safety and performance design. Basic requirements: ●Do not disassemble the equipment by you. Part1. ●Without authority. Before the assembly of the wind generator or in the process of maintenance. ●please obey local laws and regulations when using this product Assembling requirements: 1. please read carefully the safety warning and attention and strictly follow the instructions. Please do not forget to read the “User Installation Manual” before installing of the products. please be sure to read the users manual first. it is advised to short circuit the three leads of the wind turbines (the exposed copper parts should be screwed together). Safety Warning and Attentions : For correct installation and use of this equipment. 2 . Please don’t install the wind turbines in rainy days or when the wind scale is at Level 3 or above.Distinguished Users: We are very glad that you choose our company's products and feel sure that you will find the convenience that our products bring to you and the joy of promoting the policy of “low carbon and environmental protection”. Please contact the specified maintenance department when the equipment is out of order. no company or individual are allowed to change the equipment structure. 2. 3. After opening the package.

You can arrange the facilities according to national standards. Table 1 is for reference. 8. or you may arrange them according to the local environment and soil condition. 5. Then screw the three exposed leads (shot circuit) together. every pair of wires should be no less than 40mm in length and be wrapped with Acetate cloth tape for three layers.4. connect the three pairs of wires (attention: the joint of the wires can’t bear the weight of the tower leads directly. so wires 100mm downward from the joint should be wrapped with adhesive tape and then stuffed into the steel pipe. all the parts should be fastened with fasteners 6. then sheathed with spun glass paint tube. Attention: Battery should be connected with controller before wind turbine connected with controller 3 . After that. When using the hinge method. the end (which should be connected with controller) of the tower lead should be cut away the insulating layer for 20mm or so. Only after all the installation and the examination is finished and the security of the erection crew is guaranteed. Before hoisting the wind turbines. 7. With this method. it is prohibited to revolve the rotor blades roughly (the ends of wind turbine leads or the tower leads are short-circuited at this moment). Before the connection between the wind turbine flange and the tower flange. Before the installation of the wind turbine. When assembling the Wind turbine. please connect the three leads of the wind turbine to the three leads of the tower accordingly. wind turbine flange and tower flange can be connected. lightning grounding must be prepared. During the installation. it is allowed to dismantle short circuited leads and then connect with controller and battery before running.

the blades have such advantages: high utilization of wind energy which contributes to the annual energy output. maintenance and repair. we are sorry that any problem or failure resulted are not to be covered by warranty.the generators. Meanwhile. Low start up speed.If above stated instruction are not followed when assembling and installing the wind turbines. Human friendly design.0 Start up wind speed(m/s) 3 Rated wind speed(m/s) 10 Survival wind speed(m/s) 50 TOP NG(kg) 28KG Body material Casting aluminum Blades material Reinforced glass fiber generator Three phase ac permanent magnet generator Blades number 3 protection Electronic magnet/mechanic furling lubrication Lubrication grease 4 . low vibration 2. easy installation. Part2. efficiently decrease resistance torque. high wind energy utilization. 4. adopting patented permanent magnet rotor alternator,with a special kind of stator design. it makes the wind turbines match the generators quite well and increase its reliability. beautiful appearance. Precise injection molding blades together with the optimized design of aerodynamic contour and structure. WKH-1000 Rated power(W) 1000W Rated voltage(V) 24V/48V Wheel diameter(m) 2. Product Description 1. 3.

reduce weight of the generator set. inverter. generator set( generator and swivel). high lift-drag ratio. a close compact structure which enhances toughness. Reinforced glass fiber blades.tail. and thus make it rotate more easily and safely.battery bank. Laminar flow type. die casting . ●Controller converts ac current produced by wind turbine to be dc current to charge battery ●Battery. ●Generator and swivel are designed in a complete body. The Wind Turbine Installation Steps 5 . ●Wind wheel: 3 blades wheel.tail furls to protect wind turbine in strong wind. to store the power from wind turbine ●inverter:to covert dc power from battery to power for family load 4. strong toughness and perfect dynamic nature.1 Wind turbine Structure Part 4. controller. spined with generator. good performance.Working temperature -30℃-50℃ Tower type Guyed tower Part 3 Product Structure and Features The wind turbine consist of wind wheel. ●Tail. guyed tower.

Connection between flange and tower Connect cable respectively with three lines at the bottom of the head. Fasten with three pieces of socket screws (M10x50mm) and tighten with nuts. which requires punching after installation by customers. According to the screw hole on flange set. so the tower we provide has no punching) 2.2 Wind turbine installation 1. and ensure that the upper end of the pole arrive to the flange set. then pierce cable from the center of tower and short-circuit three cables of wind generator. Connection between flange set and tower Put flange set into the top of 60mm diameter’s tower. (Flange set is closely marched with tower. 6 .4. drill 3 holes of 12 mm diameter on the pole with drilling machine.

Fasten flange and tower with 4 pieces of inner hex bolts 3、Installation of tail Firstly. insert 2、3、4、5、6 into1 (tail rudder) according to the following pictures 7 .

then tighten. 4、Install blade flange onto generator axes. Install the back nose cone. and tighten with fixing screw.Fix moveable joint and rotary set. 8 .

5、Fix blades on positioning plate and 6、Fix flange onto generator axes with fix each blade with 3 pieces of bolts nuts (M12mm). and fix the nuts ( M12x25mm) with wrench. 9 . then clockwise rotating blades till blades flange and generator axes are screw down. 7、Fix nose cone at the front of wind generator with screw(M6x60mm).

The controller should be placed in dry. connect the positive electrode of the first battery to the negative electrode of the second batteries. install fuse on the positive terminals of batteries and keep the cables between controller and batteries within 3m to avoid possible electronic magnet interference. The battery should be placed in a dry. inverter shell should be kept grounded and more than 1. 3. 2. Lubricate all the terminals with grease or other anti-corrosion materials. same is to be followed with other batteries. 10 .5 meters away from the batteries to avoid acid gas pollution.4 Connection of controller and inverter 1. 4. Battery installation and connection 1.3. a wood stand is suggested to hold batteries. controller and inverters. ventilated place. Connect batteries in series. moisture and dust-proofed.8、Educe cable connected to the controller on the terminal 9、Size chart of flange 4. well ventilated place.

5. if anything amiss.check whether the tower shaking.wind turbine is generally worked in windy areas. Connect the three wires of wind turbine correspondingly with the wind turbine terminals on the controller. Maintenance and Attentions 1.nuts. If inspection needs to be done on the tower. 3. fasten bolts. 11 . make sure wind turbine have been short circuited and protection measures taken before and election climb up. it is advised to lay down slowly wind turbine to do inspection or repair. if anything amiss. It is prohibited to run the wind turbine without load to avoid blades damage when high speed rotation Part 5. Please be noted that the input voltage of inverter should equate with the batteries voltage in series. please solve it immediately 2. please check it 3 months after installation. Please check wind turbine right before or after storm. lasso loose. The free maintenance batteries should be kept externally clear. 4.2. The positive terminal of battery indicator on the controller should be connected with the positive electrode of last battery and negative terminal with negative electrode on the first battery 3.

Do not disassemble the equipment by yourself. the problems resulted from irregular maintain-ance or without maintain-ance are not to be covered by the warranty 2. in such case cost to be charged when repair at our designated shop. Please contact sales department when the equipment is out of order. User information table: Sales company: Purchase company: Purchase time: Contact person: 12 . The documents are as a product warranty certificate. Quality Guarantee 1.The company guarantees customers that generator is of excellent quality. please keep it properly. 2.rigorously checked before delivery. Part6. 3.4. the body is complete.The wind turbine should be maintained by professional person regularly. 4. Packing list Serial item qty packing 1 800w generator 1 2 hub 1 3 Blades 3 Carton Box 4 dome 1 5 Tail board 1 6 Tail rod 1 7 Bolt and Nuts Several Part7.function is good. We offer maintain-ance and repair then products warranty expires at cost.We provide 1 year's warranty for wind generator since the date of sale,damages occurred in the following situation:dismantle optionally by yourself or seriously violate operation (not according to instructions use) are not covered by warranty.

wind 2nd time 6months generator and tower. check the tail 3rd time 1 year spin and connectors . accessories 6th time months 13 . see if loose or any damage. check and see if 5th time 3 year anything amiss on the wind generator and 3 year and 6 tower.see if any th 4 time 2 year friction damages. Maintenance Records-table Time after maintenance Items SMT rework Date installation First time 3 months Check blades and main shaft bolt. SBBH: Contact: Model: Zip code: Maintenance records: Date Maintenance species Summary SMT rework Part 8.

and records remade again. 7th time 4 year 4 year and 6 8th time months 9th time 5 year 5 year and 6 10th time months 11th time 6 year 6 year and 6 12th time months 13th time 7 year 7 year and 6 14th time months 15th time 8 year 8 year and 6 16th time month 17th time 9 year 9 year and 6 18th time months 19th time 10 year A whole complete inspection and repair should be made. 14 .

15 .