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p. 4 Grammar: Present tenses
p. 5 Grammar: Past
p. 6 Grammar: Conditionals; wish
review tenses review and if only
Vocabulary: Food Vocabulary: Sport Vocabulary: Family; People

1 Vocabulary Grammar Listening

Do your best
pp. 1213 Education; Collocations; p. 14 Present and past p. 15 Memory
Phrasal verbs; Synonyms personality habits Exam Focus: Multiple matching
adjectives Pronunciation: Sounds and
Reading: What kind of student are spelling vowels
you? questionnaire Vocabulary: Word families verbs
ending in -ise

pp. 2627 Family, celebrations p. 28 Past Perfect Simple p. 29 A talk by a neuroscientist

2 and religious ceremonies; and Continuous Exam Focus: Sentence completion
Compound nouns; Verb-noun Pronunciation: Sounds and
It takes all sorts collocations; Common phrases spelling consonants
Reading: Coming-of-age Vocabulary: Dependent
ceremonies prepositions

pp. 4041 Landscapes p. 42 Future forms p. 43 Places to live

3 and cityscapes; Dependent Exam Focus: Multiple choice
prepositions; Adjective-noun Pronunciation: Sentence stress
A place to live collocations; Useful phrases to future question forms
describe cities Vocabulary: Word families
Reading: The Youthful Cities Index adjectives ending in -able

pp. 5455 Shopping and money; p. 56 Question tags and p. 57 Market trading
4 Shops; Phrasal verbs; Money idioms; reply questions Exam Focus: Multiple choice
Collocations buying and selling Pronunciation: Long and short
The cost of living Reading: Cool places to hang out vowel sounds
in town Vocabulary: Collocations

pp. 6869 Employment; Job titles; p. 70 Reported speech p. 71 The future of work
5 Phrasal verbs; Collocations; Word Exam Focus: Multiple matching
families Pronunciation: Word pairs nouns
The world at your feet Reading: The return of the Best and verbs; Word stress
Job in the World! Vocabulary: Adjectives to describe

6 pp. 8283 Truth and falsehood;

Adjectives to describe people;
p. 84 Conditional clauses
alternatives to if
p. 85 A street artist
Exam Focus: Sentence completion
Phrases with take; Compound Pronunciation: Word stress
True or false? adjectives in four-syllable words
Reading: Why cant you believe Vocabulary: Word families
everything you see in the media?

pp. 9697 Using computers; p. 98 Advanced passive p. 99 Problems with technology

7 Collocations to do with Internet forms Exam Focus: Multiple choice
use; Health issues; Collocations in Pronunciation: Word stress in
Log on set phrases word families
Reading: Technology: danger or Vocabulary: Electronic
useful tool? communication

pp. 110111 The natural world; p. 112 Unreal past and p. 113 Intelligent animals
8 Pollution; Land and water; Hazards regrets wish, if only, its Exam Focus: Multiple choice
and pollutants; Compound nouns time and would rather Pronunciation: Vowel and
Around the globe Reading: A young consonant minimal pairs
environmentalist Vocabulary: Collocations

Focus review pp. 2425 Unit 1 pp. 3839 Unit 2 pp. 5253 Unit 3 pp. 6667 Unit 4 pp. 8081 Unit 5 pp. 9495 Unit 6

pp. 124141 Grammar focus p. 142 Irregular verbs

WORD STORE pp. 217 Use of English practice and word stores pp. 1821 Prepositions pp. 2021 Phrasal verbs

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p.7 Grammar: Modal p.8 Grammar: Reported p.9 Grammar: Articles p.10 Grammar: p.11 Grammar: The
verbs for speculation Speech Vocabulary: Culture; Comparative structures Passive; have sth done
Vocabulary: Science Vocabulary: Advertising The arts Vocabulary: Adjectives Vocabulary: Politics;
and adverbs Society

Reading Grammar Speaking Writing in Focus
pp.1617 Experiments p.18 Verb patterns p.19 Describing pp.2021 A report p.22 -ing forms
in education photos; Speculating Language Focus:
Exam Focus: Gapped Describing someones
text qualities

pp. 3031 Two texts p. 32 Relative clauses p. 33 Telling a personal pp. 3435 An article p. 36 Collocations
about mysterious events anecdote Language Focus:
Exam Focus: Multiple Semi-formal style
Vocabulary: Word

pp. 4445 The p. 46 Quantifiers p. 47 Organising pp. 4849 A for and p. 50 Determiners
International Space a place to live; against essay special cases
Station Suggesting, agreeing Language Focus:
Vocabulary: to and objecting to Expressing concession
Prepositions at, on, in a course of action

pp. 5859 Jeans p. 60 Present and past p. 61 Making and pp. 6263 A formal p. 64 Modality
Exam Focus: Multiple modal structures justifying choices; email (describing an alternative structures
matching Evaluating options incident and making
Vocabulary: Word a complaint)
families Language Focus:
Expressing cause and
pp. 7273 A text about p. 74 Reporting verbs p. 75 Problem solving; pp. 7677 An article p. 78 Phrasal verbs
men and womens roles Expressing annoyance Language Focus:
Exam Focus: Multiple Range of adjectives
Vocabulary: Linking

pp. 8687 An imposter p. 88 Mixed p. 89 Ethical issues; pp. 9091 An opinion p. 92 Word families
Exam Focus: Gapped conditionals Expressing tentative essay suffixes
text opinions and adding Language Focus:
Vocabulary: Phrasal comments Expressing contrast

pp. 100101 Wearable p. 102 Passive reporting p. 103 Clarification pp. 104105 A for and p. 106 Easily confused
technology structures against essay words
Exam Focus: Multiple Language Focus:
choice Introducing reasons in
Vocabulary: What the formal writing
body does

pp. 114115 p. 116 Emphasis cleft p. 117 Giving pp. 118119 A review p. 120 Word families
Summaries of films sentences and inversion a presentation Language Focus: prefixes and suffixes
about amazing journeys Describing the location
Exam Focus: Multiple of a place
Vocabulary: Word

pp. 108109 Unit 7 pp. 122123 Unit 8

pp.2324 Additional speaking tasks p.25 Key to phonetic symbols

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