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394 CHAPTER 12

NURSING CARE PLAN The Child Needing Immunizations


1. Risk for infection related to incomplete immunization series.

NIC Priority Intervention: NOC Suggested Outcome: Risk

Immunization Administration: Control: Actions to eliminate or
Provision of immunizations for reduce actual, personal, and
prevention of communicable disease. modifiable health threats.

The child will become adequately Review the childs immunization Assessment identifies the children The child is adequately protected
protected from disease-preventable record for needed vaccines at each who have missed needed from vaccine-preventable illnesses.
illnesses. health care visit. immunizations.
Identify all due vaccines that can be Many vaccines can be given at the
provided simultaneously. same visit to more adequately
protect the child. This also saves
health care trips for families.
Identify potential contraindications Reduces the risk for the child and
to needed vaccines. Review past other caretakers to have adverse
reactions to vaccines. reactions to vaccines.

2. Knowledge deficit (parent) related to potential side effects of vaccines.

NIC Priority Intervention: Teaching, NOC Suggested Outcome:

Prescribed vaccines: Preparing a Knowledge: Vaccine reactions and
patient to safely take prescribed comfort measures: Extent of
vaccines and monitor their effects. understanding conveyed about
treatment regimen.

Parents will sign consent for Educate the parents about the need Informed consent is required for all The parent(s) complete(s) consent
vaccines to be given. for specific vaccines and the risk if treatments. form, which is placed in the childs
not given. Obtain signed consent file.
before giving vaccines.
Parents will state the side effects of Review past reactions to vaccines Parents should expect common Parents report all serious side effects
vaccines given. and describe common potential reactions and know they indicate to the health care provider.
reactions and why they occur. the childs body is building
protection to the illness.
Parents will manage common side Describe serious side effects that Parents need to be prepared for The child is given comfort measures
effects of vaccines. should be reported to health care potential serious side effects so they after vaccine administration.
provider. can obtain care.

Give immunizations quickly and
efficiently. Do not prolong the wait and
let fear grow. The child will be anxious,
especially if more than one injection
must be given.