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Rani Juliarini Rahayu


Current EOR Aplication in Indonesia

Exploring the remaining oil is not easy, EOR implementation to maintain or increase production
is performed based on the oil characteristics. if the oil is condensed such as in Duri, then steam
shall be used not surfactant, if the oil is light such as in minas, then steam shall not be used
because it failed for limestone. Kaji Field also cannot use surfactant; it cannot be washed due to
the big hole, so polymer will be used. Total uses gas because they have much gas. So, we have
many choices said the Vice Minister of EMR, Rudi Rubiandini after inaugurating the the Pilot
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Station of Kaji-Semoga Field, Rimau Asset, West Sumatera,
owned by Medco, Monday (7/1/2013).
Rudi Rubiandini stated that EOR technology is the key of national oil production. The expensive
of EOR implementation cost in tertiary field cause minimum utilization, There are three
techniques of utilizing EOR. First, thermal technique is by injecting high-temperature fluid into
the formation to reduce the oil viscosity, so it will easily flow. Second, using chemical technique
is injecting chemical material such as surfactant to easily flow the oil. Third, miscible process by
injecting driving fluid that mix with oil to be produced.
In Indonesia, EOR has been implemented by Chevron Pacific Indonesia in Minas Field since late
2012. It is estimated that with EOR there is additional oil production up to 100 thousand barrels
per day (bpd) in 2022. The method used is chemical injection with surfactantpolymer stage 2
(SFT stage 2). Additionally Chevron undertakes oil development in North Duri Area 13 or NDD-
13 with steam injection capable of adding production up to 17 thousand bpd. Following the
success of North Duri Area 12 which was completed in 2009 and able to increase production up
to 40 thousand bpd with the same steam injection.

Moreover, Pertamina also wants to apply polymer flooding method in Jirak Field, inspired by
the success of Belarussian oil and gas company. From scanning of 49 fields from a total of more
than 160 Pertamina-managed fields, the applicability of EOR method used was first chemical
flooding of 33% (16 fields), both Miscible CO2 flooding by 31% (15 Fields), third, Immiscible
CO2 flooding 34% (17 fields), and 4% steamflooding (1 field). As a result, for the KKS
Contractor, the implementation of EOR becomes another good solution to maintain production.

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