nang 10:30 PM

Good Day po, I got 28 percentile in my NMAT EXAM and is planning on entering
OLFU. According to your post I need 40%, pero nung chineck ko official website
nila walang naka indicate. Pwede po pa help? Please... I'm actually getting
depressed over the matter, and lastly if you have an idea... meron bang NMAT
exam this 2017 before the first semester of the Universities in Manila? Thank you
and God Bless!
Mga Tugon

Sitti Alfaizha TingkahanEnero 11, 2017 nang 6:45 AM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


Hindi-nagpakilalaEnero 11, 2017 nang 6:46 AM

Sameee :( nadedepress na rin ako. Sa march 26 daw yung NMAT this

year. In my case, di ako makakatake kase graduation namin sa 25.
Di pa naman ako taga Manila. Helpppp :(


melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 11:37 AM

Hi guys!!! Calm down. OLFU's NMAT score is 40 but they do really
accept scores below than that. Compared to other medical schools,
they are not that too much strict. Goodluck to both of you. :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaEnero 9, 2017 nang 6:50 AM

kailan po ba ang last registration for the march-april NMAT examination?

Mga Tugon

Isabel JamitoPebrero 18, 2017 nang 12:20 AM

March 3

viaEnero 9, 2017 nang 4:46 PM

Saan po kaya mas magandang mag aral ng medtech, SLU o OLFU? Saka pakisabi
narin po yung reasons
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 11:58 AM
I don't have an idea regarding this. May the medtechs answer this
question. But all I can say is that you have a good choice! Goodluck


UnknownEnero 11, 2017 nang 6:42 AM

Hi, may cut off na po ba ang OLFU? Yun nalang talaga chance ko huhu. 37 lang
kase NMAT ko :(
And strict po ba ng OLFU sa grades nung college? Sana masagot po :)
Mga Tugon

MDorNotPebrero 11, 2017 nang 12:43 AM

Sabi po ng iba 40% daw po yung NMAT na required for OLFU. Gullas
College of Medicine 30% Lang rinerequire nila


UnknownEnero 11, 2017 nang 6:43 AM

Hi, may cut off na po ba ang OLFU? Yun nalang talaga chance ko huhu. 37 lang
kase NMAT ko :(
And strict po ba ng OLFU sa grades nung college? Sana masagot po :)
Mga Tugon
Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 7, 2017 nang 4:04 AM
hello.. natuloi ka ba ngapply sa mga med schools khit na 37 ang
nmat ??


Kathrina Andrea TobiasEnero 20, 2017 nang 7:54 AM

Hi! Can I ask if it's okay to retake some of my subjects to increase my GWA?

Hope you can answer my question. God bless po :)



Kathrina Andrea TobiasEnero 20, 2017 nang 8:16 AM

Hi! Can I ask if it's okay to retake some of my subjects to increase my GWA?

Hope you can answer my question. God bless po :)


Hindi-nagpakilalaPebrero 5, 2017 nang 11:08 PM

Hi po kuya! I am still a 3rd year college student taking up BS Biology course but
my grades in other subjects were not that good in my previous semesters. I really
want to become a doctor since doctor talaga ang gusto kahit na mababa ang
ibang grades ng subjects ko. What do you mean po kuya na GWA? Yung over-all
grade na po ba sa last year ng semester? or the computed general average from
first year first semester up to 4th year second semester? Please reply po. Thank
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 11:41 AM
Hello! I feel your sincerity to become a doctor. GWA means your
General Weighted Average. It is the grade you invest from first year
first sem until fourth year last sem. Work for it!!! May God Bless
you! :)

Hindi-nagpakilalaPebrero 18, 2017 nang 12:26 AM

I am planning to apply to medical school this coming Feb. 27, and I was
wondering where to apply ,SWU PHINMA or SWU MHAM? Idk which school is better
than the other. Help!
PS. Other schools in cebu are way too expensive for me.
Mga Tugon

DAbril 27, 2017 nang 6:29 PM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


Hindi-nagpakilalaMarso 16, 2017 nang 4:05 AM

Hello po! Ask ko po if alam nyo yung required na units ng sciences for med
schools esp. po sa UST and UE? Salamat. God bless!!
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 11:46 AM
Hi as far as I know, if you are a science (bio,chem...) or healthcare
related graduate (nursing,medtech,pharma,pt..) as long as you had
your basic sciences (bio,chem,physics) in college, it is easier for you
to be accommodated in UERM and UST unlike other med schools in
which they require number of units of a particular subject.

Hindi-nagpakilalaMarso 24, 2017 nang 5:30 AM

Hello po. PLEASE HEAR ME.. I'm still on my premed course po which is medtech
and i think my GWA is just 2.5 kasi hindi po ako nag.aral nang mabuti.. and i
think average lang po yung utak ko or i don't know.. what if i got 50% on my
NMAT. .. may tatanggap pa rin po bang school sa akin???
Mga Tugon

melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 11:53 AM
Hi! Yes may tatanggap naman sayo. But as early as now do your best
so at the end there are no regrets. You still have time. Even an
average student can excel. Focus, study, relax and learn to balance
your time. :) May kasabihan nga na talo ng masipag ang matalino
lang. Goodluck to you! Maganda medtech for med! I really
appreciate my medtech classmates especially when it comes to
experiments and laboratory. Galing nyo! :D

Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 7, 2017 nang 8:21 AM

Took the Nmnat last March 26. This time, I sat in a review class (pics review
center). Their lectures helped me in achieving a better score. If you have been
out of college for 2 or more so years, I really recommend that you review your
high school math and physics as well as chem. With the already huge number of
students wishing to pursue med, the nmat has become a more competitive exam.
Check out review materials online, and even some of the lectures in youtube.
Good luck!

Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 7, 2017 nang 10:30 AM

I got a percentile rank of 16? Did I fail the exam? Am I not eligible to enroll in a
medical school?

Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 7, 2017 nang 9:44 PM

Hi! Ask ko lang. I got a low nmat score like lower that 30. Could I still apply for
med school?
Mga Tugon
Hindi-nagpakilalaHunyo 9, 2017 nang 6:40 AM

hello, have you been accepted in any medical school? please let me
know. my nmat score is low as well. i only got 39 :(


LeiAbril 13, 2017 nang 10:52 AM

Are there really required units for some medical school? For example, you must
have at least 10-15 units in Chemistry, etc.
Hindi-nagpakilalaAbril 20, 2017 nang 4:43 AM

Hi... I took the March 2017 NMAT Exam and got lower than 30 percentile rank;
also, I got 1.8 GWA. Could I still apply at any med school with this percentile and
GWA or should I take another NMAT Exam? This really frustrates me because I
really wanted to be a doctor.
Mga Tugon
Hindi-nagpakilalaHunyo 9, 2017 nang 6:38 AM

hi, im planning to apply in olfu since they are accepting students

with lower nmat score. i only got 39. hows your application going?


Hindi nagpakilalaHunyo 13, 2017 nang 12:35 AM

Hello, I haven't been applying for any med school and not yet tried
to inquire at olfu as of now. Is that true that OLFU accepts students
with lower NMAT or they will accept you and then requires you to
take again the NMAT for reconsideration? If that's the case I'll try to
inquire and maybe apply on their med school (considering my
percentile rank and GWA)... BTW, I made up my mind on planning
to re-take the NMAT... maybe this Oct./Nov. or next year if what
the time tells...


melatonenHunyo 25, 2017 nang 11:56 AM

goodluck guys!! Keep fighting!!! :) NMAT is just a grain of sand in
becoming a doctor. Dont let it swallow your dreams!!! I wish you all
the luck and success!!! :)


Hindi nagpakilalaHunyo 13, 2017 nang 12:32 AM

Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.


Hindi-nagpakilalaHunyo 26, 2017 nang 10:00 AM

hello sir :) I'm an incoming 3rd year medtech student. Is it advisable na po ba to

take NMAT this October? or dapat sa 4th year na ? Halos lahat ng blockmatesko po
kasi nag enroll na sa review centers. Nakakapressure lang po kasi on my part kasi
di pa ako nag aaral :) Thanks po for answering. Good luck future MD

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