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August 13, 2010
Volume 2, No. 10
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Julia Roberts Bobby-Mugdha Road to financial
becomes Hindu sizzle in Help independence

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 1

New Zealand

Smitten by NZ, Gurinder wants to make a movie here

saw “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” di-
Arvind Kumar rected by Aditya Chopra.
Celebrated British filmmaker Gurinder She rated Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor
Chadha is keen to make a movie in pictur- and Ranbir Kapoor as “a new breed of
esque New Zealand and all she needs is a actors” who injected a lot of zest into their
good script to get her started. movies.
“I just loved New Zealand when I visited One of her favourite films is “Kaminey”
last; it is one of the most beautiful countries directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, whose work
I have visited,” the maker of the hit movie she has great respect for, although Mani
“Bend It Like Beckham” told the Indian Ratnam is her favourite director.
Weekender this week. Chadha said her latest offering “It’s A
“I have heard of some wonderful movies Wonderful Afterlife” had been well re-
being made in New Zealand and would love ceived among the Indian and non-Indian
to make a movie there. Just give me a good audiences.
script.” “I often get stopped by people in the
Chadha, whose other best known movie streets to tell me how much they loved the
“Bride and Prejudice” was also a super hit, movie; some didn’t like the ghosts but then
was talking to Indian Weekender prior to no one had been expecting Punjabi ghosts.
the release of her latest movie “It’s A Won- “It’s a movie of a new genre; in years
derful Afterlife”, which hits New Zealand to come, people will come back to it and
cinemas on August 26. appreciate it as much as they do it today.”
On her latest release, Chadha said they At the heart of Chadha’s latest movie
had lots of fun making the romantic killer lies a love story of Roopi Sethi, which
comedy. actress Goldy Notay brings her to life on
“We had lots of fun; I’ve always tried screen. Roopi’s in a bit of lacklustre stage
to do something different and push the of her life.
boundaries. I don’t think they’ve ever made Her father passed away recently and had
a movie of Punjabi ghosts,” laughs Chadha. a relationship that was sabotaged by her ex-
“Also, the leading ladies – Shabana boyfriend. And she has a very determined
Azmi and Goldy Notay – are mum and mum, who wants to find her a suitable
daughter; they carry the movie well.” match, because Roopi thinks she’s not going
Chadha, who was born in Kenya and to have that happily ever after ending, and
brought up in Britain, said she hadn’t never no knight in shining armour moment that a
really liked Bollywood movies until she lot of women want to experience.

2 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |

New Zealand
But her mum thinks that’s not an option and
poor Roopi follows whatever crazy idea her
mum has, whether it’s speed dating, or going
to the Sikh temple to try and meet someone.
To tackle the role, Notay had to pile on the
pounds. “I’d seen Goldy on stage, and on TV,
and she’s very good at comedy and very empa-
thetic” explains Chadha. “She’s got a chubby
face, but her body is really svelte-like, and
she looked really pretty and svelte when I met
her for the movie. In fact, I was really worried
that it wouldn’t work. I had to ask her to look
less presentable. So she put on weight, wore
bad clothes, kept her hair unkempt”.
Chadha laughs. “Goldy’s husband loved it.
He’s an Italian chef and for the first time in
their married life she was eating all his pasta
and food and not moaning. And of course she
got an enormous bust, which he loved.” The
writer-director goes on to note that Roopi’s
size is an important factor in the film. “You
just have to look all those magazines, and
all these poor girls with eating disorders, to
see how unacceptable it is for someone to be triple stomach — and she loved it, because
overweight. That’s true for all girls. It was she’s usually so glamorous. I didn’t need to
therefore important to have a love story with give her any padding.”
a girl who doesn’t necessarily lose weight in “Bend It Like Beckham” was the highest
the movie. As the story progresses Roopi just grossing British-financed, British-distributed
gets healthier.” film, ever in the UK box-office. The award-
To play Roopi’s mother, the inimitable Mrs
Sethi, Chadha turned to a woman she describes
winning film was a critical and commercial
success internationally, topping the box-office
Next: An Historic Epic
as “the Meryl Streep of India”, Shabana Azmi, charts in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand,
a superstar in her own country, and a veteran Switzerland and South Africa, and winning Gurinder Chadha says her next project
of more than a hundred films. audience favourite film awards at the Locarno, would focus on a completely different Born in Kenya and brought up in Brit-
“Shabana is in her 50s but is eye-catching- Sydney and Toronto film festivals. direction from her past movies. ain, Chadha’s family was from Rawal-
ly beautiful. She has played every role imag- Chadha’s advice to budding filmmakers in pindi (then India) and later moved to
inable but she’s never played a British Asian New Zealand: “Go for it. Make sure you have This time she is working on an his- Kenya.
mother, a Punjabi mother, and she was really a good story that has legs; something that will torical epic leading to India’s Indepen-
excited,” says Chadha. survive 90 minutes and keep people interest- dence from British rule. Chadha said they were working on a
“She read the script and said, ‘I’m going ed; then you’ve got it made.” script and an impressive international
to put on weight, too.’ And blimey, I wasn’t Her own roots, in Jalandar, Rawalpindi, cast was being prepared.
expecting her to put on that much weight. She Read about the movie on Page 24 were the inspiration behind the project,
really wanted to get that ‘three stomachs syn- Chadha told the Indian Weekender. Watch this space.
drome’ that a lot of older Indian women have.
And she achieved that — she had a glorious


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Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 3

New Zealand
India Pacifica: India shows intent of Pacific engagement
Dev Nadkarni at the Pacific Islands Forum summit in Port Vila, Vanuatu
The Pacific Islands Forum summit is one of the
most important annual events in the Oceania po-
litical calendar, where the leaders of 16 Pacific
countries including New Zealand and Australia
get together to deliberate issues concerning the
This year’s venue was Port Vila, Vanuatu.
Prime Minister John Key headed the New
Zealand delegation with Foreign Affairs Minister
Murray McCully also present during the two-day
Of the many issues that cropped up during
the summit was the contentious one of Fiji and
the decided that the country would continue to
remain suspended from the Forum grouping until
a democratic government would be elected, as re-
quired by the principles of the Forum as agreed to
by all signatory member nations. Fiji was absent
from the summit for the second year running.
But an important development from New
Zealand’s side was about letting Fiji officially
take part in Pacer Plus regional free trade talks
– something that had been held in abeyance
over two years. Prime Minister Key told Indian
Weekender during a discussion aboard the New
Zealand Air Force Boeing during the return flight
to Auckland that this development was achieved
because of New Zealand’s initiative.
Senior official of the European Union, Chris-
tian Lefflel also told Indian Weekender that en-
gaging with Fiji was important despite the overall
ban on new aid flows into the country. “We need
to talk continuously, there is no question of
turning our backs,” he said.
Increased global presence
Over the years the Forum summits have seen
a steady rise in the level of participation of coun-
tries from all parts of the world, reflecting the
growing geopolitical importance of the Pacific

at PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM SUMMIT: (Top) Second from left Indian High Commissioner in Australia Sujata Singh, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Preneet Kaur, Exter-
nal Affairs officials Arun Kumar Goel and K.A.P. Sinha (Above) Senior UN official Minar Pimple, Preneet Kaur and Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma
region. It is the world’s largest single region cov- engagement in other Pacific Island nations has significant progress in small-scale projects in Pacific region on developing countries’ progress
ering a third of the earth’s surface and one that been lacking. But in Fiji, India has a looming sustainability and harnessing renewable energy on the achievement of the Millennium Develop-
has been relatively unexplored for its natural re- presence with the Bank of Baroda and insurance – activities that the island nations were greatly ment Goals, which aim to halve poverty in these
sources. giants like the Life Insurance Corporation and interested in. nations by 2015. The programmes also aim to
Recent changes in the United Nations’ Law of New India Assurance besides a number of newer India and Indians at Port Vila eradicate illiteracy, improve maternal and child
the Sea has greatly helped enhance continental Indian businesses taking root around the country. Other than the official Indian delegation there care and provide drinking water, sanitation and
shelf boundaries of island nations bringing vast India was keen to scale up its engagement in were also other high profile Indians present. shelter to all.
swathes of the Pacific Ocean into their sovereign the Pacific, Preneet Kaur, Minister of State for These included the Commonwealth Secretary Many Pacific Island countries were lagging
territorial borders, giving them rights for com- Foreign Affairs of the Government of India, told General Kamalesh Sharma who came to attend behind in their achievement and needed a boost,
mercial exploitation of the resources in the sea as Indian Weekender hours before attending bilat- the Forum summit all the way from the Com- Mr Pimple said.
well as beneath the sea floor. eral meetings with several Pacific Island nations. monwealth headquarters in London. By all accounts, India seems set to step up
As a result a number of island nations have The minister also attended the post Forum Mr Sharma said he was happy to see the its Pacific initiative in the years to come and it is
joined hands with countries and corporations dialogue with several ministry officials includ- felling of brotherhood among Commonwealth quite probable that India will send an even bigger
from around the world to explore the possibilities ing Arun Kumar Goel (Joint Secretary South), nations and the willingness to co-operate to delegation to attend next year’s Pacific Island
of extracting these natural resources. Ministry of External Affairs and K. A. P. Sinha, tackle common problems that affected the bulk Forum summit that will be hosted in Auckland
The Pacific is also a region of great strategic Private Secretary of the Minister of Extarnal of humanity including climate change. just before New Zealand’s biggest ever event, the
geopolitical importance given its size and there Affairs. The Indian High Commissioner to Aus- He was looking forward to the Common- Rugby World Cup.
has long been a race to make inroads into the tralia, Mrs Sujata Singh, was also present. The wealth Games in India, he said, which indeed --
area by many of the world’s superpowers includ- post Forum dialogue has in recent years become was another occasion to cement the ties between Indian Weekender and editor-in-chief Dev
ing China, Japan, France and the United States an important event because of the sheer depth and the Commonwealth league of nations. Mr Nadkarni would like to acknowledge the support
besides long standing relationships between the scope of the discussions between Pacific Island Sharma also spent time conversing with the of- of the Pacific Cooperation Foundation in the
islands and New Zealand and Australia. nations, funding agencies and far flung countries ficial Indian ministerial delegation. development of this article through its media
The latest superpower to join the fray is India wishing to participate with the Pacific region. Another Indian who was at meetings that assistance programme in covering the Pacific
and going by the strong Indian presence at this India had much to offer the Pacific region, were held on the fringe of the Forum summit was Island Forum summit in Vanuatu. PCF is a not-
year’s summit, it appears that India has realised Indian delegation members said. Being a de- Minar Pimple, the Regional Director for Asia and for-profit organisation focused on improving the
the importance of engaging in the Pacific. veloping nation that has to contend with many Pacific for the United Nations Millennium Cam- economic and social development of the Pacific.
Though India has had a long relationship challenges, the problems that India has had to paign. For more information please visit
with the Pacific especially through its ties with deal with are similar to those faced by many of Based in Bangkok, Mr Pimple (pronounced nz
Fiji where the links go back nearly 150 years, its the developing island nations. India had made Pimpley) oversees the progress in the Asia

4 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |

New Zealand

Hundreds of local
residents go missing
Hundreds of local residents have been lost from the electoral roll, losing their right to
vote at the upcoming local council and District Health Board elections at the same

“We’re concerned about the number of people who we have had to remove from the
electoral rolls in the past month,” says Anna Kulkarni, Registrar of Electors.

“So far 54,133 people throughout New zealand who were enrolled in the past, are
not enrolled any longer because they failed to update their enrolment details when
they moved house.

“These people are missing and we need to find them in the next two weeks or they
will miss out on getting their voting papers for local elections sent to them in the
mail,” says Anna Kulkarni.

By law when enrolment update packs sent out in the mail are returned as undeliver-
able, the people must be deleted from the electoral roll.

“We want to ensure as many people as possible have the right to vote, and that
means being enrolled.

“But every time someone moves house or flat they need to update their address de-
tails with us. It’s a simple step that guarantees you are ready to vote whenever there
is an election or referendum.”

The Registrar of Electors is urging anyone who has moved house to get enrolled to-
day, or anyone with family or friends who have moved to make sure they know they
need to enrol or check their enrolment details.

Enrolling is easy. Enrolment forms are available from the elections website www., by free texting your name and address to 3676, from any PostShop
or by calling 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56). You can also check your details
and enrol online at the website.

“Time is quickly running out to enrol to vote for this year’s elections. Do it now so
you don’t miss out.”

Indian Ozzie youngest

Green Globe awardee
Sydney: Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, Frank Sartor announced
Deepa Gupta, as the youngest ever recipient of the Green Globe Individual Sustainability
Champion Award at last night’s 2010 ceremony at NSW Parliament House.
“At only 26, Deepa is co-founder of the Indian Youth Climate Network,” Mr Sartor said.
“The Green Globe Premier’s Award for Sustainability for the Sydney Theatre Company’s
Greening the Wharf project, was accepted by Cate Blanchett and Andrew Upton.
“The Green Globe Awards have been running for 11 years.

“To win a Green Globe, you must demonstrate extraordinary environmental achievement.

“This year, we have seen that from our youngest ever Sustainability Champion and an
impressive line up of NSW businesses and organisations that are truly leading edge.”
Ms Gupta’s work to engage young people on climate change action is having wide- reach-
ing impacts both here and overseas.

Her work in the Indian Youth Climate Network has involved her training and speaking to
more than 100,000 young people about climate change over the past year.
She has worked on many projects including the Climate Solutions Road Tour, the Global
South Youth to COP15 project and the Global day of fasting for Climate Justice.
Currently studying business at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Ms Gupta is
active in the UTS “Flick my switch” campaign to make it Australia’s first major institution to
be powered 100% by renewable energy.

Sydney Theatre Company’s project reflects Cate and Andrew’s personal commitment to
making the Company a world leader in the arts for environmental management.
The Greening the Wharf project aims to transform the Walsh Bay Arts Precinct into a
green technology showcase.

Through a range of water, waste, energy and sustainability initiatives, it will save 37.5
million litres of water and 5,000MWh of electricity and generate 10,350 MWh of power via
solar PV.

The NSW Government’s Green Globe Awards began in 1999. These awards help meet the
NSW State Plan to increase waste recycling, save 4,000 GWh of annual electricity con-
sumption by 2014, increase water recycling to 70 billion litres of water per year and save
145 billion litres of water per year by 2015.

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 5

Vodafone launches ‘Stumpy’ is ICC Cric
solar-powered phone World Cup mascot
Colombo: With 200 days to go before the “This trophy has been eluding us for the
first ball is bowled in the ICC Cricket World past 27 years and I think we have a very
Cup 2011, the event mascot’s name was un- good chance at home to break the drought.”
veiled in a simple but impressive ceremony Sri Lanka captain Kumar Sangakkara
at P. Saravanamuttu Stadium in Colombo on said winning the Cricket World Cup was his
Monday ahead of the third Test between Sri childhood dream.
Lanka and India. “The Cricket World Cup is the apex of all

Mumbai: Vodafone Essar, one of India’s leading less and doing their bit for the environment.”
cellular services providers, on Thursday an- VF 247 solar powered phone charges by
nounced the launch of its latest generation eco- itself, by exposure to ambient light. Sun Boost,
friendly solar charging handset in India. the special inbuilt hardware and software
The new handset uses a solar powered solu- ensures that the phone charges also in a room,
tion to benefit users in areas with adequate sun- under normal daylight.
light. Marten Pieters, MD and CEO, Vodafone
 UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Essar Ltd, said:  “Vodafone’s solar powered
Osborne MP and Marten Pieters, MD and CEO, phone is launched for people residing in areas
Vodafone Essar Ltd., launched the VF 247 Solar where electric supply is unstable, so that con-
Powered phone at the Vodafone store in Fort, sumers can rely on solar charging to remain
Mumbai. connected. This launch is likely to enable more
 The launch of VF 247 solar powered phone people in rural India to go mobile and thus in-
is in keeping with Vodafone’s aim to increase crease penetration from the current 20%. We
mobile technology accessibility for millions in will continue to invest to uplift the quality of
India. telecom services and products in India.” 
 With an extended solar powered battery, the Vodafone’s rural network coverage of 65%
solar powered phone addresses the problem of is the second highest in India. It also has the
unstable electricity supply in many rural areas. second largest rural subscriber base in the
  Speaking on the launch,  UK’s Chancel- country.
lor of the Exchequer  Rt Hon George Osborne The VF 247 solar powered phone comes
MP said, “I’m very pleased to help launch Voda- with essential mobile phone features such as
fone’s new solar powered handset. It’s the new FM radio, color screen and a powerful torch
UK-India economic partnership in action. The light and will be commercially available shortly.
handset will get more people connected, paying

The mascot, an elephant, has been the cricketing competitions. It is the one that
named ‘Stumpy’ after an online selection all teams and players want to win. I was very
process that drew proposals from thousands fortunate to watch Sri Lanka win the tourna-
of cricket fans around the world. The lucky ment in 1996 and it has been my ambition
winner will receive a cricket bat signed by to win the Cricket World Cup ever since I
the all-star quartet of India’s Mahendra started playing cricket,” he said.
Singh Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar and Sri “The World Cup means everything to us.
Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela It is the one point of the cricketing calendar
Jayawardena, all of whom attended the everyone looks forward to and wants to win
launch to express their excitement about the it. We just have to make sure that we under-
flagship event.  stand how privileged we are to be in that po-
ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat said: sition and carry the hopes and aspirations of
“This is another milestone in the build-up to so many people.”
our flagship event and it’s great to see the India’s iconic batsman Sachin Tendulkar
game’s best players like Mahendra, Kumar, can’t wait for the action to begin. He said:
Sachin and Mahela looking forward to the “The Cricket World Cup is the ultimate
ICC Cricket World Cup with such enthusi- limited overs competition for a cricketer
asm. as it happens only once in four years. The
“As the excitement builds over the entire cricketing fraternity eagerly waits for
coming 200 days, we will see Stumpy this event and when it starts, everyone gets
throughout the cricket world, promoting deeply involved.
the event and generating enthusiasm. I’m “It’s a completely different feeling to be
grateful to the thousands of cricket fans who part of a Cricket World Cup where the atmo-
showed their passion for our Great Sport sphere and the buzz is very special and to be
Ardmore 51 Heard Road and took part in the naming competition. I staged in the sub-continent for the first time
encourage all fans to start making plans to in 15 years is a magnificent feeling.”
Overseas Commitment – Must Sell! attend a spectacular event.” ICC CWC 2011 Tournament Director
5 Bedrooms +1 Bedroom self contain Granny Flat
With matches to be hosted in Bangla- Prof Shetty was in Colombo for the launch.
Land 10,090m2 Life Style Block. desh, India and Sri Lanka, India captain Ma- He said that, 200 days out from the opening
hendra Singh Dhoni is expecting the World match, plans in all three host countries were
For Sale
Architecturally designed 377m² FAMILY HOME & INCOME provides the
ultimate lifestyle. This executive home offers (including granny flat) 6 large Cup on home soil to be a career highlight. on track: “The preparations for the ICC
Bedrooms and 3 Bathrooms.
$1,395,000 He said: “It can’t get any bigger than the Cricket World Cup 2011 are on course and
A beautiful granite kitchen fully equipped with Boshes, Italian tile, under
floor heating, moisture master system, pop up electrical towers, secure
View Strictly by appointment ICC Cricket World Cup in which the best of I’m happy with the progress we have been
electric gate entry etc. EXCUTILV208 the best enter with just one objective – to making.
The spaces flow magically, effortlessly from room to room indoor to Zarn Ha 262 6788 2010 take home the Cup that counts. “Obviously, the readiness of the stadia
outdoor entertainment area that can easily entertain over 100 guests. mobile 021 892 500 “It’s not only my dream to be a Cricket is one of the key factors. The construction
The one bedroom guest house/flat is very spacious and private from the Ravi Singh 262 6733
EXCUTILV208 World Cup winner but it’s the wish of every work is going ahead at a brisk pace which
main house.
This impressive north facing home is created with virtually no expense
mobile 021 744 843
member of team India to put his hand on makes me confident that all the stadia will
spared. Vendor is very motivated to sell.
Manukau Office 09 261 2555 the Cricket World Cup trophy.  We’ll work be ready by the end of this year.”
Don Ha Real Estate Ltd Licensed (REAA 2008)
as hard as possible to turn our dreams into Stumpy was represented by a real life el-
reality. ephant at the launch in Colombo.

Manukau - 261 2555

6 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 7

India Briefs
Committee announced Aug 4, the company said the Committee
is in the process of formulating criteria
Wi-Fi distribution in coaches was tried
on experimental basis and was found to
Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan
as he stumbled upon 3 lakh followers on
for Tata successor for identifying the ‘most suitable’ candi- be technically feasible, the minister said. his ‘Twitter’ account on Monday. “T76
  date taking into account the global na- A pilot project for internet facility in three -AND !! Tweeter People of the Tweet
Mumbai: Tata Sons, promoter of the $71 ture and complexity of the Group’s busi- rakes of Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express World, Thawank Tyou Tfor Tgetting Tme
billion Tata Group, on Friday announced ness at the present time. “It is expected has been considered and has been in- Tto 3 Tlakhs Twfollowlers !! Twouched
the names of committee members, who that the final selection would be made in cluded in the Railway Budget 2010-11. !!,” an elated Big B tweeted at his
will be selecting a ‘suitable’ successor adequate time to effect a smooth transi- -- micro-blogging account ‘Sr Bachchan’.
of its chairman Ratan Tata. Tata will be tion and change of leadership before Mr. Bachchan, a regular on Twitter, has a
retiring in December 2012 at the age of Ratan N. Tata’s retirement at the end of Wild elephants kill fan-following spread across the globe.
75. “The Board of Tata Sons Limited, in December 2012,” the statement added.
three persons in As- Reportedly, both Shah Rukh Khan and
Amitabh Bachchan follow each other’s
accordance with its Articles of Associa-
tion, has formed a Selection Committee,
Indian trains to get sam Twitter accounts closely in their zeal to
comprising of five members including an   dominate the cyber space along with
external Member, for eventually decid- internet facility Guwahati: Three persons were killed
in wild elephant attacks in Majuli, a
the on-screen world. Earlier, in May,
Big B had congratulated SRK on get-
ing on a suitable successor to Mr. Ratan
N. Tata.  Mr. Tata is due to retire only New Delhi: Trial run for provision of In- river island in Assam’s Jorhat district, ting 400,000 followers. “Congrats!! you
at the end of December 2012,” said a ternet facility has been conducted only on Wednesday night, a day after three crossed 400,000... meri gaadi thoda
Tata statement. The five members of the in Mumbai-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Ex- members of a family were trampled to dheeli chal rahi hai,” the 67-year-old had
selection committee are N A Soonawala, press, said Minister of State for Railways death by wild pachyderms. In one inci- posted on his Twitter page. Bachchan
Shirin Bharucha, R K Krishnakumar, K.H. Muniyappa in Lok Sabha earlier dent, a sleeping couple were trampled at that time had 98,228 followers. Cur-
Cyrus Mistry and Lord Bhattacharya. On this month. A satellite based system with to death by a herd of wild elephants rently, Shah Rukh has 551,179 followers,
after the pachyderms damaged their Big B is trailing with 300,594 followers,
house. In the second incident, one man while 300, 321 people are following his
was killed and her daughter injured in son Abhishek at juniorbachchan.
an attack by wild elephants. Later, three --
members of a family were killed in wild
elephant attack in Sonitpur district. The
wild elephants generally enter human- Sanitation, clean water
inhabited areas in search of food.
More than 80 people and over 15 wild
human right declara-
elephants have been killed in human- tion lauded
elephant conflict in the state so far this
year. New York: A United Nations expert on
Friday welcomed the General Assem-
-- bly’s declaration this week that safe and
clean drinking water is a human right,
U.S. grant for Tagore calling it a “landmark resolution” that
galleries sends an important signal to the world.
Catarina de Albuquerque, the UN Inde-
Kolkata: The U.S. Consulate General of pendent Expert on human rights, water
Kolkata has decided to fund two new and sanitation, issued a statement in
galleries to be set up at the Rabindra which she said the declaration augured
Bharati Museum here to mark the 150th well for the summit at UN Headquar-
birth anniversary of Bengali Nobel laure- ters in New York in September, when
ate Rabindranath Tagore. Amounting to world leaders are set to review progress
over US$30,000, the Rabindra Bharati towards the social and economic targets
University (RBU) has been granted the known as the Millennium Development
funds to set up two new galleries will in- Goals (MDGs).
clude an ‘America Gallery’ dedicated to Studies indicate that an absence of
Tagore’s visits to the U.S. The Rabindra clean water or sanitation exacts a huge
Bharati Museum is part of the restored human toll. About 1.5 million children
ancestral home of the Tagores, com- under the age of five die each year and
monly known as the Jorasanko Thakur 443 million school days are lost be-
Bari, which now serves as the campus cause of water- and sanitation-related
for the RBU that was set up in 1961. The diseases.
museum offers details about the history “With almost a billion people suffer-
of the Tagore family along with those of ing from lack of access to an improved
the celebrated writer, poet and painter. water source, and 2.6 billion without
The entire project is expected to see access to improved sanitation, recog-
light of day by May 7, 2011, falling on nition of the human right to water and
the 150th birthday of the multi-faceted sanitation is a positive signal from the
scholar who became the first Asian to international community and shows its
win a Nobel Prize for literature. commitment to tackle these issues,” de
-- Albuquerque said.
On Wednesday 122 members of the
Big B gets 3 lakh General Assembly voted in favour of the
resolution declaring water and sanita-
followers on Twitter tion to be a human right. No countries
voted against the text but 41 Member
Mumbai: It was an emotional moment for States abstained.

8 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |

Only 3-4% of India Law against honour killings in
skilled: Kiran Bedi Parliament session: PC
 New Delhi: Only 3-4% of the Indian population
is skilled, said Kiran Bedi, Founder General Sec-  New Delhi: Union Home minister P Chid- particularly in northern states, award death
retary, Navjyoti India  Foundation. ambaram on Thursday said that the govern- sentence to couples or even their entire
 She was speaking at a lecture on ‘Commu- ment will bring a stringent law during the families in they go for same caste or clan
nity Colleges- the Answer for Present and Future current Monsoon Session of the Parliament marriages.
: The Experience of Navjyoti India Foundation’, to punish those involved in honour killings.   A Group of Ministers (GoM0 has
organized by Indira Gandhi National Open  “Whoever is the cause of the crime, an already been set up by the Cabinet to con-
University(IGNOU) here.  individual or a collective, must be punished. sider a draft bill.
  “India has very few Universities compared My duty is to ensure that laws adopted by  “I am confident that the GoM will give
to the Developed world and only 3-4 percent Parliament are obeyed and enforced. Once its report shortly and my intention is to in-
of India’s population is skilled , leaving a vast the law is made, it must be enforced. Those troduce the bill in this session itself,” Chid-
chunk unemployable , with no skill sets. This involved must be punished,” Chidambaram ambaram said.
shortage of skilled manpower has to be made said in the Lok Sabha, in reply to a call at-  Whether the new law would be a stand-
employable by giving them skills- oriented and tention motion moved by Gurudas Dasgupta alone one or would the Indian Penal Code or
need based education, which can be done by ries. But I am pained and disturbed when I see (Communist Party of India). the Criminal Procedure Code be amended
Community colleges,” said Bedi. the deprivation of education at the grassroots  Without directly naming the Khap pan- would be debated by the Union Cabinet, he
  Elaborating on what other countries are level. In this context,  the Community college chayat’s (village councils) that generally added.
doing under the Community college scheme, movement assumes a very important role in the approve honour killings, the Union minister   Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar, ex-
Bedi emphasized that countries like Australia, skilling of more than half of India’s  population. said the proposed law would define honour pressing concern at the growing menace of
the US, Malaysia and even Phillipines are way   “Every young person wants a job and this killings and take within its sweep cases of honour killings, said, “It is a dehumanising
ahead compared to India , in terms of the number can only happen if they are skilled in a trade , forcing women to strip in public and expel- process and we have to take it very seri-
of Community colleges and the courses offered.  which can only be possible through the Commu- ling people from villages. ously.”
 Bedi said the movement of Community col- nity colleges.”    “Acts which are humiliating will be  Members of most political parties sup-
leges has reached 400 and in order for it to grow,  She  reiterated the need for a concerted effort punished with severity.” ported the need for a stringent law to fight
people need to involve the Panchayati Rajs , the by the Ministry of Human Resource Develop-  He added that such cases bring ‘dishon- the social evil, which Chidambaram pointed
Government and the Industry on a priority basis. ment to spread awareness about this revolution- our to the families, the community and the was ‘rooted in antiquated traditions and
  “Let this ‘movement in the making’ grow, ary scheme and remarked that she would be very country’. social values’.
otherwise we shall be overwhelmed by unem- happy to see a industry headed Community   Mostly village councils in rural India,
ployable youth in the next 3 years,” said Bedi. college, like the ‘Reliance Community College
  Speaking about community development ‘ in the near future.

Shamir Tandon composes

work being done  by Navjyoti India Foundation  “The next step would be to launch a Com-
and its march towards becoming an IGNOU munity College in Law, or Research,” she said. 
Community college , Bedi remarked “ We  Calling Navjyoti’s experience of working in
started as a ‘Galli’ school and have grown into a the education sector  as a ‘Herculean task’, Dr

song for CWG

Community college. Bedi elaborated on  how parents shy away from
 “IGNOU has given us four Community Col- sending their children to school if the education
leges and that too in a very short time frame. The is not free. 
entire process, including the paperwork for es-  “Parents should be made to pay fees, accord-
tablishing the Navjyoti Community College was ing to their financial status , this would encour-
completed in just 3 days. June 17 is a red letter age interest in their children’s education,” com-
day for us, as this is the date on which Navjyoti mented Bedi. 
Community college was institutionalized.”   “Community colleges must take up adult lit-
  Talking about her experience of “straying eracy as mandate. We must make this a priority
into education as a crime prevention method”, area in all IGNOU Community colleges. There
the ex-IPS officer commented, “Navjyoti was is also a need to allow tax breaks for Corporates
born in 1986/87 and today has 10,000 beneficia- who support community colleges,” said Bedi.

Julia Roberts embraces Hinduism

Nevada: A Hindu group in USA has ex-
ing According to reports, Roberts has been
tended warm welcome to Oscar winn . She
fold interested in yoga for quite some time
Hollywood star Julia Roberts into their Hary ana (India) in Septemb er last
Pret ty Woman lady was in
after reports that the
to shoot “Eat, Pray, Love” in an ashram
goes to temple to pray.
Mumbai: From making legendary Lata now this television show. I found the concept of
September issue of women’s fashion i” (ver-
is In January 2009, she sported a “bind Mangeshkar sing twice to making cricketer this show very interesting,” says Shamir.
magazine Elle, on which Roberts, 42, during her trip to Brett Lee hum to his tunes, music composer “And I took it as a challenge. In a country
repo rtedl y says: “The entire million mark on forehead)
the cover girl, also visited Taj Mah al with Shamir Tandon has followed the most unusual like India where cricket is not only a sport but
reve als, goes India when she
Roberts-Moder family, she and Dan ny Mod er. She has a prod uc- path in music. And now, Shamir has teamed up also a religion, something like this is very en-
and husb
to temple together to “chant and pray Om Film s”, and with singer Shaan for an anthem for a televi- couraging for the youth who want to make their
I’m definitely a prac ticing Hind u.” tion company called “Red sion show that will create awareness of various career in other sports. Indian sportspersons
celebrate . ble
“Om” in Hinduism is the mystical sylla sports before the Commonwealth Games are doing well in a variety of sporting events.
er containin g the universe .
Roberts grew up with a Catholic moth (CWG) 2010. It always feels good to do music for a special
and Baptist father.   This is not a part of the CWG, but is an cause. I mean as a music director, I always
 Roberts lead “Eat, Pray, Love” (Ryan effort to arouse attention amongst youngsters compose songs for movies.
can Murphy) is releasing in USA and Can to develop a liking for other sports than just “But this kind of work gives me personal
And since in Hindu cosmology souls cricket. Model/actor Milind Soman was instru- satisfaction, like I composed for a nationwide
in other bodies, whe re on August 13.
be reincarnated mental in driving this track for the TV show.   Polio campaign, which was spearheaded by Mr
does she see herself in the next life? “Gol
frien ds and  Julia Fiona Roberts, one of the most  This is not the first time that Shamir will be Amitabh Bachchan,” he says.  
I’ve been so spoiled with my des
I successful Hollywood actresses besi working with Shaan.  Shamir adds, “The song is called ‘Khel Khel
family in this life,” she says. “Next time el, has won  After having strategized the non-film music Mein’ and is designed to inspire people towards
just som ething quie t and sup- a producer and fashion mod
want to be h” career of Shaan by identifying and marketing sports before the commonwealth games hit the
best actress Oscar for “Erin Brockovic
porting.” Osc ar nom inations for “Pretty globally his albums like Tanha Dil, Bhool Ja nation. Shaan was on his way to the airport for
and earn ed
s”. and many more, Shamir was instrumental in a vacation with family, when he sang this song.
ety Woman” and “Steel Magnolia
Rajan Zed, President of Universal Soci getting the singer to collaborate with boy band It has shaped out really well and I can’t wait for
of Hinduism, in a statement in Ne- Hinduism, the oldest and third largest
Blue for the song ‘One Love’ that had Abhishek the country to hear it soon.
vada (USA), heartily welcomed Bachchan and Bipasha Basu grooving. “In today’s era when marriages don’t last
religion of the world, has about one For a live concert, Shamir also got Shaan a couple of years, just kidding, - Shaan was
Roberts into Hinduism.  billion adherents and moksh (lib- to jam with the rock band Michael Learns To signed to being managed by me on the non film
eration) is its ultimate goal. Rock.   album music front in a multinational set up for
She would appreciate rich, “Shaan and I go a long way. We had also more than a decade.” 
diverse and long tradition of done the Deccan Charger anthem in 2009 that Shamir has composed for movies like Page
Hindu philosophy; and its I got Shaan to sing, turned the fortunes of the 3, Corporate, Jail and many more.
interpretation of the nature team in a way to pushed them up to number one
of reality, he added. from the last position in the previous year, and

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 9


10 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


Wikileaks: What they say

A selection of reports on how the world has reacted to the leaks
New Delhi: Playing a double game, Pakistan has nourished the unclear policy towards those forces which have used terrorism little progress in Afghanistan.
insurgency in Afghanistan secretly and aggrandized the Tali- as a tool of interference and destruction against others has had
bans despite receiving more than a billion dollars every year disastrous consequences.”
from USA to fight the militants, according to an explosive leak - National Security Council OTHERS
of some 91,000 classified military documents by the whistle-
blower website We bring you reactions from MEDIA
India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and USA
The Daily Beast WikiLeaks has “delayed the release of some 15,000 reports” as
“No amount of rhetorical tap dancing will allow the White part of what it called “a harm minimisation process demanded
GOVERNMENTS House to escape the fundamental contradictions that underlie by our source,”
U.S. policy toward Af-Pak.”
India The Taliban
“The United States is giving ‘moderate’ Pakistanis and the
“We have seen media reports about classified information, Pakistani military billions of dollars yearly in military and “Look, we’re at war and would like to get aid from anyone
supposedly from US government sources, put out in public economic aid, which allows   Pakistani military intelligence to fight against the U.S. and its allies who invaded our home-
domain, on support to terrorism by ISI-Pakistan’s military in- to ‘secretly’ help the Taliban kill Americans in Afghanistan, land,”-   Sirajuddin Haqqani, a senior leader of the Haqqani
telligence agency. Sponsorship of terrorism, as an instrument which will drive America out of Afghanistan and undermine network to The Daily Beast
of policy, is wholly condemnable and must cease forthwith. U.S. help for Pakistan.”
The utilization of territory under Pakistan’s control to provide Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder
sanctuaries for recruiting and sustaining terrorist groups, The Guardian
and to direct terrorist activity against neighbors, must stop if “We don’t see any difference in the White House’s response
our region is to attain its full potential for peaceful develop- The documents “fail to provide a convincing smoking gun” to this case to the other groups that we have exposed. We have
ment.” -The Ministry of External Affairs for complicity between the Pakistan intelligence services and tried hard to make sure that this material does not put inno-
the Taliban. cents at harm. All the material is over seven months old so is of
Pakistan no current operational consequence, even though it may be of
The New York Times very significant investigative consequence.”
The leaked reports were “far-fetched” and “skewed” and “in-
consistent with ground realities and betrayed a lack of under- The documents suggest Pakistan “allows representatives of its England’s Opposition Party
standing of the complexities involved” in Pakistan’s role in the spy service to meet directly with the Taliban in secret strat-
war against terror. Pakistan’s “constructive and positive role” egy sessions to organize networks of militant groups that fight “We cannot kill our way out of an insurgency. Instead, the
in Afghanistan cannot be affected by such “baseless and self- against American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even hatch plots battle for power is fought in the minds of the local population,
serving reports.”-  Abdul Basit, Foreign Office spokesman; and to assassinate Afghan leaders.” insurgents and western publics. The purpose of military effort
Husain Haqqani, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US and civilian improvement is to create the conditions for politi-
The documents - including classified cables and assessments cal settlement.”
United States between military officers and diplomats - also describe US - David Miliband, Labour Party leadership candidate (The
fears that ally Pakistan’s intelligence service was actually Guardian)
“Even as they make progress, we understand that the status aiding the Afghan insurgency.
quo is not acceptable and that we have to continue moving John Kerry,   Chairman of the US Senate foreign relations
this relationship in the right direction.”- - Robert Biggs, White Der Spiegel committee, and former Democrat presidential candidate (The
House spokesman Guardian)
The German army was clueless and naïve when it stumbled
“These irresponsible leaks will not impact our ongoing com- into the conflict. “However illegally these documents came to light, they raise
mitment to deepen our partnerships with Afghanistan and serious questions about the reality of America’s policy toward
Pakistan; to defeat our common enemies; and to support the The records show Afghan security officers as helpless victims Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
aspirations of the Afghan and Pakistani people.”-  James Jones, of Taliban attacks.
National Security Advisor General
The war logs obtained by WikiLeaks depict a situation in Hamid Gul, a former ISI chief who is extensively cited in the
Afghanistan northern Afghanistan that is far worse than it is depicted in documents as meeting and aiding the Taliban (The Guardian)
the reports German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives to parlia-
“Afghanistan has always emphasised that terrorism should ment. They also show even though the German armed forces, The reports are “a pack of lies, a fairly tale”- 
be fought in its place of origin. Having a contradictory and the Bundeswehr, have been present since 2002, they have made

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 11

Independence Day Special
Freedom didn’t come at midnight
The principal architects of ian itself wrote about the savage retribution that fol-
lowed: “We sincerely hope that the terrible lesson
British through Swadeshi, violent outbreaks were
happening all over India. In Jharkhand, Birsa
hordes has put us in clover.” Churchill was adamant.
“I have not become prime minister to preside over
India’s independence are thus taught will never be forgotten.”
Here’s what the writer Charles Dickens re-
Munda led a long struggle directed against the
British. In 1914 Jatra Oraon started what is called
the demise of her majesty’s empire,” he said. But
after the Second World War, the momentum of the
not the usual suspects. marked: “I wish I were commander-in-chief in India the Tana Movement, which drew the participa-
tion of over 25,000 tribes people. In 1920, the Tana
freedom movement led to growing militant actions
that weakened British authority in an irreparable
… I should proclaim to them that I considered my
A persistent Indian myth gleefully accepted as truth holding that appointment by the leave of God, to Movement stopped the payment of land taxes to the way. According to M.G. Agrawal in his four-volume
by the country’s liberals and Macaulayites – a class mean that I should do my utmost to exterminate the colonial government. The fire of revolution spread Freedom Fighters of India, “In February 1946 the
of people western in outlook but Indian in looks – is race.” even to the Indian rulers – the Raja of Darbhanga at Indian Navy declared an unprecedented strike. It
that freedom came too easy. The British, the myth The Vellore Mutiny of 1806 predates even the great risk fully supported the resisting farmers. In quickly drew support from the Indian crews of all the
goes, after ruling India for 190 years, became so war of 1857 by half a century. The revolt, which took the tribal tracts of Andhra Pradesh a revolt broke out 20 vessels anchored in Bombay port; 20,000 naval
tired of the responsibilities of running an empire that place in the south Indian town of Vellore, was rather in August 1922. Led by Alluri Ramachandra Raju, ratings revolted.” The British panicked because the
they simply wound up their empire and left. brief, lasting only one full day but brutal, as muti- the tribes people of the Andhra hills succeeded in single biggest factor that facilitated colonialism was
Yeah, right! This myth would be laughable if it neers broke into the Vellore fort and killed or injured drawing the British into a full-scale guerrilla war. the military.
weren’t so sinister. Though it was clearly invented 200 British troops, before they were subdued by re- A hugely popular force was the Khaksar Move- Clement Atlee, the British Prime Minster, who
by the British to cover their ignominious and hasty inforcements from nearby Arcot. ment founded by Allama Mashriqi in Lahore. decided to finally quit India, told chief Justice P.B.
retreat from India, millions of Indians have been Again, in 1824, Rani Chennamma, the queen of Mashriqi wanted no compromise with the British. Chakrabarty of the Calcutta High Court that the
brainwashed into swallowing the myth whole- the kingdom of Kittur in Karnataka, led an armed Comprising Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, the principal reasons why Britain decided to quit India
sale. Many Indians believe M.K. Gandhi used the rebellion against the British. The queen, born 56 Khaksar had four million members and thousands was the erosion of loyalty to the British Crown
weapon of non-violence and shamed the British years before 1857 leader Rani Laxmi Bai, was the of offices all over India. Its activities for mobilising among the Indian army and navy personnel.
colonialists into leaving India, and since then both first woman to fight against the British. the nation included holding parades in public places, According to Fenner Brockway, political secre-
countries have been best friends. From 1858 to the beginning of 1900s the British staging mock wars, organising training camps and tary of the Independent Labour Party of England,
Freedom didn’t come overnight. It was obtained enjoyed some semblance of stability. This can well striving to create a strong brotherhood of Muslims the two major causes of Britain’s hasty exit from
at a great cost – the sacrifice of millions of Indian be described as the time when they undertook the and non-Muslims in order to jointly overthrow India were: “One, the Indian people were deter-
lives. Contrary to the belief that the British period task of the destruction of thriving Indian industries, foreign rule. Mashriqi and his young sons were ar- mined to gain independence. Two, was the revolt by
was a time of great stability, India was in fact roiled including spinning, weaving and metallurgy, as well rested and tortured. the Indian Navy.”
by uprisings and rebellions everywhere, virtually as agriculture and trade. Angered by the havoc being Both Hindus and Muslims were more than Indian soldiers, whose brilliant performance on
throughout colonial rule. wreaked by the British, the revolutionary forces now willing to unite against the British, as they dem- the battlefields of Europe had won them grudging
The First War of Independence of 1857 was the gathered for a new phase of struggle. They derived onstrated by joining the Indian National Army of praise from the British as well as the Germans, had
biggest uprising against the British. The sweep of the inspiration from the cult of nationalism preached by Subhas Chandra Bose. It demonstrated to the British seen firsthand the collapse of the British in the face
war covered nearly the entire country and for months Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Swami Vivekananda that there was no safety for them in India. The British of the German challenge, which exploded the myth
India was turned into one massive battlefield. Britain and others during the last quarter of the nineteenth were feeling the heat at home too. Bhagat Singh ex- of the invincibility of British arms. Indeed, US Army
came perilously close to losing its most prized pos- century. Chatterjee’s soul-stirring cry of Vande ploded a bomb in the British Parliament. The revolu- generals like Bradley and Eisenhower had expressed
session: India. In War of Civilisations: India AD Mataram or Hail to the Mother, which he penned in tionary Uddham Singh went to the UK and assassi- contempt for the British Army’s fighting skills.
1857, Amaresh Misra, a writer and historian based 1882, became the hymn of nationalism. nated Michael O’ Dwyer, the British Lt Governor of Britain was also in steep decline. London had
in Mumbai, argues that there was an “untold holo- The spark for a full-fledged struggle came in Punjab, for the murder of over 2000 unarmed men, been nearly destroyed by the German Luftwaffe and
caust” which caused the deaths of almost 10 million 1905 with the launch of Swadeshi – the refusal to buy women and children in Jallianwallah Bagh. While V-2 rockets. The Russians and Americans were the
people over 10 years beginning in 1857. Speaking foreign goods and the promotion of indigenous in- General Reginald Dyer, who personally supervised new superpowers, and both wanted an end to colo-
to The Guardian newspaper, Misra said, “It was a dustry. This massive pan-Indian movement aroused the massacre of the peaceful gathering, had boasted nialism. The British had no stomach for a fight with
holocaust, one where millions disappeared. It was a the spirit of nationalism. It was Veer Savarkar who in court he would do it again, O’ Dwyer had called Indians and were looking for a face-saving exit from
necessary holocaust in the British view because they first lit the bonfire of foreign clothes in Pune on 7th his action “the right thing”. India.
thought the only way to win was to destroy entire October 1905. (Ironically, MK Gandhi, who much Meanwhile, the British, addicted to the easy loot Independence came through the indefatigable
populations in towns and villages. It was simple and later became the leader of the freedom struggle, from India, even as millions of Indians were dying spirit of our revolutionaries rather than the mere
brutal. Indians who stood in their way were killed. criticised that action from far away South Africa al- in manmade famines, were not prepared to leave. transfer of power at midnight.
But its scale has been kept a secret.” though he himself did precisely that 16 years later.) As Neville Chamberlain put it clearly: “The aston-
After the British re-conquered India, The Guard- While the educated classes were fighting the ishing gold mine that we have discovered in India’s  - Rakesh Krishnan Simha

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12 0800 4 0 FEES FREE TXT 2LRN Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |
Independence Day Special

1947: In two distant lands in its own right Kiwi Indians now a community
India and New Zealand are joined at the hip by the year 1947 vals that are important to them, like Onam this
Padmini Gaunder
month  by the Malayali community from Kerala.
Primla Khar folding. It is said that New Zealand at-
When I first came to New Zealand almost two I am told that the Indians’ interest in New
tained full independence in the sense of
decades ago, I came across few Indians. And Zealand in the last two decades was generated
On that momentous Friday in 1947, complete autonomy over its own con-
even among those few the majority were Fiji by the Indian movies, which had in recent years
New York World Telegram wrote “Two stitutional arrangement and its foreign
Indians. I was in Hamilton first and there was been shooting in this country. I believe when the
Nations Born in India as British End 200 affairs in 1947! New Zealand passed the
no Indian temple there then, though there was moviegoers saw those scenes they realized how
years Rule.” “Statute of Westminster Adoption Act”
a Gurudwara. But then the Punjabis had come beautiful the country is and became interested. I
Dr. Rajendra Prasad “assured minori- in 1947.
a long time ago as vegetable farmers. (We have don’t know how far this is true but another reason
ties that they would receive a fair and just New Zealand was a colony of British
some of their descendants on the Bombay Hills for the surge in Indian population here was the
treatment”, herein ref lecting the ocean Empire. Britain passed the New Zealand
near Auckland where they still continue with shortage of nurses here which led to recruiting
hearted spirit of the country. Nehru’s “in- Constitution Act in 1852 whereby New
their farming activities.) Like the Punjabis, some nurses from India (mainly Malayali Christians).
cessant striving to make a nation great” Zealand had Independence in respect of
Gujaratis had also come here earlier so there are With the nurses came their husbands some of
can be a guiding light to one and all in- legislative, judicial and executive author-
these small groups of early migrant communities whom started Indian shops. I know Indian nurses
dividuals and nations in their journey to ity over its domestic affairs. But “impe-
who have been there for more than a century. are recruited also in Australia but it seems to be a
attain their goal. rial interest” was not in the power of New
  The Fiji Indians in Hamilton had their trend in most western countries.
It was perhaps apt that India should Zealand parliament such as matters of
Ramayan Mandalis which were well attended Because of this increase in the Malayali popu-
have attained Independence on the birth- foreign relations, external trade and the
especially during the time of Rama Navami. I lation they have also started Malayalam newspa-
day of a luminary like Sri Aurobindo. constitution of native affairs.
remember going to one when Swami Adibha- pers and Malayalam classes for their children. A
He delivered a message on the eve of In 1944 the first Labour government
vananda from the Ramakrishna Mission in Fiji, prominent Malayali Christian (who is not a new
independence from All India Radio Thi- of Peter Fraser had proposed to adopt the
who was visiting New Zealand, was the guest migrant; I believe his parents migrated when he
ruchirappali, touching various facets of Statue of Westminster but was opposed
speaker. Later, ISKCON (International Society was young) is the well-known playwright, Joseph
revolution, liberation, spirituality and by National opposition declaring it as a
for Krishna Consciousness) established a Hare Rajan. In his plays (eg. Krishnan’s Dairy) the dia-
evolution. One of his perceptions rele- disloyal action. But then in 1947 the act
Krishna temple in Hamilton. Now a Sri Ven- logue is interspersed with Malayalam.
vant to present day times is about “world was prompted for adoption when Sidney
kateswara temple is being built. There are also many Sri Lankan (and Malay-
union forming the outer basics of a fairer, Holland (National Party leader and future
When I moved to Auckland there also were sian) Tamils and together with the people from
brighter and nobler life for all mankind”. prime minister) introduced a private
few things Indian. There was one major Indian Tamil Nadu they form a large group in New
He mentioned (very relevant to us Kiwi members bill to abolish the New Zealand
shop in the city, where all Indians shopped for Zealand. Apart from Tamil classes they also con-
Indians) the need for growth of Inter- Upper House-Legislative Council. It was
their requirements. Then another opened in centrate on other cultural activities like dance
national spirit and outlook, forums and only then that New Zealand gained legal
Mount Roskill. Now most suburbs seem to have and music. Bharata Natyam in particular is very
development of “dual or multilateral citi- and formal independence from Britain
an Indian shop and even an Indian restaurant. popular and apart from performances there are
zenship”. How foresighted indeed! in the exercise of its external affairs.
The Bharatiya Mandir in Balmoral was the major also classes for children. Similarly there are mi-
After awaking at the stroke of mid- There were some suggestions to actu-
Hindu temple in those days. When the Radha grants from most (I would say all) Indian states
night, the giant nation of India was taking ally declare Independence Day of New
Krishna temple was opened in the city many felt and most of them have their own associations.
infant steps to establish itself as a strong Zealand on November 25, 1947.
it was unnecessary as it was seen as a divisive There are also some theatres which show Indian
and fair democracy. In the month of No- !!!Hooray 1947!!! Two free Nations!!!
move. movies.
vember of the same year, in the distant India and New Zealand!!!
Now there are so many temples, the Sri Ganesh Another sign of the growing population is that
land of Aotearoa a new chapter was un-
Temple in Papakura, where there are priests from there are several Indian community papers today,
India, being one of the most popular. Though it which is good as they cater to the different tastes
is a little far from Auckland devotees seem to within the community. There is, for instance,
flock to it. There are also Subrahmania temples one paper, which concentrates mainly on Indian
in Auckland where they have priests from India. films. Some of these focus more on the issues
You also find the various Indian spiritual groups that affect the Fiji Indians. In recent years there
all having their presence in Auckland. are also several students coming here to study as
The Satya Sai Baba groups have the majority fee-paying students. Most of them hope to settle
devotees from Fiji but the Shirdi Sai group is pa- down here after finishing their studies.
tronised mainly by Indians from India. The Ra- The one occasion that brings together all
makrishna Mission also has majority Fiji people these different groups in the Indian community
as it was started by Swami Damodarananda who is the Indian Independence Day, which falls this
used to come from Fiji and have programmes; but year on this Sunday. But with the increase in the
slowly it is attracting others as well now. Indian population it is unrealistic to expect them
Then there is the Chinmaya Mission; the Art all to attend just one celebration. It is inevitable
of Living organisation; the Mata Amrithana- that there will be several celebrations of this
nda Mayi Group; the  Om Sakthi group etc. You event. I wish the whole community a happy and
also find all states and linguistic groups having enjoyable Independence Day. Jai Hind!”
their own associations and celebrating the festi-  

Indian Independence Day Messages

On behalf of the New trade agreement to develop a much stronger
Zealand Labour Party trading relationship, which began while I was
I congratulate India in Minister of Trade.
marking its 63rd year of India has many challenges ahead of it, but
nationhood since indepen- much to celebrate as the most populous and one
dence. of the most diverse nations in the world which
While India measures has preserved its democracy, its unity and its
its age as a modern inde- culture, and which is fast emerging as one of the
pendent state as 63 years, world’s leading and influential nations.
Indian civilisation of On this day of celebration for India, I con-
course is one of the world’s oldest going back gratulate it for its past achievements and wish it
over 5 thousand years. well for future success.
The strength and warmth of the New Zea- - Hon Phil Goff
land-India relationship is built very much upon Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party
strong people to people links.
Over the last half century, Indian migrants
have added richly to the cultural tapestry of Namaste,
New Zealand. To migrants of Indian origin, we I would like to join
thank you for bringing to this country the gift of with other members of
your rich and diverse culture and history, your the greater Auckland
hard work, and strong family values. community in congratu-
While India and New Zealand differ vastly lating the readers of the
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of the commonwealth and love of cricket! Jai hind!
New Zealand is today enjoying an ever closer
relationship with India with more migrants, - Hon David Cunliffe
more international students and more tourists MP for New Lynn
than ever before. We are also negotiating a free

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 13

The Fallacy of the ‘’apolitical’’ Indian

I have come to believe that most educated middle-class Indians lack a well-developed political
antenna and naively believe that a country as large and diverse as India can be influenced – or even
actually run – by ‘’apolitical technocrats’’.
From the Editor
Consider this – declaring oneself to be apolitical is also a political choice (just like they say that
Tackling the Kiwi-Indian perceptional problem “indecision is a decision, too’’); therefore, I have never believed that it is possible to take an “apoliti-
cal” stance on most issues. Agreed that it is perfectly valid to say that one will decide one’s stance
on an issue on its merit rather than on the pull of any emotion; but having finalised one’s stance, the
In the run up to India’s sixty third anniversary of independence, a new round of talks only channel for articulating it in a multi-party one-man-one-vote system is the political process.
between New Zealand and India are under way. Officials of both countries are meeting
this week in New Delhi to take forward the preliminary talks leading up to a possible What persons individually declaring themselves to be apolitical are doing is condemning them-
free trade agreement in the next few years. selves to political irrelevance in a system that is completely dominated by well-organised political
Simultaneously, an Indian Business Leaders conference was held in Auckland yes- groups. Later, if these apolitical persons realise that there is strength in numbers and, therefore, join
terday. These are indeed encouraging developments cementing ties between countries together to form a pressure group, that itself would be a political act, no matter what they choose to
whose friendly relations go back several decades. The two countries are even joined call their group.
at the hip, so to speak, by the year 1947, more about which you can read in our special
The crux of the matter is that even if we steer away from overtly political issues and limit our-
India Independence Day section in this issue. selves to “neutral” issues like infrastructure and bijli-sadak-paani, the ultimate implementation will
However, a free trade agreement between the two countries is not going to be easy. be done by elected representatives, who get into positions of power through a process of elections,
New Zealand’s Minister of Trade Tim Groser and his negotiating team are under no il- which, by its very nature, is thoroughly and fiercely political. These men/women will only pay at-
lusion about this fact. There are a number of matters that will need to be ironed out in tention to those who can help them win elections, so if the “apolitical’’ group wants to get any work
the course of the long haul toward a workable agreement. out of them, it will be forced to either support them or refuse to support them (electorally, or at least
These will both be technical and perceptional. The technical matters will eventually monetarily), which again amounts to taking a political stance.
be reasoned out across the negotiation tables and the usual give and take of tariffs and
concessions that goes with such negotiations. It is the perceptional matters that New The people I hold responsible for such confusion are the leaders of the fledgling modern nation
Zealand will have to pay particular attention to as regards their dealing with India. of India (mainly Nehru and Gandhi) who used to avoid confronting tough issues and would always
Unlike in the case of the FTA with China, which was actually driven by China’s wrap harsh truths inside pious platitudes. This served them well in terms of avoiding tough deci-
sions/choices and in terms of keeping up their holier-than-thou image, but the result was that over
burning desire to sign an FTA with a developed first world country primarily as a trophy a period of time, we Indians have lost the ability to distinguish between harsh truths and pious
agreement, India will be vastly different. There is a great difference in the way the platitudes.
government works in China and India. While China can ram through the government’s
agenda with almost no opposition, the Indian polity simply does not allow that. The most pious of these platitudes is the abovementioned widespread middle-class Indian belief
And there in lies the rub. Both the trade minister and New Zealand’s High Com- in the “apolitical” approach to nation-building. The other extreme, of course, is the utter politicisa-
missioner to India Rupert Holborow, who is due to finish his New Delhi stint at the tion of every big and small matter by morons masquerading as politicians. Both of these co-exist.
end of the year, have told me that New Zealand would have to put in massive efforts at The upshot is that as usual, India ends up getting the worst of both worlds – on the one hand, there’s
managing perceptions within the numerous and diverse stakeholders of India’s bustling a naive idealism that denies us a host of strategic options because the chattering classes which
democracy. consider themselves ‘’apolitical’’ are disengaged from the political process, and therefore can’t be
The biggest – though hardly justifiable – fear of an FTA for the Indian agricultural mobilised to support these options; and, then, on the other hand, we have rank cynical politicisation
of every big or small issue by full-time politicians.
and dairy sectors is that New Zealand, an established and highly advanced agricultural
and dairy player in the global marketplace will cause problems for domestic industry. These politicians have been elected not by the “apolitical’’, middle class Indians but by the il-
Especially so when the agricultural sector is facing a slew of long standing problem literate unwashed masses who actively participate in the electoral process because they know they
typified by the rash of suicides of poor farmers in several parts of the country. wield power only on the day they vote. The politician then cares far more about these voters, thus
It is such irrational fears that led to the action by a rightist political party in which further accentuating the alienation of the middle class.
tankers carrying Fonterra’s milk and milk products were spilt over the streets of Mumbai
a couple of weeks ago. In fact, Mr Groser was speaking to me as the drama was unfold- To conclude, then, I believe that unless educated middle-class Indians – the ones who want to
ing in Mumbai. Clearly, his team has its work cut out in bringing about a whole new make a difference – sort out this basic contradiction in their minds, all their well-meaning “apoliti-
perspective among Indian dairy and agriculture players that a deal with New Zealand cal’’ efforts will flounder, as they have been doing for ages.
can actually be beneficial. – Manish Maheshwari, Singapore
And no one better than Kiwi Indian and enlightened local businesspeople from India
can help the new Zealand team in this task. New Zealand’s role in India’s dairy sector Chris Carter
goes back nearly fifty years. Lets get real and admit how many of us wouldn’t have done the same. Give the man a break and
What many do not know is that one of the greatest co-operative dairy successes in look at his point not him. Life goes on, let’s make sure that we look at other people’s mistakes and
the world – India’s Amul – had considerable inspiration from Fonterra in its formative better ourselves.
years. Amul founder Dr Varghese Kurien had spent time here in New Zealand as he - Gurmeeta Singh
went about forming Amul.
Not only was the well known Aarey Milk Colony in Mumbai, a sprawling facility
dedicated to dairy research, built with help from New Zealand but there is a hostel Shoes hurled at Pak president Zardari
building donated by the New Zealand government as well as hundreds of milk container Forcibly ruling over bodies is possible but rule on hearts is thorny. Nasty Zia ruled on the people
of Pakistan for more than a decade but he couldn’t create a place in hearts of the people. Today Zia
rail cars for milk transportation. is remembered for spitefulness while Bhutto is ruling over hearts and minds. The way conspirators
Such long term relations need to be talked about in the Indian media. Also, New are busier in inciting plots against presidency is perilous not only to the evolution of nascent de-
Zealand needs to focus its attention in highlighting how it can help with the greatest mocracy as well as will take the politics in 80s. President Zardari yet believes strongly on his policy
problem that Indian agriculture faces: post harvest preservation, transportation and of reconciliation and doesn’t want PPP be part of this negative game. Some of our politicians and
processing. media persons (anchorpersons included) firstly raised a storm in the form of shaping new “ideas”
A combination of emotional appeal and practical advantage as value proposition and “judgments” by criticising President Zardari for his UK visit. When they came to know that
would work well as a backdrop to the pursuit of the free trade agreement between the President’s visit to France and UK proved of marker developments, they then went for a very shock-
two countries, which has obvious advantages to the peoples of both nations. ing act of shaping the drama of “shoe throwing”....
Happy Indian Independence Day – Arifa Qadier

- Dev Nadkarni
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14 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


How Vedic mathematics adds up so well

Rakesh Krishnan simha
Developed and perfected thousands of years ago by Indian mathematicians, Vedic maths makes learning the subject fun, fast and fantastically easy.
I hated maths all my life. My hate affair with The Shankaracharya has acknowledged the contri- myself. To be sure, I was more enthusiastic than zero to 9, so students treat even the largest sums as
numbers started from Class II and continued till I butions of the Vedas as the source Vedic math, espe- knowledgeable about the subject; I knew Vedic friends, rather than as cumbersome chores. This
squeaked through the nationwide Class X exam. cially the Atharva Veda - the last of the four Vedas maths was interesting but little else. creates a lifelong love for maths, opening up more
During those 10 torturous years I went through that deal with the existential issues of architecture, My expectations were exceeded and a month career streams. Also, students get an edge over the
frustration, anger and depression. Two expensive mathematics, engineering and medicine. later, my post-webcast elation hasn’t ebbed. Vedic rest in competitive exams where speed matters as
daily tuitions, one at 7am and another at 1pm, des- In his seminal book, the Shankaracharya says: maths is totally amazing. It’s like a book you much as skill.
perate prayers to Lord Shiva, and offerings at the “Even as regards complex problems involving a stopped reading after a couple of pages many years Predictably, Vedic maths has its fair share of
Hanuman temple helped me pass that wretched good number of mathematical operations, the time ago, chanced upon it a decade later while cleaning detractors. While an increasing number of people
subject. Maths wasn’t my only worry. India’s school taken by the Vedic method will be a third, a fourth, the attic, and found it hard to put down. You can outside India are discovering the joy of numbers, in
curriculum is several orders of magnitude tougher a tenth, or even a much smaller fraction of the time do calculations such as 5989 x 1111 in about five its home country Vedic maths has lost traction.
than most countries. At the age of 14, I had to joust required according to modern methods. seconds – a lot faster than it takes you to punch out e-Gurukul deserves a massive congratulation
with 11 different subjects, including two mathemat- “And in some very important and striking cases, those numbers on a calculator. for taking maths to numerophobic people like me.
ics papers. sums requiring 30, 50, 100 or even more numerous It’s not about shortcuts though. Vedic maths de- Sure, it’s too late in the day for me but for school-
So imagine my surprise when last month I and cumbrous ‘steps’ of working can be answered mystifies numbers and lifts the veil of secrecy from children it could well be a game changer. If sys-
found myself enjoying maths, with the exuberance in a single and simple step of work by the Vedic the world of maths. James T. Glover, a Welshman, tematically introduced, Vedic maths has the po-
of a child who has been given a new toy. After years method! And little children (of only 10 or 12 years who has written the three-volume Vedic Mathemat- tential to create an even larger number of students
of estrangement with numbers, I was doing long of age) merely look at the sums written on the black- ics for Schools, illustrates the brilliant simplicity of pre-disposed towards maths. Remember that India
calculations in a jiffy and handling huge sums with board and immediately shout out and dictate the Vedic maths: has produced one of the greatest mathematicians of
a big grin. No, I wasn’t on mind-altering drugs. I answers. And this is because, as a matter of fact, Can you find out how many matches are played the ancient as well as medieval world. Aryabhata,
had discovered the ancient Indian system of math- each digit automatically yields its predecessor and during the Wimbledon men’s singles tennis cham- Brahmagupta, Bhaskara, Varahamira, Madhava
ematics called Vedic maths. its successor! And the children have merely to go pionship, based on the information that the first and Nilakantha, to name just a few, belong to a long
As the name suggests, Vedic maths is as old as on tossing off (or reeling off) the digits one after round has 64 games, the next 32 until you reach the and impressive line of mathematicians, who gave
the Vedas, the four ancient Hindu books on reli- another (forwards or backwards) by mere mental quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final? the world the zero, the numbers 1-9, the decimal
gion, science, mathematics, logic, philosophy and a arithmetic (without needing pen or pencil, paper, The conventional approach is to add the number system, algebra, trigonometry, calculus (before
whole lot more. In terms of date, it’s safe to assume slate etc.). of games: 64+ 32+16+8+4+2+1 to get to the answer, Newton), in fact too numerous to list here.
they are at least 7,000 years old. “On seeing this kind of work actually being per- 127. However, in the modern era, our record has
Vedic maths was rediscovered from the ancient formed by the little children, the doctors, professors Try the Vedic approach: Since there are 128 been pathetic. In the last 100 years we have pro-
Indian scriptures between 1911 and 1918 by Sri and other ‘big-guns’ of mathematics are wonder- players (2 x 64) and only one person wins the com- duced perhaps one mathematician of repute – S.
Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960), a scholar of struck and exclaim: ‘Is this mathematics or magic’? petition, there must be 127 losers and for each loser Ramanujan. If India wants to reclaim its position as
Sanskrit, mathematics, history and philosophy. And we invariably answer and say: ‘It is both. It is there is a match, so there are 127 matches. the world’s leading scientific nation, we must follow
He studied these ancient texts for years, and after magic until you understand it; and it is mathematics It’s so uncannily simple that you can’t help won- Swami Vivekananda’s advice: “Back to the Vedas.”
careful investigation was able to reconstruct a series thereafter’. And then we proceed to substantiate and dering how many decades or centuries of toil and
of mathematical formulae called sutras. prove the correctness of this reply of ours!” thought the ancient Hindu mathematicians must -Rakesh Krishnan is a features writer at
Tirthaji, who was also the Shankaracharya I bumped into Vedic maths quite by accident have put in before discovering these steps that make Fairfax New Zealand. He has previously worked
(Pontiff) of the holy eastern Indian city of Puri, after reading about the Indian learning portal e- maths such a pleasure. with Businessworld, India Today and Hindustan
delved into the ancient Vedic texts and established’s live webcast on the subject. Wanting Such simplicity means calculations can be Times, and was news editor with the Financial
the techniques of this system in his pioneering work to show my son, who incidentally is good at the carried out mentally too. Also, the Vedic system Express.
- Vedic Mathematics (Motilal Banarasidas, 1965). subject, the beauty of Vedic maths, I got hooked distills all maths problems to the everyday numbers

Government by Greed

Power in Perpetuity or Coup

Subhash Appana

It has been contended here that in the initial style. In the event of any disruptions to these democracy and a commission to keep them lose in April 1987, an unsuspecting Fijian
post-1970 scheme of governance (and poli- expectations, the disproportionate number of distrustful of Indians, the main perceived po- electorate was apparently caught absolutely
tics) in Fiji, the Royal Fiji Military Forces “Others” in parliament was expected to hold litical threat. unawares. What was not meant to be had
(RFMF) was supposed to play the usual role the balance of power – a powerful trump card I recall an indicative incident in 1977. happened! The Indians had tricked Fijians
of any military in a democracy – protect the for government. The NFP had won and was poised to form into joining the FLP! Little India in Fiji!
constitution and everything it stood for. The Democracy in Fiji was thus meant to government as Fiji waited on edge. A pall How dare they disrespect chiefs! The Fijians
problem arose in understanding what democ- ensure power in perpetuity to the Alliance of despondency and darkness descended on thus were not willing to accept the verdict of
racy entailed and what the constitution was Party and no one could really expect any dif- my village, Vuna in Taveuni. Life came to a the ballot box. And more importantly, even
supposed to stand for within a functioning ferent for the country. The role of the mili- standstill and there was much consternation, though Ratu Mara made his famous speech
democratic framework. tary as a protector of this shakily established then confusion, then complaining among on “democracy is alive and well in Fiji”, his
It is no secret that the architects of the façade of democracy was therefore, always kava drinking. In a trip to the local liquor defeated colleagues rejected the outcome.
1970 constitution, apart from the Indian del- open to revolutionary introspection – Ra- outlet, the Wainiyaku Butchery, an inebri- In that silently crackling cauldron all that
egation, envisaged power in perpetuity for buka’s coup should not have been such a big ated and unhappy chief lamented loudly, “sa was needed was an outlet for Fijian reaction.
the Fijian Establishment-backed Alliance surprise. The first jolt had already come in oti - all is lost” to Adrian Tarte of the promi- That’s where Apisai Tora and the Taukei
Party of Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. In fact April 1977 when the NFP won against all nent Tarte family. Movement emerged. The first roadblocks
many have argued (even in this newspaper) expectations. Adroit constitutional and po- Adrian’s response, “no, nothing has gone were mounted in Tavua as Emperor Gold
that this would have served Fiji best. I beg litical manoeuvring prevented any unwanted wrong, that’s the way it is”. After that, there Mines decided its business interests were
to differ - a benevolent dictatorship with pe- fall-out at that stage. were mutterings as the group moved across under threat from a socialist-leaning gov-
riodic elections to perpetuate the carefully After 1982, the writing was on the wall the road from the butchery with boxes of Fiji ernment. Fiery ethno-nationalist speeches,
crafted façade of democracy based on eth- and talks began to emerge of a government of Bitter. I was only a child then, but distinct- hymns, sermons, nationalistic songs, food,
nicity would have had limited life at best in national unity. Political immaturity prevent- ly remember the frills-free emotional out- transport and an underlying threat of unmiti-
a changing traditional context with a large ed this from materializing. In the meantime, bursts that followed. One point kept coming gated violence became part of an orchestrated
immigrant community. a common political platform began to emerge through, how could this happen to us! Our movement against the Bavadra government.
But that is not the point of this article; we among the working-classes as the Mara gov- country cannot be ruled by outsiders, this is While this was happening, others had
want to see how the military’s role was kept ernment started implementing necessary, but not right! That was the level of understand- begun to explore the military option to right
hazy for those who could not “see” through unpopular economic policies. One of these, ing of democracy that persisted into 1987 as the wrong that democracy and an ungrateful,
the delirium and euphoria of independence. the 1985 wage freeze, led to the formation Fiji geared for its most crucial elections yet. conniving Indian community had dropped
Firstly there was a direct link between the of the Fiji Labour Party by Fiji’s main labour And as mentioned earlier, a new phenom- on Fiji. The RFMF’s 3rd-ranking officer was
military hierarchy and national government unions on 6th July 1985. enon had entered the political scene in the suddenly playing golf on the same Pacific
– both had Fijian chiefs amongst a sprinkling This heralded the arrival of a non-ethnic form of the multi-racial Fiji Labour Party Harbour course as the defeated PM. More Al-
of white key personnel. The chiefs at the political platform in the country that up till that espoused a non-ethnic, issues-focused liance politicians had begun to appear openly
apex of the chief ly system, and the military then could only envisage politics through the political platform. Its victory-focused co- at Taukei rallies. A drastic solution had to be
and government had very close blood ties. ethnic lens. There was an expectation within alition with the Indian-dominated National found for Fiji. Coup was in the air.
Secondly, the electorate was expected to the Fijian Establishment that democracy was Federation Party diluted this somewhat, but - Subhash Appana is an academic and
remain divided along ethnic lines forever. only acceptable so long as it assured power the writing was on the wall. On the other political commentator. The opinions con-
This, coupled with the expectation of a and victory to the Establishment-back party hand, Fijian unity had begun to fray within tained in this article are entirely his and
united Fijian government (with a multi-racial at any and every election. This was the Fijian an outdating chief ly system as Butadroka not necessarily shared by any organizations
hue), and a bickering Indian opposition, was position on government. And it stemmed pranced on his anti-Mara platform. he may be associated with both in Fiji and
supposed to characterize democracy Fiji- from an omission to prepare them for real When Mara’s Alliance Party finally did abroad. Email:

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 15


16 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |

Bollyworx in Mt Roskill kicks off to a dazzling start
Mt Roskill BollyworX kicked off with a big
bang. It was a ‘superhit’ with a fully packed
Mt.Roskill War Memorial Hall in May road on
Wednesday 28th July. This was proven by the
awesome turnout of participants from all walks
of life –families, toddlers, elders, males, females
of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. However
this was not limited to just to the Indian com-
munity. The event also attracted Asians, Kiwis
and locals. The group of over100 participants
committed themselves to this exciting musical
initiative to an hour of solid BollyworX.
BollyworX is SPROUT’s physical activity
programme and is a classic representation of
the Indian flavours it brings into the commu-
nity - right from choreography to song selec-
tion from the latest Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and
Telugu Indian films. BollyworX is not a dance
but just ‘plain fun body movements’ with Bol-
lywood music which is exceptionally easy and
fun, suitable for all age groups and all fitness
levels BollyworX is fun for everyone and can be
done without feeling self-conscious. There are
no ‘jhatka- matka’ or obscene Bollywood moves
that will embarrass anybody. Its culturally ap-
propriate as well.
Typically in BollyworX, participants do
‘huff-and-puff’ exercises as instructed by Bol- BollyworX instructors received on Wednesday, Asian community. Like it’s said “Nobody can
lyworX instructors who are trained ‘Communi- here’s a comment that blew them away -”I have do everything, but everyone can do something.”
ty Coaches’. To become BollyworX instructors, been going to gym for many years, but your
one undergoes the ‘Community Coach’ training workout outclasses them all”. One Asian lady What: BollyworX Mount Roskill
by ‘Netfit’ who are New Zealand’s only fitness who came today told a SPROUT volunteer that When: Every Wednesday
professionals association. The training is on the she has got requested her boss to have an early Time: 6.30 to 7.30 pm
basics of the human body, fitness and exercise; lunch break on Saturdays to attend BollyworX Where: Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, 13
safe exercise techniques; how to plan exercises in New Lynn as she likes it so much. We also May Road, Mt Roskill
and choreograph them into Bollywood music had a request to give franchise to do Bollyworx
Cost: Entry by donation only with pro-
etc. in North Shore. This shows the positive differ-
The community participation and the volun- ence on health SPROUT is making in the South ceeds going towards the venue hire.
teering has made BollyworX is a strong com- Asian community. $2 donation per class expected.
munity health brand in the South Asian commu-  SPROUT volunteers and instructors proved
nity. Community work is never possible without this again by being good examples of selfless For more information on BollyworX or
a committed team. service and commitment to the cause of lower- SPROUT visit
Among the many complements SPROUT’s ing health risks affecting the Indian and South

Roopa aur Aap: Jodi Number One

For the past six years, Roopa aur Aap has presented The best part of the programme highlights, “how
one of the best programmes. This programme catered well you know your jodi”? There will be sequence
for all kind of citizens of New Zealand. Roopa aur of questions and answers which will be its main at-
Aap has interviewed normal citizens to Prime Min- traction. The number one Jodi will receive a surprise
ister, MP’s, overseas preachers and other organisa- gift from our sponsors. Jodi Number One is launch-
tions that could support the issues presented in the ing on Thursday 5th August, 2010 on Triangle TV at
programme. Roopa aur Aap provided a platform for 8pm. The programme features thirteen episodes of
local talents, support to senior citizens whilst helping entertainment and if you think that you want to be a
them with their problems, addressing and resolving part of programme, please contact Roopa. Roopa aur
teen-age and women issues with the support of pro- Aap would like to take this opportunity to thank our
fessionals. Roopa aur Aap is a programme where we sponsors for their support in this programme. Our
support community events and festivals. main sponsors are Car Clearance Centre, Moshim
 Roopa aur Aap is presenting a programme Jodi Discount House, Kaysons Fashion, Global Visa….
Number One, in which we are going to look into Roopa aur Aap has a new service that offers
the importance of relationship. Jodi number one is video shooting of weddings or any auspicious oc-
the programme which will not only have jodi’s of casions. Please contact Roopa for further queries on
husband or wife, boy friend or girl friend but will also 021-665609 or email
include brothers & sisters, friends and or partners.

Pala for Whau Local Board

Ann Pala QSM is based on good governance, strategies and policies
enthusiastic about based on local community development. I seek to
the opportunity to be develop plans that provide for local communities;
elected to the Whau opportunities based on economic development, of
Ward local board. service provision, such as libraries, parks and open
“Seeking grassroots creative spaces in consultation with the local com-
democracy for my munity. The Whau boundary includes Avondale,
local community is Blockhouse Bay, New Windsor, Green Bay, New
my commitment as Lynn and Kelston. Our elderly, youth and chil-
a candidate in the dren’s livelihoods must be further improved in this
Auckland Council potential urbanization.” Resident and business
elections. I believe owner in West Auckland for 20 years, “I contribute
in a strong united my time with many agencies, and currently serve
Auckland. I bring on the the Funding Information Service Board,
grassroots courage, Nix Crew Trust, City Safety Action Group, EthNix
resilience and years of sustained collaborations with Links, PPSEWA, Waitakere Ethnic Board and One
all communities to achieve the best for a diverse and People One Planet Committee. I hope you will take
a multi-ethnic progressive society. action and register to vote in the Auckland Council
As a community we need to focus on our chil- elections in October. I seek your support to serve
dren’s well-being and education, promote safe and and represent you as a member of Future Whau”.
crime free settlement, and skill ourselves in envi- More Information visit :
ronmental and global issues. I bring an experience nz or email

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 17

Busy boy in the Beehive
Youth Parliament-the Waitakere College lad who represented the Westy Minister
Sunil Sharma is an example of an offspring from select committee discussed whether entrepreneur-
migrant parents with the best of both the worlds. ship should become a compulsory subject in second-
Born to Indo-Fijian parents in New Zealand, Sunil ary schools. The committee then prepares the report
regards himself a Kiwi, but has not abandoned his to be presented to the house.”
mother tongue and culture of his forbears. He explained that in the general debate, selected
With a Kiwi accent, he did not know his mother youth MP’s delivered speeches on issues which were
tongue, but thanks to Waitakere Indian Association’s of a concern to them or to their community. A topic
Hindi School in Henderson that he not only learned that was raised many times was the issue of youth
Hindi but became proficient enough to host and be violence, which was identified as a concern among
master of ceremonies in Waitakere Indian Associa- young people. There was also lively and healthy
tion functions including children’s concert, Diwali debate on whether New Zealand should become a re-
and Holi Mela. public or it should remain a constitutional monarchy
It was at one such function where he addressed in the Westminster system.
the distinguished guests, including Prime Minister Sharma further elaborated that in the legislative
John Key and Social Development Minister Paula debate selected youth MP’s argued on the Age of Ma-
Bennett that his potential as a youth leader was jority Bill. “They debated whether to keep the age at
noticed. As an exemplary student enmeshed in two 20 or decrease it to 18, then a vote was taken and the
cultures, he was honoured to be selected by Waita- youth parliament voted to lower the age to 18.”
kere MP and Minister, Paula Bennett to represent her He said the youth MP’s questioned ministers,
in Wellington for the youth parliament held over two delivered motions and also had experience of the
days, on 6 and 7 July, 2010. caucus meeting. “To me youth parliament was a
“I am thankful to the honourable Minister that great experience; it gave me a great understanding
she noticed me out of the big choice she had and gave and experience of the parliamentary process. It was
me an opportunity to be the youth MP for Waitakere. also interesting to listen to issues that concerned
This choice reflects on the importance placed by her other young people and engage in lively debate and
in recognising diversity and this augurs well not only discussion.  In addition it was a pleasure to meet so
for the National Party, but for the important portfo- many young people from around the country,” he
lio of Social Development that the Honourable Paula said.
Bennett holds,” Sunil said. Sunil said that such opportunity was an invalu-
Youth parliament is organised by the Minister able education process and encouraged youths to
for Youth Affairs and the Ministry of Youth Devel- excel in their communities so they are noticed by
opment. This has been going since 1994 and is held their respective MPs for this honour and experience
every 3 years. It is a place where young people can which he would cherish for the rest of his life.
voice and debate issues of concern and get a compre- “I am thankful to the trustees and executives of
hensive understanding and real life experience of the Waitakere Indian Association for their foresight in
parliamentary process. running this organisation so effectively that apart
MP’s select a young person between the ages of from fulfilling its social and cultural role, it also pro-
16-18 to represent their seat in parliament for two vides a platform of leaning and leadership training. I
days. Sunil said his experience in Wellington: “We am a product of this visionary organisation. In par-
were divided into select committee during the 2010 ticular, I wish to thank Manoj Tahal, the Immediate
Youth Parliament, and this among others included Past President of Waitakere Indian Association for
select committee groups on Education, Maori his encouragement and assistance in enhancing lead-
affairs, Justice and so on. We discussed proposals ership in the new generation,” the Waitakere Youth
made to the committee; for example the education MP, Sunil proudly added.

The team at ANZ

wishes you a happy
Independence Day.

At ANZ, we value the Indian community and its unique contribution branches, our dedicated Migrant Banking Team and our Indian Business
to New Zealand. What’s important to you, matters to us. And we’re Managers, all of whom work towards finding banking solutions most
reaffirming that commitment with friendly and helpful Indian staff in our suited to your needs.

18 ANZ National Bank Limited Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |

ANZ0326WA India Ind 180x265 4.indd 1 9/08/10 4:07 PM

Process CyanProcess MagentaProcess YellowProcess Black
Youth leader invited to Sai Sansthan celebrates
Aspiring Leaders Forum Guru Purnima
Guru Purnima is celebrated in Shirdi in the temple and back amidst fireworks.
month of Ashadh which falls between June-   Dhoop aarthi was held at 6.00 pm. Melo-
July. The tradition of celebrating started around dious bhajans were sung to the accompani-
1910 and the credit of starting Guru Puja goes ment of tabla, played by Dr Pragna / Mr Varun
to Sri Noolkar and Sri Dada Kelkar. In a letter Sharma and harmonium by Mr Bharat Parikh.
from Noolkar to Sri Nana Saheb Chandorkar, he The programme concluded with Shej Aarthi fol-
mentioned how Baba permitted him to do Guru lowed by Mahaprasad. More than 500 devotees
Puja (Sai Leela Magazine May-Aug,1991). partook of the prasad.
 Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of NZ Inc re-  President Hari Gangisetty thanked the spon-
cently celebrated Guru Purnima. For the first sors, devotees and volunteers for their efforts
time in the history of and support. Raffle
the Sansthan more was drawn for the
than 1500 devotees at- picture of Saibaba
tended the auspicious donated by Mr
celebrations through Rajesh Kumar and
out the day to pay re- it went to Harika.
spects to our Sadguru The winner wanted
Shirdi Saibaba. It was someone else to
their good fortune that have the opportuni-
they were able to cel- ty, so another draw
ebrate it on the actual was held and Dr
Guru Purnima day! Sanjay Namburi’s
Ms Pritika Sharma, joint General Secretary of ensuring that the groups were representative of   The morning name was drawn.
Hindu Council of New Zealand and the coordi- various sectors to enable sharing of different began with Kakad He was delighted
nator of Hindu Youth Conference, was recently viewpoints, experiences and perspectives. The Aarthi followed by and considered it a
invited to attend the 5th annual 4-day Aspiring small group interaction was equally valuable Abhishekam  amidst miracle as his father
Leaders Forum on Faith and Values, which was as insights from the experiences of the distin- chanting of Vishnu had passed away on
held from 22 – 25th July 2010 in Wellington. In guished speakers were shared. Sahasranamam. 200 the Guru Purnima
October 2009, Ms. Sharma represented New Ms Pritika Sharma draws her inspiration devotees took part in day.
Zealand as part of the interfaith delegation to from Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhiji never com- this. Pt Upenderbhai   A lot of   plan-
the 5th Asia-Pacific Regional Interfaith Dia- promised on his Hindu values of truth, love and Joshi conducted the ning, organisation
logue in Perth, Australia. ahimsa (non-violence). Sai Satya Vrat and 52 that went into it is
Aspiring Leaders Forum brings together “Every aspect of Gandhiji’s life is uplifting to families availed this opportunity to perform the commendable and specially mention must be
the brightest, most committed and courageous the soul, and helps change the society. Gandhi- communal Sai Satya Vrat. made of the following:
young leaders from all over New Zealand. The ji’s fight against discrimination and equality for Sai Sumiran was released by devotee Rajesh - Decoration Committee with Sai Krishna,
forum attempts to bridge the growing divide all human beings is remarkable and of particular Kumar. A skit was enacted by devotees, depict- Sainath, Ravi Vemula and other volun-
between the leaders and young people of our interest to me” said Ms Pritika Sharma. ing a few wonderful chapters from Sai Satchar- teers for errecting the mandap and decora-
nation. The unique aspect is that participants Hindu Council of New Zealand plans many ita and the strange way Baba had for imparting tion from 3.30  in the morning
are nominated by Mayors, Members of Parlia- more programmes for the youth in coming knowledge to devotees. This was followed by   - Puja Committee with Laxman making
ment, universities and community leaders. years. Madyaan aarthi and mahaprasad. More than arrangement for Guru Puja / Sai Satyavrat
All delegates at the forum were identified “We will organise the 2nd New Zealand 800 devotees were present for this. Katha /Skit
for their outstanding leadership qualities. They Hindu Youth conference in Auckland, in May  Bhajan groups from Art of Living, ISCKON,  -Palki seva- Rajiv Keth for his effort in dec-
were identified through the belief in them either 2011 and Youth festival in Wellington in 2011” Vaishnav Parivar and Pushpanjali enthralled orating and making of the beautiful Palki for
by a community or an individual representing a said Dr Rajiv Chaturvedi, Public Relations and the devotees with their melodious bhajans from BABA.
community. Media Spokesman of Hindu Council of New 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm. A dhuni was lit and devo-  - Food Committee with Shivani Arora / Arun
“It was an honour to be selected to be part Zealand. tees present had the opportunity to participate Kangokar and all volunteers who helped in
of such an elite forum” said Ms Pritika Sharma.  In Rotorua, youth from both Hindu and non- in this – again this is the first time time that this the Kitchen for the delicious prasad that was
“The line up of distinguished speakers Hindu communities have been invited to be a has been done. served through out the day.
over four days proved to be very inspiring and part of and promote the Rotorua Deepawali Fes- This was followed by the much awaited
motivational. Leadership is not an individual tival to be held on 2 October 2010, which also Palki Seva with the Palki decorated beautifully Donations and more info about the Sansthan can
concept; it involves everyone around the leader” happens to be Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. with Baba’s murthy and padukas in it. All devo- be had by contacting Hari Gangisetty President
she added. For more information about Hindu youth ac- tees present had the opportunity of carrying on 021 629 993 or Bhaskar Reddy Duvvuru on
The forum’s interactive sessions were aimed tivities in New Zealand, please contact hinduy- the Palki. The hall reverberated with devotees 0212923807 or Shivan Arora on 021860012.
at bridging the gap between the ‘now’ and as- chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam, as the proces- You can also visit the Sansthan website www.
piring leaders. Delegates were placed in groups, sion began from the main hall to Radhakrishna

Labour Party opens first ethnic branch

The growth and unification of the ethnic sector Phil Goff, Labour Party Leader and hosted by In his speech, Phil Goff recognised the work in such key areas as education, immigration,
in the Labour Party was shown by the first of Ashraf Choudary and Neelam Choudary sup- carried out by Dr Ashraf Chowdary in establish- family, housing and tradition provide a strong
four Ethnic Sector Councils opening their South ported by other Members of Parliament in- ing a New Zealand wide Ethnic Sector six years basis for the Labour Party to include within its
Auckland branch in Otara on 23 July 2010. cluding Ross Robertson, Dr Rajen Prasad and ago. This work is now carried under the Chair of developments and implementations of their poli-
The occasion was inaugurated by the Hon. Raymond Huo. Dr Pushpa Wood where the ethnic perspective cies.
Goff emphasised that political parties cannot
ignore the combined strength of the ethnic
sector and their positive contribution in local
communities and the economy as a whole.
The South Auckland Ethnic Sector Chair,
Neelam Choudary, said that with the growth
of the ethnic sector within the Labour Party,
it is planned that a further three Ethnic Sector
branches will open over the next year within the
Auckland Region.
This new South Auckland branch is timely in
that it will give advice on ethnic issues to candi-
dates so wishing in the forthcoming Local Body
elections. Besides Neelam Choudary, other
local body candidates who attended included
Ann Pala, Ilango Krishnamurthy, Lingappa
Kalburgi, Ram Prakash, and Sukhdev Singh.
  Neelam Choudary has made 60 new
members and handed the members list to Hon
Phil Goff at the occasion. Mrs Neelam siad that
she is on a recruitment drive and planning to
recruit more members.

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 19


Cricket, cricket, cricket!

Starting a new column on cricket by Brent King, a true blue cricket lover who loves to watch the big games in India –
not on TV but by being right there!
I must confess I love my cricket. has been significant. People should not of terrorism. Most of all, the love for Sachin
I was a very average player who realised underestimate the input of David Trist in Strangely that seemed all normal and ac- Overall it was a carnival of cricket. People
early I would not play at the top level. Pune, Stephen Fleeming in Chennai, Sir ceptable. It seemed almost part of life. loved it. It was happy, it was a celebration.
Richard Hadlee, Steve Rixon etc. The authorities where aware of it and they It was a very special event.
I played at social level until I was 45 and dealt with it and Life goes on. I didn’t want it to end.
loved it. Today my involvement is on the The approach seems very strategic. I can’t wait for next year.
administration side. I was on the Board Although some coaches won’t work out I am left with some brilliant memories: In the next issue we will deal with some
of Auckland Cricket for approximately10 (eg: Greg Chappell) on average the input The time it takes to get from my hotel to more cricket stories.
years and finished as Chairman. I was from these coaches will create better the Ground.
elected to the Board of New Zealand outcomes. However, who becomes the The traffic
Cricket in 2007. During this time we have superstar is more than just down to one The support for Mumbai Indians Your chance to win
seen the massive changes in world cricket coach. The hotel staff asking for Mumbai Indian
and huge commercial opportunities on Flags IPL memorabilia
offer. I have visited India on a number of occa- Sitting behind Sachin Tendulkar’s son
sions and watched quite a bit of cricket while his dad was batting I managed to bring back with me
NZC has gone from strength to strength there. I love the country, the environment, Being hit by a flag as Sachin’s son cel- Mumbai Indians and Chennai Sup
in growing revenue, developing relation- the people and the food. The contrast to ebrated his dad hitting a boundary Kings flag.
ships, developing systems and players. New Zealand makes it all so exciting for a The spider camera racing above the field
There is no question that we are not middle class white boy from Christchurch on wires to get a close up We are happy to make 1 availabl
e to
achieving as we wish at the top level, but (now Auckland). The excitement of the crowd readers of Indian Weekender. Eve
we are certainly “punching above our The fireworks for every boundary one who contacts Mr. Sankul Koth
weight“. India, on the other hand, has Indian Professional league ( IPL ) The dancing girls winding up the crowd on either email or phone will go
in the
so much talent, so many brilliant players On my last visit I had the pleasure of at- The hospitality of everything you want draw to win this flag. You only hav
e to
so much depth that we need to be very tending the 2 Semi Finals and the Final of food, beer, wine contact Sankul and you could win
smart, very strategic and have a bit of luck IPL 2010. Wow, what an experience! The happiness of the crowd. Cheering of these famous flags. Rememb
er to
to beat them. The magic, the showbiz, the excitement, I and screaming for 3 hours ask him about why the Governm
loved it. The wealth of the team owners, helicop- gives you $1,0 00 or how to get a
India’s long term strategy of bringing ters, boats, etc return from your bank!
coaches in from overseas has been It was stage managed. It did have the The security, no matter what you did there
very productive. The influence of Dennis drama of Lalit Modi, it did have the prob- were people watching Register on sankul.kothari@irg.c
Lillee, John Wright and Gary Kirstin etc; lems of bombs in Bangalore and the fear The uniformed guards with guns Or call on 09-3040225 or 080 0 474

For all your

legal needs
Aaron Kashyap
Barrister and solicitor
Level 1, 351 Manukau Road, PO Box 26-596, DXCP 32513, Epsom, Auckland
Mobile: 0274 857 302 Phone: (09) 6238277 Fax: (09)6235177

20 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


SRK’s peace offering to

Thackeray Entertainment
Mumbai: Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan clearly doesn’t want to stay at loggerheads with Shiv
Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray - the man who had called him a ‘traitor’ to his country and almost

stalled the release of his last film My Name Is Khan in Mumbai.
So, on Uddhav’s 50th birthday (Wednesday), through his production house Red Chillies Enter-
tainment, SRK wished him by a half-page advertisement in the 96-page-supplement published by

the Sena mouthpiece Saamna on the occasion.
Thackeray had openly breathed fire against the 44-year-old actor for speaking up in support of
Pakistani cricketers during the bidding for the last season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Shiv Sena party workers had even stalled the release of the star's last movie My Name Is Khan
in Mumbai, threatening movie theatres against screening the film.
So, is the move a genuine olive branch or is it the King Khan’s trademark tongue-in-cheek?
According to reports, the Shiv Sena is seeing this as a bona fide peace offering and said they are
glad the actor has realised his 'mistake' and taken initiate to make amends.
But Shah Rukh, who is in London shooting for his next film Ra.One, might not even be aware of
the ad, said a source close to Khan.
Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, that even if it did warm his image up in the eyes of the
Hindutva-raving political party, it does not get him anywhere with most of his fans.
As one blogger notes, “Shah Rukh’s gesture seems to be kind of like a surrender. Cowardly
almost. For a man making superhero movies, that’s a bit low altitude to fly.”
SRK calls Karan to
‘assist’ with Ra.One

London: When it comes to mushy roman- actor & producer. Most awesome. Thanks”
tic sequences, even if they are for his high Purported to be the most expensive film
profile superhero action f lick Ra.One, Bol- ever produced by Shah Rukh’s production
lywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan appar- house Red Chillies Entertainment, the
ently bets only on his best bud filmmak- King Khan, it seems, didn’t want to take
er Karan Johar. Karan Johar has been in any risks and so KJo was imported from
London, ‘holidaying and working on his India to ‘assist’ in the direction of some
script’, it was reported. scenes and songs.
But according to the buzz, the actual “Made karan attend the shooting...
reason for Karan’s trip is not to write he is too excited to be part of
scripts, relax or even have dinner with film making & wishes me so well, its very
Shah Rukh, his wife Gauri and superstar touching,” he tweeted.
Aamir Khan. There have been reports that the filming
He f lew away to London reportedly to unit has been divided into two parts one
direct some romantic scenes, including a filming the romantic scenes and songs
song, for Ra.One, featuring the Shah Rukh ghost directed by Karan; meanwhile
and Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor. the other continuing with the rest of the
Shah Rukh tweeted Karan’s arrival filming lead by Sinha.
saying, “Been hectic days...with shoot To explain this two-unit filming
going all around. Today Karan came to formula, Shah Rukh, tweeted, “Rains...
shoot...making him attend some action shooting action & montages together. 2
stuff, he looks most out of place.” units...location demands etc. Karan assist- *Conditions apply
Apparently Shah Rukh was not too keen ing us for a day.hopefully we will make the

All NZ: 0508 933 546

to let the film’s director Anubhav Sinha, schedule.”
who has earlier directed films like Dus and Perhaps with the continuing rise of his
Cash, direct these crucial scenes and there ‘arch-rival’ Aamir Khan, and with so much

Auckland: 09 621 0520

have been ‘reports’ of arguments between resting on his next film after a somewhat
the two. lacklustre My Name Is Khan (MNIK), Shah
SRK of course didn’t even blink at these Rukh, it seems, wants to bet on a winning
reports and tweeted, “Anubhav & RA.ONE horse, for, the KJo-SRK pair, despite their
team has worked so hard...I will always be MNIK, has never actually bombed at the
indebted to them for this experience as an Box Office.

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 21


22 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


‘Playing Haji Mastan was a big challenge’


With Rajneeti, the biggest hit of the year behind him, Ajay Devgan is
ready with yet another thrilling drama, Once Upon a Time In Mum-
baai, where he plays the legendary Haji Mastan. Ajay Devgn is confi-
dent about another hit this time too. For the Devgn guy life has cer-
tainly moving at a rapid pace. The actor spoke to Gaurav Sharma
on his films, family, playing Haji Mastan and more.
You must be on a high after the ing the audience to appreciate my role. imagination where as Malik
huge success of Rajneeti….   was Ramu’s imagination and
It is really a great feeling. Given the canvas of But Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai they both have to be differ-
the film we were a little weary but Prakashji again is different in many respects ent.
(Prakash Jha) pulled it off with élan’. All credits  
given that it is based on the life of
need to be passed onto him. But did you give
the iconic Haji Mastan…
  Emaraan any handy
The title itself speaks a lot about the film. It’s
Rajneeti has once again proved that about the time when Mumbai started falling tips?
you are Prakash Jha’s lucky mascot. under the mafia siege. From the culture, fashion, Tips or course correc-
Somewhere deep down we all believe in luck but the lifestyle to everything about Mumbai tion is inherent to film
all I can say, it is 99 percent perspiration that changed a lot during that period and we have making. Not just me or
reaps the results. Of course we are really happy tried to explore all these areas and portray it other actors, anybody in
as a team because whenever he has come up in the film. There were a lot of things like side- the directorial team can
with a role for me I have felt confident. burns; bellbottoms and the typical songs that we come up with a value ad-
  started listening to at that time are still in vogue dition. All I can say is I
You are preparing for fatherhood today. They have only reinvented themselves. got along very well with
  Emmy and there was
once again. At the same time you perfect harmony.
have signed on quite a few proj- So your role, that of Sultan too must
ects… have been a lot different from the
So a lot is hap-
(Laughs) That is an interesting observation but other mafia films you have played.
Certainly it is. He is a mafia but has a good side pening in your
to be true I have been juggling between multiple
to it. He is generous, warm and accommodating. life…  
projects and my family life all throughout my
Oh yes, certainly I am happy about everything
that has happened so far.

As for playing real life

characters it’s definitely a
challenge as people have
a pre conceived notion
of the characters. I think
the primary requirement
of any such plots is a very
tight script.

career. I live in a joint family with my parents, This is completely different from the ones I have
Kajol and Nysa, so there is a support system in played earlier, where the gangster is shrewd and
place. Apart from that I make it a point to spend conniving.
as much time as possible at home when I’m not  
working and I play with Nysa. So I think I’m But the audience expects a lot
well prepared to take on the responsibility of whenever you are playing a real life
character and here it’s Haji Mastan
more so because you have earlier
Okay, now with Once Upon A Time
played Bhagat Singh too.
In Mumbaai you are back again (Smiles again) Yes people draw parallels but
playing the mafia. What are your ex- beyond a point it is fiction. Like any other film
pectations with the film given that it I have blocked time to think about the charac-
comes just after a hit like Rajneeti? ter. I devoted time to understand the character
I’m really excited about the release. (Smiles) It’s of Sultan, his vision and of course a little bit of
my second innings where I play a mafia after background study was a must.
films like Company. And more than anything As for playing real life characters it’s definitely a
this is one role that anyone would have loved challenge as people have a pre conceived notion
to play. I am lucky to have got the chance once of the characters. I think the primary require-
again to play a mafia. Yes, it is a very intricate ment of any such plots is a very tight script. The
story with high voltage dialogues and I really rest is on the actor as to how much he can absorb
had a great time mouthing them. and emote. Bhagat Singh was an exact portrayal
  of the legendary freedom fighter but Sultan still
Which was more interesting — remains fiction.
Company or Once Upon A Time In
Emraan Hashmi plays Dawood Ibra-
To be honest both are very different though both him in this film where as you played
revolve around the underworld in Mumbai. But Dawood in Company.
just like I got appreciated playing Malik in Ram The roles are modeled on the same man but then
Gopal Varma’s Company here too I am expect- again they are completely different. Emraan’s
character Shoaib is director Milan Luthria’s

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 23

Movie: It’s A Wonderful Afterlife Ranbir is next superstar:
Yash Chopra
Cast: Shabana Azmi, Goldy Notay, Sally Hawkins, Sendhil
Ramamurthy, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Zoe Wanamaker, Mark
Addy, Jimi Mistry. Releasing: August 26 films remain in your mind and you think okay I
The phrase “I could murder for a curry” is taken to slightly differently. So I thought maybe I could do At an inspiring and solemn graduation cer- would like to make films like this.
hysterical new heights in Gurinder Chadha’s latest it with a horror spin, where everything goes awry. emony befitting the University of London,  Yash
movie being released in New Zealand later this Much like the prom scene at the end of Carrie.” Chopra was awarded an honorary higher doc- How do you balance your style of filmmak-
month. Working with screenwriter husband Paul toral degree for having made an outstanding con- ing with the way films are being watched on
“It’s A Wonderful Afterlife”, starring Bolly- Mayeda Berges, Chadha spent two-and-a-half tribution to the field of cinema in his six decades different formats such as mobile phones or
wood’s “Shabana Azmi” is a killer romantic comedy years crafting the script. “I started seeing this crazy of work in the Hindi film industry, by the School the internet?
from Chadha, the British filmmaker who have film, set in Ealing, in the world of “Bend It Like of Oriental and African Studies(SOAS). London The way to see a film is on the big screen. When you
given audiences hits like “Bend It Like Beckham” Beckham” and yet in a completely different genre,” correspondent Steven Baker catches up with the go to see a film in the theatre it is an event. You sit
and “Bride and Prejudice”. said Chadha. movie doyen in a question answer session with a thousand people and you share your emotions.
The movie also stars Goldy Notay, who plays “We worked on the script, came up with the idea A big screen, a wide screen can do this.
Shabana’s chubby daughter Roopi Sethi, Sendhil of the mum, the plump daughter and these spirits How do you feel about the new global
Ramamurthy from “Heroes”, and Sanjeev Bhasker that return.” Indian cinema, with for example Bollywood What can then be done to stop film piracy?
from “The Kumars at No.42”. Starting out with the working title “My Bloody premieres and overseas shooting here in
“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Shaun of the Wedding”, Chadha and Berges created the character the UK? Piracy is the biggest issue affecting the film industry,
Dead” meet in this charming and fun comedy romp of Roopi, a young British Indian woman, and Mrs Today some of our films are doing better business and the government has to make laws and imple-
about an Indian mother taking her obsession with Sethi, her meddling mother. overseas than in India and these films are not western ment them. In Hollywood although there are laws to
marriage into frighteningly funny territory. “Really it’s an Ealing comedy about an Indian in content: they are Indian films. My own film Veer stop physical piracy, they are not able to stop internet
Mrs Sethi (Shabana), a widow, can’t bear the mum who lives with her daughter. The daughter is a Zara is a film that did better business overseas than in piracy, and by the first or second day high definition
thought of her daughter being alone and unhappy. little bit overweight, not exactly beautiful and has a India. I always say you can’t make a crossover film. pirate films are available. But if people see my films
Ok, she’s a little plump and opinionated …but she broken engagement behind her,” explains Chadha. A film will crossover when people from other coun- in a format such as the internet or mobile phones and
would make a great wife for some lucky man, if only The film opens and you see an Indian man tries like it, and if it has good content. Today Hindi pay for it then no film can fail. If everybody who sees
she were given a chance. sitting at a kitchen table. He’s in front of a huge bowl cinema is becoming a global market, if it is a hit over- the film pays for it there won’t be any failure.
When Mrs Sethi can no longer stomach the of curry and it looks like he’s been eating for hours. seas it will bring in a lot of money.
rudeness of families who refuse her daughter, she Suddenly you see a knife thrust towards him and There are many elements of the Punjab
takes matters into her own hands with the only way you realise that he is being force-fed and he doesn’t Are Indian films now being targeted to- in your film. How does this Punjabiness
she knows ... suddenly a police hunt begins for a want to eat anymore, he eats the last bite and col- wards the middle classes at the expense of impact your audiences and what does it
serial murderer who cooks a killer curry. lapses on the table.
other audiences? personally mean to you?
Mrs Sethi doesn’t feel too guilty until the spirits He gets wheeled into the hospital, he screams
If you make films in the English language or use I am Punjabi and I know Punjabi culture so in my
of her victims come back to haunt her as they are and all of a sudden his stomach bursts open and
English in Hindi films the audience will increase. films I try to project this through the language, music,
unable to be reincarnated until their murderer dies. there’s this big curry explosion.
Our biggest markets are the US and UK and number dance and so on. If I tried to make another language
Mrs Sethi has no problem killing herself – she’ll get “It’s an alien moment but with curry and it shows
three is Dubai. But in Germany for example we sold film I may not be able to make such a good film. From
to see her dead husband again – but how can she go you’re in for a fun ride,” said Berges.
more music albums than the UK, so unexpected London to Mumbai there is so much Punjabi culture
before her daughter is married?
things happen. Films are not made for a specific class especially in the music and dance in Hindi film that
The spirits realise that helping Mrs Sethi’s
we are making films that people will connect with audiences now accept it and take it for granted. Pun-
daughter find a suitable husband before the police
Be in to win doub emotionally. People are so passionate about film and jabiness has entered film so much and no other state
catch her is their only chance for a wonderful after- le passes to the this goes beyond class. language can boast of that, so I feel I should always
life. movie “It’s A Won
It all began in 2005 when Chadha was watching derful Afterlife”. make films which are Punjabi-centred.
Simply log on to w What is it that attracts you in a story and
“The 100 Greatest Family Films” on telly. Some-
where in the middle of the programme the narrator makes you say I have to make that film? You have worked with Dilip Kumar, Amitabh
and sign up to rece When I hear a story, or a story comes to me, or I
introduced the wedding scene from “Bend It Like ive our free Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. Amongst
Beckham”. weekly e-newslette think of a plot, first and foremost it should excite me. the younger generation of actors who do
r, and you’ll I ask if I would I like to make this film. It is youth and
“It was the Indian wedding scene and the party, go into a draw to w you think is the next superstar of Hindi
which was inter-cut with the football,” begins in free passes. the young people that decide what is going to be in cinema?
Chadha, “and immediately I remembered how much Existing subscrib cinema, and indeed in everything. So either you have The next superstar of Hindi cinema is Ranbir
ers are already to be young or your thinking has to be young. If the
fun we’d had shooting that scene. The wedding is in the draw. Winne Kapoor, by sheer weight of his performance. In his
integral to our culture that I suddenly thought ‘How rs will be youth does not connect with it, the film will not bring role in Rajneeti he gives a good performance. I have
can I do another wedding scene without repeating announced on the money back. not noticed any new actress no actress has made an
myself?’ I wanted to do another one but to do it impression. If it about performance and not beauty,
Your films have inspired many people. frankly I have not found any girl who can be a super-
What films have inspired you? star. Kajol is brilliant and in her own class, but on that

Priyanka shoots for

Different films come to mind. When I saw Mother level there is no one.
India it impressed me, as did Sangam. I saw Guru
Dutt’s Pyaasa and was impressed by the way a tor- What upcoming projects do you have?
tured soul expressed his feelings in cinema. Even

Khatron ke Khiladi
I am working on a film and scripting a story at the
a small film like A Wednesday, when a newcomer moment. It is of course a romantic film. I do not know
comes with a new idea it touches you in a big way. when it will start and do not know who I will cast
I like Rang De Basanti very much, as it works cre- until the script is ready. But definitely I want to do
atively on three different layers to make a very pow- another film as too much time has passed. Sooner
Mumbai: The new ‘ khiladi’ girl of Bollywood,
erful film.  The latest film I like is 3 Idiots, a simple rather than later I will start my film.
Priyanka Chopra, is in Bangkok now to film, yet the biggest success ever in India. Certain
shoot the promos for the third season of
action reality show ‘Fear Factor-Khatron
ke Khiladi’.

The former Miss World posted about Ashraf Choudhary Phil Goff
her new venture at Bankok at popular Labour MP Labour Party Leader
Micro- blogging site ‘Twitter’.
‘Hey guys! Me in bangkok shooting
promos for khatron ke khiladi 3,”
Congratulates the Indian
tweeted Piggy Chops. and Pakistani Community
Priyanka replaced Akshay Kumar,
who had previously hosted the first two in NZ on the 63rd
seasons of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. anniversary of their
The actress did not have an eventful
2010; her January release ‘Pyaar Impos- independence
sible’ did not work out at the box office.
However, PC has her hands full with
films, which include ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ Phil Goff, Leader of the Labour Party | 04 817 9370

, ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, ‘Chamki Chameli’ ,

‘Silence’ and of course ‘Don 2’ .
But it will be interesting to watch her in Auckland Office of Dr Ashraf Choudhary, Labour Member of Parliament.
a completely new avatar in ‘Khatron Ke 7 Fulton Crescent, Otara, Manukau.
Khiladi 3’,  and see how well she fits in Phone: 09 265 0983 or 027 511 0346 Email:
Akki’s shoes.

24 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


‘John inspired  me in
many ways’
Bipasha Basu is multi-tasking these days…doing films, shoot-
ing ads, hitting gym for fitness, tweeting, and of course,
there’s John. In addition, the sultry beauty is shouldering a
new responsibility of being face of a Bengali channel. Sreya
Basu catches up with the hot bod in Kolkata
What made you become the brand am-
bassador of a Bengali entertainment
I am extremely proud to be associated with a
happening and diverse channel like Mahuaa
Bangla. This is like homecoming for me
because Kolkata is where I originally belong
to. My roots lie in this city.
Your latest film Lamhaa is receiving quite
positive reviews. Were you a bit apprehensive
about donning a burkha and playing a Kash-
miri woman, instead of playing a hottie?
Not at all. I know if my fans truly love me,
they will accept me in any avatar…after all,
I am an actor and should explore my genres.
But at one point you wanted to leave
this film?
No I never left the film; but I left Kashmir.
When we went to shoot there for the first
time, a lot of incidents happened which were
very disturbing and scary. We have to admit
this fact that Kashmir is unpredictable. It’s
a beautiful place, there is a lot of security,
but kab kya ho jaye sabko bahut darr lagta
hai. During the first one week, there were
stone-throwing, mob used to stop shooting
almost every day. I was brave enough to last
there for seven days. But then, when we went
back for the second time after elections, it
was very relaxing and calming. It felt like a
different place altogether.
You have done quite a few de-glam
and commercial cinema…that’s what Bolly-
wood is all about. And I feel, if I can create a
balance, it’s fun for an actor.

Now you have a place in Bollywood. So

you can take a risk…
I disagree with you. Look at the film in
which I debut (Ajnabee)…no newcomer
would have taken a risk to debut in a
negative character when there was so much
choice. But I did that film because I found
the role different. Even when my career was
booming, I choose a film like Jism which
every A-list actresses were refusing and
were scared to do. I always go by my gut-
feel. I don’t have a tried and tested formula
for success.
It seems you love experimenting with
life. You wanted to become a doctor and
then went on to become an actor. True?
I was a science student and I still feel science
was the right field for me. I was a good
student. But taking up commerce for gradu-
ation was a wrong decision. I had no interest
in commerce. So, it’s very important to make
your choices right. But then, I have done so
roles in recent past (Apaharan, Corpo- much in life that I can’t ask for more. In fact,
rate). Is it a conscious effort to balance my inclination towards bio sciences has re-
glam and de-glam roles? surfaced in the past 6-7 years. I am an actor
It’s not that I have played de-glam roles by profession, but my passion is health and
in Apaharan or Corporate or Lamhaa… fitness. The reason I have got into this fitness
they are realistic. In Corporate, I play a top thing is because of my understanding and
brass of the company who dresses up very wanting to understand the human body right.
glamorously. But the no-make up look added  
realism to the character. In Lamhaa, I play a Media buzz says, John Abraham is
girl who heads a party. She has a lot of fire behind your ‘fit and fabulous’ look…
and strength in her…she is the one who can John has inspired me in many ways. But
combat even in a salwar-kameez. Or, take many times he confused me as well. For
the Bengali film Sob Chatritro Kalponik… example, when I had put on a lot of weight,
there I look very glamorous in saree, bindi… he was the only one who never told me about
but that’s realistic…that’s how Bengali my flab…he still used to call me ‘hot’ and ‘s
women dress up. So, you see, realistic films exy’.                                                                              

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 25


Eva Grover in Jhansi Ki Rani Iqbal Khan is back!

Mumbai: Ladies, hold your breath … the
intense, brooding Iqbal Khan is back!
 Almost 2 years after he left you mes-
merized with his portrayal of the strong
and silent Shankar in Indian television’s
adaptation of The Godfather, Waaris, the
handsome actor is all set to steal your
hearts in an out-and-out love story slated
for an August launch on Zee TV.

Confirming the news, Sukesh Motwani,

Programming Head- Fiction, Zee TV said,
“Yes, Iqbal is a part of our next big-ticket
show. We haven’t frozen the name of the
show yet though its tentatively called

It’s after a rather long time that we’re com-

ing back with a pure love story. And who
better than Iqbal to bring alive the pathos
and passion of romance?”

When asked about his role, Iqbal said,

Mumbai: There’s a ‘mysterious’ new character in Zee TV’s popular show ‘Jhansi “It’s great to be working with Zee once
Ki Rani’ ... they call her Bhagirati, but she appears at times as a daasi in the again after Waaris. I share a great rapport
Rani’s palace, at other times as a ‘bhikshuk’ (beggar). with the team. The new role excites me
  because it’s nothing that I have attempted
She is often found emerging from places she isn’t supposed to have access to. so far. I play a lover who takes to drinking
Nobody knows where she’s from ... what her intentions are ... who is she? when the object of his affection gets mar-
  ried to somebody else.
 Well, it’s Eva Grover playing a very special role on this historical saga.
  But here’s a drunkard who’s fun when he’s
Is she about to conspire with the firangs and sabotage the Rani’s plans at a cru- drunk. I loved the character when I heard
cial juncture?  Well, that’s for time to unveil. the script and I hope the audience loves
him as much!”

Welcome back, Iqbal!

26 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


Big B unveils new Bobby, Mugdha lock lips?

logo for KBC
Mumbai: Being looked upon as this year’s one of the director Rajeev Virani. 
most unconventional on screen pairs, Bobby Deol  ‘Help’ is a supernatural horror that draws upon
and Mugdha Godse will be seen in some very cosy the story of a malevolent spirit that refuses to leave
scenes in their upcoming horror film ‘Help’. the human world.  Protagonist Vic (Bobby Deol) is
 With changing times in Bollywood, now-a-days a successful horror film director in Bollywood and is
Mumbai: A revamped Kaun Banega Crorepati of four years. movie promotion has become one of the most impor- married to Pia (Mugdha Godse). 
(KBC) is on the cards this year, and the show’s The first season of the show show was cred- tant factors contributing to a film’s success and pro-  Mugdha, who is very excited about the film, says
returning host Bollywood veteran Amitabh ited with revolutionising Indian television, but duction houses use aggressive marketing strategies “I am awaiting Help’s release as it will be one of the
Bachchan on Monday unveiled the new logo for the subsequent seasons, especially the third one, and some out of the box most important films of my
the show, featuring the new Rupee symbol. failed to draw the same euphoria. ideas for the same. career.” When asked about
The new Rupee symbol certainly And so, Sony Televsion, the channel that   In symmetry to her close scenes with Bobby
seems to have caught on the bought over the telecasting rights from this, ‘Help’ has already in the film, she adds, “Well
imagination of those in ad- competitor Star Plus, reportedly has managed to set ablaze the I don’t feel there should be
vertising and media and planned a makeover for the show markets with the bikini much ado like my bikini
even the country’s su- and it is confident that the show photos of Mugdha which scenes.
perstars. will indeed do well. have been doing the media  “All the intimate scenes
“One last bit for To begin with, this season rounds lately. have been very aestheti-
today. Insisted to will reportedly run for 9  Now we see some ec- cally shot and like the bikini
Sony to incorpo- weeks only and include static intimate pictures of scene, the romantic scenes
rate the new Rupee only 36 episodes as com- Bobby & Mugdha from were also a requirement of
symbol in the KBC pared to 270, 60 and 53 epi- ‘Help’ and from one of the script.  They have helped
logo. They did. sodes for the previous three the pictures one can easily to portray the depth of love
Looking so cool !!” seasons respectively. guess a near lip-lock between Pia and Vic. I feel
Bachchan tweeted on It also seems to increase between the two, which Rajeev has done a great
Tuesday. the excitement quotient, the has come out as a latest tool job.” 
Hours ago he had new season will also feature 12 of promotion for the film.   Bobby has always
quietly posted the new questions as opposed to 15 in the   But have Mugdha had a romantic image and
logo on his blog, without previous editions. and Bobby really locked Mugdha looks at her glam-
much fanfare. Word is that the show is being well-re- the lips in the film or not, well this still remains a orous best in the movie, without her styling being
The buzz started after his tweet, and ceived among advertisers and over 50 per cent mystery, which the makers of the film might reveal too much over the top because she also had to look
soon he also posted an image through his Twitter of the advertising slots have been sold. at later stages of promotion.  ghastly alongside looking gorgeous.
account, saying, “New logo for KBC ! Note the Big Synergy, the production house that is  “‘Help’ is about a married couple reviving their  Over the past years, kiss and intimate scenes have
Rupee symbol incorporated in the design. My working on the production of the show is cur- relationship after some turbulent times. Therefore, always created a stir in movies, giving the movie and
suggestion !! Yeahhh !! Feeling good.” rently finalising the details but some radical we did have a lot of scope to rope in some romantic the stars good publicity by creating a controversy.
Instead of the four ‘Rs.’ markings surround- changes are expected. scenes between Bobby and Mugdha, without dilut- Whether it was the famous lip lock between
ing the centre, the new logo features six of the Kaun Bangea Crorepati: Season 4, is ex- ing the impact of the horror genre of the movie and to Karisma Kapoor and Aamir Khan in Raja Hindusta-
new Rupee symbols, in gold. pected to go on air from October 11, coinciding add, the location of Mauritius perfectly compliment- ani, or Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom
Amitabh Bachchan returns to the show, with Amitabh Bachchan’s 68th birthday, and is ed the situation. However I would not wish to reveal 2 or Emraan Hashmi in virtually every movie of his.
which began in 2000 with him as the host for scheduled to be telecast on Mondays to Thurs- whether or not there is a lip locking scene between Well, if ‘Help’ really has a kissing scene, we will
the first two seasons and Bollywood actor Shah days at 9 PM. Bobby and Mugdha. I guess we should leave it to the have to wait and watch whether it manages to create
Rukh Khan for the third season, after a hiatus audiences to look out for the same in the movie” says a similar stir.

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 27

A freedom fighter with a life divine
ram lingam
India produced a multifaceted freedom fighter found the basis for a the now famous lines: real India, the India of the Vedic seers, could
who was also an intellectual, linguist, yogi, vision of freedom and “Rabindranath, O Au- survive and absorb into herself all alien cul-
poet, scholar, philosopher and a great spiritual glory for India in the robindo, bows to thee! tures, and that at the hands of one who knew
leader. Who was this great personality? spiritual richness and O friend, my country’s the proper synthesis, Eastern and Western
Many countries have freedom fighters, but heritage of Hinduism. friend, O Voice incar- cultures could find their happy blend, without
India was uniquely blessed with freedom fight- What’s unique about nate, free, Of India’s necessarily having to antagonize one another.
ers who were also spiritual and saintly. One such Sri Aurobindo’s life- soul....The fiery messen- Sri Aurobindo’s Life Divine—the divine life
champion of ‘true freedom’ both political and story? Aurobindo had a ger that with the lamp of that he lived and preached—will live for ever,
spiritual was Sri Aurobindo Ghose (1872–1950) European upbringing. God Hath come...Rabin- inspiring mankind. Posterity will hail him as a
also known as Sri Aurobindo. Coincidently Educated at Cambridge dranath, O Aurobindo, member of the galaxy of Vedic seers. May his
15th August is also the birth anniversary of Sri where he was a bril- bows to thee.” Light ever shine.”
Aurobindo. While most freedom fighters focus liant classics scholar, In 1908 after a
mainly on political freedom Sri Aurobindo was he refused a career in series of bombings he Here are some of Sri Aurobindo’s famous
unique to direct attention and showed us how to the civil service and was arrested along with sayings on India and her spirituality:
be truly free in our essential nature. He showed returned to India after other suspects. In jail
us that despite an occidental education, one can a 14 year education in for conspiring to “wage “Spirituality is indeed the master key of the
understand India and her greatness correctly. England, which started war against the British,” Indian mind; the sense of the infinite is native
“No one can write about my life because when he was seven, Sri Aurobindo turned to it.”
it has not been on the surface for man to see” only to become a fiery to meditation. Though “India is the meeting place of the religions
said Sri Aurobindo on himself. Go through the revolutionary national- he was acquitted soon and among these Hinduism alone is by itself a
life story of Sri Aurobindo and you can see that ist. He joined the move- after, it was during this vast and complex thing, not so much a religion
this statement is so true. Sri Aurobindo was so ment for India’s freedom short period that he as a great diversified and yet subtly unified mass
unique and inspiring that it becomes difficult to from British rule and for became increasingly of spiritual thought, realisation and aspiration.”
fathom the depth of his grand and multifaceted some duration (1905– preoccupied with the “India saw from the beginning, and, even
personality. 10) became one of its most important leaders, spiritual dimensions of Indian cultural life. in her ages of reason and her age of increasing
How does one describe or speak about such a before turning to developing his own vision He finally found refuge in the French enclave ignorance, she never lost hold of the insight,
personality? Sri Aurobindo was modern India’s and philosophy of human progress and spiritual of Pondicherry now Puducherry and he per- that life cannot be rightly seen in the sole light,
most fascinating and unfathomable leader. Sri evolution. fected his practice of what he called ‘Integral cannot be perfectly lived in the sole power of its
Aurobindo’s personality was multifaceted as In 1906, soon after the Partition of Bengal, yoga’ which he taught to his disciples before he externalities.”
a freedom fighter, poet, scholar, yogi and phi- Sri Aurobindo quit his post in Baroda and went passed away in 1950. “Indian religion has always felt that since the
losopher. He spent his life working towards the to Calcutta, where he soon became one of the Says Swami Shivananda on Sir Aurobindo, minds, the temperaments and the intellectual
cause of India’s freedom, and for further evolu- leaders of the Nationalist movement. He was “Aurobindo was one of the greatest of world affinities of men are unlimited in their variety,
tion of mankind. Sri Aurobindo falls into the the first political leader in India to openly put figures. He was an inspiration to the national- a perfect liberty of thought and of worship must
exclusive category of spiritual freedom fighters forward, in his newspaper Bande Mataram, ists of India. The crest jewel of renascent India, be allowed to the individual in his approach to
who achieved the highest realization of Godli- the idea of complete independence for India the bravest among the patriots, the sharpest the Infinite.”
ness and have shared that experience with the from the British much before Gandhi did. He among the intellectuals, and the subtlest among “That which we call the Hindu religion is
rest of humankind. Both Swami Vivekananda had such a great impact that in 1907 the poet the seers, Sri Aurobindo fulfilled the glorious really the eternal religion because it embraces
and Sri Aurobindo are credited with having Rabindranath Tagore paid him a visit and wrote purpose of demonstrating to the world that all others.”

President General Secretary

Paul Singh Bains J.P. Rajeev (Raj) Singh Thandi J.P.
Phone: +64 21 167 3974 Phone: +64 21 333 604
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Vice President Harshadbhai Patel [027 447 5706] | Assistant Secretary Raj Bedi [021 241 1424] | Treasurer Manjit Singh [021 781 902]

The New Zealand Indian Central Association officer team

and affiliated association’s throughout New Zealand
congratulate the Indian diaspora of New Zealand on the
63rd anniversary of our Independence Day.

After almost 300 years of British rule India finally won its
freedom on 15th August 1947, it was a birth of a new
Please visit nation, the world’s largest democracy.
to find the details of the Indian Association in your area We cherish the development of 63 years of Independent
India and look forward towards our mother-land’s progress.
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28 Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 |


The road to financial independence

Every one aspires and should aspire for being fi- ommended if you don’t have gage protection insurance in If your employer is providing free or subsidized in-
nancially independent. Different people have dif- funds on your own. place. Never consider insur- surance or superannuation you should go for it. In
ferent meaning of this term. For some, it might But incurring debt for ance premium to be waste of New Zealand, we have state sponsored KiwiSaver
mean being richer and richer, for some others, it consumer durables like cars, One should not money, you are buying peace scheme. Do not think that, it is a long way to go
might be having enough so that they do not need TVs, consumer electronics of mind and protection from for you to turn 65, why you should contribute? Re-
to work again. But from financial independent, I should be avoided. By the be tempted to buy financial loss b y buying member you are to contribute only higher of 2%
mean one should be in a financial position to be time, installments are paid insurance. But you should of your wages or $20 per week in order to gain
able to lead a life style one desires without being off, the values of these items
expensive houses, not waste money by being maximum advantage. With regular contributions
worried about finances. One should have enough
resources and protection in place which will cover
go down.
One should not be
expensive cars and over insured. The increase
in amount of ‘excess’ and
and compound returns, you will be able to accu-
mulate a sizable nest for you. Which fund should
one’s life style. tempted to buy expensive
houses, expensive cars and
other stuff, just for waiting period in certain pol-
icies can significantly reduce
you choose? Are you a conservative, a balanced or
an aggressive investor, who will determine that?
There are few steps one can take to achieve this.
These are-
other stuff, just for show off
to others, in case one wants
show off to others, your insurance premium,
so it should be carefully
Seek the advice of a Financial Advisor. Remember
a nominal difference of 1% per year in return on
to achieve financial inde- in case one wants planned in consultation with investment can result into sizable loss by the time
1. Avoid expensive debt and try to get rid of pendence. Always be within a Financial Advisor. you will turn 65.
your debt at your earliest your means, spend less than to achieve financial
you can and accumulate 3. Protect your assets by 5. Minimize your taxes
First of all, the debt should be considered only for more wealth for retirement to independence. transferring these to suit-
those assets which appreciate with time. Notable achieve your goal of financial able entities Seek the advice of an accountant to see if your
of these are housing mortgages and student loans. independence faster. affairs can be organised in a more tax efficient
Real estate prices usually go up with time. To live, Who should own your manner. Remember, each and every dollar saved
you need a house in any case. If you are renting, 2. Have adequate insurance assets? Are your assets will contribute towards your nest.
you are contributing towards your landlord’s mort- to protect your valuables and to protect your exposed to being lost due to marriage split, to If you plan your financial journey carefully,
gage. It is better to have own house even though income earning capacity business creditors, to IRD? Do you need a family your road to financial independence will be
you will have to take a mortgage loan. But always trust? These aspects should be carefully planned smoother. It is a wrong perception that financial
structure your mortgage wisely. What term the You should insure your valuables adequately. by taking advice from a financial planner and your planning is only for rich people, it is equally rel-
loan should be fixed for? How to repay the loan Never miss to insure your house, car and contents. solicitor. Your financial planner will advise you as evant to each and every one.
faster etc should be carefully planned. You should If you own investment property, do not forget to to which are the assets that should be held in trust, - Ravi Mehta is an Auckland based Financial
buy a house and take a loan only of the amount insure for lost rent in case of fire, landlord protec- your lawyer will take care of legal issues. Advisor and can be contacted on ravi.mehta@
which is within your repayment capacity over the tion insurance in case of malicious damage to your A disclosure statement as required
longer term. property. Your personal income earning capacity 4. Make maximum use of your Employer and under Securities Act 1988 is freely available on
Similarly, education improves your earning should also be protected; you should have suffi- Government sponsored schemes request.
capacity and as such taking education loan is rec- cient disability, trauma, income protection, mort-

Indendence Day Messages

without the basic reading, writing, and maths skills practitioners from the Ministry and education
Encouraging achievement they need. sector to work closely with schools.
We are delivering on our promise. This year we The expert practitioners will be region-
I know many families in our implemented National Standards in primary and in- ally based and will build strong relationships with
Indian communities want to termediate schools to identify the children who are schools, and assist teachers and principals to find
help their children succeed at falling behind. ways to help their students succeed. Some schools
school, and so does National. The Standards are signposts which show what will need only a little help to lift achievement levels.
Education helps children Year 1 to 8 children should be able to achieve in Others will need a lot.
gain the skills they need to reading, writing, and maths, and by when. Parents Thirdly, we’re making sure that professional de-
succeed, reach their full poten- will receive plain language reports on their child’s velopment for teachers and principals supports our
tial, and have a bright future. progress twice a year. focus on lifting student achievement.
National is working hard to lift achievement in Now we’re taking the next steps, and using Na- National is determined to help every child get
our schools. Recently we announced a major new tional Standards to lift achievement in our schools. the skills they need to succeed, reach their potential,
approach that puts children right at the heart of the Firstly, we’re investing $36 million over four and make the most of their future.
education system – where they belong. years to help those children who are identified Like you, we know how important a good
We’re changing the way the Ministry of Edu- through National Standards as needing extra help. education is. Implementing National Standards,
cation supports teachers and pupils, with funding This money will be used to develop extra resources providing extra support for those who are falling
directed at the children who need it. and programmes to help lift the achievement of behind, and focusing our schools on achievement
In the 2008 election campaign, National prom- those who may otherwise fall behind and drop-out. will help us accomplish our goals.
ised to address the shocking statistic that almost Secondly, we’re moving education resources - Hon John Key, Prime Minister of
one in five young New Zealanders leaves school to the frontline. We’re appointing at least 50 expert New Zealand

I hope you all enjoy celebrat- in common. Our country is an increasingly diverse and
ing Indian Independence Day. We share language, a Commonwealth heritage, vibrant nation and the National-led Government
I will be attending cel- and of course, a love of cricket. Our countries are wants all New Zealanders to play a part in our
ebrations at several venues both made up of a wide variety of languages, reli- communities and our economy.
and spending time with my gions, and traditions. I value the strong relationship that National has
family. New Zealand’s growing relationship with India with you. We are working hard to ensure that your
Independence Day is a provides us with many opportunities to strengthen voice is heard at the highest levels of Government.
great time to reflect on our our trade and business links, and to widen coop- National is determined to secure a brighter
history in India, and our place in New Zealand. eration between our nations. The New Zealand future for all New Zealanders.
We have played a key role in New Zealand’s Consulate-General in Mumbai, which opens later
history, and our two countries have many things this year, will help strengthen these links. - Kanwaljit Singh Baskhi

Yoga Class based on Baba

Ramdev’s Yoga Programme is
conducted at:
Venue: Shanti Niwas Seniors Centre0 Shanti Niwas Seniors Centre
               14 Spring Street0 14 Spring Street
              Onehunga0 Onehunga
               (Next to the Dolphin Theatre)
Day:        Every Tuesday0 Every Tuesday
Time:      6.30pm – 7.30pm

Contact: (09) 622 1010

Indian Weekender | August 13, 2010 | 29

Family Protection Insurance - What is it?

If you died, could your family survive on insurance in New • Should you marry, Flexibile Benefit Terms
your savings and a government benefit Zealand is among have children or be- You can choose the length of time over
alone? the highest for
OECD countries
A large lump sum is come responsible for
the full-time care of a
which you wish the monthly payment to
be made, customising your cover to suit
Most people would agree that family is
extremely important but, despite this,
– 24th out of 30
nations. And what’s
daunting for some close relative, a Spe-
cial Events Increase
your family situation and the ages of your
surprisingly few think to protect their more, the growing people, so instead your Facility is available
family’s financial future, in the event they trend in New Zea- which allows you to Affordability
or the income-earner passes away. Just land is for women family receives a regular increase your sum Family Protection can provide a more
because that regular income has ceased, to have children assured affordable cover option for people later in
it doesn’t mean the monthly expenses will. later in life with monthly income source, • A Bereavement their lives.
Life insurance or your savings may cover the average age of Support benefit pro-
the initial expenses, but how would your giving birth at 30 providing them security, vides an immediate Perhaps it’s time you undertook a review
family cope, if it had to cover the cost of
mortgage repayments, electricity, food,
years^, compared
to 25.4 years in
peace of mind and best lump-sum payment
on your death.
of all your insurance needs.

clothing and education?

Family Protection Insurance provides for a
1975. This requires
parents to provide
of all, future. Good Reasons to
Sources: *Statistics New Zealand, 2004 **In-
jury Prevention Network of Aotearoa
monthly amount to be paid to your family financial support New Zealand #New Zealand Herald, 2010
have Family Pro- ^OECD Economic Survey, 2008
on your death, rather than a lump sum. for their children tection Cover
The regular income helps your family to much later into the
maintain the lifestyle they are used to. parents’ adult lives than ever before. - The above information has been pro-
Easier Financial Management vided to serve only as a guideline to assist
A large lump sum is daunting for some in evaluating your insurance needs. You
Did you know? The solution people, so instead your family receives a are encouraged to do your own research
• One in nine females and one in six Many insurance providers are now offer- regular monthly income source, providing before arriving at any decisions.
males over the age of 30 will die before ing ‘Family Protection’ plans that pay a them security, peace of mind and best of
they reach 64* monthly benefit if you die – providing a all, future. For further information, please contact:
• In 2007/08, more than 1,600 New Zea- regular income, for a time you specify, to
Oliver Pereira – OPM Insurance Services
landers, or four people a day, died as a help your family maintain the lifestyle it Long-Term Debts Ltd. Ph. 0800 66 77 92, Faxmail. 021 551
result of injury.** had before your death. Typical features of A regular payment can assist with monthly 669, Mobile. 021 66 77 92
this type of cover include: expenses such as mortgage repayments, Email.
These statistics are alarming, but even • It allows you to nominate the benefit electricity, food, clothing and schooling.
more so is the fact that the level of under- term

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Multiply savings through sensible investments

We at IRG not only offer complete and ity of capital so that they can sell their in banks, and if you want to invest for
Brent King comprehensive knowledge about the bonds whenever they need the money. a longer term say 5 to 10 years, look
scheme but having schemes from four Similarly shares are also an excellent at investing in shares. Shares do give
Indians have a history and heritage different providers; we offer people the way of earning dividend income and the highest returns if left aside for long.
of saving and investing. Indian people freedom of choice and selection. capital growth as and when the share Uncertainty in the markets and the
have always invested and saved for Another good way of earning income prices go up. However, share prices global economic recovery are creating
future needs like education, marriage, returns is through fixed interest depos- have a tendency of going up and investment opportunities. Company
medical expenses, buying house, buy- its of finance companies, especially for down and hence these investments valuations are much lower than they
ing vehicle, income after retirement etc; people interested in low risk invest- are best suited to people who want were two years ago, which is a great
you name it, Indians have saved for it. ments. Sure the returns are a bit low higher returns, are ready to take high investing opportunity today.
but the risk is zero, if one invests in risks and are ready to wait. Invest-
Traditionally savings was done by regu- debenture deposits that are covered ments in shares should be done with a However before investing it is neces-
larly keeping aside some amount of by the Government Capital Guarantee long term view because even though sary to understand yourself as an in-
money and thus building up the capital Scheme (up to Dec 2011). With interest the prices of shares go up or down in vestor with respect to your risk bearing
over years by adding up the amounts. rates ranging from 5% to 8% this is a the short term, in the longer term the capacity, your investment objectives
Today the ideology of savings has better and smarter option than parking prices will go up and appreciate, in (goals) and your time horizon (after
changed. money in banks that give a maximum turn appreciating the value of invest- how many years do you want your
of 6% returns and that too for a lock ments. Here patience is the key. objectives to realise). Talk to us and
The whole concept of savings is to
invest and thus not add but multiply
the savings. Some amount of money
is invested in different assets, which
potentially give positive returns. These With the government giving so many benefits like $1000 free kick start,
returns can then be used either periodi-
cally as income, i.e. income returns, or government matching contribution of up to $1042.85 per year (subject
can be invested back and compounded
thus building a big capital amount over
the years, i.e. growth returns.
to eligibility), first home subsidy of $3000 to $5000 (subject to eligibil-
One good way of earning growth
ity), several withdrawal options and the option of a contribution holi-
returns and slowly building capital over
time is through a Systematic Investment day, nothing can be as good as a KiwiSaver scheme to compound and
Plan (S.I.P) and KiwiSaver is an excel-
lent S.I.P for growth of capital. grow capital over the long term.
With the government giving so many
benefits like $1000 free kick start, gov-
ernment matching contribution of up to in period of five years. Parking money we at IRG will help you achieve smart
$1042.85 per year (subject to eligibility), in finance company deposits is for Having years of experience in re- investment decisions. Note: IRG does
first home subsidy of $3000 to $5000 shorter period, gives higher returns searching and analysing share price not have its own investment products.
(subject to eligibility), several withdraw- and is completely safe because if the movements of NZX & ASX listed com- It offers a wide variety of products in
al options and the option of a contribu- company fails, the Government will panies; we are experts at recommend- each category and explains the ben-
tion holiday, nothing can be as good as pay back the capital to each eligible ing stocks. efits and risks in each product.
a KiwiSaver scheme to compound and investor.
grow capital over the long term. In my Our weekly MIR report based on a (This article is not an investment advice
personal opinion KiwiSaver is one of Marketing debenture deposits for special nine-step process has helped and investments should not be made
the best S.I.P in the world. How many several companies, our advisors have thousands of clients stay ahead of the based solely on this article).
governments do we know who give so excellent knowledge in matching the market year after year. It will be wise to
many benefits for joining a long term right types of deposits for the right talk to us to learn how to sensibly trade Brent King, CA, CMA is Managing
income plan? type of investor. We suggest appropri- stocks and achieve long term growth Director of IRG Ltd. Investment Research
ate deposits after doing an investor of investments. Group Ltd (IRG Ltd) is New Zealand’s
The KiwiSaver is especially best for foremost specialist in providing invest-
profile check.
children’s, whose capital will grow into ment information, analysis, advice,
In a nutshell, join the KiwiSaver im-
a huge amount in future, and for people implementation and management. Brent
Additionally; buying bonds and stocks mediately, don’t miss out on the $1000 can be contacted on 304 0145, M: 021
over 60 years who can in just five years is also an excellent investment area. gift and other benefits, the benefits
get around $6000 ($1000 kick start for 632660, 0800 474 669.
Bonds are good for people who want are too good to be ignored. Park your
joining + accumulated member tax to take lesser risks, are happy to earn money in government guaranteed de-
credits if they also contribute). 5% to 10% interest and need full liquid- benture deposits, rather than parking

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