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I See, I Think, I Care

Group 2 Eng 30 THX Project


In our world today, one of the hottest topics that one hears about in different fields is

climate change. Environment awareness has become popular because of this drastic change in

the environment that we are encountering. Even in the business world, businessmen think of

ways to initiate green revolution to earn money while protecting mother earth.

Many articles that tackle about environment awareness have so far been written. Given

below are some of which.

Chinese and Japanese experts laid out sample “green” policies to their fellow Asians

today at the UNIDO International Conference on Green Industry in Asia being held in

Manila, Philippines.

China highlighted its Circular Economy Promotion Law while Japan reiterated the “3R”

concept of reducing, re-using and recycling.

According to Tsinghua University professor Shi Lei, the Circular Economy law which

took effect on January 1 this year “refers to reducing, re-using and recycling activities

conducted in production, circulation and consumption”—very much aligned to the

Japanese 3R principles which have been officially adopted by other nations.

As early as 1992, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development has

campaigned for the integration of the 3Rs in national policies to change consumption

patterns. In 2002, during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in

Johannesburg, South Africa, the same 3R concepts were at the core of the summit’s plan

of implementation.
During the open-forum, representatives from the Philippine packing industry noted how

the 3R concept has always been in the UN agenda since the 1950s, but with a fourth

thrust which is no longer heard of these days—“elimination”. UNIDO-Vietnam

representatives noted the confusing effects that these inconsistencies on terminologies

might bring.

“The purpose of the conferences are to help policy makers and differing terms do not

help,” one of the representatives said. (Balboa, n.d.)

RP joins biggest Earth Day rites

The Philippines is taking part in this year's biggest Earth Day event yet as at
least one billion people in 190 countries worldwide are expected to
participate in the 40th Earth Day celebration this Thursday. (De Vera,2010 )

Even with all of these, environment awareness still seems to remain as lip service

among many people, especially in our country. In the urban areas, many people do not

practice proper disposal of their garbage or use practical and earth friendly methods in

their daily life. The effect of these nuisances over pollution returns a deadly blow.

Typhoons grow stronger, sewage pipes get clog with garbages not disposed properly, and

we even feel energy crisis right now.

The article below gives a good picture of these problems.

The Manila Floods: Why Wasn't the City Prepared?

(Excerpt from the article in Time Magazine)

Last weekend's flood was in large part the result of the capital's poor drainage and

sanitation systems, which have been neglected by several successive administrations in

power. As Ketsana rained down upon Manila, sewers that were clogged up by plastic

bags and other refuse led to roads becoming rivers and gardens lagoons. Video images

of desperate people riding floating pontoons of garbage down inundated streets were a

sign not just of the consequences of the flood, but also its causes. Many impoverished

Manila residents live in makeshift settlements by rivers and creeks — the source of their

drinking water — that overflowed and carried off their homes. "People have always been

living on the edge," says Carlos Celdran, a popular Manila historian and performing

artist. "It's amazing the city has actually managed to make it this far." (Tharoor, 2009)

Our project aims to arrest these issues. We want to make a change and start being aware

on the world we are living in. As such, we aim to make money while saving the earth and use it

to pass what we started to the next generation which is the young children from our target

elementary school. That is why we would like to open their eyes on our environment and make

them experience nature which was just taught inside the four walls of the classroom. We would
like to take them in a worthwhile field trip to make them realize what they should do to help

Mother Nature.


To teach children about environment awareness in a more convincing way

To do the project applying our cause

To learn about environment awareness in a different and fun way

Target People: 40 children from Makati Elementary School

Venue: La Mesa Ecopark

Date: End of 1semester SY 2010-2011

Time: 7:00am – 4:30pm

Program of Activities:


7-8:30 Departure (from Makati Elementary School) and Arrival (to La Mesa Ecopark)

8:30-9 Making of Arrangements

9-11 Guided Walking Tour (Ecopark Overview/History/Amenities), (Plan/Tree Identification)

11-12 Lunch


12-1 Boat Ride

1-2 Game- Rapelling

2-3 Awarding, Merienda, Giving of Souvenirs

3-4:30 Departure, End of the Tour



External Affairs

Transportation and Logistics




Materials: Magazine, materials for the fund raising

Estimated Cost: Php 18,500 - 25,500

Money Breakdown:

Transportation Php 4000

Food Php 7000

Materials Php 4000

Facilities Php 10500

Fund Raising:

Acoustic Session

Junk Drive

T-shirt Selling


Other Concerns:

In case the day of the fieldtrip would have a bad weather, we will postpone the event and set it at

a much fine day.

We will coordinate with environment organizations if there is a need to educate ourselves or

inquire more about the said project.


Why do you have to choose our project? Here are the following reasons:

We will not only help the children learn about environment awareness, we ourselves will also

learn from our experience in raising the fund.

We can do the project in a day, but the experience everyone gained from it will last; especially

when we manage to inspire the children to practice what we teach and share it to other people.

It will be fun and worthwhile because there is something for everyone.

We will experience nature first hand and learn from the experience.